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VA - In The Shadow Of Sun, Memphis Area R&B And Rock'n'Roll [2014] (3 x CD's)


VA - In The Shadow Of Sun,  Memphis Area R&B And Rock'n'Roll [2014] (3 x CD's)

Compiled and annotated by R&B and rock & roll authority Dave Penny, the 3CD set In The Shadow Of Sun is a mighty 101-track survey of the rockin records released on indie labels in Memphis and environs in the wake of the success of Sun Records By 1950, the population of Memphis had increased to 400,000 residents and the time was ripe to test the waters for home-grown independent record labels to cater to the local population and, more importantly, to provide the area s semi-professional artists with an outlet for their creativity without the need to travel to Nashville, Chicago or further. Duke Records was formed in 1952 by David J. Mattis, but was soon subsumed by Houston s Peacock Records. Sam Phillips first joint-venture with his friend, DJ Dewey Phillips, had stiffed after just one release in 1950, persuading him to spend the next few years leasing his local recordings to established West Coast and mid-west labels. His subsequent success with Sun Records in 1953, however, would break the curse of Memphis and open the floodgates to dozens of other would-be Sams intent on finding their own local heroes. Early entrants in the Memphis indie stakes included David Mattis, returning with the Starmaker imprint, while two West Coast operations, Ekko and Modern, both opened Memphis outlets (the latter creating the dedicated Meteor label). In their wake came OJ, Von (based over the state line in Mississippi), Peak, the cheekily-titled Moon, House of Sound, Atomic, Jaxon, Sure, Lu, Hill Crest, Hornet, Benton, Sky (another Mississippi label), Erwin, Katche, Kay, Crystal, Cathey, Hut, F&L, Rita, Skipper, Stomper Time, Blues Boy Kingdom (formed by B.B. King), Kim and Ardent (which would enjoy considerable when reactivated in 1966). If most of those labels are hardly household names, then it s no surprise that with a few exceptions, like Joe Hill Louis, Johnny Burnette, Little Milton, Carl Mann, Roosevelt Sykes, Wink Martindale, Willie Mitchell and Charlie Feathers, the artists are equally obscure, which is precisely why their releases have come to be treasured by successive generations of collectors, and why In The Shadow Of Sun will be welcomed with open arms by lovers of rhythm and rock! (Amazon)

Another great album well packaged and well researched. To even attempt now days to get these tracks on vinyl unless you're very wealthy would take years. Many of the artists are known but there is more than enough boppers n rarities to keep any collector and new comer to rocking very happy.


VA - In The Shadow Of Sun,  Memphis Area R&B And Rock'n'Roll [2014] CD01

VA - In The Shadow Of Sun,  Memphis Area R&B And Rock'n'Roll [2014] CD02

VA - In The Shadow Of Sun,  Memphis Area R&B And Rock'n'Roll [2014] CD03


VA - In The Shadow Of Sun,  Memphis Area R&B And Rock'n'Roll [2014] ALL


Track lists


01    Moohah    All Shook Out    2:51
02    Fention Robinson    Tennessee Woman    2:27
03    Hayden Thompson    Act Like You Love Me    2:34
04    Curley Griffin    I've Seen It All    2:49
05    Eddie Bond    Talking Off The Wall    2:32
06    Jess Hooper    All Messed Up    2:05
07    Lloyd Mccollough    Oh Darling    2:04
08    Aubrey Cagle    Wanted To Be Wanted Blues    2:09
09    Joe Hill Lewis    Jack Pot    2:31
10    Mac Sales    A Gal Named Joe    2:42
11    Johnny Burnette    You're Undecided    2:25
12    Curley Griffin    You Gotta Play Fair    2:08
13    Brad Suggs    Charcoal Suit    2:29
14    Wayne Mcginnis    Lonesome Rhythm Blues    1:56
15    Dale Vaughn    High Steppin'    2:09
16    Eddie Bond    Love Makes A Fool (Every Day)    2:10
17    Curley Griffin    Got Rockin' On My Mind    2:32
18    Little Milton    Let's Boogie Baby    3:15
19    Moohah    Candy    2:35
20    Joe Hill Lewis    Glamour Girl    3:02
21    Hayden Thompson    I Feel The Blues Coming On    2:36
22    Jess Hooper    Sleepy Times Blues    2:22
23    Johnny Burnette    Go Mule Go    2:08
24    Lloyd Mccullough    Watch That Girl    2:12
25    Brad Suggs    Bop, Baby, Bop    2:09
26    Aubrey Cagle    Real Cool    2:11
27    Wayne Mcginnis    Rock, Roll And Rhythm    2:12
28    Curley Griffin    Gotta Whip This Bear    2:12
29    Jimmy Lambeth    Latch On To Your Baby    2:19
30    Del Rios    Lizzie    2:09
31    Curley Griffin    Rock Bottom Blues    2:43
32    Roosewelt Sykes    Sputnik Baby    2:23
33    Dale Vaughn    How Can You Be Mean To Me    2:20


01    Allen Page    Dateless Night    2:25
02    Carl Mann    Rockin' Love    2:23
03    Lynn Pratt    Come Here Mama    1:48
04    Chester Guydon    Miss Fanny Brown    2:25
05    Allen Page    Sugar Tree    2:00
06    Wailin' Bill Dell    Do You Care    2:27
07    Curtis Hoback    Tom Dooley Rock 'n' Roll    2:18
08    Big Four    Outa Tune    2:00
09    Lynn Pratt    Red Headed Woman    2:08
10    Charles Senns    Dig Me A Crazy Record    2:48
11    Franklin Stewart    That Long Black Train    2:25
12    Jimmie Martin    Rock The Bop    2:16
13    Joe Wallace    Leopard Man    2:26
14    Allen Page    Honeysuckle    2:36
15    Dave Gardner    Mad Witch    2:33
16    Carl Miller    Rhythm Guitar    2:13
17    Curtis Hobock    The Whole Town's Talkin'    2:03
18    Barney Burcham    I Fell    2:06
19    Chester Guydon    You Gotta Help Me Some    2:39
20    Lynn Pratt    They're Learning    2:19
21    Wink Martindale    Love's Got Me Thinkin'    2:20
22    Allen Page    Oh Baby    2:49
23    Jimmie Martin    Red Bobby Socks    1:58
24    Curtis Hobock    China Rock    2:31
25    Wailin' Bill Dell    You Gotta Be Loose    1:56
26    Big Four    All Keyed Up    2:07
27    Dave Gardner    Love Is My Business    2:22
28    Carne Pitrello    The Saints    2:38
29    Carl Mann    Gonna Rock And Roll Tonight    1:55
30    Charles Senns    Gee Wiz Liz    2:36
31    Lynn Pratt    Tom Cat Boogie    2:47
32    Allen Page    She's The One That Got It    2:15
33    Wink Martindale    Love Broke Loose    1:56


01    Lloyd Arnold    Hang Out    2:03
02    Jody Chastain    Jody's Beat    2:54
03    Jimmy Pritchett    Nothing On My Mind    1:57
04    Four Kings    Rag Mop    1:42
05    Bobby Lollar    Bad Bad Boy    1:57
06    Freddie Caddell And The Twirls    Gotta Big Fat Mama    2:37
07    Billy Wayne    I Love My Baby    1:52
08    Frank Cathey    Witchapoo    2:29
09    Eddie Cash And The Cashiers    Come On Home    2:07
10    Wayne Williams    Red Hot Mama    2:13
11    Ferrell Duncan And His Rockers    Flying Saucer Rocket    1:36
12    Willie Mitchell Orchestra    Lizzie Lou    2:43
13    Wilbur Steinberg Orchestra    Mop Bop Boogie    2:22
14    Bobby Roberts And The Bad Habits    Hop, Skip And Jump    2:13
15    Tommy Hawk    Rockin' At The Zoo    2:18
16    Bobby Roberts    Big Sandy    2:02
17    Charles Dean And The Rondells    Train Whistle Boogie    2:05
18    Jody Chastain    My My    2:41
19    Hoyt Johnson    Standing In Your Window    2:07
20    Larry Kennon    Monkey Love    2:22
21    Charlie Feathers    Jungle Fever    2:40
22    Freddie Caddell And The Twirls    At The Rockhouse    2:15
23    Paul Little    I Want To Walk With You    2:06
24    Willie Mitchell Orchestra    Wasting My Time    2:29
25    Jerry Grimes    My Rock And Roll Daddy    2:42
26    Levi Seabury And His Band    Boogie Beat    2:28
27    Five Stars    Hey Juanita    2:39
28    Ferrell Duncan    Little Susie    2:05
29    Tippo Lite's All Stars    Jumping This Morning    2:32
30    Eddie Cash And The Cashiers    Land Of Promises    1:54
31    Bobby Roberts    She's My Woman    2:35
32    Billy Wayne    Walking And Strolling    2:11
33    Merdell Floyd    Juke Box Mama    1:26
34    Bobby Roberts    Cravin'    2:48
35    Tommy Hawk    I Thought About Living    2:28