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Lucky Dip's will be a mystery gift to those who choose to pick them up. 

There will a usually be a total of  10 albums in each Luck Dip covering a specific topic. . 

Today's Topic : OBSCURE 50's

If you want it, here it is, come and get it,  Mm mm mm mm, make your mind up fast...


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VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2013 - 2019] (7 x CD's)



VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2013 - 2019] (7 x CD's)

I absolutely love the entire series! Across 22 volumes, encompassing swamp pop, cajun, zydeco, blues, rhythm'n'blues' and soul, seasoned with everything from country and hillbilly to bluegrass, Mississippi hill blues, gospel and boogie-woogie, this series has everything. 

Here are another 7 volumes from the series.     PART 2

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2013] (Volume 03)

VA - Rhythm 'N' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2014] Rompin' & Stompin' (Volume 06)

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2015] Mad Dogs, Sweet Daddies & Pretty Babies (Volume 10)

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2015] Vocal Groups (Volume 12)

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2016] Nights Of Sin, Dirty Deals And Love Sick Souls (Volume 15)

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2017] Livin', Lovin' & Lyin' (Volume 19)

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2019] Bop Cat Stomp (Volume 21)

Each CD contains 28 tracks which includes a handful of better known performers to provide prospective buyers with a clear indication of the overall style of the album, a slew of rarities ranging from recordings you could never find to complete obscurities you never heard of, several alternative versions, a track or two by unnamed artist, and  an accompanying booklet, containing priceless background information by Ian Saddler who has curated this series so masterfully.  This set is a perfect example of how to put together a themed series of recordings for serious collectors, as well providing a fantastic music album for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a good old fashioned rootsy listening experience.

Some of this material may be obscure but the playing and singing is first rate.


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Track lists

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2013] (Volume 03)

01 Rockin' Sidney & His All Stars Rocky 1:29

02 Tabby Thomas I Don't Care 3:19

03 Charles Sheffield Give It Up 2:06

04 Elizabeth Crazy About Love aka As Long As I'm Moving 3:02

05 Billy Tate Right From Wrong 2:34

06 Vince Monroe Hey Mattie 2:27

07 Blue Charlie Whole Lot Of Drinking On The Block 2:35

08 Clarence Garlow Carry On 3:05

09 Sidney Simien & His All Stars Make Me Understand 1:28

10 Mad Dog Sheffield Cool Cat 2:48

11 Talton Miller Mean Old Kokomo 2:08

12 Thaddeus Declouet Bull Frog Bop 2:21

13 C. J. Thierry Crazy About You Baby 3:10

14 Big Chenier I Wanna Know, I Know Now 2:36

15 Flo Go Cat Go 1:36

16 Sonny Martin Why Does Everything Happen To Me 1:32

17 Jerry Morris Cool Down Baby 2:31

18 Jimmy Anderson Don't Do That To Me 2:15

19 Sidney Simien & His All-Stars She's My Morning Coffee 2:04

20 Clarence Garlow No No Baby 3:18

21 Vince Monroe Hard Working Girlfriend 2:24

22 Chuck Martin Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 2:04

23 Jerry Morris Clema 2:42

24 Elizabeth Ain't Got Nobody 2:59

25 Blue Charlie Honey Bee 2:42

26 Clarence Garlow Sound The Bell 2:07

27 Mad Dog Sheffield Pretty Little Dolly 2:51

28 Blue Charlie Watch That Crow 2:45

VA - Rhythm 'N' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2014] Rompin' & Stompin' (Volume 06)

01 Rockin' Tabby Thomas Teenagers 2:06

02 Jay Nelson Silly Filly Oh Baby 2:26

03 Wonder Boy Travis She's Got Eyes Like a Cat 2:20

04 Lester Robertson Schooldays Schooldays 2:24

05 King Karl Walkin' in the Park 2:18

06 T.V. Slim Flat Foot Sam 2:43

07 Lonesome Sundown California Blues 2:42

08 Johnny Sonnier Sad Lover 1:39

09 King Karl When I Leave Here 2:21

10 Otis Smith You're So Good Looking 2:37

11 Billy Tate Pray on (Pray on My Child) 2:05

12 Leroy Washington Learn to Treat Me Better 1:54

13 Rockin' Tabby Thomas Teenage Queen 2:13

14 Lonesome Sundown What You Wanna Do it For 2:07

15 Leroy Washington You Can't Trust Nobody 2:50

16 Joe Richards You'd Better Change 2:01

17 Chuck Martin Dilly Waddy 1:32

18 James 'Sugar Boy' Crawford & His Canecutters Round and Round 2:13

19 Big Walter San Antonio 2:01

20 Little Victor You Done Me Wrong 2:12

21 Charles Sheffield Boogie Children 2:34

22 Wonder Boy Travis She Went Thataway 1:56

23 Classie Ballou, Jr. Oh Mama (Cajun Blues) (Aka Hey Ma Ma) 4:26

24 Katie Webster & Ashton Conroy Baby, Baby 2:34

25 Carol Fran Tomorrow 2:49

26 Classie Ballou, Jr. Lucille 2:50

27 Lester Robertson & The Upsetters My Girl Across Town 2:22

28 Ivory Jackson I'm a Country Boy 1:57

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2015] Mad Dogs, Sweet Daddies & Pretty Babies (Volume 10)

01 Little Victor & his Orchestra Papa Lou And Gran 2:29

02 Katie Webster Hoo Wee, Sweet Daddy 2:05

03 Tabby Thomas I'd Love To Tell 2:39

04 Lester Robertson Pretty Woman (Take It Home To Grandma) 1:56

05 Guitar Gable Long Way From Home 1:54

06 Anna Mae Rogers I Called You Up Daddy 2:29

07 Mad Dog Sheffield I Got Fever (Wicked Fever) 2:16

08 Carol Fran Knock Knock 2:14

09 Leroy Washington Sally Lou 2:17

10 Lionel Torrance Rooty Tooty 2:15

11 Sad Leroy White A Merry Christmas 2:36

12 Wonder Boy Travis You Know Yeah 1:53

13 Lazy Lester Tell Me Pretty Baby 1:57

14 Clifton Chenier Hey Ma Ma 2:01

15 Eddie Williams Ain't Nothing Shakin' (But Leaves On The Tree) 2:17

16 Mad Dog Sheffield Mad Dog 2:49

17 King Karl & Guitar Gable Mary Lou 2:46

18 Lester Robertson Hoo Wee Pretty Baby 1:33

19 Carol Fran One More Chance 1:54

20 Frank Simien Don't Let Me Down 2:01

21 Leroy Washington Hello Baby, What You Know 2:38

22 Katie Webster & Ashton Conroy I Want You To Love Me 2:07

23 Katie Webster & Bobby Jay Hey Mr Love 2:49

24 Jimmy Dotson I Need Your Love 2:15

25 Charles Morris When It Rains It Really Pours 3:16

26 Leroy Washington Baby Please Come Home 2:16

27 Clarence Garlow I'll Never Hold It Against You 2:35

28 Lester Robertson & The Upsetters Take It On Home To Grandma 2:01

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2015] Vocal Groups (Volume 12)

01 Velvetiers Feelin' Right Saturday Night 2:44

02 Unknown Group Tender And Tall 2:24

03 Sonny Martin I Cried 1:51

04 Charles Morris I Need Your Lovin 2:34

05 Del-Chords Help Me 2:13

06 Henry Clement Cry Weeping Willow 2:45

07 Sticks Herman Give Me Your Love 2:53

08 Unknown Group Calimo 2:02

09 Gaynotes Plea Of Love 2:14

10 Henry Clement Tall Skinny Mama 2:32

11 Sonny Martin Lookin' And Searchin' 1:54

12 Gaynotes Waiting In The Chapel 2:26

13 Little Henry What Have I Done Wrong 2:25

14 Velvetiers Oh Baby 2:48

15 Raves Tell Me One More Time 2:08

16 Sticks Herman The Natural Thing To Do 2:36

17 Tabby Thomas Brother Brown 2:14

18 Little Henry Jenny Jenny Jenny 2:02

19 Gaynotes Married Too Soon 1:59

20 Unknown Group Oh Baby 2:51

21 Hi-Fi's I'm So Lonely 2:28

22 Sonny Martin Some Other Time 2:21

23 Gaynotes The Snake 2:37

24 Hi-Fi's My Dear 2:24

25 Henry Clement Please, Please Darling 2:30

26 Katie Webster Sea Of Love 2:26

27 Cookie & His Cupcakes Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 2:22

28 Raves Billy The Kid 2:24

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2016] Nights Of Sin, Dirty Deals And Love Sick Souls (Volume 15)

01 Chris Kenner Grandma's House 2:38

02 Lester Robertson Oh Babe 2:18

03 Guitar Jr. Roll Roll Roll 2:22

04 Wonderboy Travis She Was Gone 2:30

05 Barbara Lynn One Night Of Sin 2:19

06 Jay Nelson Betty Ann 2:28

07 Little Victor Please Be There 2:21

08 Smilin' Joe Love Sick Soul 2:29

09 Charles Sheffield with Big Sambo Shoo, Shoo Chicken 2:34

10 Leroy Washington Wild Cherry 2:19

11 Classie Ballou Crowley Stroll 3:05

12 Classie Ballou & His Tempo Kings Orch D-i-r-t-y D-e-a-l 2:43

13 Jay Nelson & The Jumpers A Fool That Was Blind 2:37

14 Smilin' Joe Living On Borrowed Time 2:37

15 Ivory Jackson Clautelia 1:43

16 Lester Robertson & The Upsetters My Girl Across Town 2:30

17 Tabby Thomas C. C. Rider 2:38

18 Big Walter Price Better Run 3:00

19 Baton Rouge Boys Rising Sun 3:01

20 Lester Robertson Please Don't Go 2:36

21 Barbara Lynn Love You Most Of All 1:54

22 Classie Ballou Hey Ma Ma (Version 2) 3:11

23 John Reed Little Girl You Look So Good 2:33

24 Honey Boy Alan Ford V-8 2:24

25 Mr Mojo & His Orch I Won't Be Long Here 2:18

26 Little Victor What Is Love 2:32

27 Joe (Mr. 'G') August Strange Things Happening In The Dark 2:28

28 Classie Ballou & His Tempo Kings Orch Loving Huggin Kissin My Baby 2:44

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2017] Livin', Lovin' & Lyin' (Volume 19)

01 Cookie & The Cupcakes I Keep Crying 2:50

02 Eddie Lang Troubles Troubles 2:59

03 Little Victor & His Jivin' Five Loc-A-Li 2:21

04 Lonesome Sundown Give It Up 2:26

05 Little Bob & The Lollipops Wanna Be Your Man 2:21

06 Little Nolton Don't Know Why 2:31

07 Elizabeth Tell Me Why 2:29

08 Unknown Love Me Chile 2:17

09 Tabby Thomas Roll On Old Mule 2:25

10 Charles Sheffield I Would Be A Sinner 2:04

11 King Karl Baby, Baby Come To Papa 2:02

12 Cookie & The Cupcakes Keep Livin' 2:49

13 Unknown Won't Be Blue No More 2:29

14 Van Preston Mama's Little Girl 2:21

15 Elizabeth I Know 1:44

16 Eddie Williams Baby's Got Bad Feet 2:05

17 King Charles Won't Be Me 2:37

18 Guitar Jr Love Me, Love Me Mary Ann 1:52

19 Tal Miller Scorched 2:23

20 Little Ray Campbell Uncle John Special 2:30

21 Chuck Martin Carry On Yvonne 2:30

22 Guitar Jr & Combo Family Rules (Angel Child) 2:19

23 Sticks Herman with Marcelle Dugas Combo Crying, Crying 2:26

24 James Freeman Baby If You Want To Play 2:13

25 King Charles & His Orchestra But You Thrill Me 2:47

26 Guitar Jr I Got It Made (When I Married Shirley Mae) 2:06

27 Tabby Thomas Don't Say 1:58

28 Joe (Mr G) August Boogie With Calypso 2:35

VA - Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou [2019] Bop Cat Stomp (Volume 21)

01 Lester Robertson Everybody Wants to Know 1:54

02 Unknown Artist I Found My Baby (By The Drive-In Show) 2:32

03 Cookie & The Cupcakes Crazy Rock 2:15

04 Jay Nelson & His Jumpers Raise Some San 2:22

05 Elizabeth Tomorrow I'll Be Gone 2:57

06 Sonny Martin For Your Precious Love 2:04

07 Prince Charles Come On Home 2:34

08 Blues Boy Palmer & The Bill Parker Band Mary, Mary (Tk 2) 2:24

09 Little Miss Peggie & The Bill Parker Band Come Over Here (Tk 2) 2:07

10 Sticks Herman Please Don't Go 2:39

11 Big Walter Never Too Old 2:19

12 Unknown Artist Be My Baby Doll (Tk 3) 2:17

13 King Charles & His Orchestra Bop Cat Stomp 2:12

14 Rockin' Sidney Augustine 2:16

15 Thaddeus Declouet Shake It Up (All Night Long) 3:14

16 Clifton Chenier It Happened So Fast 2:24

17 Cookie & The Cupcakes Rocks On My Pillow 1:56

18 Big Chenier Stand By My Side 2:01

19 Ashton Savoy I Wants You 2:34

20 Charles Perrywell & The Fairlanes I Hear Someone Call My Name 1:57

21 Big Walter Crazy Dream 2:24

22 Margo White Don't Mess With My Man 2:17

23 Yellow Jackets Bye Bye Baby 2:00

24 Blues Boy Palmer My Life for Your Love 2:57

25 Lester Robertson Send For Me 2:28

26 Charles Sheffield with Big Sambo & The Swingsters Never No More 2:28

27 Guitar Gable & King Karl Goodbye Whiskey 2:25

28 Leroy James & His Combo Whoa Mule 2:37



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VA - Nu Yorica! [1996] + VA - Nu Yorica 2! [1997] + VA - Nu Yorica Roots! [2000]



VA - Nu Yorica! Culture Clash In New York City, Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77  [1996] + VA - Nu Yorica 2! Further Adventures In Latin Music - Chango In The New World 1976-1985 [1997] + VA - Nu Yorica Roots! The Rise Of Latin Music In New York City In The 1960s [2000]

The three albums here  are wonderful expresions of joy. "Nu Yorica!" sets the tone, "Nu Yorica 2!" explores the theme right up to the formation of the Salsoul label (and by extension the beginnings of modern dance music) and "Nu Yorica Roots!" traces the origins.  Latin American music has enjoyed more exposure than it has been used to recently. The Salsa craze and Buena Vista Social Club have all raised its profile which can only be a good thing.  Harlem River Drive (formed by Eddie Palmieri, of whom we’ll hear more later) were constructed from a black r’n’b band and a Latin band. At shows one group would play, then the other, before both performed together for the closing set. And this is the entire concept of these CD’s in precis. No plundering of Cuban archives, this is what happened when Latin Americans moved into North America and formed groups there. 

Basically it’s about how the various strains of rumba, son and all the other myriad forms of Latin integrated with their new neighbours, jazz and r’n’b. And the logical extension of all this seems to have been, well, Santana, quite frankly. That blend of funk, rock, Spanish keys and wild conga playing is present in the shape of the aforementioned Harlem River Drive, (who released cuts through Blue Note) Ray Barretto and Joe Bataan. The former two presenting a post summer of love sensibility not a million miles from Sly and The Family Stone. ‘Harlem River Drive Theme’ and Barretto’s ‘Together’ preach racial harmony over driving grooves.  But it’s not all rare funk or single cuts on offer. Eddie Palmieri’s ‘Una Dia Bonita’ begins with a piano like a spitting fire, which sounds less like it’s being played than it’s been pushed down the studio stairs. The intro is a mix of John Cage’s avante garde-ism and McCoy Tyner’s energy abstractions, the modal madness then dissipates over the 14-plus minutes.  Percussion is added, followed by horn stabs. Section by section the thing builds. It’s as though the original song has been deconstructed in layers, debased by jamming it down to its strange underwear before being reassembled, most experimental take first, then the next most accessible, then the next - until the song appears, blooming suddenly like a flower, albeit a rare orchid. It’s a backwards take on the improvisational process and, by extension, the folk process, (as the most trad sounds come last). It is also the work of a true genius composer. When established, the horns sound like radio-era Ellington coming at us via Benny More. They’re so melodic and hook-filled that they could almost be from an advertising jingle, but there’s a perverse angular shape there to stop you from being able to file them in a square box. The mix of the arcane and the populist is attractive, passionate vocals rub shoulders with cold, calculating art. Palmieri’s still playing today and his 1999 Glastonbury festival set was less experimental, but showed that the old boy’s still got plenty of life in him yet.

Now where would any Latin comp be without ‘Oye Como Va?’ Surely the genre’s Louie Louie, presented in its Richard Berry incarnation, as the Tito Puente version here is the original. Another Puente cut, ‘Tito on Timbales’ is a percussion showcase which does its damndest to find that one last undiscovered time signature. Polyrhythmic, but by no means polyunsaturated: This is a FAT groove.  There’s way too much material here for me to cover properly in the confines of one record review, but take it from me, if you want to begin exploring Latin American music there’s no better place to start from than here, as some of the tracks will seem familiar, but the road signs all point straight down to Cuba! (Amazon)

Soul Jazz is an outstanding boutique label with nary a duff track or album on their roster, and any other of their CDs would also be worthy additions to your collection. (M)


Part1      Part2


Track lists

VA - Nu Yorica! Culture Clash In New York City, Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77  [1996]


01 Ocho What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life? 1:35

02 Cortijo Y Su Máquina Del Tiempo Gumbo 7:59

03 Cachao La Trompeta Y La Flauta 9:10

04 Ricardo Marrero & The Group Babalonia 5:42

05 Harlem River Drive Harlem River Drive Theme 4:05

06 Stone Alliance Amigos 5:08

07 Joe Bataan Latin Strut 4:05

08 Grupo Folklórico Y Experimental Nuevayorquino Anabacoa 6:24

09 Tempo 70 El Galletón 3:13

10 Eddie Palmieri Un Día Bonita 14:49

VA - Nu Yorica! Culture Clash In New York City, Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77  [1996]


01 Cortijo Y Su Máquina Del Tiempo Carnaval 6:55

02 Ocho Coco May May 6:22

03 Harlem River Drive Idle Hands 8:25

04 Bobby Vince Paunetto Little Rico, Little Rico's Theme 6:41

05 Joe Bataan Aftershower Funk 5:12

06 Machito Orchestra Macho 13:33

VA - Nu Yorica 2! Further Adventures In Latin Music - Chango In The New World 1976-1985 [1997]

01 Milton Cardona Salute To Elegua 1:10

02 Mongo Santamaria O Mi Shango 4:20

03 Patato Dicelo Patato 6:47

04 Eddie Palmieri Spirit Of Love 3:23

05 Fania All Stars Coromiyare 6:05

06 Candido Jingo 9:21

07 Daniel Ponce Odie 3:30

08 Irakere Encuentro 7:33

09 Cachao Ko-Wo, Ko-Wo 6:22

10 Fania All Stars Enorbita 4:55

11 Louie Ramirez Barrio Nuevo 5:59

12 Libre Lamento Borincano 6:02

VA - Nu Yorica Roots! The Rise Of Latin Music In New York City In The 1960s [2000]

01 Ray Barretto Together 2:33

02 Tito Puente Oye como va 4:32

03 Tito Rodríguez Descarga cachao 4:56

04 Ray Barretto Acid 5:05

05 The Harvey Averne Dozen The Word 2:36

06 Joe Cuba El pito 5:33

07 Mongo Santamaría Druma Kuyi 2:50

08 Machito y Su Orquesta Tanga 3:32

09 Eddie Palmieri My Spiritual Indian 6:29

10 Arsenio Rodríguez Se forno el bochinche 2:28

11 Tito Puente Tito on Timbales 5:56

12 Tito Rodríguez Mama Guela 2:39

13 Larry Harlow Horsin' Up 3:53

14 Eddie Palmieri Que suene la orquesta 5:44

15 Louis 'Sabu' Martinez The Oracle 4:48

16 Joe Bataan Riot 7:04



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Linda Ronstadt -Box Set [1999] (4 x CD's)



Linda Ronstadt -Box Set [1999] (4 x CD's)

Linda Ronstadt's generically titled 4 X CD, five-hour, 86-track box set retrospective attempts with considerable success to encompass the many types of music she's sung from the mid-'60s to the late '90s. The album is divided into five unequal parts, with 31 tracks given over to an "Album Retrospective," followed by seven tracks from "The Nelson Riddle Sessions," her three albums of classic pop, then five songs "En Español," drawn from her three Spanish language albums. That takes up the first two discs, with the third disc consisting of 20 "Collaborations" and the fourth 23 "Rarities." It is significant that the first section is called "Album Retrospective," signaling to the listener that Ronstadt is not interested in presenting her hit singles as such. In fact, most of her chart hits do turn up somewhere on the set, but a whole chunk of them is missing. At the time that Ronstadt was peppering the singles charts in the late '70s, she caught flack for her covers of Motown and rock & roll standards, and she herself has disavowed her recordings of such work, so maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that she has chosen to forget "Heat Wave," "Tracks of My Tears," "That'll Be the Day," "It's So Easy," and even modern rock songs like "How Do I Make You," with "Back in the U.S.A." and "Tumbling Dice" included only in live versions. A critic can hardly object, but Ronstadt fans should note that, as a result, the box set will not allow them to throw their Greatest Hits albums away. Also, the omissions tend to make Ronstadt seem like more of a balladeer than she has been in her career. She is much more interested in emphasizing her non-rock work. The "Rarities" disc really only contains five previously unreleased songs, and they are hardly revelations, including outtakes of material written by the likes of J.D. Souther and Karla Bonoff, longtime Ronstadt favorites. But the disc does suggest the singer's range, from the art songs of Carla Bley and Philip Glass to theater songs from The Pirates of Penzance and Randy Newman's Faust. The Linda Ronstadt Box Set clearly had major input from the artist herself, and its contents may not be what a Ronstadt fan or chart researcher would have chosen. But it certainly makes the case for Ronstadt as a hard-working performer who constantly challenged herself by trying styles beyond the Southern California folk-rock for which she remains best known. (AllMusic Review by William Ruhlmann)


12     34


Track lists


01 Linda Ronstadt When We Ran 5:08

02 Linda Ronstadt Ruler Of My Heart 3:36

03 Linda Ronstadt Cry eTil My Tears Run Dry 4:03

04 Linda Ronstadt We Will Rock You 1:29

05 Linda Ronstadt Winter Light 3:19

06 Linda Ronstadt Anyone Who Had A Heart 3:27

07 Linda Ronstadt I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself 3:13

08 Linda Ronstadt Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) 3:18

09 Linda Ronstadt Do What You Gotta Do 3:26

10 Linda Ronstadt Heartbeats Accelerating 3:50

11 Linda Ronstadt Goodbye My Friend 3:49

12 Linda Ronstadt Adios 3:37

13 Linda Ronstadt Cry Like A Rainstorm 3:37

14 Linda Ronstadt Trouble Again 3:20

15 Linda Ronstadt Easy For You To Say 4:04

16 Linda Ronstadt The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress 3:05

17 Linda Ronstadt Get Closer 2:33

18 Linda Ronstadt Hurts So Bad 3:16

19 Linda Ronstadt I Can't Let Go 2:43

20 Linda Ronstadt Ooh Baby Baby 3:21

21 Linda Ronstadt Just One Look 3:21

22 Linda Ronstadt Poor Poor Pitiful Me 3:43


01 Linda Ronstadt Blue Bayou 4:00

02 Linda Ronstadt Try Me Again 3:57

03 Linda Ronstadt Heat Wave 2:49

04 Linda Ronstadt Heart Like A Wheel 3:10

05 Linda Ronstadt It Doesn't Matter Anymore 3:29

06 Linda Ronstadt You're No Good 3:47

07 Linda Ronstadt When Will I Be Loved 2:12

08 Linda Ronstadt Long Long Time 4:26

09 Linda Ronstadt Different Drum 2:42

10 Linda Ronstadt Little Girl Blue 4:38

11 Linda Ronstadt I Get Along Without You Very Well 4:19

12 Linda Ronstadt My Funny Valentine 3:02

13 Linda Ronstadt When You Wish Upon A Star 3:51

14 Linda Ronstadt It Never Entered My Mind 4:26

15 Linda Ronstadt Skylark 3:11

16 Linda Ronstadt What's New 3:58

17 Linda Ronstadt Quiereme Mucho 3:27

18 Linda Ronstadt Frenesi 3:36

19 Linda Ronstadt Mentira Salome 2:54

20 Linda Ronstadt La Mariquita 3:01

21 Linda Ronstadt El Crucifijo de Piedra 3:16


01 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton High Sierra 4:26

02 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton Lover's Return 4:02

03 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris; Dolly Parton The Blue Train 5:01

04 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton Feels Like Home 4:49

05 Linda Ronstadt with Anna McGarrigle; Kate McGarrigle Gentle Annie 2:59

06 Linda Ronstadt with Aaron Neville Please Remember Me 3:53

07 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton After The Gold Rush 3:35

08 Linda Ronstadt with Frank Sinatra Moonlight In Vermont 4:09

09 Linda Ronstadt with Michael Ronstadt, Peter Ronstadt El Camino (The Road) 3:33

10 Linda Ronstadt with Aaron Neville All My Life 3:33

11 Linda Ronstadt with Aaron Neville Don't Know Much 3:35

12 Linda Ronstadt with Chuck Berry Back In The U.S.A. 3:33

13 Linda Ronstadt with Danny Valdez El Sol Que Tu Eres 3:04

14 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton Telling Me Lies 4:27

15 Linda Ronstadt with James Ingram Somewhere Out There 4:01

16 Linda Ronstadt with James Taylor I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine 4:01

17 Linda Ronstadt with Dolly Parton I Never Will Marry 3:17

18 Linda Ronstadt with J.D. Souther Prisoner In Disguise 3:57

19 Linda Ronstadt with J.D. Souther Faithless Love 3:15

20 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You) 2:45


01 Linda Ronstadt Gainesville 3:32

02 Linda Ronstadt Sandman's Coming 2:42

03 Linda Ronstadt My Hero 2:36

04 Linda Ronstadt with Kermit the Frog All I Have To Do Is Dream 3:31

05 Linda Ronstadt Dreams to Dream 4:43

06 Linda Ronstadt The Blacksmith 2:43

07 Linda Ronstadt Bandit & A Heart Breaker 2:33

08 Linda Ronstadt with The Seldom Scene Keep Me From Blowing Away 3:26

09 Linda Ronstadt with The Seldom Scene & Emmylou Harris The Sweetest Gift 3:03

10 Linda Ronstadt with Pillip Glass Freezing 3:19

11 Linda Ronstadt Poor Wandering One 3:58

12 Linda Ronstadt Sorry Her Lot 2:04

13 Linda Ronstadt with Wendy Waldman I Want A Horse 3:18

14 Linda Ronstadt with Little Feat All That You Dream 4:55

15 Linda Ronstadt with J.D. Souther Hearts Against The Wind 3:00

16 Linda Ronstadt Tumbling Dice 3:35

17 Linda Ronstadt Border Town 3:34

18 Linda Ronstadt Falling Star 5:26

19 Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris Honky Tonk Blues 2:29

20 Linda Ronstadt Lightning Bar Blues 3:43

21 Linda Ronstadt Why 2:21

22 Linda Ronstadt I'd Like To Know 2:44

23 Linda Ronstadt (Stone Ponys) Everybody Has Their Own Ideas (Stone Poneys Single, Sidewalk Records) 2:21



MUSIC DOCUMENTARY #16 Linda Ronstadt - The Sound of My Voice [2019] MP4



Linda Ronstadt - The Sound of My Voice [2019] MP4

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice is a 2019 documentary film about American singer Linda Ronstadt. It was directed by Oscar-winning filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. It features interviews with many of Ronstadt's friends and fellow artists. It had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival on April 26, 2019. It won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2019 Provincetown International Film Festival.

It won Best Music Film at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, Ronstadt's first competitive nomination since 2006

While seemingly short at slightly under 100 minutes, Linda Ronstadt - The Sound of My Voice is an absolutely brilliant, uplifting pop music documentary on a woman who defied the historical sexism of the music business and became a shining light for future female artists to follow. Linda Ronstadt is an American treasure, and this movie officially seals that deal for all time. (Amazon)



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VA - French Horns in Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - French Horns in Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

The French horn (since the 1930's known simply as the "horn" in professional music circles) is a brass instrument made of tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell. The double horn in F/B♭ (technically a variety of German horn) is the horn most often used by players in professional orchestras and bands. A musician who plays a horn is known as a horn player or hornist.

The French horn, as its name suggests, evolved from humans blowing into actual animal horns, like the Jewish shofar. The modern French horn is a convoluted looking instrument, that produces a haunting and gentle sound. The horn is mostly used in orchestral music, but it’s found its way into a many rock/pop songs too.

There are many songs in the rock Genre that uses the French Horn as an instrument. Gathered together here are 60 tracks that meld the horn into various rock moods. I hope you enjoy these selections. 


1     2     3


Track lists


01 Beach Boys God Only Knows 2:46

02 Beatles For No One 1:59

03 Pretenders I Go to Sleep 2:57

04 Delfonics I'm Sorry 2:46

05 Cranberries War Child 3:50

06 Tori Amos Putting the Damage On 5:05

07 Harry Nilsson Turn on Your Radio 2:40

08 Badly Drawn Boy The Shining 5:17

09 Dionne Warwick What the World Needs Now(Is Love) 3:11

10 Chicago If You Leave Me Now 3:55

11 Gentle Giant Think of Me With Kindness 3:32

12 U2 White as Snow 4:41

13 Kate Bush The Man With the Child in His Eyes 2:41

14 Last Shadow Puppets The Meeting Place 3:58

15 Alan Parsons Project Silence and I 7:21

16 Yes Onward 3:06

17 Ange Exode 4:59

18 Natalie Merchant The Ballad of Henry Darger 4:23

19 Who Whiskey Man 2:57

20 Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother 23:42


21 Neil Young After the Gold Rush 3:45

22 Who It's a Boy 0:38

23 Sam Cooke Cupid 2:38

24 Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want 7:29

25 Monkees Shades of Gray 3:27

26 Hunters & Collectors This Morning 6:42

27 Nils Lofgren Shine Silently 3:38

28 Rufus Wainwright The Art Teacher 3:51

29 Dusty Springfield You Don't Have to Say You Love Me 2:46

30 Dan Fogelberg Longer 3:15

31 Elvis Costello Harpies Bizarre 3:43

32 Hollies The Air That I Breathe 3:48

33 Shins The Past and Pending 5:23

34 Spock's Beard They Know We Know 3:15

35 New Pornographers The Spirit of Giving 4:01

36 Billy Joel I've Loved These Days 4:36

37 Joe, Marc's Brother Questions at the End of the Day 2:51

38 Natalie Merchant Life is Sweet 5:14

39 Motorpsycho Taifun 7:09

40 Marketts Out of Limits 1963 2:05


41 Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 2:02

42 Holger Czukay Cool in the Pool 5:05

14 Bon Iver 43holocene 5:38

44 Peter Gabriel Mirrorball 4:48

45 Neil Diamond Solitary Man 2:33

46 Angie Aparo Free Man 4:24

47 Who Overture 5:21

48 Who Pictures of Lily 2:44

49 Jack Nitzsche The Lonely Surfer 2:36

50 Beatles Good Night 3:13

51 Dee Edwards Heavy Love 4:10

52 Jerry Butler Never Give You Up 2:54

53 Elton John Can You Feel the Love Tonight 4:01

54 Divine Comedy Lucy 4:37

55 Chuck Mangione Feels So Good 3:32

56 Björk Wanderlust 5:51

57 Wizzard Wear a Fast Gun 9:17

58 Annie Lennox Into the West 5:47

59 James Taylor Hello Old Friend 2:48

60 Beatles Yesterday 2:05



Thursday, May 27, 2021

VA - Soul Of Jamaica, Here Comes The Duke [2018] (2 x CD's)



VA - Soul Of Jamaica, Here Comes The Duke [2018] (2 x CD's)

When Trojan Records was launched in the summer of 1968, the productions of Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid’s Treasure Isle Records dominated Jamaica’s musical landscape, spurring the newly formed London-based company to hastily secure exclusive UK rights to this esteemed catalogue. There followed a series of popular singles and two superb albums that provide the bulk of this 2CD set. Showcasing the talents of some of the giants of the rock steady era, the recordings, all issued during the latter half of 1968, demonstrate just why the Duke is widely regarded as the king of the rock steady sound.  With many of these tracks unavailable for decades, this 52 track collection provides essential listening for fans of Duke Reid’s distinctive Treasure Isle rock steady sound, which remains just as appealing today as it was when first created some 50 years ago! (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Joya Landis Angel of the Morning 3:07

02 Alton Ellis My Willow Tree 2:43

03 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Heatwave 3:17

04 Joya Landis Out the Light 2:16

05 Paragons My Best Girl 2:30

06 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics The World Needs Love 2:11

07 Alton Ellis I Can't Stand It 2:23

08 Phyllis Dillon Long Time 2:27

09 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Ride Mi Donkey 2:29

10 Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon Love Letters 2:38

11 Jamaicans Woman Go Home 2:32

12 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Flying Home 2:09

13 Techniques Travelling Man 2:32

14 Soul Tops Good Things 2:29

15 Lloyd Williams Wonderful World 2:25

16 Techniques It's You I Love 2:39

17 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Our Man Flint 3:23

18 Jamaicans Peace and Love 2:41

19 Silvertones Old Man River 2:24

20 Phyllis Dillon I Wear His Ring 2:11

21 Senastions Devoted to You 2:43

22 Soul Tops Keep on Moving 2:53

23 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Mad, Mad, Mad 2:44

24 Silvertones Don't Say No 2:26

25 Alton Ellis I Can't Stop Now 3:21

26 Sensations Bless You 2:56


01 Ken Parker True True True 2:14

02 Techniques Run Come Celebrate 2:16

03 Gladiators Sweet Soul Music 1:58

04 Joya Landis Kansas City 3:05

05 Termites Loev Up, Kiss Up 2:21

06 Soul Lads Funny 3:06

07 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Regay (Lonely Goatherd) 2:15

08 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Second Fiddle 2:24

09 Danny Simpson Mary Poppins 2:46

10 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Soul Remedy 2:10

11 Techniques I'm in the Mood for Love 1:52

12 Soul Lads I'm Yours Forever 2:54

13 John Holt Tonight 2:34

14 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Get Me to the Church on Time 2:37

15 John & Joya I'll Be Lonely 2:09

16 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Soul for Sale 2:37

17 Alton Ellis & the Flames Breaking Up 2:59

18 Phyllis Dillon Love Was All I Had 2:47

19 John Holt & the Paragons Maybe Someday 1:59

20 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Ode to Billy Joe 3:53

21 Joya Landis Moonlight Lover 2:20

22 Techniques I Wish it Would Rain 2:21

23 Sensations I'll Never Fall in Love - 2:18

24 Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis Boy and Girls Reggae 2:17

25 Techniques There Comes a Time 2:31

26 Sensations Those Guys 2:22