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VA - Get Ready To Fly (Pop Psych From The Norman Petty Vaults) Big Beat [2007]



VA - Get Ready To Fly (Pop Psych From The Norman Petty Vaults) Big Beat [2007]

You’d better fasten your seat belts because once this flight takes off, you’ll never come down!  So you’re wondering why Norman Petty, producer extraordinaire and champion of rockabilly music in the 1950's has his name on a “psychedelic” compilation? The simple answer is that although Petty's main interest and focus was on music that may have been a little tamer, he still had a hand in just about every genre possible. If you were lucky enough to take the trek to Petty’s Clovis, New Mexico studio, Norman would make you sound… GREAT! He took his incredible production, arranging and editing skills and transferred them with amazing precision into the psychedelic realm.  With bands like the Frantics, Hooterville Trolley, Group Axis, Butter Rebellion, Intricate Blend, Apple-Glass Cyndrom and The Cords, how can you go wrong? Get Ready To Fly isn’t just a cameo collection of psychedelic tunes with Petty’s production as the common thread. And although the term “pop-psych” spans a pretty wide realm, this particular collection features a mind-boggling selection of 26 phenomenally-crafted songs with a bit of a hard-edged fuzz appeal. Get Ready To Fly truly doesn’t have a bad cut on it, and the overall quality of the selections is well… unbelievable!  Alec Palao has done it again, culling master tapes from another darkened vault and turning them into a highly polished audio eargasm, equipped with the requisite fuzz guitars, sitars, backwards tracking and haunting vocals required for a 73 minute flight like this. With full access to Petty's archives, the candidate list for this volume was immense, the net result being that about two thirds of the entire collection has never appeared on any compilation before. And about half of those were NEVER even released, just collecting dust in the Petty vaults for almost 40 years.

Get Ready To Fly has something for every lover of late 1960's psychedelic music, whether you're a grizzled collector or a novice, so don’t hesitate for a second to pick this one up. It’s been a long time since a collection this solid has been released. (Ben Chaput, founder of the U–SPACES psychedelic discussion group)

This is a wonderful slice of Psych.



Track lists

01 Fireballs Groovy Motions 2:47

02 Hooterville Trolley No Silver Bird 2:40

03 Apple-Glass Cyndrom Someday 3:47

04 Mike Burnett Saying Things 2:33

05 Cords Ain't That Love 2:52

06 Livin' Ends Jolyn 2:51

07 Frantics Just for a While 2:37

08 Intricate Blend Door Knob 3:49

09 Wille & the Walkers Poor Janie 2:16

10 Butter Rebellion Aftermath 2:23

11 Dard I Know 2:34

12 Group Axis Silly Ants 2:20

13 Cords The Lesson 3:46

14 Happy Return To Give Your Lovin' 3:09

15 Brentwoods Yeah, Yeah, No, No 2:04

16 Daniel Paul Revelation Reflections of Mine 3:23

17 Tyme of Day Listen to What is Never Said 2:00

18 Wille & the Walkers Magic in Her Eyes 2:29

19 Apple-Glass Cyndrom Going Wrong 3:10

20 Mike Burnett Mattie Jo's 3:39

21 Frantics Think About It 2:40

22 Group Axis Not Fade Away 2:31

23 Intricate Blend Insane (The Jungle) 2:26

24 Shi Guys Mystic Magic Movements 2:37

25 White Lightnin' Blue Man (Peace of Mind) 2:43

26 Stu Mitchell With Wes Dakus' R Acid 2:06




  1. Thanks once again for such a nice post

    1. Hi doors97426.
      Enjoy the music, always.


  2. Thanks, one of my fav comp ever, mindblowing!

    1. Hi Kurt72cobain.
      Its a great comp indeed, I wish it were longer...


  3. Wow haven't heard this since it came out. Can't wait to hear it again. Thanks again for a great post.

    Butter Rebellion... Right on! :)

    1. Thanks Steve,
      Great to listen to any time.


  4. These collections always have their very special charm in that they seem familiar to me, even though I can't recognise a single performer on the track list that I have consciously noticed before, and so also this time, many thanks for this exciting collection!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      This is an excellent comp. Enjoy.


  5. Hi Butter.
    this is hands down my favorite USA Psych comp.
    Just because of the two Johnny Burnete songs, he already justifies his audition.
    I published this album years ago on my blog and the bloggers sent me a notice of deletion from the blog, due to complaints from the record company.
    So I removed her and everything related to this company.
    I hope you have more luck than me.

    1. Hi Jose,
      I agree, It is a great compilation. Lets hope this does not happen.
      From what you say, I may remove it in a few more days anyway.


  6. Hi Butterboy,
    If you and Jose Kortozircuito agree that this is a great comp then sure it is.
    Thanks for all!!!

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    message said to be fixed by 08/17, but today page is gone.

    Please repost. Thanks

    I have discovered 3 of these.. this is #2

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      New link established, tested and working.