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VA - Train Tracks Vol. 03 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3



VA - Train Tracks Vol. 03 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

This is the 3rd Volume of Train Tracks (A Butterboy Compilation) . These selections are part of a muti-volume series that will include Train tracks in the Rock, Blues, Folk, Pop, Soul, Psychedelic Rock, Indie, Progressive Rock and Country genres.

Volume 3 is again dedicated to Folk, Pop, Soul, Psychedelic Rock, Indie, Progressive Rock and Country songs that reference trains physically and metaphorically. I hope you will enjoy these tracks. .

A train song is a song referencing passenger or freight railroads. Trains have been a theme in both traditional and popular music since the first half of the 19th century and over the years have appeared in all major musical genres, including folk, blues, country, rock, jazz, world, classical and avant-garde. While the prominence of railroads has faded in recent decades, the train endures as a common image in popular song.

The earliest known train songs date to two years before the first public railway began operating in the United States. "The Carrollton March", copyrighted July 1, 1828, was composed by Arthur Clifton to commemorate the groundbreaking of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Another song written for the occasion, "Rail Road March" by Charles Meineke, was copyrighted two days after Clifton's, one day before the July 4 ceremonies. The number of songs that have appeared since then is impossible to determine, not only because of the difficulties in documenting the songs but also in defining the genre. (Wikipedia)

There are literally thousands of songs about trains both, physically and metaphorically. As a metaphor for life, trains can move forward at full speed, veer off the tracks or become full-on wrecks, so it’s no wonder there are so many songs that invoke life on the rails.




Track lists


01 Waifs Crazy Train 4:19

02 Kevin Morby Aboard My Train 3:16

03 Box Tops Choo Choo Train 2:53

04 Solomon Burke Fast Train 5:43

05 Lee Hazlewood No Train to Stockholm 2:22

06 Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Friendship Train 3:36

07 Robyn Hitchcock I Often Dream of Trains 2:28

08 Ron Sexsmith Trains 3:39

09 Eddie Hinton Last Train to Loveland 2:43

10 Ed Harcourt Whistle of a Distant Train 3:35

11 Liverpool Echo Girl on the Train 2:45

12 Tee Set Trains (Are Coming) 3:30

13 Silver Jews Trains Across the Sea 3:15

14 Fred Eaglesmith I Like Trains 4:12

15 Bob Roubain & Cliffie Stone Here Comes the Train 2:42

16 Betty Lavette My Train's Coming In 2:16

17 Benny Gordon Last Train to South Carolina 3:27

18 Bachelor Girl Buses and Trains 3:39

19 Chubby Newsome Close to Train Time 2:54

20 Richard Hawley Long Black Train 4:13

21 Monkees Last Train to Clarksville 2:45


22 Gladys Knight and the Pips Midnight Train to Georgia 4:37

23 Big Joe Turner Midnight Special Train 2:37

24 Johnny Cash I've Got a Thing About Trains 2:50

25 J.P. Nestor Train on the Island 3:00

26 King Curtis Take the Last Train Home 3:04

27 Dumb Earth Trains & Boats & Planes 3:23

28 Tabby Thomas Popeye Train 2:58

29 Cramps Drug Train 2:39

30 Al Greene & the Soul Brothers Back Up Train 2:19

31 Geoff & Maria Muldaur Blue Railroad Train 3:01

32 Squeeze Electric Trains 4:05

33 Magnetic Fields Fear of Trains 3:14

34 Undisputed Truth Friendship Train 4:49

35 Ralph McTell Last Train and Ride 2:35

36 Balsam Range Last Train to Kitty Hawk 3:49

37 The Cure Jumping Someone Else's Train 2:59

38 Bee Gees Ghost Train 6:04

39 The Waco Brothers Fast Train Down 4:46

40 The Blue Nile From a Late Night Train 4:00

41 Sports Strangers on a Train 2:40

42 Mick Greenwood All Aboard the Train 4:57


43 Desmond Dekker Rude Boy Train 2:26

44 The The Slow Train to Dawn 4:15

45 Pulp Boats and Trains 1:37

46 Beck Broken Train 4:11

47 Quilt Talking Trains 2:31

48 Johnny Burnette The Train Kept A-Rollin' 2:15

11 Russell Wise Train Blues 1:38

50 Jack Grunsky Train Station Blues 2:52

51 Gorillaz Ghost Train 3:54

52 Stoney Larue Train to Birmingham 4:25

53 Roy Perkins With Jerry Starr & the Clippers Train to Nowhere 2:11

54 Cure Another Journey By Train 3:05

55 Blue Aeroplanes Stop This Train (Again Doing It) 6:45

56 Don Thomas Come on Train 3:17

57 Murrumbidgee Whalers Giving Way to Trains 3:25

58 Flaming Hands Tunnels and Trains 3:28

59 Jerry Lee Lewis Waiting for a Train (All Around the Watertank) 1:42

60 Rod Demick & Herbie Armstrong Waiting for the Train 2:44

61 Bobby Wayne Big Train 1:45

62 Enya Trains and Winter Rains 3:43

63 Poppy Ackroyd Trains 3:52

64 Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train 4:50



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Lucky Dip's will be a mystery gift to those who choose to pick them up. 

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Stephen's Quote Of The Day:    

"In Scotland, beautiful as it is, it was always raining. Even when it wasn't raining, it was about to rain, or had just rained. It's a very angry sky."   ... Colin Hay


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VA - Plantation Gold, The Mad Genius of Shelby S. Singleton and Plantation SSS Records 1967-1976 [2009] (2 x CD's)



VA - Plantation Gold, The Mad Genius of Shelby S. Singleton and Plantation SSS Records 1967-1976 [2009] (2 x CD's)

Nashville, 1967. Enter Shelby S. Singleton Jr., already a music industry veteran, he went independent with his own Plantation label. Shelby S. Singleton was an executive with Mercury Records, who also did production work with artists as diverse as Brook Benton, Lesley Gore and Jerry Lee Lewis, when he left the label in 1966 and set up his own operation, SSS International.  He adapted an 'anything goes' mantra for SSS and sister label Plantation, which resulted in some of the most unusual and, as this CD proves, addicting music of the period.  It's all chronicled here, 'Japanese Country' of Tokyo Matsu, the lysergic sitar-drenched bop of Ray 'Wong' Riley's Happy Valley CIA, Dee Mullins' I Am The Grass to Jeannie C. Riley's timeless tirade against hypocrisy Harper Valley PTA. A delirious stew of story songs, topical ruminations, exploitation freak outs and the finest country-pop you've never heard! Deluxe 58 track collector's edition 2CD's featuring rare period photos, liner notes and incredible sounds remastered. Many tracks are previously unissued and almost all have never appeared on CD before.

Kudos to the Australian label Omni for putting this out there for the world to enjoy. I will be keeping up with the label to see what other goodies they can come up with, and also, this old crate digger will no longer look down his nose at anything from Plantation/SSS...who knows what else is there?  (Amazon)

The vinyl record was a much sought after collectors item exchanging hands for large amounts of cash. These CD's now make the collection available to all for a very reasonable price and if you love some quirky Country, this is for you!  (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Dee Mullins I Am the Grass 2:51

02 Neil Ray Big Fanny 3:00

03 Harper Valley P.T.A. Beautiful Downtown Burbank 2:53

04 Harlow Wilcox & the Oakies Loco Locust 2:18

05 Johnny Moore and “col.” Tex Herring Sold to the Highest Bidder 3:00

06 Lawton Williams The Preacher and the Movie 2:12

07 Becki Bluefield Somebody's Gonna Plow Your Field 2:56

08 Clark Bentley Ballad of a Small Town Sheriff [Short Version] 3:02

09 Ray “wong” Riley Happy Valley C.I.A 3:14

10 Happy Shahan Changing of the Guard 2:53

11 Johnny Credit Hello, I'm Johnny Credit 3:12

12 Sonny Hall Howard Hughes is Alive and Well 2:09

13 Chuck Wood I'm the Mail She's Waiting For 2:35

14 Marcie Dickerson (I Want to Be) a Truck Driver's Sweetheart 2:10

15 Tokyo Matsu Mom and Dad's Waltz 3:08

16 George Kent The Baltimore Incident 2:16

17 Jackie Burns D.O.A. - O.D. 3:24

18 Dewey Jones Please Mr. Johnson 2:38

19 Rusty Adams Hippie From Mississippi 2:50

20 David Wilkins Just Blow in His Ear 2:38

21 Harper Valley P.T.A. I Dig Dangling Participles 2:15

22 Margaret Lewis Honey (I Miss You Too) 4:04

23 Marty Collins and Bobbye Jean Long Black Veil 3:56

24 T. Tommy Cutrer The School Bus 2:47

25 Webb Pierce The Good Lord Giveth (And Uncle Sam Taketh Away) 2:41

26 Little Jimmy Dempsey Folsom Prison Blues 2:46

27 Tokyo Matsu Orange Blossom Special 2:10

28 Jeannie C. Riley Harper Valley P.T.A. 3:13


01 Ben Story Let That Big Plane Carry You 3:04

02 Robin Cody Big Chief Tell 'um Lies 2:17

03 C. Company Featuring Terry Nelson Wake Up America 2:37

04 Harlow Wilcox & the Oakies Groovy Rubworm 2:12

05 Linda Martell Color Him Father 2:43

06 David Wilkins Put a Little Lovin' on Me 2:40

07 Teresa Brewer A Woman's World 2:25

08 Paul Martin The Cheating Line 2:44

09 David Wilkins She Hates to Be Alone 3:26

10 Tom Sawyer Fallen King 2:46

11 Lawton Williams Ain't That Bad About Mrs. Jones 2:18

12 Melvin Nash Wheels of Freedom 2:01

13 Jim Foster Four on the Floor (And a Fifth Under the Seat) 2:27

14 Rod Hart C.B. Savage 3:33

15 Johnny Credit Box 1000 Seagoville 2:07

16 Paul Martin Child of Poverty 2:36

17 James O'gwynn It's Not the Best Way to Live 2:18

18 Clark Bentley Ole Town Drunk 2:15

19 George Kent Loving Hands at Home 3:13

20 Ray and Neil The Medic 2:56

21 Tom Sawyer The Best Fruit of the Family Tree 2:27

22 Webb Pierce Appleton 2:42

23 Max Powell No Brass Band 2:22

24 Margaret Lewis Mrs. Cooper's Tea Party 3:22

25 David Wilkins Irving 2:13

26 Lawton Williams Ballad of Morgan 2:44

27 Little Jimmy Dempsey I Walk the Line 2:20

28 Harper Valley P.T.A. Unfinished Dream 2:12

29 Tom Sawyer Flag Draped Coffin 2:12

30 Jeannie C. Riley Tree of Joy 2:23



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VA - Eddie Piller Presents: British Mod Sounds Of The 1960's (4 x CD's)



VA - Eddie Piller Presents: British Mod Sounds Of The 1960's (4 x CD's)

Demon are proud to release "Eddie Piller Presents British Mod Sounds Of the 1960s", the follow up the "The Mod Revival". Featuring 100 original tracks across 4 CD's, it's a deep dive into the Mod scene in 60's Britain. Including a selection of classic and rare tracks, tracing the scene from it's R&B roots to a soulful finale. Curated by Acid Jazz Records and Modcast founder Eddie Piller, and featuring new sleeve notes from respected author and broadcaster Paul 'Smiler' Anderson. As Eddie Piller points out in the forward to the extensive sleeve notes that accompany this collection, he chose the word 'Sounds' carefully, reflecting the variety of talent contained here, from uncool session musicians without an ounce of style in them, acts who saw an opportunity to jump on the Mod bandwagon and bands who whole heartedly embraced Mod way of life. And so this new collection mixes the Mod mainstays (Small Faces, The High Numbers, The Action, The Fleur de Lys), with a generous selection of future superstars (David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Marc Bolan, Jeff Beck and Graham Gouldman of 10cc are all represented here), and a few artists so obscure, so rare, that they never got to release a record in the 60's, but Eddie has tracked down the tapes nonetheless. "Be in with the In Crowd once more." Every great youth cult deserves a great soundtrack, and when the 60's Mods adopted classic American R&B, with a side order of hip Jazz, they undoubtedly found the right music for their exuberant and stylish way of life. And yet, buying expensive imports, hoping for a local release or praying for a rare visit from overseas talent was never going to be enough to satisfy British youth with a thirst for the latest sounds. Certainly not those on the dancefloor and definitely not those with their own musical ambitions. It was a music scene that began with imitation, before skill and imagination lead curious minds to innovation, a scene that evolved from average (at best) copies of releases on the Chess, Motown and Stax labels, to become something more sophisticated, something quite unique, something very British. (Amazon)


12     34  


Track lists


01 High Numbers I'm The Face 2:25

02 Bo Street Runners Bo Street Runner 2:11

03 Cyril Davies & His R&B All Stars Country Line Special 2:17

04 Tom Jones Chills & Fever 2:54

05 John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Crawling Up A Hill 2:15

06 Koobas You Better Make Up Your Mind 2:27

07 John's Children Desdemona 2:24

08 Shyster Tick Tock 2:45

09 Billie Davis Wasn't It You 3:02

10 Hollies Bus Stop 2:55

11 All Night Workers Tell Daddy 2:47

12 Kenny Lynch What Am I To You 2:23

13 Frays My Babe 3:09

14 Shots Keep A Hold Of What You Got Now Baby 2:17

15 Mike Stevens & The Shevelles The Go-Go Train 3:23

16 P.P. Arnold (If You Think You're) Groovy 2:55

17 Dusty Springfield Little By Little 2:34

18 Poets Wooden Spoon 2:26

19 Muleskinners Back Door Man 3:48

20 Jimmy Winston & His Reflections Sorry She's Mine 3:00

21 Rod Stewart Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 2:10

22 Yardbirds Over Under Sideways Down 2:23

23 Bluesology Come Back Baby 2:48

24 James Royal A Little Bit Of Rain 2:03

25 Rocking Vicars It’s Alright 2:15


01 Fleur De Lys Circles 3:02

02 David Bowie Can't Help Thinking About Me 2:45

03 Georgie Fame Sweet Thing 2:35

04 Small Faces Don't Burst My Bubble 2:24

05 Tony & Tandy Two Can Make it Together 3:11

06 Jimmy James & the Vagabonds Ain't No Big Thing 2:40

07 Episode Six Put Yourself in My Place 2:32

08 Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band Michael (The Lover) 2:25

09 Dog Soul Big Bird 3:09

10 Organisers (Feat. Harold Smart) The Organiser 2:01

11 Rod Stewart & P.P. Arnold Come Home Baby 3:00

12 Wynder K. Frog Henry's Panter 3:14

13 Alan Bown Set Emergency 999 2:29

14 Soul Agents The Seventh Son 2:40

15 Timebox Soul Sauce 2:58

16 Harold McNair The Hipster 4:41

17 Spencer Davis Group High Time Baby 2:41

18 Zombies Gotta Get a Hold of Myself 2:29

19 Manfred Mann Don't Ask Me What I Say 2:56

20 Top Six I'm a Man 2:25

21 Love Affair Everlasting Love 3:03

22 Madeline Bell Picture Me Gone 2:56

23 Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers Good Times 3:03

24 Beazers Blue Beat 2:28

25 Penny Blacks I'm Coming Home to You 2:43


01 Syndicats Crawdaddy Simone 3:09

02 Attack Magic in the Air 3:38

03 Kinks She's Got Everything 3:11

04 Clique Ooh Poo Pah Doo 2:39

05 Truth Who's Wrong 3:09

06 Artwoods I Take What I Want 2:49

07 Creation Making Time 2:58

08 Sorrows Take a Heart 3:16

09 Meddyevils Ma's Place 2:17

10 Birds How Can it Be 2:56

11 Eyes I've Rowed Out 2:57

12 Sneekers Bald Headed Woman 2:29

13 Untamed My Baby is Gone 2:25

14 Quik Bert's Apple Crumble 2:13

15 Move You're the One I Need 2:02

16 Mark Four I'm Leaving 3:31

17 Gods Garage Man 2:30

18 Les Fleur De Lys I Like What I'm Trying to Do 2:17

19 Nocturnes Hay, That's What Horses Eat 3:45

20 Mojos Everything's Alright 2:21

21 Wards of Court How Could You Say One Thing 1:56

22 Platform Six Money Will Not Mean a Thing 2:21

23 Silence Down Down 2:59

24 Apostolic Intervention Madame Garcia 2:52

25 Deejays Black-Eyed Woman 2:38


01 Action Never Ever 2:22

02 Carnaby Jump and Dance 2:37

03 Riot Squad Anytime 2:43

04 Spectres (We Ain't Got) Nothing Yet 2:17

05 Mike Cotton Sound Soul Serenade 2:39

06 Sharon Tandy Hold On 3:43

07 Quiet Melon Early Roller Engine 4444 2:52

08 Ossie Layne Show Midnight Hour 2:43

09 Dave & the Diamonds Think About Love 2:46

10 Fearns Brass Foundry Don't Change It 2:13

11 Simon Dupree and the Big Sound Reservations 2:31

12 Habits Elbow Baby 2:35

13 Maxine A Love I Belive In 2:17

14 Blue Rondos Baby I Go for You 2:10

15 Mindbenders The Morning After 2:18

16 Shapes of Things Striving 2:38

17 Wainwright's Gentlemen Ain't That Just Like Me 2:44

18 Richard Kent Style I'm Out 1:49

19 Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs No Matter How You Slice It 2:26

20 Afex She's Got the Time 2:27

21 Syd's Crowd Times Are Good Babe 2:54

22 Tony Colton Further on Down the Track 2:36

23 Troop You'll Call My Name 2:35

24 Razor It's a Hard Way But It's My Way 2:34

25 Dave Anthony's Moods New Directions 2:42



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Nat King Cole - The Complete US & UK Hits 1942-62 [2016] (5 x CD's)



Nat King Cole - The Complete US & UK Hits 1942-62 [2016] (5 x CD's)

Nat King Cole was undoubtedly one of the most popular, successful and respected vocalists of the post-war era, and would have enjoyed even greater success had his career not been cut short by cancer when he was just 45 years old. His success reflected his ability to transcend the boundaries between jazz and easy listening pop, with a unique talent both as a singer and top flight jazz pianist. He initially enjoyed success in the R&B charts with his trio in the early '40s, pioneering the piano, bass and guitar line-up, before embarking on a solo career in 1947, and racking up a remarkable string of hits through until his death in 1965. This collection brings together 115 tracks over 5 CD sets all of his US Billboard chart entries and his UK hits, both with the King Cole Trio and as a solo artist, up until 1962, and includes classic No. 1's like Nature Boy, Mona Lisa and Too Young, as well as many other iconic recordings, notably the perennial favourite When I Fall In Love.  Nat King Cole, of course, is a master singer on a level with Frank Sinatra. In some cases, he is better. I still think his artistry, as acclaimed as it is, is underappreciated. Cole doesn't seem to be able to go down to the emotional depths of Frank Sinatra. Could it be because Cole wasn't manic-depressive? Is it bad that he didn't seem to have the emotional problems of Sinatra? (Amazon)

Nat King Cole, has one of the most wonderful voices of all time, includes almost all his top 40 hits. One listen and you will know why he was KING!!


123     45 


Track lists

Vol. 01

01 The King Cole Trio That Ain't Right  3:11

02 The King Cole Trio All for You  3:24

03 The King Cole Trio Straighten Up and Fly Right 2:26

04 The King Cole Trio I Can't See for Lookin'  3:07

05 The King Cole Trio I Realize Now  2:54

06 The King Cole Trio Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You 2:56

07 The King Cole Trio I'm Lost  3:07

08 The King Cole Trio It's Only a Paper Moon  2:55

09 The King Cole Trio If You Can't Smile and Say Yes 2:51

10 The King Cole Trio I'm a Shy Guy  2:47

11 The King Cole Trio The Frim Fram Sauce  3:16

12 The King Cole Trio Come to Baby, Do!  3:04

13 The King Cole Trio (Get Your Kicks On) route 66 3:02

14 The King Cole Trio You Call it Madness (But I Cal 3:25

15 The King Cole Trio (I Love You) for Sentimental R 2:54

16 The King Cole Trio The Best Man  3:07

17 The King Cole Trio The Christmas Song (Merry Chri 3:12

18 The King Cole Trio Meet Me at No Special Place (A 3:11

19 The King Cole Trio Those Things Money Can't Buy 2:48

20 The King Cole Trio What'll I Do  3:03

21 Nat King Cole Nature Boy 2:39

22 The King Cole Trio Put 'em in a Box, Tie 'em With 2:36

Vol. 02

01 The King Cole Trio Lillette  3:01

02 The King Cole Trio Kee-Mo Ky-Mo (The Magic Song) 2:20

03 The King Cole Trio Flo and Joe  2:41

04 The King Cole Trio Exactly Like You  2:41

05 The King Cole Trio My Mother Told Me  2:57

06 Nat King Cole I Almost Lost My Mind 3:02

07 Nat King Cole Mona Lisa 3:15

08 Nat King Cole Home (When Shadows Fall) 3:11

09 Nat King Cole Frosty the Snow Man 2:19

10 Nat King Cole Jet 2:48

11 Nat King Cole Always You 2:59

12 Nat King Cole Too Young 3:12

13 Nat King Cole Red Sails in the Sunset 3:16

14 Nat King Cole Because of Rain 3:09

15 Nat King Cole Unforgettable 3:11

16 Nat King Cole Walkin' 2:49

17 Nat King Cole Somewhere Along the Way 3:00

18 Nat King Cole Funny (Not Much) 2:58

19 Nat King Cole Because You're Mine 3:10

20 Nat King Cole Faith Can Move Mountains 3:10

21 Nat King Cole The Ruby and the Pearl 3:10

22 Nat King Cole I'm Never Satisfied 2:10

Vol. 03

01 Nat King Cole Strange 2:28

02 Nat King Cole Pretend 2:44

03 Nat King Cole Can't I 3:14

04 Nat King Cole I Am in Love 3:01

05 Nat King Cole Return to Paradise 2:57

06 Nat King Cole A Fool Was I 2:50

07 Nat King Cole Mother Nature and Father Time 3:10

08 Nat King Cole Answer Me, My Love 2:37

09 Nat King Cole Tenderly 2:56

10 Nat King Cole It Happens to Be Me 3:08

11 Nat King Cole Make Her Mine 2:58

12 Nat King Cole Smile 2:52

13 Nat King Cole Hajji Baba (Persian Lament) 3:07

14 Nat King Cole A Blossom Fell 2:33

15 Nat King Cole Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 2:49

16 Nat King Cole The Sand and the Sea 2:33

17 Nat King Cole If I May 3:03

18 Nat King Cole My One Sin 2:58

19 Nat King Cole Forgive My Heart 3:01

20 Nat King Cole Someone You Love 2:53

21 Nat King Cole Take Me Back to Toyland 2:53

22 Nat King Cole I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life 3:14

Vol. 04

01 Nat King Cole Dreams Can Tell a Lie 3:00

02 Nat King Cole Ask Me 2:56

03 Nat King Cole Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You 2:37

04 Nat King Cole Too Young to Go Steady 2:53

05 Nat King Cole Never Let Me Go 2:56

06 Nat King Cole My Dream Sonata 3:17

07 Nat King Cole With the Four Kinights That's All There is to That 2:18

08 Nat King Cole Love Me as Though There Were No Tomorrow 2:33

09 Nat King Cole Night Lights 2:49

10 Nat King Cole To the Ends of the Earth 2:19

11 Nat King Cole Ballerina 2:51

12 Nat King Cole You Are My First Love 2:31

13 Nat King Cole When I Fall in Love 3:08

14 Nat King Cole When Rock 'n Roll Comes to Trinidad 2:20

15 Nat King Cole Stardust 3:15

16 Nat King Cole With the Four Kinights My Personal Possession 2:58

17 Nat King Cole Send for Me 2:38

18 Nat King Cole With You on My Mind 2:38

19 Nat King Cole Angel Smile 2:31

20 Nat King Cole Do I Like It? 2:09

21 Nat King Cole Looking Back 2:26

22 Nat King Cole Come Closer to Me 2:47

23 Nat King Cole Nothing in the World 2:38

Vol. 05

01 Nat King Cole Non Dimenticar 3:08

02 Nat King Cole Give Me Your Love 2:10

03 Nat King Cole Madrid 2:48

04 Nat King Cole You Made Me Love You 2:54

05 Nat King Cole I Must Be Dreaming 1:48

06 Nat King Cole Midnight Flyer 2:17

07 Nat King Cole Sweet Bird of Youth 2:13

08 Nat King Cole Time and the River 2:17

09 Nat King Cole What 'cha Gonna Do 2:44

10 Nat King Cole That's You 2:36

11 Nat King Cole Just as Much as Ever 2:14

12 Nat King Cole The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) 3:13

13 Nat King Cole If I Knew 2:49

14 Nat King Cole The World in My Arms 2:03

15 Nat King Cole Illusion 2:54

16 Nat King Cole Take a Fool's Advice 2:22

17 Nat King Cole Let True Love Begin 2:36

18 Nat King Cole Cappucino 2:48

19 Nat King Cole Step Right Up (And Say You Love Me) 1:59

20 Nat King Cole Brazilian Love Song 2:03

21 Nat King Cole The Right Thing to Say 2:51

22 Nat King Cole Let There Be Love 2:41

23 Nat King Cole Ramblin' Rose 2:43

24 Nat King Cole Dear Lonely Hearts 3:01



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Lucky Dip's will be a mystery gift to those who choose to pick them up. 

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Stephen's Quote Of The Day:    

"Keep Music Evil"    ... Anton Alfred Newcombe


Pt.1    Pt.2     Pt.3  


VA - Southern Soul Showcase, Cryin' In The Streets [2005]



VA - Southern Soul Showcase, Cryin' In The Streets [2005]

This is the first in-depth look on CD of the high quality output of the SSS International Group run by Shelby Singleton out of Nashville, Tennessee. Shelby had his greatest commercial success with Jeannie C Riley's Harper Valley PTA so it comes as no surprise that his musical tastes veered towards the country side of soul, which, as any self respecting soul fan will know, is the essence of Southern soul. Revered soul artists like Bettye LaVette, Johnny Adams and Sam Dees were taken into the great studios of Muscle Shoals, Memphis and Nashville in the late 1960's/early 1970's and came up with many classic Southern and deep soul tracks.

Compilation releases like this present an ideal opportunity to highlight tracks by artists who may have recorded only one or two 45's in their entire "career", and Gable Reed's sparse, bluesy I'm Your Man is one such solid outing worthy of your attention. Better still is the stirring I Can't Use You by mystery duo Double Soul, but best of the lot (and a contender for track of the CD) is the heart-wrenching Everybody's Clown with its great lyrics and suitably despairing vocals by the terminally obscure Johnny Dynamite. No commercial success was forthcoming. However, other shadowy singers did have hits, like George Perkins with the anguished civil rights anthem Cryin' In The Streets and Calvin Leavy's equally despairing soul-blues of Cummins Prison Farm.  It's not all suicidal stuff, though. For example, listen to the bright, stomping Mama's Got The Wagon by Mickey Murray and Dancing To The Beat by his brother Clarence Murray.

I can't praise this release highly enough. I know compilers John "nice production!" Broven, John "have you heard this one?" Ridley and Richard "lovely bluesy ballad" Tapp have spent months agonising over the track selections. Slot in Mr Ridley's excellent liner notes - plus an affectionate introduction by SSS songwriter Margaret Lewis - and it all adds up to a package that will appeal to the legions of fans of Dave Godin's "Deep Soul Treasures" series and Kent's other outstanding Southern Soul releases such as "The Dial Records Southern Soul Story" (CDKEND 223). I hear there is enough top quality material for at least one further SSS volume. Meanwhile, one to treasure. (Ace)



Track lists

01 Bettye LaVette He Made A Woman Out Of Me 2:34

02 Big John Hamilton I Have No One 2:31

03 Johnny Adams Reconsider Me 3:58

04 Danny White One Way Love Affair 2:37

05 Reuben Bell Too Late 2:45

06 Eddy Giles So Deep In Love 2:25

07 Oscar Irwin My Pillow Stays Wet 2:27

08 Johnny Soul Lonely Man 2:28

09 Peggy Scott You Can Never Get Something For Nothing 2:57

10 George Perkins Cryin' In The Streets Part 1 3:19

11 Gable Reed I'm Your Man 3:00

12 Johnny Dynamite Everybody's Clown 3:07

13 Johnny Adams I Want To Walk Through This Life With You 2:51

14 Clarence Murray Dancing To The Beat 2:18

15 Big John Hamilton How Much Can A Man Take 2:46

16 Doris Allen A Shell Of A Woman 3:00

17 Mickey Murray Mama's Got The Wagon 2:02

18 Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson 'Til The Morning Comes 2:49

19 Big John Hamilton I'm Getting It From Her 2:33

20 Double Soul Blue Diamonds 3:01

21 Johnny Adams In A Moment Of Weakness 2:38

22 Clarence Murray Poor Boy 2:53

23 Sam Dees Lonely For You Baby 2:39

24 Double Soul I Can't Use You 2:39

25 Calvin Leavy Cummins Prison Farm 4:43



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VA - Steve Lamacq Lost Alternatives [2019] (4 x CD's)



VA - Steve Lamacq Lost Alternatives [2019] (4 x CD's)

UK four CD collection. Acclaimed BBC 6 Music radio DJ and former NME journalist, Steve Lamacq celebrates 25 years of broadcasting at the BBC with the release of this unique compilation. 71 curated tracks from the 1990s by the UK's leading Indie tastemaker. This compilation includes music not found on any streaming service. "Most alternative music lived underground. It made a lot of noise, but no-one in the mainstream could hear it. The '90s would see it go so much further than many of us expected. It wasn't just the popularity of alternative music which would change; the music was constantly reinventing itself too, sucking in influences from different genres and different eras." Includes tracks from Ride, The Charlatans, Kitchens Of Distinction, Suede, Teenage Fanclub, Cornershop, Bis, Rialto, Mansun, Ash, The Bluetones, and many others.

Acclaimed BBC6 Music radio DJ and former NME journalist, Steve Lamacq celebrates 25 years of broadcasting at the BBC with this unique double LP Record Store Day release •27 curated tracks from the 1990s by the UK's leading Indie tastemaker •Housed in a gatefold sleeve with two inner printed bags •Forward and track-by-track written by Steve •This compilations includes music not found on any streaming service •Artists include popular Indie names such as; The Charlatans, Mogwai, Slowdive, Elastica, Ash and Mansun alongside cult favorites who never quite made it Steve describes this as a "compilation which tries to dig a little deeper; which attempts to give another side of the nineties, which wasn't Cool Britannia, Laddism, and Blur Vs Oasis. What's here represents, at least one version, of the evolution of guitar music through the nineties"

The music in this set represents the “evolution of guitar music through the nineties” as told not by the big hits but by Evening Session cult favourites, limited edition singles and by some bands who simply never made it. Artists include the likes of Northside, Curve, Kitchens of Distinction, Voodoo Queens, Drugstore, Northern Uproar and Llama Farmers. There is also a peppering of slightly bigger names like Suede, Ride, The Charlatans, The Auteurs and Elastica.

In total there are 71 tracks and this set is a beautifully packaged and researched period piece. You will remember some of the bands and maybe some of the songs, but there's a lot of stuff that you probably missed and you are going to like because you were spending a lot of your money at the time down the pub... (Amazon)


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Track lists


01 Ride Chelsea Girl 2:58

02 Charlatans Indian Rope 4:33

03 Northside Shall We Take A Trip? 4:22

04 Flowered Up It's On 4:39

05 New Fast Automatic Daffodils Big 6:08

06 Slowdive Catch the Breeze 4:18

07 Curve Ten Little Girls 4:28

08 Kitchens of Distinction Prize 5:27

09 Pale Saints Throwing Back the Apple 4:09

10 Family Cat Place With a Name 3:00

11 Senseless Things Is It Too Late? 2:37

12 Mega City Four Words That Say 3:52

13 Teenage Fanclub Everything Flows 5:11

14 Silverfish Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal 2:47

15 Daisy Chainsaw Love Your Money 2:42

16 Voodoo Queens Supermodel Superficial 3:21

17 Cornershop Waterlogged 3:56


01 S*M*A*S*H Real Surreal 3:42

02 These Animal Men Speeed King 3:05

03 Blessed Ethel Rat 2:21

04 Suede The Drowners 4:10

05 Auteurs Show Girl 4:06

06 Elastica Stutter 2:24

07 Sleeper Alice in Vain 3:37

08 Tiny Monroe VHF 855V 3:39

09 Whiteout Starrclub 3:57

10 China Drum Wuthering Heights 3:39

11 Snuff Caught in Session 2:07

12 60ft Dolls Happy Shopper 3:03

13 Salad Drink the Elixir 4:28

14 Drugstore Solitary Party Groover 2:56

15 Ash Uncle Pat 3:15

16 Northern Uproar Rollercoaster 3:46

17 Perfume Lover 3:27

18 Mansun Take it Easy Chicken 4:28

19 Bluetones Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? 2:53


01 Bis School Disco 2:37

02 Travis All I Want To Do Is Rock 3:49

03 Catatonia Sweet Catatonia 2:45

04 Marion Violent Men 3:20

05 Audioweb Sleeper 5:15

06 Rialto Monday Morning 5:19 3:53

07 Tiger Race 3:24

08 Strangelove Greatest Show On Earth 4:15

09 Animals That Swim Pink Carnations 3:00

10 Linoleum Dissent 3:48

11 Scarfo Alkaline 3:47

12 Kenickie Come Out 2Nite 1:58

13 Helen Love Does Your Heart Go Boom 2:23

14 Jocasta Go 4:01

15 Livingstone Good Intentions 2:52

16 Geneva No-One Speaks 3:33

17 Whipping Boy When We Were Young 2:52

18 Earl Brutus Life's Too Long 3:49


01 Arab Strap The First Big Weekend 4:53

02 Mogwai New Paths To Helicon Part 1 5:55

03 Idlewild Satan Polaroid 3:18

04 Three Colours Red This is My Hollywood 2:44

05 Delgados Pull the Wires From the Wall 3:48

06 Beta Band Dry the Rain 6:05

07 Hitchers Strachan 5:55

08 Wubble-U Bit Like You 3:14

09 Ten Benson The Claw 2:56

10 Clinic I.P.C. Subeditors Dictate Our Youth 2:57

11 Cay Better Than Myself 2:41

12 Cable Freeze the Atlantic 2:47

13 Seafood This is Not an Exit 3:43

14 Llana Farmers Paper Eyes 3:16

15 Ultrasound Stay Young 6:54

16 Campag Velocet Drencom (Velocet Synthemesc) 7:43

17 Morgan Miss Parker 5:04