Sunday, May 31, 2020

VA - Bolero Gypsies Vol. 01 & Vol.02 [2005] (2 x CD's)


VA - Bolero Gypsies Vol. 01 & Vol.02 [2005] (2 x CD's)

This magical and passionate assemblage of unique instrumental recordings reflects emotions from an unforgettable musical paradise. Guitarists of diverse musical influences come together to create a mixture of eclectic world rhythms influenced by traditional forms of Flamenco. Each song is delivered with emotion, craft and technique, which translate into a world of innate beauty and passion. Sensuous, passionate, skillful and unique. This is “Bolero Gypsies”, 24 original tracks over 2 CD's that showcase the brilliant virtuosity of these superb artists: Armik, Romero, Jason McGuire, Young & Rollins.

The popularity and influence of Spanish guitar music is an international phenomenon. Its far-reaching impact extends from the trendy Flamenco clubs of Spain to the private estancias of South America. Its characteristic romantic rhythms are at the center of some of the most beautiful melodies ever written or played. But most notably, they are the true rhythms of the heart and soul of the master Nuevo Flamenco guitarists featured in these sets . These stunning compilations offer fans of Spanish guitar music, a rare collection of songs.  Armik, Johannes Linstead, Young & Rollins, Jason McGuire, and Romero, have produced some of the most beautiful music you'll ever hear. Their harmonics, range, tempered intonations and beautiful textures have inspired legions of devoted fans. The music heard here further emphasize the aura of these great masters in a working mode. (Amazon)

Absolutely wonderful music! Both Albums. A mix of listening and dancing songs. Sophisticated, highly produced flamenco music that offers new versions of many of the original tunes, and some classical cuts in the new flamenco style.