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Oscar Peterson - Exclusively For My Friends [2014] (6 x CD's)



Oscar Peterson - Exclusively For My Friends [2014] (6 x CD's)

Exclusively for My Friends is a series of six albums for the MPS label by Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. The album tracks were recorded live by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer for MPS on the occasion of private concerts with a small audience in his home studio. The albums have been collected in different box sets over the years.

Recording took place in six separate sessions between 1963 and 1968 in different trio settings as well as with Peterson playing solo. The recordings include performances with his most well-known trio consisting of double bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen and also teams him with bassist Sam Jones and drummers Louis Hayes or Bobby Durham. While around 60 tracks were recorded, only 37 were initially released in five trio albums and one solo album, the first in Peterson's career. The titles on each album were often selected from different recording sessions. Peterson was personally involved in selecting and editing the tapes. Due to contractual reasons, the albums were not released before 1968.   In 1992, the series was re-released as a four CD box set by MPS (and by Verve in the US) which included all recordings of the six original albums. In 1995, the release of the compilation Exclusively for My Friends: The Lost Tapes added twelve previously unreleased tracks to the collection. The constituent albums were also available as individual CD's.  MPS released remastered versions of the original albums as a six LP box set in 2014. One year later, an eight CD box set followed that collected the six albums plus two volumes of Lost Tapes, adding another ten tracks to the overall release group which were personally selected by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer for release shortly before his death in 2004. (Wikipedia)



Track lists


01 Oscar Peterson At Long Last Love 5:01

02 Oscar Peterson Easy Walker 9:45

03 Oscar Peterson Tin Tin Deo 5:39

04 Oscar Peterson I've Got a Crush on You 5:19

05 Oscar Peterson A Foggy Day 4:36

06 Oscar Peterson Like Someone in Love 11:17


01 Oscar Peterson On A Clear Day You Can See Forever 4:24

02 Oscar Peterson I'm In The Mood For Love 17:07

03 Oscar Peterson Girl Talk 5:39

04 Oscar Peterson I Concentrate On You / Moon River 6:29

05 Oscar Peterson Robbin's Nest 6:18


01 Oscar Peterson Waltzing Is Hip 6:06

02 Oscar Peterson Satin Doll 10:00

03 Oscar Peterson Love Is Here To Say 4:50

04 Oscar Peterson Sandy's Blues 9:30

05 Oscar Peterson Alice In Wonderland 4:45

06 Oscar Peterson Noreen's Nocturne 5:19


01 Oscar Peterson Someone To Watch Over Me 4:19

02 Oscar Peterson Perdido 6:18

03 Oscar Peterson Body And Soul 4:36

04 Oscar Peterson Who Can I Turn To? 5:02

05 Oscar Peterson Bye, Bye Blackbird 4:57

06 Oscar Peterson I Should Care 4:49

07 Oscar Peterson Lulu's Back In Town 2:11

08 Oscar Peterson Little Girl Blue 6:09

09 Oscar Peterson Take The 'A' Train 2:38


1 Oscar Peterson In A Mellotone 5:57

2 Oscar Peterson Nica's Dream 7:54

3 Oscar Peterson Green Dolphin Street 6:25

4 Oscar Peterson Summertime 5:22

5 Oscar Peterson Sometimes I'm Happy 5:10

6 Oscar Peterson Who Can I Turn To 6:27


01 Oscar Peterson Travelin On 2:34

02 Oscar Peterson Emily 10:26

03 Oscar Peterson Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars 7:32

04 Oscar Peterson Sax No End 6:05

05 Oscar Peterson When Lights are Low 7:32



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Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus [1978] (2 x CD's)


Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus [1978] (2 x CD's)

Waiting for Columbus is the first live album by the band Little Feat, recorded during seven performances in 1977. The first four shows were held at the Rainbow Theatre in London on August 1–4, 1977. The final three shows were recorded the following week at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C. on August 8–10. Local Washington radio personality Don "Cerphe" Colwell can be heard leading the audience in a "F-E-A-T" spellout in between the first ("Join the Band") and second ("Fat Man in the Bathtub") tracks.

The band were backed by the Tower of Power horn section with whom they had recorded for their 1974 album Feats Don't Fail Me Now. The result was one of their biggest selling albums.

Many of their more well-known songs were either re-worked or extended. For instance, one of their signature songs, "Dixie Chicken", was heavily extended to include a lengthy piano solo by keyboardist Bill Payne, a Dixieland horn arrangement and finally a dual guitar jam between the band's two guitarists, Lowell George and Paul Barrère. In some cases, songs such as "Rocket in My Pocket" and "Mercenary Territory" were re-worked to include the horn section, and Little Feat additionally covered such tunes as Fraternity of Man's "Don't Bogart That Joint" and Allen Toussaint's "On Your Way Down" (which had also appeared on 1973's Dixie Chicken album). Former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor makes a guest appearance playing slide guitar on "A Apolitical Blues". The band recorded and mixed enough material from these performances for a triple LP, but for marketing reasons kept it to a double album. Three of the unused tracks were included on their 1981 album Hoy-Hoy!.  (Wikipedia)

And as far as live albums go, this is probably the most amazing "you are there" experience you'll ever hear. Production and performances are flawless,  you almost feel that these songs were really only meant to be done live.



Track lists


01 Little Feat Join The Band 1:52

02 Little Feat Fat Man in the Bathtub 4:54

03 Little Feat All That You Dream 4:29

04 Little Feat Oh Atlanta 4:18

05 Little Feat Old Folks' Boogie 4:37

06 Little Feat Time Loves a Hero 4:17

07 Little Feat Day or Night 5:28

08 Little Feat Mercenary Territory 4:34

09 Little Feat Spanish Moon 5:34


01 Little Feat Dixie Chicken 8:58

02 Little Feat Tripe Face Boogie 7:07

03 Little Feat Rocket in my Pocket 3:51

04 Little Feat Willin´ 4:51

05 Little Feat Don't Bogart That Joint 1:01

06 Little Feat A Apolitical Blues 3:50

07 Little Feat Sailin' Shoes 6:21

08 Little Feat Feats Don't Fail Me Now 5:33






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"There were a lot of things I listened to, but so-called pop music never killed me, you know, the type of stuff that always seems to make it on the radio. The whole radio thing seems so ... it's like they've accepted the whole "new wave" thing only because this kind of pop element came into it. In Europe they really love emotion, but here it's like, "let's stay away from it because we might cry or something"...Tom Verlaine


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MY COMPILATION SERIES (Where visitors share their self made compilations)

What a great start to this new series. I want to thank all for sending in your submissions and following the Guidelines. The compilations below are all great listens.  I encourage all to pick up these as you wont be disappointed.  Some of the links are only alive for seven day from date of creation.  I would recommend to all, to use a file host that has longer download time limits if possible if you want your compilations to be heard. 

Please note, I will not be re-uploading any of the "My Compilations" created. So visitors need pick up what the want ASAP.

Here are the first set of compilations YOU have created. 

(Fanfare  trumpets, steamers, and cheering , glasses clinking.. you get it!)







Title: VA - MADE IN THE BAY AREA (Variable Kbps)

Created By: Harley P.



Title: VA - Americana Seconds, Vol. 1 (Variable Kbps)

Created By: Peter D.



Title: VA- Through the Cracks- Lost World Heavy Nuggets 1967-74 (flac)

Created By: David W.



Title: VA - Boob Vision 16 '70s Funkin' Groovin' Instro Rare Gems (Variable Kbps)

Created By: George G.



Title: VA - 3 Minutes Or Under, Pop Songs That Dont Overstay Their Welcome (320Kbps)

Created By: LibraryDude



Title: VA - ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS – A Personal Selection of Highlights 2017-NOW!!! (320Kbps)

Created By: Detlef J



Title: VA - All Pop, No Poop 001 (192Kbps)

Created By: Andrew C




#001    VA - MADE IN THE BAY AREA (Variable Kbps)

American Music Club, “Pale Skinny Girl"

The Beau Brummels, “Just A Little"

Blue Cheer, “Fool"

The Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Those Memories"

The Chocolate Watchband, “No Way Out"

Chuck Prophet, “ Dyin’ All Young"

Country Joe and the Fish, “Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine"

Deafheaven, “In Blur"

Deerhoof, “Department of Corrections"

The Dodos, “Winter"

The Flamin’ Groovies, “Teenage Head"

The Frantics, “Human Monkey"

Girls, “Darling"

Jefferson Airplane, “Lather"

The Mojo Men, “She’s My Baby"

New Riders of the Purple Sage, “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud Loud Music)

Osees, “The Fizz"

Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Codine"

Sons of Champlain, “Get High"

Sopwith Camel, “Frantic Depression"

Sun Kil Moon, “Jim Wise"

Ty Segall Band, “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart"

The Velvet Teen, “You Were The First"

The Warlocks, “Can’t Come Down"

Wooden Shjips, “Ride On"



 #002        VA - Americana - Seconds Vol. 1

01 My Narrow Mind (2.59) 16 Horsepower (Low Estate - 1997)

02 Blade (3.20) The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash (Walk Alone - 2001)

03 Cursing The Ohio (2.41) Matt King (Rube - 2008)

04 Uncle Disney (3.40) Keller & The Keels (Thief - 2010)

05 Drunk As Dragons (3.14) Woodbox Gang (Drunk As Dragons - 2008)

06 Dusty Boxcar Wall (2.43) Eilen Jewel (Letters From Sinners And Strangers - 2007)

07 I'm Gonna Put You Down (3.50) Gangstagrass (Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic - 2011)

08 Ghosttown (3.40) Bob Wayne (Blood To Dust - 2006)

09 Good Girl (3.07) The Fox Hunt (Nowhere Bound - 2008)

10 Graveyard (3.27) The Devil Makes Three (The Devil Makes Three - 2002)

11 Dawson Creek (5.49) Fred Eaglesmith (The Boy That Just Went Wrong - 1983)

12 The Later Days (4.08) Frontier Ruckus (The Orion Songbook - 2008)

13 Wasted (1.46) Whiskey Daredevils (Old Favorites - 2007)

14 This Town Called Fate (3.26) Stan Ridgway (Neon Mirage - 2010)

15 No Integrity Man (3.06) Gordie Tentrees (Mercy Or Sin - 2009)

16 The Wound That Never Heals (4.26) Jim White (No Such Place - 2001)

17 Warrior (4.41) The Bean Pickers Union (Potlatch - 2007)

18 New York City Found (3.28) Yarn (Come On In - 2010)

19 If Time Was for Wasting (4.45) Dylan LeBlanc (Paupers Field - 2010)

20 High Noon In Killville (6.46) Angry Johnny And The Killbillies (What's So Funny? - 1998)

21 Ain't Being Treated Right (3.53) The Burtschi Brothers (Ain't Being Treated Right - 2001)



#003        VA- Through the Cracks- Lost World Heavy Nuggets 1967-74 (Flac)

01. Cosmic Dealer-  Child of the Golden Sun

02. Can - Vitamin C

03. Grodeck Whipperjenny- Put Your Thing On Me

04. Galliard - Skillet

05. The Facedancers - Little Waterfall

06. Thundermug- Africa

07. Animated Egg- A Love Built on Sand

08. Ticket- Awake

09. The Good Rats - Injun Joe

10. Toncho Pilatos - Tomy Liz

11. Keith Papworth - Hard Hitter

12. Thunderpussy- Document of Validation

13. The Spiders - What your Feel

14. Orang-Utan- Chocolate Piano

15. Blue Mountain Eagle- Love is Here

16. Monument - Boneyard Bumne

17. Hard Stuff - No Witch at All

18. The Glass Family-  I Want To See My Baby

19. Sundance- Train Time

20. Mantis-  Island Suite- Firewalker-Back at the Village-Hurricane Bebe

21. Ashkan - Going Home

22. Murray Head - Say It Ain't So



#004        VA - Boob Vision 16 '70s Funkin' Groovin' Instro Rare Gems (Variable Kbps)

# - vinyl

## - possibly vinyl

1) "Sugar, Sugar" - Jimmy McGriff - 1970 - (320 kbps)

2) "Excuse Me While I Do My Thing" - The Nite-Liters - 1973 - (320)

3) # "Razorback Circus" - Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers - 1973 - (320)

4) "Time Tunnel" - Tony Aiken and Future 2000 - 1976 - (320)

5) "Mini Pads" - Jack McDuff - 1976 - (320)

6) "Lunarputians" - Billy Cobham - 1974 - (320)

7) "New York Sister" - Harold Alexander - 1974 - (192)

8) "Turtle Bay" - Herbie Mann - 1973 - (256)

9) "Straight Ahead" (extended outro mix) - James Brown - 1973 - (256)

10) "You've Got It Bad, Girl" - Boogaloo Joe Jones - 1976 - (256)

11) "Your Mama Don't Dance" - Charles Kynard - 1973 - (320)

12) ## "Warp Factor 8" - Charles Earland - 1974 - (320)

13) "Playhouse" - O'Donel Levy - 1973 - (192)

14) "Blues for Abraham" - Grant Green - 1971 - (320)

15) "Born Funky" - The Rimshots - 1972 - (192)

16) "Nitroglycerin" - Alphonse Mouzon - 1975 - (192)



#005        VA - 3 Minutes Or Under (320kbps)

01-Shy Nobleman-Girlfriend

02-Numbers-Five Letter Word

03-The Charms-Tragic

04-Jesse Malin-In The Modern World

05-Christian Kjellvander-Bad Hurtin'

06-Hello Saferide-I Wonder Who Is Like This One

07-Andrew-Allyn White

08-Boo Hewerdine And Darden Smith-All I Want (Is Everything)

09-Jenny And Johnny-Scissor Runner

10-Mike Viola-Get You Back

11-The Apples In Stereo-What's The # 

12-The Wellingtons-Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down

13-Sam Phillips-All Over Me

14-An Horse-Not Mine

15-Dum Dum Girls-He Gets Me High

16-Lush-Heavenly Nobodies

17-Teaneck-I Won't Lie

18-Cinerama-And When She Was Bad

19-The Goodees-Condition Red

20-Tilly & The Wall-Pot Kettle Black

21-Kelly Jones-Subway Song

22-Devil Doll-It Was Raining

23-Lindi Ortega-Dying Of Another Broken Heart

24-Twin Forks-Kiss Me Darling



#006        VA - ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS – A Personal Selection of Highlights 2017-NOW!!!

1 Brentford Rd Soul Rebels – 30-60-90

2 Prince Alphonso & The Fever – Peter Gunn

3 Prince Alphonso & The Fever – A Fistful Of Dollars

4 Melbourne Douglas – Rudy Skankin´ On The Moon

5 Prince Alphonso & The Fever – Time Is Ska Tight

6 Junior Del & The D-Lites – Miss Aranivah

7 Junior Dell & The D-Lites – Ska Train

8 The Regulators – Mek Wi Rukumbine

9 Brentford Rd Soul Rebels feat. Dennis Alcapone – It´s Alright Now (Version)

10 Melbourne Douglas – Rude Boy Don´t Fight

11 The Regulators – Why Why Why?

12 The Regulators – Don´t Look Back In Anger

13 The Regulators – Love Is A Treasure

14 King Deadly – Joshua A Mek Riddim Run

15 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – Midnight In Memphis

16 Floyd James & The GTs – A Weight (Hanging Over Me)

17 Floyd James & The GTs – The Sweetest Thing

18 Jodie – Pushover

19 Floyd James & The GTs – Green Onions

20 Luchito Rodriguez – Vacilón

21 Melvin Craig – Beggar Man

22 Floyd James & The GTs – The Switchback

23 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – Is Vic There?

24 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – Peter Gunn

25 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – 30-60-90



#007        VA - All Pop, No Poop 001

1. Yeah, A Little - The Incredible Casuals

2. Government Center - The Modern Lovers

3. For You - Big Star

4. Who Loves The Sun  - The Velvet Underground

5. Mr. Dieingly Sad - The Critters

6. Girl Of My Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky

7. Let Me Take Your Photo - The Speedies

8. I Know A Girl - The Undertones

9. She May Call You Up - Ian Matthews

10. Oh My Lover - The Detroit Cobras

11 Let's Talk About The Weather -The Radiators From Space

12. London's a Lonely Town - Dave Edmunds

13. Only When You're Lonely - The Grass Roots

14. Ridin' in My Car - NRBQ

15. That I Remember - The Dwight Twilley Band

16. Hearts In Her Eyes -The Searchers

17. Tomorrow Night - The Shoes

18. She's the One - The Ramones

19. Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks

20. Starry Eyes -The Records

21. When You Were With Me - The Choir



  • Only Various Artists compilations will be accepted.
  • Only one compilation per week from each contributor with a limit of 25 tracks per track list per submission. You can submit a new track list the following week.
  • The Topic is your choice, Genre is your choice and any music is acceptable. (If readers don't like the topic or choices then they don't have to pick them up)
  •  When presenting your submission, the Topic of your compilation should be Noted as well as the sound quality of the compilation. (ie 320Kbps MP3, Flac, etc).
  • Whilst most would prefer MP3's @ 320 kbps all I request is a good sound quality. 
  • A track list (in Text format) must be supplied together with a LINK for your Compilation.  (please do not send the compressed file)
  • Artwork is not necessary but would be welcomed.
  • All submissions need to arrive via email  to:  

Entries must be received by  Midnight ,Wednesday. (Wherever you are in the world.) Once received, your entries will be checked for content matching the track lists provided. If an entry is considered unsafe or different to the track list provided it will be deleted. If your submissions are outside the guidelines they will not be include (No questions asked and no reply)

VA - Rare Soul, Groove & Grind 1963-1973 [2015] (4 x CD's)



VA - Rare Soul, Groove & Grind 1963-1973 [2015] (4 x CD's)

Apparently there was a surfeit of acts all vying for their shot at the merry-go-round brass ring of R&B popularity during what is typically considered the golden age of soul. Add one more to the lot as this mammoth, four disc 8”x8” formatted book/set collects 112 singles, most of them so obscure they have never officially appeared on CD. Along with 128 pages of extensive notes by historian Bill Dahl and full color pictures of the 45 RPM labels all on heavy stock, this attempts to move to the front of the pack, if only in terms of sumptuous presentation. The CD's are divided thematically; Urban Soul, Vocal Groups, Southern soul and the final platter concentrating on more dance oriented (but pre-disco) material. The acts are as colorful as the music with such eye-catching names as The Flint Emeralds, Mad Dog & the Pups, Maskmen & the Agents, and the Tenth Dymentions all vying for your attention in bite size (most under three minutes) tracks of smoking, sweat soaked testifying. The mono sound and occasional pops and crackles inevitable when crate digging this deeply occurs, generally enhances the overall retro vibe. (americansongwriter.com)

This is a first ever collection of Rare Soul that assembles ultra, hard-to-find,Soul 45's. Highly collectible, and highly prized by those who love the genre. Virtually all of these songs have never been on CD before, and making their digital debut here in this deluxe collection. With encyclopedic liner notes by Bill Dahl, this book and CD release certainly raises the bar for this genre. The songs have been grouped in categories.  It blows my mind how many "deep soul" records were made in the 60's. I've just touched the iceberg, and I probably have hundreds of  "deep soul" collections, from the obvious, like Stax, Atlantic,Chess to VeeJay, Galaxy, Minit, King, Sue to labels like Call Me, and all sorts of obscure one-offs. This is a killer collection of rare soul, R & B, hidden gems that someone has mined from what must have been a quite vast collection. There is truly excellent music throughout the 4 CD's. This may well be one pf the greatest compilations of obscure soul tracks from the 63-73 period. Not only is it really well crafted and put on with wonderful songs, but the box's packaging and the liner notes from soul historian Bill Dahl really take you on a journey from which you might never return! This box set IS a must have. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Don Gardner My Baby Likes to Boogaloo 2:54

02 Jelly Beans I'm Hip to You 2:55

03 Danny Woods You Had Me Fooled 2:43

04 Gail Anderson They're Laughing at Me 2:52

05 Tyrone (The Wonder Boy) Please Consider Me 2:46

06 Jessie James Are You Gonna Leave Me 2:10

07 Bettye Lavette Almost 2:21

08 Donald Height My Baby's Gone 3:07

09 Little Charles & the Sidewinders Got My Own Thing Going 2:46

10 Joan Baker Everybody's Talking 2:25

11 Big Dee Irwin Follow My Heart 2:35

12 Cookie Jackson Suffer 2:30

13 Alvin Robinson You Brought My Heart Right Down to My Knees 2:52

14 Big Ella The Queen 2:12

15 King Floyd Walkin' and Thinkin' 2:31

16 Billy McGregor Mr. Shy 2:55

17 Hoagy Lands Do You Know What Life is All About 2:44

18 Tommy Hunt Searchin' for Love 2:27

19 Pat Lewis No One to Love 2:10

20 Lou Courtney I'm Mad About You 2:39

21 Lezli Valentine Love on a Two Way Street 4:08

22 Ike & Tina Turner You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had 2:03

23 Tony Mathews Don't Hurt Me No More 2:53

24 Theola Kilgore He's Coming Back to Me 2:14

25 Kenny Gamble & the Romeos Hard to Find the Right Girl 2:52

26 Soul Shakers Big Train 2:44

27 Jackie Owens Love That Guy 2:33


01 Tempos (Countdown) Here I Come 2:36

02 C-Quents It's You and Me 2:51

03 Exsaveyons I Don't Love You No More 2:22

04 Sounds Four A Memory Best Forgotten 2:50

05 Specials You Stood Me Up 2:43

06 Dynamics Bingo 2:07

07 Vontastics Peace of Mind 2:59

08 Holidays Loves Creeping Up on Me 1:56

09 Mandells There Will Be Tears Pt.1 3:10

10 Montclairs Never Ending Love 2:47

11 Four Pennies You're a Gas With Your Trash 2:33

12 New Young Hearts The Young Hearts Get Lonely Too 2:28

13 Down to Earth Forgive Me If I Cry 2:46

14 Sweet Things I'm in a World of Trouble 2:32

15 C.O.D.'s Cry No More 2:42

16 Ascots Miss Heartbreaker 2:38

17 Shades of Sensation But Then You Left Me 2:55

18 The Webs Keep Your Love Strong 2:39

19 Flint Emeralds Just Like a Baby (Mama's Rocking in a Cradle) 2:23

20 Pearlean Gray & the Passengers I Don't Want to Cry 2:26

21 Little Ben & the Cheers Beggar of Love 2:49

22 Versatiles You're Good Enough for Me 2:25

23 Vows Say You'll Be Mine 2:31

24 Delacardos She's the One I Love 2:39

25 People's Choice Savin' My Lovin' for You 3:01

26 Profiles Got to Be Your Lover 2:22

27 Pace-Setters Victim of Loneliness 2:33

28 Four Perfections I'm Not Strong Enough 2:33


01 Willy McDougal Don't Turn Away 2:32

02 Winfield Parker Mr Clean 2:38

03 Candi Staton Now You've Got the Upper Hand 1:51

04 Jay Wiggins Forgive Then Forget 2:18

05 Matt "Ti" Mattison & the Minit Men Don't Make Me Cry 2:36

06 Little Gene Brooks The James Brown Boogaloo 2:20

07 Betty Right Mr Lucky 2:41

08 Sam Hutchins I Can't Stop Crying 2:36

09 Sam Dees It's All Wrong (It's All Right) 2:44

10 Lee Edwards & His Continentals On the Re-E-B-O-U-N-D 2:24

11 Buddy Grubbs I'm Telling You 2:55

12 Eddie Floyd Hey Now 2:14

13 Patt Brown The Good Got to Suffer for the Bad 2:59

14 Little Frankie Lee I Gotta Come Back 2:03

15 Nat Hall With the Mellow 3 A Broken Hearted Clown 3:14

16 Ella Washington The Grass is Always Greener 2:22

17 Billy Young Still My Life Through 2:47

18 Carla Thomas Every Ounce of Strength 2:12

19 Ruby Winters I Don't Want to Hurt Nobody 3:02

20 Al "Tnt" Braggs I'm a Good Man 2:03

21 Sir Mack Rice Gotta Have My Baby's Love 2:21

22 Elijah & the Ebonies I Confess (Featuring Mary Sexton) 2:50

23 Jackie Avery Understanding 2:08

24 Margie Joseph Show Me 2:32

25 Moses Dillard & the Dynamic Showmen Pretty as a Picture 2:16

26 Jerry & Eddie & the Tornados Hurry Up Little Girl 2:44

27 Roy Arlington Everybody Makes a Mistake Sometimes 2:56

28 Bobby Parker Get Right 2:32


01 Pep Brown Can You Handle It 2:30

02 Jessie Hill Free and Easy 3:07

03 Richard Knight Show Stopper 2:36

04 Interpretations Soul Affection 2:07

05 King Earnest The Soul Stroke (Can You Handle It) 2:32

06 Rockie Charles & the Lavonics Riccasha 2:51

07 Reggie Smith Soul Walkin' 2:52

08 Bobby Rush Wake Up 2:43

09 Tenth Dymentions The Bushman 2:29

10 Essene Brotherhood Band The Funky Bandwagon 2:32

11 Noble Watts F.L.A. 2:49

12 Billy Sha-Rae Do It 2:24

13 Sonny Green People Are Talking About Me 2:39

14 Iron Man Sam Original Funky Bell Bottom 3:02

15 L.J. Waiters I'm a Lonely Man 2:47

16 Bobby Jones I've Got a Habit (Of Lovin' You) 2:32

17 Bobby Dunn Do the Bobby Dunn 3:13

18 Fantastic Epics We Do it All Up Here 2:50

19 Maskman & the Agents Ratty Ratty 2:53

20 Roy Hytower It Must Be Love 2:53

21 Isaac Clark Do the Dog Funk 3:02

22 Little Joe Mixon What You See is What You Get 2:30

23 Charles Lattimore Do the Thing 2:36

24 Lloyd Hendricks The Sno-Cone 2:35

25 Magic Sam I'll Pay You Back 2:17

26 Mad Dog & the Pups Hep Squeeze 3:12

27 Chet "Poison" Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers The Poo Poo Man 3:13

28 Dave Mitchell & the Screamers The Trip 2:19

29 Willie Smith I Got a New Thing 2:09



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Pink Floyd - Shine' On Box Set [1992] The Early Singles + Antiques, A Rare Collection of Oddities (1967-1971) [2015] + A Nice Pair [1973] + The Early Years- 1967-1972 Creation [2016] (5 x CD's)



Pink Floyd - Shine' On Box Set [1992] The Early Singles + Antiques, A Rare Collection of Oddities (1967-1971) [2015] + A Nice Pair [1973] + The Early Years- 1967-1972  Creation [2016] (5 x CD's)

Pink Floyd - Shine' On Box Set [1992] The Early Singles       The "Shine On" box set remains my favourite box set I've ever bought by Pink Floyd. It's packaging and presentation shames all the later efforts. And the mastering a are still very good. The EARLY SINGLES bonus CD is great. It compiled, for the first time ever, the band's first five 7" single A- and B-sides, in their original mono mixes. Its disappointing that it didnt include Scream Thy Last Scream (Studio outtake) and Vegetable Man. Unlike the other discs in the box set, The Early Singles was housed in a digipak case. 

Pink Floyd - Antiques, A Rare Collection of Oddities (1967-1971) [2015]     This is a bootleg of early Pink Floyd songs and includes the tracks Scream Thy Last Scream (Studio outtake) and Vegetable Man.  (Studio outtake). Track 3 has a CBC Radio story/interview with Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and Nick Mason with unreleased "Astronomy Domine".

Pink Floyd - A Nice Pair [1973]      Why the American version of this compilation of the group's highly esteemed first two LPs merits a relatively rating requires some explanation. The American version of A Nice Pair is a classic example of a good idea gone bad through the ineptitude of the people actually carrying it out. In the wake of the mega-hit status achieved earlier in 1973 by Dark Side of the Moon, executives at Capitol Records, in tandem with their counterparts in other countries, decided to remarket the group's earlier catalog; in America, this meant reissuing their first two LPs, Piper at the Gates of Dawn (originally issued stateside as Pink Floyd, in edited form) and A Saucerful of Secrets, both of which originally appeared on the Capitol subsidiary label Tower and were, by then, out of print. The result was a double LP called A Nice Pair, which was also put out in England -- which was odd, since both original albums were still readily in print on that side of the Atlantic. At least in England they got it right, releasing a straight compilation of the two original albums' contents. In America, however, the geniuses at Capitol had to add tracks in order to make the first platter, containing Piper at the Gates of Dawn, complete -- but instead of adding the original studio version of "Astronomy Domine," they took the very different live version from two years later off of the Ummagumma album and slapped it on, chopping off the applause at the end. The result was ludicrous, as well as frustrating to the most serious members of a vast legion of new American fans acquired in the wake of Dark Side of the Moon, who discovered that they still had to buy an imported LP to fill in their early history of the group or to absorb the way in which the band presented themselves in the opening minutes of their first LP. What made it worse was that it would have been no more expensive to get it right than it was to get it wrong -- they simply needed someone handling the matter (which was hardly rocket science) who knew what he was doing. Otherwise, the most notable element of A Nice Pair was its outer jacket by Hipgnosis, which was made up of 18 different images, one of which was a substitute for a recalcitrant Floyd Patterson, who wanted 5,000 dollars for the use of an image of him tinted pink on the cover; thus, the boxer, in a manner similar to that of Leo Gorcey on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover, aced himself out of a chance at footnote-level immortality in the rock music firmament. The cover was also censored in the U.S.A., a sticker covering a pair of female breasts and other, minor problems entailed with some of the images on various fronts. Otherwise, the American version of the album is just a well-meaning but unnecessarily flawed effort at exploiting the band's history. (AllMusic Review by Bruce Eder)

Pink Floyd - The Early Years- 1967-1972  Creation [2016]      A double-disc distillation of the massive box The Early Years 1965-1972, The Early Years 1967-1972 condenses that 28-disc set into a 27-track compilation. Naturally, most of the real rarities remain exiled to the big box, but that's fair: only the diehards will recognize the importance of Floyd's collaboration with artist John Latham. Instead, The Early Years 1967-1972 tells the same tale as The Early Years 1967-1972 but in an easily digestible form. The double-disc relies relatively heavily on familiar songs -- it opens with "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play," perhaps the two best-known Syd Barrett songs, and finds space for "Careful with That Axe, Eugene" and "Free Four" -- but what distinguishes 1967-1972 is that it's the first early Floyd compilation to trace their journey from Barrett's warped psychedelia to the majestic art rock of the early '70s. Some essential songs are missing -- this doesn't sample the albums, after all, so songs as varied as "Astronomy Domine," "Let There Be More Light," and "One of These Days" are all absent -- but the repetition of "Careful with That Axe, Eugene" and "Embryo" illustrates how the band rapidly gained confidence and ambition, which is essentially the story of this compilation and its parent set. Certainly, the details of the box are missed, but on its own terms, The Early Years 1967-1972 is absorbing: it illustrates how Pink Floyd became Pink Floyd. (AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)




Track list

Shine' On Box Set The Early Singles

01 Pink Floyd Arnold Layne 2:56

02 Pink Floyd Candy And A Currant Bun 2:48

03 Pink Floyd See Emily Play 2:56

04 Pink Floyd Scarecrow 2:12

05 Pink Floyd Apples And Oranges 3:08

06 Pink Floyd Paint Box 3:49

07 Pink Floyd It Would Be So Nice 3:47

08 Pink Floyd Julia Dream 2:35

09 Pink Floyd Point Me At The Sky 3:40

10 Pink Floyd Careful With That Axe Eugene 5:46

Antiques, A Rare Collection of Oddities (1967-1971)

01 Pink Floyd Intro by Paul McCartney 0:52

02 Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive 4:17

03 Pink Floyd Interview with Syd Barrett & Roger Waters 3:38

04 Pink Floyd Pow R Toc H 0:49

05 Pink Floyd Intro by Hans Kelle 1:03

06 Pink Floyd Astonomy Domine 3:58

07 Pink Floyd See Emily Play 2:45

08 Pink Floyd Flaming 2:48

09 Pink Floyd Reaction in G 0:39

10 Pink Floyd Scream Thy Last Scream 4:43

11 Pink Floyd Apples and Oranges 3:06

12 Pink Floyd Paintbox 3:28

13 Pink Floyd Jugband Blues 3:09

14 Pink Floyd Vegetable Man 2:33

15 Pink Floyd Julia Dream 2:35

16 Pink Floyd Clowns and Jugglers 1:27

17 Pink Floyd Terrapin 3:09

18 Pink Floyd Gigolo Aunt 3:41

19 Pink Floyd Baby Lemonade 2:35

20 Pink Floyd Effervescing Elephant 1:03

21 Pink Floyd Two of a Kind 2:33

22 Pink Floyd Dominoes 3:00

23 Pink Floyd Love Song 1:31

24 Pink Floyd Baby Lemonade 2:20

25 Pink Floyd Octopus 4:58

A Nice Pair CD1

01 Pink Floyd Astronomy Domine 4:15

02 Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam 3:07

03 Pink Floyd Matilda Mother 3:08

04 Pink Floyd Flaming 2:45

05 Pink Floyd Pow R. Toc H. 4:25

06 Pink Floyd Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk 3:05

07 Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive 9:41

08 Pink Floyd The Gnome 2:14

09 Pink Floyd Chapter 24 3:44

10 Pink Floyd Scarecrow 2:12

11 Pink Floyd Bike 3:26

A Nice Pair CD2

01 Pink Floyd Let There Be More Light 5:37

02 Pink Floyd Remember A Day 4:32

03 Pink Floyd Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 5:27

04 Pink Floyd Corporal Clegg 4:09

05 Pink Floyd A Saucerful Of Secrets 11:56

06 Pink Floyd See Saw 4:36

07 Pink Floyd Jugband Blues 3:00

The Early Years- 1967-1972  Creation CD1

01 Pink Floyd Arnold Layne 2:56

02 Pink Floyd See Emily Play 2:54

03 Pink Floyd Matilda Mother 3:59

04 Pink Floyd Jugband Blues 3:01

05 Pink Floyd Paintbox 3:47

06 Pink Floyd Flaming (BBC session, 25 September 1967) 2:42

07 Pink Floyd In the Beechwoods 4:42

08 Pink Floyd Point Me at the Sky 3:41

09 Pink Floyd Careful With That Axe, Eugene 5:48

10 Pink Floyd Embryo (from ‘Picnic’) 4:42

11 Pink Floyd Ummagumma Radio Ad (Capitol US) 0:22

12 Pink Floyd Grantchester Meadows (BBC session, 12 May 1969) 3:46

13 Pink Floyd Cymbaline (BBC session, 12 May 1969) 3:39

14 Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive (live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 9 August 1969) 4:23

15 Pink Floyd Green Is the Colour (BBC session, 12 May 1969) 3:21

16 Pink Floyd Careful With That Axe, Eugene (BBC session, 12 May 1969) 3:27

The Early Years- 1967-1972  Creation CD2

01 Pink Floyd On the Highway (Zabriskie Point remix) 1:16

02 Pink Floyd Auto Scene, Version 2 (Zabriskie Point remix) 1:14

03 Pink Floyd The Riot Scene (Zabriskie Point remix) 1:39

04 Pink Floyd Looking at Map (Zabriskie Point remix) 1:55

05 Pink Floyd Take Off (Zabriskie Point remix) 1:19

06 Pink Floyd Embryo (BBC radio session, 16 July 1970) 10:12

07 Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother (live in Montreux, 21 November 1970) 18:00

08 Pink Floyd Nothing, Part 14 7:01

09 Pink Floyd Childhood’s End (2016 remix) 4:33

10 Pink Floyd Free Four (2016 remix) 4:16

11 Pink Floyd Stay (2016 remix) 4:08



MUSIC DOCUMENTARY #29 Pink Floyd - On Thin Ice, 1965-1985 [2020] MP4



Pink Floyd - On Thin Ice, 1965-1985 [2020] MP4

"On Thin Ice" is a fan made documentary by Psych For The Children Productions. It mainly focuses on the early years of the band, during their psychedelic phase but also ventures into to other key moments of Pink Floyd's story. The documentary has been edited, produced and partially narrated by Dahli Thomson, talking about this time of the group when it was composed of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, still without David Gilmour.  He also talks about everything that happened with Pink Floyd from 1965 to 1985, in 'On Thin Ice', you see unpublished interviews and difficult performances. You will find very intimate moments of the band such as the formation of Pink Floyd, the origin of the name (based on the blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council). Anecdotes of how the 'BBC' chain refused to broadcast 'Arnold Layne', and when material and instruments were stolen during the 'Ummagumma' tour.  And of course he talks about Syd Barret, his health problems and his solo career, for Pink Floyd lovers it is a document that cannot be missed. This document surpasses many of the other Pink Floyd documentaries. If you are a fan of Pink Floyd you cannot miss this documentary...




Friday, August 27, 2021

VA - Hammond Organ Instrumentals (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2



VA - Hammond Organ Instrumentals (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2

The Hammond organ is an electric organ invented by Laurens Hammond and John M. Hanert and first manufactured in 1935. Multiple models have been produced, most of which use sliding drawbars to vary sounds. Until 1975, Hammond organs generated sound by creating an electric current from rotating a metal tone-wheel near an electromagnetic pickup, and then strengthening the signal with an amplifier to drive a speaker cabinet. The organ is commonly used with the Leslie speaker.

Here are 51 Instrumental Rock, Jazz and Soul tracks that typify the use of Hammond organs. It's a great sound that holds your attention as the other instruments add their flavour.






Track lists


01 Spencer Davis Group Stevie's Groove 2:42

02 Faces Pineapple and the Monkey 4:22

03 Toussaint McCall Shimmy 2:20

04 Tommy Guerrero Of Things to Come 3:01

05 Brian Auger A Day in the Life 5:15

06 Graham Bond Wade in the Water (Single Version) 2:41

07 Style Council Mick's Up 3:13

08 Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity Ellis Island 4:09

09 James Brown Believers Shall Enjoy (Non Believers Shall Suffer) 2:41

10 Billy Preston Billy's Bag 2:49

11 Jackie Mittoo Ghetto Organ 4:02

12 Art Neville Micky Fick 3:52

13 Small Faces Grow Your Own 2:19

14 Jimmy McGriff The Bird Wave 4:05

15 Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Memphis 4:33

16 Buddy McKnight Everytime, Pt. 2 2:39

17 George Benson & Jack Mac Duff The Party's Over 6:48

18 Wynder K Frog Hi Heel Sneakers 3:34

19 Zoot Money Zoot's Suite 3:24

20 Shirley Scott Quintet When a Man Loves a Woman 3:51

21 Artwoods A Taste of Honey 3:11

22 Louis Chachere The Hen 2:31

23 A.B.Skhy Camel Back 5:09

24 Wynder K Frog Jumping Jack Flash 3:58

25 Medeski, Martin and Wood Bubble House 4:30

26 Stanley Myers Organ Fantasia in D Major 5:49


27 Sharkskin Hothead 3:01

28 Lord Large LBW 2:15

29 Peddlers Horse's Collar 2:06

30 Rhoda Scott Moanin' 3:08

31 Jimmy Smith Midnight Special 9:59

32 Martini Buttermilk 3:33

33 Pleasure Beach Smells Like Teen Spirit 3:59

34 Johnny Hammond The Prophet 7:31

35 Clique Wormin' 2:36

36 Style Council Council Meetin' 2:34

37 The Forster Hammond Trio Texas Twister 5:28

38 Red Holloway Crib Theme 10:14

39 Don Patterson Donald Duck 5:51

40 Richard 'groove' Holmes Misty 6:06

41 Danger Mod Theodalight 9 2:56

42 Andy Lewis Song for the Big Tv 2:40

43 Nick Rossi Set Monkeyshines 4:29

44 Willis Jackson Quintet Please Mr. Jackson 5:48

45 Freddie Roach One Track Mind 5:46

46 James Taylor Quartet One Way Street 2:20

47 Manfred Mann One Way 3:29

48 Johnny 'hammond' Smith Sticks and Stones 4:30

49 Spidermen Theme From Poindexter 5:08

50 Billy Preston Outa-Space 4:09

51 Floyd Cramer Let's Go 2:30