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Adam Faith - Complete Faith [2011] (6 x CD's)


Adam Faith - Complete Faith [2011] (6 x CD's)

During the British pop music phenomenon of the late 1950s two artists reigned supreme, Cliff Richard and Adam Faith. While Cliff Richard showed astonishing staying power, the young Faith real name Terry Nelhams--had a remarkable run of hit records during the comparatively short time before he retired from singing. In seven years, between 1959 and 1966, Adam Faith made the UK chart 24 times and topped the U.K. charts with 'What Do You Want' and 'Poor Me"' In the mid-60s.      This extensive collection is long overdue. The versatile Adam Faith died on March 8th 2003, and it has taken Parlophone, i.e EMI for whom most of these recordings were made, eight years to finally pay homage to this highly underrated singer. (Amazon)

British teen idol Adam Faith gets the omnibus treatment on this 172-track, six-CD set covering all his recordings from the start of his musical career in 1958 to 1968, when he temporarily quit music making to pursue acting full-time. Faith was more a pretty face than a distinctive voice, and he was molded in the pop music of his time, particularly drawing on the sound of Buddy Holly. Holly's late recording "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," with it pizzicato string chart, was a template for Faith's music, both in terms of the arrangements of John Barry and in Faith's singing. As the years go by and the recording sessions mount up over the course of these discs, he tries aping any number of other American singers, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Rick Nelson, Dion, and Gene Pitney. But he keeps coming back to the Holly sound. By the early ‘60s, he was on two separate tracks. As a singles artist, he necessarily began assimilating the Beatles' Merseybeat sound, even to the point of hiring his own beat-heavy backup group, the Roulettes (containing future members of Argent). As an albums artist, he sang for grown-ups over big-band arrangements that suggested a British version of Bobby Darin. By late 1964, he had turned to the soft rock style of Burt Bacharach's arrangements for Dionne Warwick, notably scoring his last U.K. Top 20 hit with a version of Bacharach and Hal David's "A Message to Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)" (aka "Message to Michael"), but he reverted to his ‘50s rocker self for one night to record the live-in-the-studio LP Faith Alive, his final chart album of the period, in 1965. That brings this collection to the end of the fifth CD. The sixth disc covers the final two-plus years of Faith's EMI tenure, a miscellany of desultory, one-off singles in which he tries everything from anti-war folk-rock ("Daddy What'll Happen to Me") to light psychedelia ("Cowman Milk Your Cow") in the search of a career resurgence. It's a long journey from the late '50s to the late ‘60s, but for Faith fans and fans of the era in general it may be worth taking the trip again. (AllMusic Review by William Ruhlmann)


Adam Faith - Complete Faith [2011] CD1+CD2

Adam Faith - Complete Faith [2011] CD3+CD4

Adam Faith - Complete Faith [2011] CD5+CD6.




01. (Got A) Heartsick Feeling
02. Brother Heartache And Sister Tears
03. High School Confidential
04. Country Music Holiday
05. Runk Bunk
06. Ah Poor Little Baby
07. Say Mama
08. C'Mon Everybody
09. Believe What You Say
10. From Now Until Forever
11. What Do You Want
12. Made You
13. I Did What You Told Me
14. Poor Me
15. The Reason
16. The Beat Girl Song
17. Big Time
18. Carve Up
19. Someone Else's Baby
20. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
21. How About That
22. With Open Arms
23. A Girl Like You
24. Turn Me Loose
25. Hit The Road To Dreamland
26. Summertime [Porgy And Bess, Act 1, Scene 1]
27. Wonderful Time
28. So Many Ways
29. I'm A Man
30. Singin' In The Rain
31. Diamond Ring
32. Fare Thee Well My Pretty Maid


01. Piper Of Love
02. Greenfinger
03. Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop)
04. Who Am I
05. This Is It
06. Wonderin'
07. Easy Going Me
08. My Last Wish
09. Don't You Know It?
10. You And Me And The Gang
11. If I Had A Hammer (If I Had A Dollar)
12. Little Yellow Roses
13. Sho' Know A Lot About Love
14. I'm Coming Home
15. As Long As You Keep Loving Me
16. All These Things
17. I've Just Fallen For Someone
18. Come To Me
19. It's All Over Now
20. A Help Each Other Romance
21. I'm Gonna Love You Too
22. Second Time
23. The Time Has Come
24. Lonesome
25. Watch Your Step
26. Rivers Run Dry - Previously Unreleased
27. I Know What I Want - Previously Unreleased
28. That's What Love Will Do - Previously Unreleased


01. You Can Do It If You Try
02. As You Like It
03. Face To Face
04. La Bamba - Previously Unreleased
05. Mix Me A Person
06. Don't That Beat All
07. Swimming In Tears
08. I Ran All The Way Home
09. I Got A Woman
10. The Kings Highway
11. I'm Going Home
12. Going Up
13. Learning To Forget
14. Ballad Of A Broken Heart
15. Baby Take A Bow
16. You 'N' Me
17. Knocking On Wood
18. While I'm Away
19. Butter Wouldn't Melt In Your Mouth
20. What Have I Got
21. What Now
22. Just Mention My Name
23. Little Bit Of Love - Previously Unreleased
24. So Long Baby
25. A Little Bit Of Soap - Previously Unreleased
26. Walkin' Tall
27. Made For Me
28. The First Time
29. This Is The Feeling


01. The Wanderer
02. My Kind Of Girl
03. Forget Him
04. Forget Me Not
05. Let There Be Love
06. Lazy River
07. Hello Mary Lou
08. Ginny Come Lately
09. Things
10. Take Good Care Of My Baby
11. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
12. Bye Bye Love
13. Talk To Me
14. The Promise Of Love
15. We Are In Love
16. If He Tells You
17. Only One Such As You
18. She's Smiling At Me
19. Come Closer
20. Come On Dream
21. Tomorrow - Previously Unreleased
22. Here's Another Day
23. You've Got A Way With Me
24. Mighty Fine Girl
25. Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat
26. I Do
27. It'll Never Happen To You
28. I Gotta Get Going
29. I Love Being In Love With You
30. You're Nice To Know


01. It's Alright [Mono Version]
02. I Just Don't Know
03. Don't You Know
04. I Could Fall In Love With You
05. A Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)
06. It Sounds Good To Me
07. Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself
08. I'll Stop At Nothing
09. I've Gotta See My Baby
10. Talk About Love
11. Hand Me Down Thing
12. I Can't Think Of Anyone Else
13. Lady Oh Lady
14. High Heel Sneakers
15. Talk About Love
16. Look Out Baby
17. Everybody's Talking 'Bout A Thing Called Love
18. Night Time Is The Right Time
19. I Wanna Be Your Man
20. Little Queenie
21. Hey Little Lovin' Girl
22. Hey Baby
23. I Can't Think Of Anyone Else
24. You Can't Blame Him
25. Heartbreak Hotel
26. I Need Your Loving


01. Someone's Taken Maria Away
02. To Make A Big Man Cry
03. If Ever You Need Me
04. I Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin'
05. I'm Used To Losing You [Mono Version]
06. Idle Gossip
07. Cheryl's Goin' Home
08. Funny Kind Of Love
09. Daddy What'll Happen To Me
10. What More Can Anyone Do
11. Something Beginning With You (I Want Money) - Previously Unreleased
12. To Hell With Love
13. Cowman Milk Your Cow
14. Close The Door
15. So This Is Love - Previously Unreleased
16. You Make My Life Worthwhile
17. What Now
18. It's Alright [Stereo Version]
19. To Make A Big Man Cry [Stereo Version]
20. I'm Used To Losing You [Stereo Version]
21. Wie Heisst Dein Boy (The First Time)
22. Ich Bin Verliebt (We Are In Love)
23. Oh Caroline
24. Rien Ne Peut Plus M'empecher (It's Alright)
25. Parler D'Amour (Talk About Love)
26. Quelque'un M'a Vole Marie (Someone's Taken Maria Away) - Previously Unreleased
27. Ne Plus Penser A Toi (Only One Such As You) - Previously Unreleased



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  3. I bought his album "I Survive" when it csme out in 1974. which is highly recommended. I loved the title track.

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      I also have the "I Survived" album from 1974. I agree, a great listen.
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