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VA - Good For What Ails You, Music Of The Medicine Shows (1926-1937) [2005]


VA - Good For What Ails You, Music Of The Medicine Shows (1926-1937) [2005]

Wanna hear the real snake oil salesmen? Before motion pictures, before radio, the traveling Medicine Shows brought entertainment to middle America in the form of pitch doctors hawking elixirs, backed by a host of singers, comedians, dancers, banjo pickers, blues shouters and fiddlers. While the Medicine Show died out by the mid-20th century, a number of these wandering minstrels made it onto record, and this set brings you their long-forgotten sides. Three years in the making, the new release from Old Hat Records is a groundbreaking survey of music from the American medicine show, that peculiar form of theater that merged entertainment with merchandising. Good For What Ails You is a two CD set that delivers a generous mix of 48 songs, many available nowhere else, first recorded nearly 80 years ago and now remastered with digital clarity.  (Amazon)

Good For What Ails You was nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best Album Notes and Best Historical Album.


VA - Good For What Ails You, Music Of The Medicine Shows (1926-1937) [2005] CD1+CD2


Track Lists


  01. The Spasm - Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah
  02. Tanner's Boarding House - Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett
  03. Don't Think I'm Santa Claus - Lil McClintock
  04. Hokum Blues - Dallas String Band with Coley Jones
  05. Jimbo Jambo Land - Shorty Godwin
  06. Gonna Swing On The Golden Gate - Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virginia Reelers
  07. Papa's 'Bout To Get Mad - Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley
  08. The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Never Was A Married Man - Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright
  09. Bye, Bye, Policeman - Jim Jackson
  10. The Bald-Headed End Of A Broom - Walter Smith
  11. Bow Wow Blues - Allen Brothers
  12. Beans - Beans Hambone & El Morrow
  13. A Chicken Can Waltz The Gravy Around - Stovepipe # 1 and David Crockett
  14. Tell It To Me - Grant Brothers & Their Music
  15. Ain't No Use Working So Hard - Carolina Tar Heels
  16. Mama Keep Your Yes Ma'am Clean - Walter Cole
  17. C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken - Kirk McGee & Blythe Poteet
  18. My Money Never Runs Out - Banjo Joe
  19. Railroadin' Some - Henry Thomas "Ragtime Texas"
  20. Traveling Man - Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers
  21. G. Burns Is Gonna Rise Again - Johnson-Nelson-Porkchop
  22. Baby All Night Long - Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers
  23. Born In Hard Luck - Chris Bouchillon
  24. He's In The Jailhouse Now - Memphis Sheiks


  01. Gonna Tip Out Tonight - Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley
  02. Chevrolet Car - Sam McGee
  03. It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' - Gid Tanner & His Skillet-Lickers
  04. Bring It With You When You Come - Cannon's Jug Stompers
  05. Atlanta Strut - Blind Sammie
  06. Go Along Mule - Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers
  07. Casey Bill - Earl McDonald's Original Louisville Jug Band
  08. I Got Mine - Frank Stokes
  09. Hannah - Chris Bouchillon
  10. Adam & Eve In The Garden - Bogus Ben Covington
  11. Mysterious Coon - Alec Johnson & His Band
  12. Her Name Was Hula Lou - Carolina Tar Heels
  13. Reno Blues - Three Tobacco Tags
  14. Scoodle Um Skoo - Papa Charlie Jackson
  15. Stackalee - Frank Hutchison
  16. The Cat's Got The Measles, The Dog's Got The Whooping Cough - Walter Smith
  17. Shout You Cats - Hezekiah Jenkins
  18. Nobody's Business If I Do - Tommie Bradley
  19. Sweet Sixteen - Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers
  20. Ticklish Reuben - Charlie Parker & Mack Woolbright
  21. I Heard The Voice Of A Porkchop - Jim Jackson
  22. Shine - Dallas String Band with Coley Jones
  23. The Gypsy - Emmett Miller & His Georgia Crackers
  24. Kiss Me Cindy - J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers