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VA - Losing Touch With My Mind, Psychedelia In Britain 1986-1990 [2019] (3 x CD's)


VA - Losing Touch With My Mind, Psychedelia In Britain 1986-1990 [2019] (3 x CD's)

In 2016, the Cherry Red label released Another Splash of Colour, an excellent overview of the neo-psych scene happening in the U.K. between the years 1980 to 1985. Since the sound didn't fade away after that time frame but instead fragmented and grew in new directions, the label thought it worth their time and effort to put together another set to round up the highlights of what came next. Losing Touch with My Mind: Psychedelia in Britain 1985-1990 is a three-disc set that does a fine job trying to corral the various slippery strands of psychedelia as it mutated into new forms. It's no easy task to connect the dots between the various styles, and to their credit, the compilers of the set kind of throw their hands up and just let the weirdness of the music take over. They don't try to shape the story in any coherent manner as they let the songs bump against each other in mostly random fashion, which is itself an act of psychedelic inspiration. It's easy to imagine a listener losing their bearings as the set switches from the twisted psych-pop of Robyn Hitchcock to the danceable and loose strut of the Stone Roses, the brain-scraping grind of Spacemen 3, or the sky-walking whoosh of the Boo Radleys. The set touches on shoegaze, dream pop, garage rock revival, super-twee baroque pop, noisy indie pop, Madchester, baggy, drone pop, electro-psych, and biker rock as it trips along, mixing up well-known bands like the Primitives and Inspiral Carpets, cult favorites like Paul Roland and the Modern Art, and some bands who only the most dedicated fans of the era might remember (such as the Glass Keys, the Sugar Battle, and C Cat Trance, whose trancey "Shake the Mind" might take the prize for most left-field track).

No matter the band's profile, the selections are all top notch, and while it's a treat to rediscover old favorites in a new context (like the Dentists' jumpy "You Took Me by Surprise" or the Telescopes' dreamlike "Everso"), the real treat of the set is how deep they dig for obscurities like One Thousand Violins' brilliantly urgent garage pop near-classic "Please Don't Sandblast My House" or the Honey Smugglers' groovy rocker "Smokey Ice-Cream," which comes complete with a totally wigged-out guitar solo. It's also impressive how wide the compilers cast their net. Any set that contains both the Shamen's "Christopher Mayhew Says" and the King of Luxembourg's "Smash Hit Wonder," or the Charlatans' super-baggy "Opportunity" and the Sea Urchins' fragile folk-rock gem "A Morning Odyssey," is one that's telling the entire story of the U.K. psych scene of the time. Like the bands themselves, who continued to take the tropes and tones of psychedelia in interesting and almost always worthwhile new realms, Losing Touch with My Mind is a worthy successor to Another Splash of Colour. It's similarly well chosen and documented, and well worth checking out for anyone with a healthy nostalgia for the time frame or for anyone who missed it the first time around and wants to discover something weird, wild, and decked out in trippy finery. (AllMusic Review by Tim Sendra)


VA - Losing Touch With My Mind, Psychedelia In Britain 1986-1990 [2019] CD1

VA - Losing Touch With My Mind, Psychedelia In Britain 1986-1990 [2019] CD2


VA - Losing Touch With My Mind, Psychedelia In Britain 1986-1990 [2019] CD3


VA - Losing Touch With My Mind, Psychedelia In Britain 1986-1990 [2019] ALL


Track lists


01    Stone Roses    Don't Stop    5:22
02    Spacemen 3    Losing Touch With My Mind (Demo)    5:16
03    Modern Art    Mind Train    5:13
04    14 Iced Bears    Mother Sleep    4:34
05    Red Chair Fadeaway    Myra    2:43
06    Biff Bang Pow!    Five Minutes in the Life of Greenwood Goulding    4:24
07    Stairs    I Remember a Day    2:28
08    Prisoners    In From the Cold    3:35
09    Telescopes    Everso    3:12
10    Seers    Psych Out    6:11
11    Magic Mushroom Band    You Can Be My L-S-D    5:27
12    Honey Smugglers    Smokey Ice-Cream    4:11
13    Sugar Battle    Colliding Minds    2:48
14    Gol Gappas    Albert Parker    4:03
15    Thanes    Days Go Slowly By    2:14
16    Paul Roland    In the Opium Den    5:44
17    Moonflowers    We Dig Your Earth    3:32
18    Thee Hypnotics    Justice in Freedom [12 Inch Version]    8:44


01    Sun Dial    Exploding in Your Mind (Colour Mix)    4:09
02    One Thousand Violins    Please Don't Sandblast My House    3:19
03    Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians    Lady Waters and the Hooded One    5:37
04    Primal Scream    Imperial    3:37
05    Barbel    Income Tax    3:05
06    Pale Saints    Way the World Is    2:43
07    Sea Urchins    A Morning Odyssey    4:44
08    Boo Radleys    Aldous    4:50
09    Rosemary's Children    (At The) End of the Corridor    4:32
10    Darkside    Found Love    2:51
11    Glass Keys    Workshop of My Mind    3:49
12    Legendary Pink Dots    Princess Coldheart    6:38
13    Bachelor Pad    Tumble and Fall    4:44
14    Jeremy Gluck    Burning Skulls Rise    4:26
15    Sleepeaters    The Last Mile    3:22
16    Hangman's Beautiful Daughters    Darkside    4:11
17    Wolfhounds    Another Hazy Day on the Lazy A    4:17
18    Shamen    Christopher Mayhew Says    3:48
19    Revolving Paint Dream    The Dune Buggy Attack Battalion    3:27


01    Charlatans    Opportunity    6:44
02    Captain Sensible    Exploding Heads and Teapots (Past Their Prime)    4:07
03    Tryp    I Dream in Black and White    4:30
04    Sneetches    Empty Sea (Live)    2:42
05    Ultra Vivid Scene    Staring at the Sun    2:49
06    Aardvarks    Save My Soul    2:59
07    Dentists    You Took Me By Surprise    1:59
08    King of Luxembourg    Smash Hit Wonder    2:55
09    Inspiral Carpets    26    2:52
10    Something Pretty Beautiful    Freak Outburst    5:07
11    C Cat Trance    Shake the Mind    5:35
12    Cleaners From Venus    Victoria Grey    3:08
13    Primitives    Ocean Blue    3:18
14    Black Atlas    Living Colours    2:06
15    Mood Six    When the Time Comes    2:23
16    Time Machine    Another Scene (In Black and White)    4:00
17    Jetset    Happy in My Mind    3:17
18    Times    Oranges and Lemons (Scream Quietly Mix)    3:02
19    Blow-Up    What is in Your Mind    3:41
20    Jane From Occupied Europe    Parade    4:01
21    Prime Movers    I'm Alive    2:26
22    Sleep Creature and the Vampires    Look to the Sun    2:09
23    Gaye Bykers on Acid    Tv Cabbage    3:05