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VA - A Capella Black Gospel, Look How the World Has Made a Change 1940-1969 [2020] (3 x CD's)


VA - A Capella Black Gospel, Look How the World Has Made a Change 1940-1969 [2020] (3 x CD's)

This recent gospel compilation from Swedish producer and collector Per Notini is a three disc, 84 track set focused exclusively on a capella singing without any instrumental accompaniment. Featuring many well-known quartets such as the Fairfield Four and Soul Stirrers as well as lesser-known artists, the set traces stylistic changes over a thirty-year period, concluding in 1969 before the ‘contemporary’ gospel era. These groups created some of the most inventive and progressive African American vocal music of the post-war period, which had a profound effect on later R&B and soul artists, not to mention artists across all other genres.

Presented in alphabetical order by group, rather than chronological, listeners can more readily compare and contrast artists from different regions of the country. Quite a few of the recordings on this compilation are considered gospel rarities, released as singles on labels such as Kno-Mar, Pepper, Scoop, Sara and Ohio, and many have never been reissued. Major labels (Aladdin, King, Decca, Savoy, Mercury, etc.) are also well represented, so a portion of these tracks are likely included on many other collections, but it’s the curation of a capella selections that makes this set unique

In the liner notes, author Ray Templeton explains how, in the absence of instruments, these performers had to work much harder to creative a distinctive sound, which required “assiduous practice, rigorous vocal technique, harmony and dynamics, honed by tireless rehearsal and keen competition.” Across the three decades of releases presented here, one can trace the “continuous innovation and development” of these vocal groups (

The first half of the 20th century, vocal group singing was one of the most progressive and inventive of African American arts. In the absence of instruments, singers had to work much harder to make sure that their own distinctive sound grabbed and held the attention of the audiences and record buyers. An amazing legacy in gospel music – three decades' worth of tracks that feature just harmony vocals, no instrumentation at all – in a rich summation of all that the style brought to American music in mid-century! 






Track lists

01 Camp Meeting Choir Of Winston-salem, N.c. I'm Gonna Walk Right In And Make Myself At Home 2:12

02 Camp Meeting Choir Of Winston-salem, N.c. Search My Heart 2:24

03 Charming Bells Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb 2:45

04 Charming Bells Hallelujah 2:57

05 Christian Leaders Quartet If You Love God, Serve Him 2:58

06 Elite Jewels Ride On, King Jesus 3:03

07 Ever-ready Singers I'm A Pilgrim And A Stranger 2:28

08 Ever-ready Singers Two Wings 2:22

09 Evangelist Singers The World Is In A Bad Condition 2:39

10 Fairfield Four Jesus In Heaven 2:53

11 Famous Blue Jay Singers Of Birmingham Alabama Jesus Met The Woman At The Well 2:29

12 Famous Blue Jay Singers Of Birmingham Alabama Jesus Gave Me Water 2:43

13 Famous Jubilee Singers Sweet Little Jesus Boy 3:05

14 Fantastic Silveraires Steal Away 2:43

15 Flying Clouds Of Detroit John Saw A Mighty Number 2:43

16 Flying Clouds Of Detroit When Jesus Comes 2:50

17 Georgia Peach I Don't Know Why 2:39

18 Georgia Peach Give Me Strengh, Lord And I'll Carry On 3:02

19 Golden Eagles Anytime Anywhere 2:23

20 Golden Gospels Old Time Way 3:09

21 Golden Gospels New Home 3:13

22 Gospel Vocalaires Of Norfolk, Va. I'll Be Satisfied 1:38

23 Brother Green's Southern Sons I'll Make It Somehow 2:32

24 Harmoneers Before This Time Another Year 2:59

25 Harp-tones Of Cincinnati, Ohio I Made It 2:40

26 Heavenly Gospel Singers Standing On The Highway 3:09

27 Heavenly Gospel Singers My Life Is In His Hands 2:29

28 Heavenly Kings I'm So Glad I Found The Lord 2:57

29 Heavenly Kings Every Living Thing 2:20


01 Jubileers Daniel Was A Witness For My Lord 2:41

02 Jubileers Jesus Gonna Make Up Your Dyin' Bed 2:47

03 Keys Of Heaven Movin' In 2:59

04 Keys Of Heaven Something Within Me 2:50

05 Knights Of Glory I Don't Mind 2:25

06 L. & N. Gospel Singers Lord, You Been So Good To Me 2:34

07 Loving Five Gospel Singers Baptism Of Christ 2:34

08 Mcneil Choir Soon I Will Be Done 3:10

09 Masters Of Harmony In The Garden 3:21

10 Masters Of Harmony My Lord What A Morning 1:57

11 Melody Gospel Singers Of Chicago Look How The World Has Made A Change 2:32

12 Luvenia Nash Singers Great Gettin' Up Morning 3:05

13 National Clouds Of Joy Does Jesus Care 2:25

14 National Clouds Of Joy Don't Cry 2:50

15 New Salem Harmonizers Nothin' Else Can Help 2:59

16 National Independent Singers Of Atlanta, Ga. I Got Good Religion 2:37

17 Nightingales One Of These Days 2:47

18 Kings Of Harmony I Got A Mother Done Gone 3:18

19 Pilgrim Travelers I Love The Lord 2:45

20 Pilgrim Travelers Just A Little Talk With Jesus 2:32

21 Progressive Four I Ain't Ready To Die 2:27

22 Reliable Jubilee Singers Jesus, Lover Of My Soul 2:41

23 Revelators Free At Last 2:53

24 Rising Star Gospel Singers Thou Servant's Prayer 2:53

25 Rising Star Gospel Singers I Want Wings 2:58

26 Rising Star Gospel Singers What A Time 3:10

27 Seven Star Juniors Don't Know What I'd Do 2:52

28 Seven Star Juniors What A Time 1:51


01 Silver Leaf Quartet Of Florida I Love The Name Jesus 2:52

02 Silvertone Jubilee Singers Tell Me Where Shall I Be 2:46

03 Skylarks Stand By Me 2:49

04 Skylarks Something About My Lord Might Sweet 2:38

05 Smith Jubilee Singers Journey To The Sky 2:53

06 Smith Jubilee Singers Steal Away 3:14

07 Five Soul Stirrers Freedom After 'while 3:00

08 Soul Stirrers Golden Bells 2:28

09 Soul Stirrers One Day 2:58

10 Soul Stirrers He Knows How Much We Can Bear 3:03

11 Soul Stirrers Some Day 2:54

12 Southern Sons I'm Living Humble 2:36

13 Southern Sons Pray 2:28

14 Southern Echoes Sweeping Through That City 2:40

15 Spiritual Blind Boys Heal The Sick (Assumedly Mistitled For ''life's Evening Sun'') 2:51

16 Spiritual Harmonizers The Lord Is Still In Business 2:46

17 Sun Light Jubilee Singers Yes, God Is Real 2:31

18 Sunny South Singers Lordy, Lord 2:52

19 Sunset Jubilee Singers John On The Island 2:49

20 Sunset Jubilee Singers Trouble Not The Woman 3:11

21 Sunshine Quartette You Better Run 2:43

22 Traveling Four Too Late 2:39

23 Traveling Four Wake Up 2:18

24 Volunteers Travelin' Shoes 2:52

25 25. Brother Henry Lee Williams Bless The Lord 3:11

26 Wingmen Quartet Seeking For A City 2:36

27 Wings Over Jordan Choir You Got To Stand Your Test In Judgement 3:07






Lucky Dip's will be a mystery gift to those who choose to pick them up. 


Stephen's Quote of The Day: “Back then and later on when I was in NEU! and Harmonia I was too much preoccupied with my own music to be aware of the German music scene, let alone following it actively."   ...Michael Rother (Harmonia)... 


Pt.1     Pt.2 



VA - Sixties Girls [2014] (3 x CD's)


VA - Sixties Girls [2014] (3 x CD's)

First off, not the whole of 1960's are represented here - we get 60 good quality tracks from the years 1959 to 1962 spread across the 3CD's. The tracks that have been chosen are very good, they range from early U.S soul tracks, chirpy teen pop to Classy Brit and French offerings. There are some class acts on offer including Etta James, Barbara Lyn, Julie Grant to name a few. It's nice to hear a few very early outings of Nancy Sinatra and it's always great to hear anything by Francoise Hardy and BB. Overall, It's a great looking package with good sound quality. There is no booklet, just a one-sided intro with a few small pics spread over the inside.    Some brilliant recordings on this set. Nice to get both sides of Clodagh Rodgers first Decca single along with Kathy Kirby's first Decca release.  It's great to be reminded of just how many great girl-singers there were back in the Sixties. Unfortunately, quite a few of them never had the success they deserved. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Barbara George I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) 2:20

02 Diana Dors The Point Of No Return 2:17

03 Etta James At Last 3:01

04 Connie Stevens Mr. Songwriter 2:22

05 Helen Shapiro Walkin' Back To Happiness 2:30

06 Dee Dee Sharp Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) 2:11

07 Nancy Sinatra Like I Do 2:12

08 Julie Grant Somebody Tell Him 2:30

09 Barbara Lynn You'll Lose A Good Thing 2:24

10 Babs Tino Forgive Me (For Giving You Such A Bad Time) 2:13

11 Kathy Kirby Slowly 2:21

12 Erma Franklin It's Over 2:17

13 Valerie Mountain Yes You Did 2:10

14 Darlene Paul All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings 1:55

15 Anita Harris I Haven't Got You 2:01

16 Esther Phillips Don't Feel Rained On 2:05

17 Susan Maughan Baby Doll Twist (Broken Doll) 2:24

18 Fontella Bass Honey Bee 2:07

19 Carole King It Might As Well Rain Until September 2:26

20 Irma Thomas Don't Mess With My Man 2:17


01 Nancy Sinatra Think Of Me 2:18

02 Dodie Stevens No 1:58

03 Dee Dee Sharp Mashed Potato Time 2:32

04 Anita Harris Mister One And Only 2:27

05 Etta James Something's Got A Hold On Me 2:48

06 Françoise Hardy Ça A Raté 1:58

07 Mary Wells The One Who Really Loves You 2:27

08 Julie Grant Count On Me 2:15

09 Connie Stevens If You Don't, Somebody Else Will 1:54

10 Irma Thomas I Done Got Over It 3:08

11 Ann-margret I Was Only Kidding 2:43

12 Kathy Kirby Big Man 2:25

13 Barbara George Don't Ask Me No Questions 2:40

14 Susan Maughan Bobby's Girl 2:35

15 Gloria Lynne You Don't Have To Be A Tower Of Strength 2:13

16 Annette Dreamin' About You 2:04

17 Nat Hendrix Band; Sugar Pie Desanto A Little Taste Of Soul 2:20

18 Clodagh Rodgers End Of The Line 2:10

19 Barbara Lynn Second Fiddle Girl 1:57

20 Jackie Dee (jackie De Shannon) Trouble 2:28


01 Brigitte Bardot Sidonie 2:53

02 Nancy Sinatra Cuff Links And A Tie Clip 1:53

03 Dionne Warwick I Smiled Yesterday 2:43

04 Carole King School Bells Are Ringing 2:15

05 Mary Wells You Beat Me To The Punch 2:45

06 Clodagh Rodgers Believe Me, I'm No Fool 2:30

07 Etta James Next Door To The Blues 2:48

08 Helen Shapiro Let's Talk About Love 1:56

09 Erma Franklin Don't Wait Too Long 2:18

10 Shelley Fabares Funny Face 2:01

11 Barbara George Hurted 2:00

12 Esther Phillips After Loving You 3:10

13 Françoise Hardy Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles 3:08

14 Connie Stevens Why'd You Wanna Make Me Cry 2:07

15 Maxine Brown Now That You've Gone 2:23

16 Linda Scott I've Told Every Litte Star 2:18

17 Dee Dee Sharp Ride 2:27

18 Glenda Collins Head Over Heels In Love 1:45

19 Sugar Pie Desanto Can't Let You Go 2:45

20 Valerie Mountain Some People 2:48



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K's PUNKY REGGAE PARTY SPECIAL - VA Punky Reggae Party - Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers (45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (9 x CD's)


K's PUNKY REGGAE PARTY SPECIAL   - VA Punky Reggae Party - Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers (45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (9 x CD's)

In celebration of 45 years since the first DJ sets by Don Letts at the London punk club The Roxy in the summer of 1977, where he played his amazing reggae collection to the punks.  This led to many punk bands incorporating reggae into their sound. Bands like The Clash, The Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers, The Stranglers, Gang of Four, The Slits, Generation X, The Police, Blondie, The Boomtown Rats, Elvis Costello, XTC, The Specials and many more all recorded songs with reggae influences.   There has never been an official compilation of this fantastic mix of punk and reggae; the original songs which influenced the punks and the songs the punks went on later to record.

Reggae and punk were thrown together by being mutual outcasts, two fingers against authority and a sense of an established order breaking down. 1977 was to be a seminal year for music, fashion and society as white and black street culture found itself with the same aspirations for possibly the first time. The relationship was cemented as bands like Misty in Roots and Steel Pulse appeared on shared stages at the Rock Against Racism gigs with bands like Generation X. In fact, The Ruts first single was released on Misty’s ‘People United’ record label and Steel Pulse went on tour with The Stranglers.  When Bob Marley went to London in 1977, he discovered, documented, and reveled in the punky reggae party.

Hope you enjoy this fantastic mix of classic punk and reggae. I put a tremendous amount of time and research into this compilation to make it truly authentic to what was being played in the clubs by Don Letts and the reggae inspired punk music that followed.








Sky Arts presents: Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers by acclaimed director, DJ and musician Don Letts as he trawls through his extensive archive of Super 8 films from the 1970s to tell the story of when the politically alienated, multicultural youth of the era made their voices heard via the sounds of punk, dub and reggae.

The sounds of Rasta culture in London could be heard in readings by Linton Kwesi Johnson and records played at The Roxy - by Letts himself when resident DJ - and were key influences on songs by The Clash and The Slits. Bob Marley would pinpoint the era as the ‘Punky Reggae Party’. Don offers a first-hand account of this scene and the trail that it blazed to shape music history.

Don Letts - Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers - Sky Arts (2017)



Track lists


01 Poet And The Roots All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' (Original 1977 12" Single Version) 5:32

02 Poet And The Roots Defense (Dub) 3:15

03 Willie Williams Armagideon Time (Original 1979 Studio One 7" Single Version) 5:09

04 The Clash Armagideon Time 3:51

05 The Clash Justice Tonight / Kick It Over 8:54

06 Gang Of Four At Home He's a Tourist 3:31

07 Jacob Miller; Augustus Pablo Baby I Love You So b/w King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown (Original 1974 Pablo International 7" Single Version) 4:59

08 The Ruts Babylon's Burning 2:35

09 Leroy Smart Ballistic Affair 3:06

10 The Boomtown Rats Banana Republic (Original 1980 12" Extended Version) 5:05

11 The Clash Bankrobber 4:34

12 The Clash Feat. Mikey Dread Rockers Galore...UK Tour 4:42

13 The Police The Bed's Too Big Without You 4:25

14 Dr. Alimantado Best Dressed Chicken in Town 2:43

15 Dr. Alimantado Born for a Purpose (Original 1977 12" Single Version) 5:52

16 The Police Bring on the Night 4:15

17 The Clash The Call Up 5:25


18 The Clash The Cool Out 3:51

19 Dr. Alimantado Can't Conquer Natty Dreadlocks 3:19

20 The Police Can't Stand Losing You 2:59

21 U-roy Chalice in the Palace 3:30

22 Max Romeo; Lee "scratch" Perry & The Full Experience Chase the Devil / Disco Devil (The Jamaican Discomix) 14:24

23 Dillinger Cocaine in My Brain 2:46

24 The Congos Congo Man (Original 1977 12" Single Version) 6:15

25 The Heptones Cool Rasta b/w Rasta Dub (Original 1976 Cancer 7" Single Version) 5:51

26 Johnny Clarke Crazy Baldhead 3:39

27 Gang Of Four Damaged Goods 3:28

28 Blondie Die Young Stay Pretty 3:34

29 Stiff Little Fingers Doesn't Make It Alright 5:48

30 Graham Parker & The Rumour Don't Ask Me Questions 5:36

31 Junior Byles Fade Away b/w Fading Dub (Original 1975 Well Charge 7" Single Version) 6:39

32 Elizabeth Archer & The Equators Feel Like Makin' Love 3:30

33 Elizabeth Archer & The Equators Feel Like Makin' Love (Version) 3:37


34 The Congos Fisherman (Original 1977 12" Single Version) 6:05

35 Joe Jackson Fools in Love 4:23

36 The Specials Feat. Rico Ghost Town (Original 1981 12" Extended Single Version) 6:03

37 The Ruts Give Youth a Chance 3:12

38 The Clash The Guns of Brixton 3:09

39 The Clash Return to Brixton (Extended Mix) 6:29

40 Gregory Isaacs Handcuff (Hey Mr. Babylon) 3:33

41 Siouxsie And The Banshees Happy House 3:50

42 Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come (Original 1972 Island Records 7" Single Version) 3:08

43 Prince Far I Heavy Manners 3:14

44 The Boomtown Rats House on Fire (Original 1982 12" Extended Version) 4:46

45 The Boomtown Rats House on Fire (Original 1982 12" Dub Version) 5:55

46 The Passions Hunted 3:31

47 Linval Thompson I Love Marijuana 3:29

48 The Mighty Diamonds I Need a Roof b/w Roof Top Dub (Original 1975 Channel 1 7" Single Version) 5:32

49 Culture I'm Not Ashamed 4:00

50 The Mighty Two I'm Not Ashamed (Version) 3:47

51 The Ruts In a Rut 3:41

52 The Slits Instant Hit 2:41


53 Joe Jackson Is She Really Going Out with Him? 3:35

54 Gang Of Four It's Her Factory 3:10

55 The Ruts Jah War (Original 1979 12" Extended Single Version) 6:54

56 Big Youth Jim Screechy 3:17

57 Bob Marley And The Wailers Johnny Was (Woman Hold Her Head and Cry) (Original 1976 7" Single Version) 3:47

58 Stiff Little Fingers Johnny Was 8:09

59 Steel Pulse Ku Klux Klan (Original 1978 12" Single Mix) 6:46

60 Peter Tosh Legalize It 4:40

61 Errol Dunkley & The Gaytones A Little Way Different (Original 1972 7" Single Version) 2:57

62 The Clash Lost in the Supermarket 3:47

63 The Ruts Love in Vain 4:10

64 The Clash The Magnificent Seven 5:32

65 The Clash The Magnificent Dance (Original 1981 12" Mix) 5:37

66 Xtc Making Plans for Nigel 4:12

67 The Paragons Man Next Door (also known as "Quiet Place" or "I've Got to Get Away") (Original 1968 Duke 7" Single Version) 2:00

68 Dr. Alimantado I Shall Fear No Evil 2:18

69 Misty In Roots Mankind (Live at the Counter-Eurovision, Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium, March 31, 1979) 4:17


70 Burning Spear Marcus Garvey b/w Marcus Garvey (Version) (Original 1974 Fox 7" Single Version) 7:19

71 The Police Message in a Bottle 4:52

72 Dennis Brown & Prince Mohammed Money in My Pocket (1979 12" Extended Discomix) 8:12

73 Barry Brown Mr. C.I.D. 5:04

74 Gregory Isaacs Mr. Cop b/w Mr. Cop (Version) (Original 1976 Micron Music 7" Single Version) 7:54

75 The Classics (the Wailing Souls) Mr. Fire Coal Man (Original 1971 Banana 7" Single Version) 3:28

76 Stiff Little Fingers Mr. Fire Coal Man 4:54

77 U-roy Natty Rebel b/w Natty Rebel (Version) (Original 1976 Volcano 7" Single Version) 7:30

78 Bob Marley And The Wailers Natural Mystic 3:27

79 The Stranglers Nice 'n' Sleazy 3:13

80 Prince Far I No More War 4:37

81 Prince Far I No More War (Dub) 3:59

82 Earl Zero None Shall Escape the Judgement b/w Judgement Version 6:54

83 Johnny Clarke None Shall Escape the Judgement 3:14

84 Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers Egyptian Reggae 2:35


85 The Members Offshore Banking Business / Pennies in the Pound (Original 1979 12" Single Version) 6:26

86 The Clash One More Time 3:31

87 The Clash One More Dub 3:37

88 Stiff Little Fingers The Only One 4:17

89 Gregory Isaacs Party in the Slum 3:23

90 Gregory Isaacs' All Stars Slum (In Dub) 3:53

91 The Stranglers Peaches (Original 1977 Unedited 7" Single Version) 4:04

92 Militant Barry Pistol Boy 3:15

93 Dr. Alimantado Poison Flour 2:35

94 Junior Murvin; The Upsetters Police and Thieves b/w Grumblin' Dub (Original 1976 Island Records 7" Single Version) 7:06

95 The Clash Police and Thieves 6:03

96 The Maytals Pressure Drop (Original 1969 Beverley's Records 7" Single Version) 2:59

97 The Clash Pressure Drop 3:25

98 The Pretenders Private Life 6:24

99 Steel Pulse Prodigal Son 5:07

100 Steel Pulse Prodigal Son (Dub) 5:11

101 Bob Marley And The Wailers Punky Reggae Party (1977 UK 12" Version) 6:55


102 Patti Smith Redondo Beach 3:26

103 Danny Ray And The Revolutioners Revolution Rock b/w Revolution Dub (Version) (Original 1976 High Note 7" Single Version) 6:12

104 The Clash Revolution Rock 5:33

105 The Mighty Diamonds Right Time (Original 1975 7" Single Version) 3:16

106 The Mighty Diamonds Right Time (Version) 3:00

107 Marlene Webber Right Track (Original 1977 Rattie Soul 12" Single Version) 5:51

108 Lee "scratch" Perry Roast Fish & Cornbread 3:48

109 The Upsetters Corn Fish (Dub) 4:26

110 The Clash Rock the Casbah 3:42

111 The Clash Mustapha Dance 4:28

112 Stiff Little Fingers Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae 3:55

113 The Police Roxanne 3:11

114 The Clash Rudie Can't Fail 3:28

115 Dandy Livingstone Rudy, a Message to You (Original 1967 Ska Beat 7" Single Version) 2:33

116 The Specials Feat. Rico A Message to You Rudy 2:52

117 Stiff Little Fingers Safe as Houses 5:28

118 The Abyssinians Satta Massagana b/w Satta Massagana Dub (Original 1976 Penetrate 7" Single Version) 6:59

119 Culture See Them a Come 3:21

120 Basement 5 Silicone Chip (Original 1980 7" Single Version) 5:12


121 Horace Andy Skylarking (Original 1972 Bongo Man 7" Single Version) 3:05

122 Capital Letters Smoking My Ganja (Original 1978 Greensleeves 12" Special Mix) 8:45

123 Burning Spear Slavery Days 3:24

124 Burning Spear I and I (Slavery Days) 3:52

125 The Police So Lonely 4:49

126 Linton Kwesi Johnson Sonny's Lettah (Anti-Sus Poem) 3:53

127 Linton Kwesi Johnson Iron Bar (Dub) 3:43

128 Junior Delgado Sons of Slaves 6:39

129 Stiff Little Fingers Stands to Reason 3:04

130 Black Slate Sticksman 3:44

131 The Clash Straight to Hell 5:30

132 The Heptones Sufferer's Time 3:58

133 The Upsetters Sufferer's Dub 4:17

134 Jacob Miller Tenement Yard b/w Tenement Dub (Original 1975 Arab 7" Single Version) 5:24

135 The Paragons Feat. John Holt The Tide Is High (Original 1967 Treasure Isle 7" Single Version) 2:43

136 Blondie The Tide Is High 4:39

137 Killing Joke Turn to Red 3:57


138 Killing Joke Turn to Red (Dub) 6:30

139 Culture; The Mighty Two Two Sevens Clash b/w Two Sevens Clash (Version) (Original 1977 Joe Gibbs Record Globe 7" Single Version) 7:08

140 The Slits Typical Girls 3:59

141 Dawn Penn You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) (Original 1967 Studio One 7" Mono Single Version) 4:31

142 Trinity Three Piece Suit (Original 1975 Belmont Records 7" Single Version) 3:46

143 Marcia Aitken And The Mighty Two I'm Still In Love (With You Boy) (Original 1977 12" Extended Single Version) 6:35

144 Althea & Donna Uptown Top Ranking (Original 1977 Joe Gibbs Record Globe 7" Single Version) 3:53

145 XTC Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down 4:20

146 The Police Walking on the Moon 5:01

147 Linton Kwesi Johnson Want Fi Goh Rave (Original 1979 12" Long Version) 7:20

148 Max Romeo & The Upsetters War Ina Babylon (1976 12" Extended Version) 8:16

149 Elvis Costello Watching the Detectives 3:46

150 Glenroy Richards Wicked Can't Run Away b/w Ranking Dub (Original 1977 Grove Music 7" Single Version) 5:53

151 Generation X Wild Dub 3:46

152 The Clash (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais 4:01



VA - Muzik City, The Story of Trojan [2003] (4 x CDs)



VA - Muzik City, The Story of Trojan [2003] (4 x CDs)

Anyone who is a die-hard Trojan enthusiast will find plenty of surprises, secrets, and a really well-done booklet to paw through. The first two discs of Muzik City are truly some of the greatest moments in rocksteady and roots reggae. But just like a two CD Motown collection, this is really just the tip of the iceberg and John Holt, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Big Youth, and others have many more great moments to investigate. If all four CDs had focused on the hits and highlights this would truly be the box to own, but the third CD is hardly meant for repeat listening. Many of the disc's "Rarities & Oddities" are downright embarrassing (which the always honest liner notes are happy to point out). Trojan's forays into the worlds of calypso, novelty, and pop music were horribly misguided, and disc three is full of them (including a horrific reggae and yodeling matchup). Hard to imagine laughing at the stately Trojan label, but once that's over it's on to disc four's treasure chest of rarities. The hardcore should rightfully drool over the Jah Woosh and Keith Hudson team-up, a dank dub from Thunder, and an I-Roy/John Holt dubplate that includes a bit of studio banter. Great stuff for the serious fan, who probably own most of disc one and two ten times over. So who is this set made for? If your wallet is fat enough to forgive disc three, Muzik City is a fair introduction to the label that, along with Island, dominated reggae's early years. (AllMusic review by David Jeffries)

Offering a cross-section of Jamaican hits and roots classics from the 60's and 70's. If you have never heard tracks like "Johnny Too Bad", " Young, Gifted & Black" by Bob & Marcia or "Rivers of Babylon" then you are in for a great musical treat. This set is simply "the bomb" of reggae music.


Pt.1     Pt.2 


Track lists


01 Untouchables Tighten Up 2:40

02 Brother Dan All Stars Donkey Returns 2:36

03 Joya Landis Angel Of The Morning 3:03

04 Dandy Reggae In Your Jeggae 2:58

05 Upsetters Return Of Django 2:31

06 Tony Tribe Red Red Wine 2:56

07 John Holt Ali Baba 2:36

08 Pioneers Long Shot Kick De Bucket 2:48

09 Harry J. All Stars Liquidator 2:53

10 Jimmy Cliff Wonderful World, Beautiful People 3:12

11 Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp 3:00

12 Boris Gardiner & The Love People Elizabethan Reggae 2:36

13 Maytals Monkey Man 3:44

14 Coloured Raisins One Way Love 2:30

15 Bob & Marcia Young, Gifted And Black 3:08

16 Nicky Thomas Love Of The Common People (Jamaican Mix) 2:21

17 Desmond Dekker You Can Get It If You Really Want 2:38

18 Dave & Ansel Collins Double Barrel 2:45

19 Horace Faith Black Pearl 2:36

20 Bob Marley & The Wailers Duppy Conqueror 3:44

21 Melodians Rivers Of Babylon 3:25

22 U Roy & John Holt Wear You To The Ball 2:31

23 Maytals 54 46 Was My Number 3:12

24 Slickers Johnny Too Bad 3:10

25 Bruce Ruffin Rain 2:24

26 Junio Byles A Place Called Africa 2:41

27 Greyhound Black And White 2:58


01 Pioneers Let Your Yeah Be Yeah 3:08

02 Eric Donaldson Cherry Oh Baby 3:02

03 Dandy Livingstone Suzanne Beware Of The Devil 2:35

04 Dennis Brown Money In My Pocket(Original Version) 2:31

05 Judge Dread Big Seven 3:17

06 Big Youth S.90 Skank 2:51

07 Horace Andy & Earl Flute Don't Think About Me 2:46

08 John Holt Help Me Make It Through The Night 3:05

09 Johnny Clarke None Shall Escape The Judgement 3:14

10 Ken Boothe Everything I Own 3:46

11 Gregory Isaacs Bad Da 3:02

12 Pluto Shervington Ram Goat Liver 3:07

13 Danny Ray Can't Get Used To Losing You 2:15

14 Bunny & Ricky Bush Weed Corntrash 3:25

15 Prince Far I (Under) Heavy Manners 3:14

16 Alton Ellis I'm Still In Love With You Girl 4:26

17 Trinity Three Piece Suit And Thing 3:47

18 Linval Thompson I Love Marijuana 3:31

19 Well Pleased And Satisified Barberman Bawling 2:48

20 Michael Rose & Black Uhuru Born Free 3:31

21 Ethiopians Pirate 3:12

22 Lee Perry Evil Brain Rejector 4:26

23 Ernest Ranglin Eb@noon 4:19


01 Duke Reid All Stars Judge Sympathy 2:20

02 Horace Faith Spinning Wheel 2:13

03 Emile Straker & The Merryman Dirty Dog 3:14

04 Millie Mayfair 3:11

05 Johnny Arthey Orchestra Serenade To Summer 2:38

06 Jubilee Stompers Lucianna 3:32

07 Emperor Rosko Al Capone 3:34

08 Freddie Notes & The Rudies It Came Out Of The Sky 3:02

09 Jimmy Lindsay Tribute To Jimmy Hendrix 2:08

10 Clyde Mcphatter Suffering In The Land 3:13

11 Scott English Brandy 3:12

12 Miller James You Got Me 2:38

13 Jimmy James Help Yourself1970 2:40

14 Jackie Edwards I Must Go Back 3:26

15 Tony Gregory Bouncing (All Over The World) 3:10

16 Hotshots Snoopy Versus The Red Baron 3:10

17 Happy Junior & The I.q.s Loop De Loop 2:56

18 Jamaica Jam Sticky Fingers1973 2:50

19 Bobbi Houston I Wanna Make It With You 3:03

20 Doris Troy Stretchin' Out 3:49

21 King Sporty Reggae Rock Road 3:28

22 Laurel Aitken Fatty Bum Bum Gone A Jail 3:02

23 Owen Gray I Say 'super Jaws' 3:44

24 Teddy Brown & The Discolettes Let's Spend The Night Together 3:41

25 Leroy Gibbs Yodel Reggae 3:30


01 Slim Smith You Lied To Me 3:13

02 Aubrey Adams & The Boys Power Cut 2:35

03 Clarendonians Betrayed 3:15

04 Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers Full Up 2:14

05 Gaylads Sock It To Me 3:12

06 Lee Perry & The Upsetters Bush Tea 3:03

07 Tony Scott What Am I To Do (With Over 2:50

08 Tommy Mccook & The All Stars Strings And Things1970 3:09

09 Sensations Silhouettes 2:32

10 Nicky Thomas I Can't See Nobody 3:13

11 Winston Francis Ten Times Sweeter (With Over 2:48

12 Aces I'm Not A King 2:45

13 Teddy & The Upsetters Same Thing 3:20

14 Keith Hudson Nowhere 3:03

15 Tony Brevett Don't Give Up 3:18

16 Hortense Ellis This World 3:03

17 I Roy & John Holt Loving Feeling 2:28

18 Willie Lindo A Darker Shade Of Black (Norwegian Wood) 3:13

19 Jackie Bernard Solid Sounds 2:49

20 Jah Woosh Stigma 2:25

21 Thunder Thunder Dub 3:17

22 John Holt I Don't Want To Be Lonely 3:01

23 Soul Syndicate Untitled Instrumental 3:02

24 Zoot Sims Fattie Fattie 2:19

25 Lee 'scratch' Perry In The Room 3:04



Dizzy Gillespie - Verve Phillips Small Group Sessions [2006] (7 x CD's)




Dizzy Gillespie - Verve Phillips Small Group Sessions [2006] (7 x CD's)

Dizzy Gillespie's career soared with the surge of interest in bop, but after the failure of his independent Dee Gee label, his career was in the doldrums. In 1953, Norman Granz added the trumpeter to his successful Jazz at the Philharmonic all-star roster for tours and also signed him to a non-exclusive recording contract, where the producer was very open to most anything Gillespie wished to record. This seven-CD boxed set, a limited edition of 10,000 compiled by Mosaic, draws material from selected studio and live sessions made for Granz between 1954 and 1961, in addition to a number of studio dates made for Philips, all of which featured his working bands of the time.

The Verve tracks are a treasure trove, as a good deal of these performances were not reissued on CD until this compilation, with six selections appearing for the first time in this collection. Aside from some of the early novelty songs like "Hey Pete! Let's Eat More Meat," the calypso-flavored "Money Honey," and the perennial jive number "Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac," which wear out their welcome quickly, the remaining material is very strong. Up and coming musicians in his bands include saxophonists Hank Mobley, Gigi Gryce, and Benny Golson, along with pianists Ray Bryant and Junior Mance. One of the obvious highlights is alto sax great Johnny Hodges' guest appearance on "Squatty Roo," which bolsters Gillespie's playing to its highest level. The addition of the relatively unheralded Leo Wright (who doubles on flute and alto sax) and young pianist Lalo Schifrin for a brief concert at the Museum of Modern Art marks the end of his association with Verve, which was sold by Granz that very same year.

Several of the earliest Philips sessions find Gillespie incorporating Brazilian influences and exploring the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfá, and even one extended work by Schifrin, "Mount Olive." Dizzy Gillespie & the Double Six of Paris features collaborations with a group of French vocalists arranged by Lalo Schifrin, with most of the songs utilizing Bud Powell, Pierre Michelot, and Kenny Clarke, with the trumpeter's regular group of the time on two selections. The Double Six of Paris' leader Michel Perin's vocalese interpretations of Charlie Parker's instrumental solos from Gillespie's well-known records of "Hot House" and "Groovin' High" are outstanding, as are the big-band arrangements recast for small group and voices. The final sessions feature James Moody and Kenny Barron, with Chris White and Rudy Collins. The tracks from Dizzy Goes Hollywood are enjoyable but far too brief, as most of them hover around the three-minute mark. Better are the songs from Original Score from the Cool World, an updated look at music Dizzy composed for the film, with fine arrangements by Tom McIntosh. This collection should be considered essential for any Dizzy Gillespie fan. (AllMusic review by Ken Dryden)






Track lists


01 Dizzy Gillespie Sugar Hips 5:16

02 Dizzy Gillespie One Alone (Lonely One) 3:02

03 Dizzy Gillespie Hey Pete! Let's Eat More Meat 5:07

04 Dizzy Gillespie Money Honey 2:30

05 Dizzy Gillespie Blue Mood 3:29

06 Dizzy Gillespie Rails 3:30

07 Dizzy Gillespie Devil And The Flesh 3:21

08 Dizzy Gillespie Rumbola 3:25

09 Dizzy Gillespie Blues After Dark 6:28

10 Dizzy Gillespie Sea Breeze 3:17

11 Dizzy Gillespie Out Of The Past 5:32

12 Dizzy Gillespie Shabozz 6:00

13 Dizzy Gillespie Reminiscing 4:50

14 Dizzy Gillespie A Night At Tony's 5:11

15 Dizzy Gillespie Smoke Signals 5:04

16 Dizzy Gillespie Just By Myself 4:47


01 Dizzy Gillespie My Heart Belongs To Daddy 6:00

02 Dizzy Gillespie My Man (Mon Homme) 4:17

03 Dizzy Gillespie Moonglow 6:22

04 Dizzy Gillespie St. Louis Blues 5:52

05 Dizzy Gillespie Woody 'n' You 6:21

06 Dizzy Gillespie Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 7:14

07 Dizzy Gillespie There Is No Greater Love 3:24

08 Dizzy Gillespie I Found A Million Dollar Baby In A Five And Dime Store 6:31

09 Dizzy Gillespie Always 5:35

10 Dizzy Gillespie Swing Low Sweet Cadillac 7:07

11 Dizzy Gillespie Willow Weep For Me 7:21

12 Dizzy Gillespie Ungawa 3:21

13 Dizzy Gillespie Girl Of My Dreams 7:39


01 Dizzy Gillespie Lorraine 4:16

02 Dizzy Gillespie Constantinople 7:01

03 Dizzy Gillespie The Umbrella Man 2:41

04 Dizzy Gillespie Squatty Roo 7:26

05 Dizzy Gillespie Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be 3:24

06 Dizzy Gillespie I Found A Million Dollar Baby In A Five And Dime Store (Alt) 6:40

07 Dizzy Gillespie There Is No Greater Love (Alt #1) 3:21

08 Dizzy Gillespie There Is No Greater Love (Alt #2) 3:24

09 Dizzy Gillespie There Is No Greater Love (Alt #3) 3:24

10 Dizzy Gillespie Theme From Formula 409 (Pt. 1) 2:52

11 Dizzy Gillespie Theme From Formula 409 (Py. 2) 3:22

12 Dizzy Gillespie Kush (Pt. 1) 2:58

13 Dizzy Gillespie Kush (Pt. 2) 3:09

14 Dizzy Gillespie Goin' Fishin' 2:38

15 Dizzy Gillespie Medley - This Is The Way, Untitled Dizzy Original, Cubano Be, I Waited For You 7:37

16 Dizzy Gillespie Things Ain't What They Used To Be 4:54


01 Dizzy Gillespie Kush 11:01

02 Dizzy Gillespie Salt Peanuts 7:08

03 Dizzy Gillespie A Night In Tunisia 6:46

04 Dizzy Gillespie The Mooche 11:37

05 Dizzy Gillespie Pau De Arara 3:33

06 Dizzy Gillespie Desafinado 3:22

07 Dizzy Gillespie Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) (Pt. 1) 1:50

08 Dizzy Gillespie Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) (Pt. 2) 6:00

09 Dizzy Gillespie Taboo 3:04

10 Dizzy Gillespie Long, Long Summer 5:05

11 Dizzy Gillespie This Is The Way 2:15

12 Dizzy Gillespie Cubano Be 3:19

13 Dizzy Gillespie One Alone (Lonely One) 3:01

14 Dizzy Gillespie I Think That Maybe I Should Go Away 3:07

15 Dizzy Gillespie I Waited For You 2:37

16 Dizzy Gillespie Manha De Carnaval 3:29


01 Dizzy Gillespie Pergante Ao Joao 2:44

02 Dizzy Gillespie Me-Da-Dum Dineriero Ahi (Give Me Some Money There) 3:05

03 Dizzy Gillespie I Shall Never Forget 2:20

04 Dizzy Gillespie Mount Olive 13:06

05 Dizzy Gillespie Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be 3:45

06 Dizzy Gillespie Lady Be Good 3:14

07 Dizzy Gillespie In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town 4:26

08 Dizzy Gillespie Careless Love 6:27

09 Dizzy Gillespie Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 3:58

10 Dizzy Gillespie Chega De Saudade ( No More Blues) 10:21

11 Dizzy Gillespie One Note Samba 5:17

12 Dizzy Gillespie Here It Is 8:34

13 Dizzy Gillespie Ole (Aka For The Gypsies) 4:37

14 Dizzy Gillespie Early Mornin' Blues 2:56


01 Dizzy Gillespie Be-Bop 6:17

02 Dizzy Gillespie Good Bait 3:04

03 Dizzy Gillespie Medley - I Can't Get Started, 'round Midnight 6:16

04 Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Atmosphere 6:06

05 Dizzy Gillespie November Afternoon 4:20

06 Dizzy Gillespie This Lovely Feeling 3:03

07 Dizzy Gillespie The Day After 4:33

08 Dizzy Gillespie The Cup Bearers 6:08

09 Dizzy Gillespie Ow! 2:44

10 Dizzy Gillespie The Champ 3:08

11 Dizzy Gillespie Emanon 3:45

12 Dizzy Gillespie Anthropology 2:46

13 Dizzy Gillespie Tin Tin Deo 4:16

14 Dizzy Gillespie One Bass Hit 3:27

15 Dizzy Gillespie Two Bass Hit 3:32

16 Dizzy Gillespie Groovin' High 2:28

17 Dizzy Gillespie Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be 3:05

18 Dizzy Gillespie Hot House 3:02

19 Dizzy Gillespie Con Alma 3:36

20 Dizzy Gillespie Blue 'n' Boogie 3:10


01 Dizzy Gillespie Theme From Exodus 2:43

02 Dizzy Gillespie Moon River 2:52

03 Dizzy Gillespie Caesar And Cleopatra Theme 3:12

04 Dizzy Gillespie Days Of Wine And Roses 2:20

05 Dizzy Gillespie Walk On The Wild Side 7:17

06 Dizzy Gillespie More 2:47

07 Dizzy Gillespie Love Theme From Lolita 2:50

08 Dizzy Gillespie Theme From Picnic 2:26

09 Dizzy Gillespie Never On Sunday 3:08

10 Dizzy Gillespie Theme From Lawrence Of Arabia 3:09

11 Dizzy Gillespie Carioca 3:04

12 Dizzy Gillespie Theme From The Cool World 5:16

13 Dizzy Gillespie The Pushers 2:32

14 Dizzy Gillespie Enter, Priest 4:10

15 Dizzy Gillespie Duke's Awakening 2:42

16 Dizzy Gillespie Duke On The Run 5:14

17 Dizzy Gillespie Street Music 2:34

18 Dizzy Gillespie Bonnies' Blues 3:58

19 Dizzy Gillespie Coney Island 3:43

20 Dizzy Gillespie Duke's Fantasy 2:14

21 Dizzy Gillespie Coolie 3:38

22 Dizzy Gillespie Duke's Last Soliloquy 3:06