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VA - I Can See Through You, 60's Psychedelic Rock & Garage Beat Rarities, Vol. 01 to Vol. 04 (4 x CD's)


VA - I Can See Through You, 60's Psychedelic Rock & Garage Beat Rarities, Vol. 01 to Vol. 04 (4 x CD's)

My freind Ziggy sent this set to me. After listening I would recommend anyone to listen to these. I have no details of the label that produced these 4 volumes or where to buy these. They may simply be bootlegs or someones compilations (For which we should be grateful). Whatever the background of the 4 CD's, the sound is excellent as are the compilers choices. I wish I could say more about these. Just pick them up and listen for yourself... a great selection of Psychedelic, Rock and Pop.






Track lists

Vol. 01

01 Lazarus I'll Get to You 2:39

02 H.Y. Sledge Day of Realization 2:05

03 Strange Bedfellows Young Ideas 2:58

04 Bergen White It's Over Now 2:57

05 Rugbys The Light 2:23

06 Randy's World Where Did You Go 2:09

07 Berkeley Kites Alice in Wonderland 2:05

08 United Notions Wait Until Tomorrow 2:47

09 Orbits House Without a Roof 2:22

10 Half A World Away I Got Your Love 2:38

11 Randy & The Radiants Peek-A-Boo 2:07

12 Heather Black Dream Little Woman 3:05

13 Rugbys King and Queen of the World 3:05

14 Gentrys I Need Love 2:38

15 Twiggs Moon Maiden 2:57

16 R. J. Benninghoff The Boggy Bayou Revival, Pt. 1 2:22

17 Randy's World Vacuum 3:17

18 U.S. Apple Corps Peace - Love 2:44

19 Load Of Mischief Nowhere to Run 2:55

20 Jerms Baby, Baby, Love 2:53

21 Gentrys Cinnamon Girl 2:18

22 Arnold Bean I Can See Through You 3:17

23 Lazarus Once Again 3:05

24 Bergen White Look at Me 2:41

25 U.S. Apple Corps Silverfield Lady 2:48

26 Heather Black Look Around Son 3:17

27 Geers Please Don't Break My Heart 2:16

28 Sound Laboratory No Matter What They Say 2:20

29 Jesters Heartbreak Hotel 1:46

30 Gentrys Love You All My Life 2:53

Vol. 02

01 Lazarus Faces of Tomorrow 3:05

02 U.S. Apple Corps Don't Do Me Nothing 2:38

03 Berkeley Kites What Goes Up Must Come Down 2:48

04 Sound Laboratory Rainy Day Girls 1:55

05 H.Y. Sledge Canadian Exodus 7:40

06 Rugbys Wendegahl the Warlock 6:20

07 Arnold Bean Captain Marvel 4:06

08 R. J. Benninghoff Super Song 3:11

09 Randy's World Dreaming 2:15

10 Randy & The Radiants Hope We Meet Next Summer 2:21

11 Today's Children What Next After the Moon 2:40

12 Count & The Colony Symptoms of Love 2:14

13 BERGEN WHITE Now 2:35

14 Arnold Bean Long Stretch of Blue 3:21

15 H.Y. Sledge I'm Your Brother 3:25

16 Lazarus Shades of Winter 2:26

17 Gentrys I Just Got the News 2:18

18 Rugbys For a Love Gone 3:51

19 Heather Black She's My Woman 2:53

20 Gentrys Stroll On 2:45

21 Jerms I'm a Teardrop 2:29

22 R. J. Benninghoff Devil's Kitchen 2:30

23 Jesters Get Gone Baby 2:02

24 United Notions Sometime Baby 2:13

25 U.S. Apple Corps Make Up Your Mind 2:44

26 Strange Bedfellows Wild and Free 1:47

27 Rugbys Lines of Thought 3:56

28 BERGEN WHITE The Bird Song 2:24

29 Gentrys I Hate to See You Go 1:17

30 Heather Black Are You Coming with Me 3:10

Vol. 03

01 Lazarus In The Beginning 2:51

02 Geers I Need You 2:16

03 Half A World Away Confusion 3:34

04 Tabernacle Spread Your Light 3:42

05 Orbits Good Natured Emma 4:02

06 Bergen White Let Me Stay Awhile 3:44

07 Gentrys Help Me 4:57

08 Rugbys Juditha Gina 2:37

09 Jerms Green Door 3:03

10 Arnold Bean Penny Dear 4:37

11 Randy's World Sunshine Sunshine 1:57

12 Gentrys South Bound Train 4:03

13 Lazarus Desire 2:16

14 Berkeley Kites Mary Go Round 2:23

15 Count & The Colony Say What You Think 2:15

16 H.Y. Sledge Finding It 2:24

17 U.S. Apple Corps Closer To The Man 3:24

18 Lord August And The Vision Of Get On Home 1:52

19 Randy's World Hey Look At Me 2:18

20 Rugbys Song To Fellow Man 2:16

21 Tiffany System Let's Get Together 2:47

22 Dawn's Early Light As We March To Different Drumm 2:51

23 Randy & The Radiants Walk Softly 1:35

24 H.Y. Sledge Cellophane Lady Nowhere To Go 3:54

25 Young Society Someday You'll Know How It Fee 2:47

26 R. J. Benninghoff Here Comes The Night 4:36

27 Jesters Strange As It Seems 2:19

28 Strange Bedfellows St. James Infirmary 2:42

29 Heather Black Walking With You 2:26

30 Lazarus Stay With Me 2:49

Vol. 04

01 U.S. Apple Corps Listen to Me 2:31

02 H.Y. Sledge Ride the Waves 4:06

03 Rugbys You, I 2:52

04 Jerms Nobody 3:30

05 Lazarus Molly 2:47

06 Randy's World Fine and Free 3:02

07 Rugbys Stay with Me 3:01

08 Tiffany System Wayward Ore 1:54

09 Berkeley Kites Willow Run 2:02

10 Arnold Bean Open Up Your Heart Nature Boy 5:24

11 Bergen White On and On 2:30

12 Lazarus You've Got to Get Ahead 2:51

13 H.Y. Sledge It's in the Air 4:46

14 U.S. Apple Corps Dead 6:35

15 Heather Black Let It Slide 3:19

16 H.Y. Sledge Citation on Liberty 5:23

17 Gentrys I'm Coming Home 1:58

18 United Notions Money Man 1:58

19 High Voltage Soul Machine Moog Man 2:03

20 R. J. Benninghoff Over My Head 2:21

21 United Notions Melinda 1:39

22 Randy's World Confusion 2:34

23 Gentrys God Save Our Country 2:14

24 Tabernacle It's Time (For Peace and Love) 3:21

25 Randy & The Radiants To Seek and Than Find 2:25

26 Arnold Bean Fortune and Fame 2:21

27 Kotton Kandie Martha Ryan 2:44

28 H.Y. Sledge Such an Easy Day 2:57

29 Bergen White Second Lover's Song 2:08

30 Heather Black Angels Gather Tears 2:56



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John Hiatt - Anthology [2001] (2 x CD's)



John Hiatt - Anthology [2001] (2 x CD's)

As of its 2001 release, there are at least three other single-disc compilations of John Hiatt's prolific career available, but none truly does justice to his immense body of work. Until now. This intelligently collected, sequenced, and annotated double pack delivers 40 tracks covering 15 of Haitt's albums from his inauspicious yet refreshingly naive debut (1974's Hangin' Around the Observatory) to 2000's all-acoustic Crossing Muddy Waters, a return of sorts to his rural roots. Fans may quibble with the song selection, lack of previously unreleased material, and the inclusion of only one rarity ("Spyboy," his Jack Nitzsche-produced contribution to the obscure Cruising soundtrack), but this is as close to a perfect summation of Hiatt's career through 2001 as one could hope for without expanding to the box set he probably deserves. Hip-O thoughtfully licenses tracks from Sony, Capitol, Reprise (for Little Village's "Don't Think About Her..."), and Vanguard, in addition to including hefty chunks of his defining A&M years as well as the more spotty yet essential MCA and Geffen work. The overall effect is staggering in its stylistic diversity and sheer volume of ruggedly melodic singer/songwriter tunes. Whether it's his vaguely new wave rockers like "Doll Hospital," country weepers such as "The Way We Make a Broken Heart," the twangy pop of "Memphis in the Meantime," heartfelt, emotionally tugging ballads like "Lipstick Sunset" and "Feels Like Rain," or the Stones-y crunch of "Paper Thin," there are precious few clinkers here. Each disc maxes out at 78 minutes, the 16-page book is filled with an informative essay, quotes from the artist, and rare pictures (but surprisingly lacks specific track personnel, a major omission considering Hiatt has worked with a stellar assortment of talented musicians), and the 24-bit remastered sound is crisp, lean, and clean. As of its 2001 release date, the modestly titled Anthology is the definitive portrait of one of America's most talented, respected, and eclectic songwriters.  (AllMusic Review by Hal Horowitz)



Track lists


01 Sure as I'm Sittin' Here 3:18

02 Hangin' Around the Observartory 3:02

03 Down Home 3:09

04 Washable Ink 3:15

05 Slug Line 3:00

06 Radio Girl 2:56

07 Pink Bedroom 2:54

08 It Hasn't Happened Yet 3:23

09 Spy Boy 3:15

10 Doll Hospital 3:03

11 My Edge of the Razor 4:22

12 Riding with the King 4:19

13 She Loves the Jerk 3:38

14 I Don't Even Try 3:25

15 The Love That Harms 2:50

16 The Way We Make a Broken Heart 3:19

17 When We Ran 4:43

18 The Usual 3:47

19 She Said the Same Things to Me 4:01

20 Lipstick Sunset 4:12

21 Thank You Girl 4:07

22 Have a Little Faith in Me 4:03


01 Memphis in the Meantime 3:58

02 Thing Called Love 4:11

03 Tennessee Plates 2:56

04 Slow Turning 3:38

05 Drive South 3:55

06 Feels Like Rain 4:50

07 Paper Thin 3:36

08 Child of the Wild Blue Yonder 4:26

09 Real Fine Love 4:20

10 Perfectly Good Guitar 4:39

11 Buffalo River Home 5:14

12 Angel Eyes 5:01

13 Cry Love 4:20

14 Shredding the Document 5:03

15 Don't Think About Her When You Are Trying to Drive (Little Village) 4:33

16 Pirate Radio 4:28

17 Crossing Muddy Waters 4:04

18 Take It Down 3:58



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Lucky Dip's will be a mystery gift to those who choose to pick them up. 

There will a usually be a total of 10 albums in each Luck Dip covering a specific topic.

Today's topic: OBSCURE SOUL

If you want it, here it is, come and get it,  Mm mm mm mm, make your mind up fast...





VA - Dust on The Nettles, British Underground Folk Scene 1967-72 [2015] (3 x CD's)



VA - Dust on The Nettles, British Underground Folk Scene 1967-72 [2015] (3 x CD's)

3 CD's of rare forgotten music. This is British Folk Music going psychedelic. 

Dust On The Nettles with 63 tracks and a total running time of just under four hours, examines the metamorphosis that British folk underwent during the late 1960's, when the influence of psychedelia and the counterculture saw the idiom being twisted into all kinds of new and exotic shapes, as the finger-in-the-ear folk clubs of yore were inexorably drawn into a brave new world of Arts Labs, free festivals and the nascent college/university circuit. Our anthology incorporates the various overlapping strands of the underground folk scene: the acid folk experimenters, the folklorists and trad song updaters, the more metaphysical element of the burgeoning singer/songwriter genre, the newly-electric folk rockers, the elemental paganism exemplified by Comus and The Wicker Man, even the early 1970's Jesus music movement that spawned the likes of the sitar-wielding Parchment. Balancing the familiar with the obscure, we feature acknowledged brand leaders like Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Pentangle and Steeleye Span alongside acts who made music purely for the local communities that nurtured them: Shide & Acorn on the Isle of Wight, Folkal Point in Bristol, Music Box in Coventry, Chrissie Quayle in Cornwall. We incorporate a large number of recordings that weren't issued at the time, sample impossibly rare albums by the likes of Oberon, Dry Heart and Benjamin Delaney Lion, and feature key recordings from a number of bands who underpinned the thriving live scene of the era. Housed in a clambox featuring a lavishly illustrated and annotated 36-page booklet, the painstakingly-assembled Dust On The Nettles is surely the most comprehensive and wide-ranging anthology to appear thus far of the UK underground hippie folk movement of the late 1960's- early 1970's.

This is an excellent overview of British folk music in all it's permutations in the late 60's - early 70's. Included are traditional folk music, acid-folk, folk-rock, pagan-folk, Christian-folk, and anything else that doesn't quite fit a category. The sound is very good, especially when you consider the various sources and years involved. This set is a benchmark for how it can be done. (Amazon)




Track lists


01 Pentangle Let No Man Steal Your Thyme 2:47

02 Magnet Willow's Song 4:44

03 Wight Come All You Travellers 2:37

04 Spirogyra Love Is A Funny Thing 2:11

05 Gary Farr Images Of Passing Clouds 3:51

06 Synanthesia Strangely And Worried Evening 2:48

07 Bob & Carole Pegg Glass Of Water 2:16

08 Vashti Bunyan Winter Is Blue 2:56

09 Comus Winter Is A Coloured Bird 8:00

10 Chrissie Quayle The Seagulls Scream 4:03

11 Clive Palmer Stories Of Jesus 2:44

12 Steve Peregrin Took's Shagrat Amanda 3:13

13 Bridget St.John Curious Crystals Of Unusual Purity 3:59

14 Mark Fry Roses For Columbus 5:18

15 Dando Shaft Till The Morning Comes 1:48

16 Mary-Anne Black Girl 4:34

17 Trees The Garden Of Jane Delawney 4:07

18 Principal Edwards Magic Theatre Weirdsong Of Breaking Through At Last 2:58

19 Oberon Minas Tirith 8:17

20 Paper Bubble Prisoners, Victims, Strangers, Friends 5:14


01 Gerald Moore Pilgrim 4:25

02 Melton Constable River Lane 3:53

03 Moonkyte Way Out Hermit 4:20

04 Steeleye Span All Things Are Quite Silent 2:37

05 Heron Upon Reflection 2:37

06 Parchment Love Is Come Again 3:43

07 Shelagh McDonald Stargazer 4:11

08 Tony Caro & John There Are No Greater Heroes 3:46

09 Joan Armatrading Visionary Mountains 1:48

10 Tuesday Glow Of The Firelight 2:55

11 Warm Gold Searching For Lambs 2:17

12 Benjamin Delaney Lion Samantha Carol Fragments 4:50

13 Fairport Convention Fotheringay 3:05

14 Frozen Tears You Know What Has To Be 4:05

15 Hunt Lunt & Cunningham Meanwhile Back In The Forest 2:46

16 Incredible String Band First Girl I Loved 4:58

17 The Moths Halfdan's Daughter 2:56

18 Trader Horne The Mutant 2:57

19 Dry Heart Meeting By The Moonlight Mill 5:50

20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Highways (Misty Mist) 1:30

21 Duncan Browne Gabilan 4:05

22 Kevin Coyne Sand All Yellow 5:44


01 Bill Fay Garden Song (demo version) 3:03

02 C.O.B. Music Of The Ages 3:53

03 Everyone Involved A Song For The System 2:55

04 Country Sun The Colour Is Blue 2:58

05 Wild Country Silent Village 3:52

06 Marc Brierley Welcome To The Citadel 4:36

07 Occasional Word The Evil Venus Tree 3:43

08 Anne Briggs Standing On The Shore 4:33

09 Agincourt Kind Sir 3:01

10 Mick Softley Eagle 4:14

11 Fresh Maggots Rosemary Hill 3:36

12 Music Box The Happy King 4:59

13 Fuchsia Me And My Kite 2:32

14 Sun Also Rises Wizard Shep 5:03

15 Folkal Point Scarborough Fair 3:54

16 Marie Celeste Prisoner 3:28

17 Simon Finn Patrice 2:50

18 Shide & Acorn Girl Of The Cosmos 5:35

19 Chimera Elegy To A Dead King 2:15

20 Beau Silence Returns 3:43

21 Mother Nature Orange Days And Purple Nights 3:58



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VA - Heavy Sugar The Pure Essence Of New Orleans R&B [2010] + VA - Heavy Sugar, Second Spoonful [2011] (6 x CD's)


VA  - Heavy Sugar The Pure Essence Of New Orleans R&B [2010] + VA - Heavy Sugar, Second Spoonful [2011] (6 x CD's)

Over the course of time, Heavy Sugar has been the title of a song, the name of a radio station, an independent movie and the primary ingredient for a rapturous recipe. How fitting it is that this latter description also epitomizes the ingredients that go to make up Heavy Sugar: The Pure Essence of New Orleans R&B. Just think, if the celebrity chefs of New Orleans were to whip up Heavy Sugar until the peaks start to form, then the hostesses on Bourbon Street would go that little bit further and add any flavour necessary to achieve a creamy finish.  The musical melting-pot, which helped turn rhythm & blues into rock ‘n’ roll, was always at its most flavoursome in the Crescent City. Issuing forth from a store-front recording facility, the beguiling big beat reached out to a global audience through such artists as Fats Domino, Little Richard, Huey Smith and Lloyd Price. Many lesser-known but equally worthy individuals achieved the same level of sass, Alberta Hall, Ray Washington, Harry Lee, TV Slim to name but a few, although usually with just a couple of releases to show for their troubles. The focal point of the operation centred around a remarkable house-band that assembled day-after-day at Cosimo Matassa’s funky studio in the heart of the French Quarter. Date-wise the metronome began ticking towards the end of the ’40s, which was when the hip crowd first latched on to rhythm & blues. Rather than being restricted to a minority audience, the music’s freewheeling ambience ended up blowing off anyone and everyones’ cobwebs. New Orleans came out on top, because its talented musicians were able to put onto record the good time feel that was heard in the clubs. In order to share the joy, Fantastic Voyage has trawled through the city’s rich musical repertoire to arrive at 75 highly sought-after recordings. Compiled and annotated by record producer and music historian Stuart Colman, and with many titles on CD for the first time, Heavy Sugar: The Pure Essence of New Orleans R&B could easily end up being one of the releases of 2010. 

Following the critical acclaim and enthusiastic response to Heavy Sugar: The Pure Essence of New Orleans R&B, compiler Stuart Colman has dug deep into the city s unique recording legacy to bring about a sumptuous second helping. In addition to the requisite sourcings, the net has been cast wider still in order to focus on material gleaned from such picayune outlets as Rustone, Pontchartrain, Athens, Winner and Spinett. There is a very good reason for this. Midway through July 1954, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans powerful daily broadsheet) brought to its readership s attention an editorial issue entitled Music Box Week . The feature centered on a coming together of the area s record industry chiefs, and their declaration that the juke box had become a national institution. Never had a truer word been spoken. Every diner, bar, night club, laundromat and military barracks within the city limits sported a Wurlitzer, a Seeburg or a Rock-Ola, and the multitude of coins dropped into the slots gave rise to a win-win situation. With the coming of rock & roll in the mid-fifties, it was the Big Easy s arsenal of neon Nickel Odeons rather than its radio stations where you could hear the latest sounds first. This gave the shoe-string independents, most of whom were unlikely to accrue a review in the trades or make a programme director s playlist, the chance of some welcome promotion. So, in order to reflect this freewheeling coalescence, names like Johnny Love, Willie West and Alonzo Stewart have been given the chance to rub shoulders with such greats as Fats Domino, Little Richard and Huey Piano Smith. Welcome to Heavy Sugar: Second Spoonful. (Amazon)


1     2 


Track lists

Heavy Sugar The Pure Essence Of New Orleans R&B


01 Little Richard Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey 2:11

02 John Fred & the Playboys Shirley 1:56

03 Huey Smith Would You Believe, I Have a Cold 2:23

04 Fats Domino Telling Lies 2:24

05 Smiley Lewis Someday (You'll Want Me) 2:15

06 Paul Gayten Nervous Boogie 2:22

07 Frankie Ford It Must Be Jelly 2:45

08 Joe Jones A-Tisket A-Tasket 2:20

09 Jimmy Beasley I'm So Blue 2:16

10 Ray Washington I Know 2:04

11 Supremes Honey, Honey 2:16

12 Jimmy Clanton Ship on a Stormy Sea 2:19

13 Myles & Dupont Loud Mouth Annie 2:30

14 Shirley & Lee That's What I'll Do 2:38

15 Alberta Hall Oh, How I Need Your Lovin' 2:52

16 Oscar Wills Flatfoot Sam 2:12

17 Professor Longhair Look What You're Doing to Me 2:30

18 Bobby Mitchell Try Rock and Roll 2:11

19 Charles Brown I'll Always Be in Love With You 2:37

20 Lester Robertson My Girl Across Town 2:39

21 The Tropicals Sweet Sixteen 2:26

22 Roland Cook I've Got a Girl 2:19

23 Lee Allen & His Band Tic Toc 2:36

24 Gondoliers You Call Everybody Darling 2:09

25 Etta James Dance With Me Henry 2:23


01 Fats Domino Don't Deceive Me 1:56

02 Frankie Ford Cheatin' Woman 2:10

03 Joe Turner Honey Hush 2:42

04 Roy Brown Diddy-Y-Diddy-O 2:19

05 Allen Toussaint Whirlaway 2:22

06 Art Neville Cha Dooky Doo 2:37

07 Ruth & Al Real Gone Party 2:12

08 Bobby Marchan Chickee Wah Wah 2:17

09 Mickey & Sylvia There'll Be No Backin' Out 2:28

10 Sam Cooke That's All I Need to Know 2:23

11 Jerry Byrne Carry On 2:00

12 Huey Smith We Like Birdland 2:34

13 Lee Allen & His Band Creole Alley 2:34

14 Richard Berry Mad About You Baby 2:17

15 Earl King Well-O, Well-O, Well-O Baby 2:58

16 Bobby Mandolph Malinda 2:17

17 Smiley Lewis School Days Are Back Again 2:55

18 Jimmy Beasley Don't Break This Heart of Mine 2:02

19 Little Booker Doin' the Hambone 2:30

20 Li'l Millet & His Creoles Rich Woman 2:41

21 Royal Kings Teachin' and Preachin' 2:05

22 Little Richard Oh Why 2:12

23 Harry Lee Every Time I See You 2:14

24 Junior Gordon Blow Wind Blow 2:20

25 Lloyd Price I'm Glad, Glad 2:05


01 Huey ''Piano'' Smith With His Clowns Don't You Know Yockomo 2:25

02 Spiders Someday, Bye and Bye 2:27

03 Fats Domino Would You 2:05

04 Lee Diamond Hatti Malatti 2:51

05 Paul Gayten Mother Roux (Yo Yo Walk) 2:33

06 Amos Milburn We Teenagers Know What We Want 1:52

07 Art Neville Zing Zing 2:05

08 Charles Williams So Glad She's Mine 2:15

09 Smiley Lewis Sweeter Words (Have Never Been Told) 2:24

10 Eddie Bo I Love to Rock'n'roll 2:28

11 Etta James Tough Lover 2:13

12 John Fred Good Lovin 2:06

13 Gondoliers Knocked Out 2:43

14 Ernie Kador Eternity 2:16

15 Little Richard Kansas City 2:43

16 Charles Brown Please Believe Me 2:57

17 Johnny Angel Teenage Wedding 1:38

18 Clarence Henry Baby, Baby Please 2:24

19 Crystals Love You So 2:18

20 Huey & Jerry I Think You're Jiving Me 2:31

21 Lester Robertson Take it Home to Grandma 2:06

22 Gene & Al's Spacemen Mercy 2:33

23 Big Al Downing When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again 2:09

24 Bobby Charles I'll Turn Square for You 2:20

25 Roy Brown Saturday Night 2:19

VA - Heavy Sugar, Second Spoonful


01 Little Richard The Girl Can't Help It (Soundtrack version) 2:29

02 Huey “piano” Smith & the Clowns Beatnik Blues 2:21

03 Frankie Ford You Talk Too Much 2:35

04 Larry Birdsong I'm Pleading Just for You 2:45

05 Lee Allen & His Band Cat Walk 2:16

06 Roland Stone Preacher's Daughter 2:28

07 Jo Ann Campbell Funny Thing 1:59

08 Bobby Charles Why Can't You 2:34

09 Jimmy Beasley She's Good to Me 2:04

10 Charles Brown It's a Sin to Tell a Lie 2:36

11 Alonzo Stewart I Get the Blues When it Rains 2:04

12 James "Sugar Boy" Crawford Morning Star 2:16

13 Willie West A Man Like Me 2:21

14 Fats Domino Tell Me That You Love Me 2:05

15 Johnny Fuller Sister Jenny 2:36

16 Lester Williams McDonald's Daughter 2:05

17 Smiley Lewis I Shall Not Be Moved 2:04

18 Chris Kenner You Can't Beat Uncle Sam 2:30

19 Clarence “frogman” Henry I'm in Love 2:31

20 Bobby Marchan Snoopin' and Accusin' 2:10

21 Bobby Lonero Little Bit 2:19

22 Earl King Funny Face 2:07

23 Benny Spellman Ammerette 2:38

24 Tommy Ridgley Jam Up 2:49

25 Hawks School Girl 2:11


01 Jimmy Beasley Little Coquette 2:16

02 Amos Milburn Shake Shake 2:00

03 Eddie Bo We Like Mambo 2:31

04 Spiders Honey Bee 2:02

05 Little Richard All Night Long 2:16

06 Billy Tate Single Life 2:17

07 Fats Domino Don't You Know I Love You 2:13

08 Paul Marvin Hurry Up 2:23

09 Professor Longhair Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand 2:17

10 Upsetters Jaywalking 2:32

11 Huey “piano” Smith & the Clowns Just a Lonely Clown 2:14

12 Dee Clark Oh Little Girl 2:42

13 Jessie Hill Scoop Scoobie Doobie 2:56

14 Johnny Love & His Orchestra Chills and Fever 2:30

15 Frankie Ford The Groom 1:49

16 Roy Brown Good Rocking Tonight 3:01

17 Smiley Lewis Lil Liza Jane 2:14

18 Lenny Capello & Dots Tottles 2:16

19 Ernie K‐doe Make You Love Me 2:22

20 Matthew Jacobs Loaded Down 2:05

21 Collay & His Satellites Little Girl Next Door 1:59

22 Irma Thomas A Good Man 2:20

23 James "Sugar Boy" Crawford She's Gotta Wobble (When She Walks) 2:07

24 Paul Gayten Mule Face 2:14

25 Li’l Millet Rock Around the Clock 2:03


01 Al Reed Top Notch Grade A 2:14

02 Fats Domino When I See You 2:11

03 Chris Kenner Don't Make No Noise 2:23

04 Professor Longhair Go to the Mardi Gras 2:49

05 Bobby Marchan Quit My Job 2:38

06 Jessie Hill High Head Blues 2:47

07 James "Sugar Boy" Crawford You Gave Me Love 2:06

08 Jimmy Beasley Good Lovin' 2:36

09 Monitors Candy Coated Kisses 2:32

10 Billy Tircuit Crazy Green Lizard 2:17

11 Wynona Carr I'm Mad at You 2:12

12 Arthur & Booker You're Near Me 2:15

13 Smiley Lewis Can't Stop Loving You 2:16

14 Huey “piano” Smith & the Clowns For Cryin' Out Loud 2:32

15 Allen Toussaint Chico 2:21

16 Eddie Bo Every Dog Got It's Day 2:16

17 Calvin Spears Baby Come on Home 2:37

18 Clarence “frogman” Henry Just My Baby and You 2:42

19 Big Boy Myles She's So Fine 2:35

20 Paul Gayten Tickle Toe 2:29

21 Frankie Ford Watchdog 2:09

22 Aaron Neville Get Out of My Life 2:04

23 Little Richard Can't Believe You Wanna Leave 2:30

24 Professor Longhair If I Only Knew 2:36

25 Al Johnson Carnival Time 2:41



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Scott Walker - In Five Easy Pieces, A Themed Five CD Anthology [2003] (5 x CD's)



Scott Walker - In Five Easy Pieces, A Themed Five CD Anthology [2003] (5 x CD's)

Noel Scott Engel (January 9, 1943 – March 22, 2019) better known by the stage name Scott Walker, was an American singer-songwriter, composer and record producer who resided in England. Walker was known for his baritone voice and an unorthodox career path which took him from 1960's teen pop icon to 21st-century avant-garde musician. Walker's success was largely in the United Kingdom, where his first four solo albums reached the top ten. He lived in the UK from 1965 and became a UK citizen in 1970. Rising to fame in the mid-1960's as frontman of the pop music trio the Walker Brothers, he began a solo career with 1967's Scott, moving toward an increasingly challenging style on late-1960's baroque pop albums such as Scott 3 and Scott 4 (both 1969). After sales of his solo work started to decrease, he reunited with the Walker Brothers in the mid-1970s. From the mid-1980s onward, Walker revived his solo career while moving in an increasingly avant-garde direction; of this period in his career, The Guardian said "imagine Andy Williams reinventing himself as Stockhausen". Walker's 1960's recordings were highly regarded by the 1980's UK underground music scene, and gained a cult following. Walker continued to record until 2018. He was described by the BBC upon his death as "one of the most enigmatic and influential figures in rock history". (Wikipedia)

Scott Walker - In Five Easy Pieces is a box set anthology of the career (to date 2003) of Scott Walker. Subtitled - A Themed Five CD Anthology. A long hardbook-style boxset from one of the most powerful voices in music, whose influenced everyone from David Bowie to Ken Stringfellow has given us 93 digitally remastered tracks spread across five themed discs, 'In My Room', 'Where's The Girl', 'An American In Europe', 'This Is How You Disappear', & 'Scott On Screen', ranging from 60's Spector-esque pop to the French cabaret pop of Jacques Brel plus many rarities & soundtracks on one CD for the first time. This is a brilliant box set not out in the U.S.! 

You could not have asked for a more apt title for a collection of work. This is a basically a selection of songs by Scott Walker containing solo, soundtrack work, compositions for other artists as well as recordings with the Walker Brothers spread over five thematically sequenced CD's. Scott Walker's career has been his own making. An American who found fortune in England in 1965 with the Walker Brothers and then walking away from that to become a crooner and then the definitive interpreter of Jacques Brel's material as well as writing his own songs in increasing complexity both lyrically and musically. After various reunions with the Walker Brothers, Walker continued to release albums that were increasingly questioning the idea of what exactly a song should be and how an album should sound. Walker's later work on albums like "Tilt" and "The Drift" is not for everyone, not even fans of Scott Walker. This set is not a greatest hits collection but a collection of songs that challenge the listener to accept Scott Walker on his own terms. If you are looking for songs like "The Sun Ain't Going To Shine Anymore" you are going to be very disappointed. But if you looking for something different to play on that big stereo system than this collection is for you.  (Amazon)


123    45       


Track lists

CD1 In My Room

01 Prologue/Little Things 3:39

02 I Don't Want to Hear it Anymore 3:45

03 In My Room 2:32

04 After the Lights Go Out 4:06

05 Archangel 3:41

06 Orpheus 3:25

07 Mrs. Murphy 3:19

08 Montague Terrace (In Blue) 3:27

09 Such a Small Love 4:52

10 The Amorous Humphrey Plugg 4:29

11 It's Raining Today 3:59

12 Rosemary 3:20

13 Big Louise 3:08

14 Angels of Ashes 4:19

15 Hero of the War 2:25

16 Time Operator 3:36

17 Joe 3:40

18 The War is Over (Epilogue) 3:36

CD2 Where's The Girl?

01 Where's The Girl? 3:11

02 You're All Around Me 2:37

03 Just Say Goodbye 3:36

04 Hurting Each Other 2:42

05 Genevieve 2:51

06 Once Upon A Summertime 3:50

07 When Joanna Loved Me 3:07

08 Joanna 3:52

09 Angelica 4:00

10 Always Coming Back To You 2:36

11 The Bridge 2:48

12 Best Of Both Worlds 3:13

13 Two Weeks Since You've Gone 2:45

14 On Your Own Again 1:45

15 Someone Who Cared 2:57

16 Long About Now 2:05

17 Scope J 10:50

18 Lullaby (By-by-by) 11:05

CD3 An American In Europe

01 Jackie 3:22

02 Mathilde 2:36

03 The Girls And Dogs 3:07

04 Amsterdam 3:04

05 Next 2:49

06 The Girls From The Streets 4:08

07 My Death 4:56

08 Sons Of 3:43

09 If You Go Away 4:58

10 Copenhagen 2:24

11 We Came Through 1:56

12 30 Century Man 1:27

13 Rhymes Of Goodbye 3:05

14 Thanks For Chicago Mr. James 2:15

15 Cowbells Shakin' 1:04

16 My Way Home 3:28

17 Lines 3:27

18 Rawhide 3:49

19 Blanket Roll Blues 3:12

20 Tilt 5:05

21 Patriot 8:00

CD4 his Is How You Disappear

01 The Plague 3:34

02 Plastic Palace People 6:05

03 Boy Child 3:37

04 The Shut Out 2:46

05 Fat Mama Kick 2:52

06 Nite Flights 4:20

07 The Electrician 6:01

08 Dealer 5:08

09 Track "3" 3:42

10 Sleepwalkers Woman 4:11

11 Track "5" 3:32

12 Farmer In The Sky 6:35

13 The Cockfighter 5:58

14 Bouncer See Bouncer 8:34

15 Face On Breast 5:15

CD5 Scott On Screen

01 Light 3:20

02 Deadlier Than The Male 2:32

03 The Rope And The Cell 2:01

04 Meadow 1:24

05 The Seventh Seal 4:58

06 The Darkest Forest 5:44

07 The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti 3:32

08 The Summer Knows 3:20

09 Glory Road 3:33

10 Isabel 6:39

11 Man From Reno 4:21

12 The church Of The Apostles 5:50

13 Indecent Sacrifice 4:07

14 Bombupper 0:52

15 I Threw It All Away 2:20

16 River Of Blood 1:25

17 Only Myself To Blame 3:38

18 Running 1:44

19 The Time Is Out Of Joint 1:09

20 Never Again 1:27

21 Closing 1:54



MUSIC DOCUMENTARY #20 Scott Walker - 30 Century Man [2006] MP4


Scott Walker - 30 Century Man [2006] MP4

Scott Walker: 30 Century Man is a 2006 documentary film about Scott Walker. The film gets its title from the Scott 3 song "30 Century Man". It is directed and co-produced by Stephen Kijak, with Grant Gee serving as director of photography. It charts Walker's career in music, with a focus on his songwriting, and features exclusive footage of recording sessions for his most recent album, The Drift including a memorable sequence in which Walker oversees the recording of the punching of a joint of pork, for the percussion on the song Clara. Rock legend David Bowie, who often professed to having been inspired by Walker, acted as executive producer of the film. Actor Gale Harold is one of the associate producers.

The film received its world premiere at the London Film Festival on 31 October 2006 and debuted internationally at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival in the Panorama. It was released later in 2007 in cinemas and on DVD in the UK by Verve Pictures and went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed documentaries released there that year. It had its US premiere at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in March 2007. Other film festivals that have screened the film include the Sydney Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, HotDocs, Melbourne International Film Festival, Viennale, Seattle International Film Festival, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

In addition to Walker himself, interviewees in the film include David Bowie, Radiohead, Jarvis Cocker, Brian Eno, Damon Albarn, Marc Almond, Alison Goldfrapp, Sting, Dot Allison, Simon Raymonde, Richard Hawley, Rob Ellis, Cathal Coughlan, Johnny Marr, Gavin Friday, Lulu, Peter Olliff, Angela Morley (arranger of Walker's sixties' recordings as Wally Stott), Ute Lemper, Ed Bicknell, Evan Parker, Hector Zazou, Mo Foster, Phil Sheppard, and Peter Walsh.

The film is produced by Oscar-winning producer Mia Bays, marking her debut in documentary and feature film production. She was nominated for a 2008 BAFTA award (The Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a British Writer, Director or Producer in Their First Feature Film) for her work on the film.

An edited version of the film was used for the BBC series Imagine. It was introduced by Alan Yentob.

In early 2008 Madman Films released the film on DVD in Australia and Avalon films released the film on DVD in Spain. Oscilloscope Laboratories, a distribution company founded by Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys, acquired the distribution rights in North America after the film's US release was delayed. It began another critically acclaimed theatrical run, this time in select US cities, and was released on DVD in North America in Summer 2009. (Wikpedia)



Friday, June 25, 2021

VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 06 (A Butterboy Compilation) Once More Again CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 06 (A Butterboy Compilation) Once More Again CD1+CD2+CD3

Deciding what is a "deep cut" can be a difficult task and the choices often live in a  grey area. For this compilation a deep cut usually refers to Non singles (B-sides are accepted), provided exposure of that song tends to be underplayed and are generally older songs. These deep cuts can also be album cuts that hide amoungst the great hits and B-sides. Those non-singles on the album that are sometimes more loved than the hits. Usually fans who are really into the artist will know some of the tracks but this is probably not true to the casual listener. Deep cuts are truly often overlooked. These are the tracks you are unlikely to hear on the radio, certainly, not often. Every great artist has some great deep cuts in their catalog, some many more than others. Finding that rare gem in an artist's catalog always excites.

Obviously there are hundreds of great tracks that could be included in a Deep Cuts compilation. 

Here is Volume 06 of  6 volumes (each 3 x CD sets), mostly obscure rock tracks or tracks that you simply don't hear all that often.  Enjoy!




Track lists


01 Graham Parker Black Honey 3:58

02 Melanie Ruby Tuesday 4:38

03 Badfinger Timeless 7:43

04 David Bowie Memory of a Free Festival (Single Version) 7:27

05 Eagles Journey of the Sorcerer 6:38

06 John Lennon I Found Out 3:30

07 Beatles Baby You're a Rich Man 2:59

08 Diesel Sausalito Summernight 5:06

09 Arrogance Searchin' 5:01

10 Guess Who Bus Rider 2:59

11 Cowboy Everybody Knows Your Name 4:45

12 Atlanta Rhythm Section Forty Days and Forty Nights 4:24

13 Bear Mountain Band One More Day 2:51

14 Black Sabbath Laguna Sunrise 2:53

15 Donovan Cosmic Wheels 4:10

16 Big Brother & the Holding Company With Janis Joplin Light is Faster Than Sound 2:32

17 Doors Ghost Song 2:55

18 Cheap Trick The Ballad of Tv Violence (I'm Not the Only Boy) 5:25

19 Bob McBride Turn Away 3:52

20 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Kitty's Back' (Live Perth, 02 05 2014) Bonus 16:04


01 Candie Payne A Different You 3:53

02 Devon Allman Back to You 5:02

03 Pink Floyd Let There Be More Light 5:34

04 Moody Blues Lovely to See You 2:34

05 Andy Armstrong Once Upon a Time 1:44

06 Trapeze Your Love is Alright 4:55

07 Paul McCartney & Wings Time to Hide 4:31

08 Clover Wade in the Water 4:33

09 Zombies This Will Be Our Year 2:03

10 Rolling Stones Can't You Hear Me Knocking 7:13

11 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Deliver Me 3:23

12 Thin Lizzy Diddy Levine 7:08

13 Alison Moyet Should I Fell That It's Over 4:01

14 Donovan The Fat Angel 4:15

15 Missouri Movin' On 4:50

16 Kinks Powerman 4:16

17 Paul Weller That Spiritual Feeling 7:27

18 Fairport Convention Quiet Joys of Brotherhood [Take 1] 7:49

19 Ayreon Dreamtime 4:17

20 Out of Focus Blue Sunday Morning 8:10


01 Attack Colour of My Mind 2:30

02 Paul Weller In the Car... 4:44

03 Steve Kilbey Hypnogogue 3:30

04 Skin Alley So Many People 5:59

05 Dolly Rocker Movement The Ecstacy Once Told 5:02

06 Chuck Prophet The Left Hand & the Right Hand 3:45

08 Try Wreck on the Wire 6:23

09 Remains Thank You 3:17

10 Rolling Stones 2000 Man 3:07

11 Archie Roach There is a Garden 8:09

12 John Cale Fear is a Man's Best Friend (Peel Session 1.5.1975) 3:21

13 Hand Habits Flower Glass 3:42

14 Spencer Davis Group Funky 6:50

15 Thin Lizzy Whiskey in the Jar (Peel Session 14.11.1972) 5:48

16 Jane's Addiction Three Days 10:46

17 Miranda Lee Richards First Light of Winter 6:55

17 Mountain Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) 5:55

18 Popol Vuh Ja, Deine Liebe Ist Süßer Als Wein 3:38

19 Ibliss High Life 13:01

20 Kraftwerk K2 Ruckzuck (Live) 19:20