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VA - Kent Carnival Of Soul Vol. 01, Vol. 02 & Vol. 03 [1994+1995]


VA - Kent Carnival Of Soul Vol.  01, Vol. 02 & Vol. 03 [1994+1995] 

The first of 3 volumes, features the story of Joe Evans, who started out playing jazz saxophone (he played first alto to Charlie Parker's third alto in the legendary Jay McShann band of 1942!) and wound up with his own 60s and 70s soul label Carnival. Always at the cutting edge of Black music, Joe filled the years in between working as a support musician with Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton and Sil Austin, acting as National Promotions Director for Ray Charles' outfit Tangerine Records and becoming a record producer for the tiny Cee Jay label. Seeing the future in soul music (long before many of his contemporaries), he set up Carnival in 1962. The label attracted a red-hot 'house' band of young talent - guitarists Eric Gale and 'Snaggs' Allen, drummer Bernard Purdie and bassist Jimmy Tyrell (later a vice president of Columbia Records), among them - and together they forged a distinct new sound. One of the singers Joe recorded was Barbara Brown and she was instrumental in bringing The Manhattans to Carnival. Joe shaped the group's raw talent and by their third single I Wanna Be, they had charted high (the song leached No 12 R&B, No 68 Pop, and was to be the label's biggest hit). They would chart another 8 times for the label and this CD (and Volumes 2 & 3, KENT 118 &124) tell their story, as well as that of Joe Evans and all the other fine soul talent he recorded.

Two record companies, Collectables and Kent, have taken it upon themselves to reissue everything cut by Joe Evans' Carnival Record label. Collectables has the best idea musically -- it includes six or eight tracks by one known artist and fills the rest of the CD with cuts by the real unknowns. However, Collectables doesn't include songwriters' credits, and the liner notes and artist information are either skimpy or missing. Kent's discs have more than 20 cuts each and extensive annotation, but no more than two or three tracks by any artist, so you get a potpourri of unfamiliar tracks that are average at best. Carnival of Soul, Vol. 1: Wishes, the first volume of Kent's Carnival Records compilations, consists of 24 tracks and one lone R&B hit: Lee Williams & the Cymbals "I Love You More." Two Manhattans tunes made the cut -- the unreleased "Til You Come Back to Me" and "All I Need Is Your Love," an obscure album track. Northern soul fans will love the inclusion of Phil Terrell's "Love Has Passed Me By"; the song went unnoticed in the States, but is considered a collector's item Europe. A female group called the Pets has the most interesting track here, an early production by George Clinton titled "I Say Yeah," originally released and forgotten in 1965. Tracks by the Metrics, the Topics, and the Lovettes are interesting, and the Pretenders cuts always demand attention, but the rest is mediocre at best. (AllMusic Review by Andrew Hamilton)

Volume One of this Carnival Records anthology contained one lone R&B hit; this second volume doesn't include any at all. The Manhattans' second record, "There Goes a Fool," is a good little number, but nothing special. Lee Williams & the Cymbals' second-biggest record, "Peepin' Through the Window," still sounds good, and was one of the few Carnival Records releases to get played outside of New Jersey. The Symphonies' "That's What Love Will Do" is a heart-rending girl group ballad and a bonafide tear-jerker, while The Lovettes' "I'm Afraid (To Say I Love You)" is another good slice of female group soul. The Metrics and the Topics sides are always interesting; Joe Evans (Carnival Records' owner) should have taken them in the studio more. Sides by Barbara Brown and Norma Jenkins may have been recorded in New Jersey, but they're deep soul. (AllMusic Review by Andrew Hamilton)

Many labels and label owners have been given unofficial sainthood by fans (all petitions to the Vatican are pending), but in the world of independent soul perhaps one of the most deserved of this massive praise is Joe Evans and his Carnival imprint. Spanning most of the '60s and taking occasional forays into the '70s and even the indie soul tundra of the '80s, Carnival quietly issued soul-blues rockers, somber ballads, northern classics, disco anthems, and crossover classics before most of those designations had been invented. Among the legends here are Lee Williams & the Cymbals' classic "I Need You Baby" (imagine Marvin Gaye singing lead with the Impressions), Phil Terrell and his fantastic "I'll Erase You (From My Heart)," Wilber Bascombe's bona fide funk anthem "Groove in G," and the sophisticated '80s surprise of New Jersey Connection's "Love Don't Come Easy." This is the third and final volume in Kent Records' reissue series that presents the entire catalog of Carnival, including previously unissued material. (AllMusic Review by Wade Kergan)

If you really want the whole story, though, you'll have to check out all three volumes.



Track lists

Kent Carnival Of Soul Vol.  01 [1994] Wishes

01 Metrics Wishes 2:53

02 Topics She's So Fine 2:38

03 Manhattans All I Need is Your Love 3:00

04 Norma Jenkins Me Myself and I 2:45

05 Lovettes I Need a Guy 2:50

06 Barbara Brown Forget Him 3:08

07 Harry Caldwell Nobody Loves Me (Like My Baby) 2:26

08 Lee Williams & the Cymbals I Love You More 3:11

09 Kenneth Ruffin I'll Keep Holding On 2:52

10 Jimmy Jules Nothing Will Ever Change (This Love of Mine) 2:27

11 Turner Brothers My Love is Yours Tonight 2:54

12 Lee Williams & the Cymbals It's Everything About You (That I Love) 3:10

13 Pretenders I Wanna Be (Your Everything) 2:45

14 Phil Terrell Love Has Passed Me By 2:43

15 Pets I Say Yeah 2:20

16 Leon & Metronomes & Kool Kings Band I'll Catch You on the Rebound 2:20

17 Phil Terrell Can I Come In 2:14

18 Curby Goggins Come Home to Daddy 2:48

19 Little Royal I Can Tell 2:55

20 Rene Bailey I'm Gonna Be Missing You 2:59

21 Tren-Teens My Baby's Gone 2:39

22 Pretenders I Call it Love 2:15

23 Manhattans Till You Come Back to Me 2:41

24 Three Reasons Go Right On 2:39

VA - Kent Carnival Of Soul Vol.  02 [1995] Feelin' Good

01 Phil Terrell I'm Just a Young Boy 2:24

02 Barbara Brown So in Love 3:00

03 Topics Hey Girl (Where Are You Going) 2:47

04 Manhattans There Goes a Fool 2:27

05 Harry Caldwell Please Come Back 2:58

06 Lee Williams & the Cymbals Peeping Through the Window 3:05

07 Metrics I Found You 3:27

08 Symphonies That's What Love Will Do 3:11

09 Pretenders I'm the One Love Forgot 3:21

10 Barbara Brown Sometimes I Wonder 2:17

11 Jimmy Jules Don't Let Yourself Go 3:05

12 Harold & Connie Bugaloo Party 2:34

13 Lovettes Little Miss Soul 2:20

14 Manhattans Love is Breaking Out All Over 2:16

15 Pretenders Broken Heart 3:03

16 Rene Bailey Warm and Tender Love 3:24

17 Phil Terrell Don't Run Away 3:08

18 Norma Jenkins Need Someone to Love 3:14

19 Topics I Don't Have to Cry 2:46

20 Lovettes I'm Afraid (To Say I Love You) 2:46

21 Harry Caldwell A New World is Just Beginning 3:04

22 Lee Williams & the Cymbals Lost Love 2:51

23 Curby Goggins Leave Me If You Want To 3:08

24 Carnival Kings Feelin' Good 2:34

VA - Kent Carnival Of Soul Vol.  03 [1995] I Wanna Be

01 Lee Williams & The Cymbals I Need You Baby 3:03

02 Phil Terrell I'll Erase You (From My Heart) 2:24

03 Manhattans I Wanna Be (Your Everything) 2:42

04 Pretenders I Call It Love 3:56

05 Topics If Love Comes Knockin' 2:52

06 Barbara Brown Send Him To Me 2:44

07 Turner Brothers I'm The Man For You Baby 3:09

08 Jimmy Jules Just One More Time 3:18

09 Lee Williams & The Cymbals I'll Be Gone 2:58

10 Dolores Johnson What Kind Of Man Are You 2:37

11 Curly Mays Oh Why 2:27

12 Little Royal You Made Me Love You 2:17

13 Maurice Simon & The Pie Men The Git Go 2:49

14 Pretenders Just Be Yourself 3:41

15 James Perry April Lady 4:16

16 Three Reasons Take Me Back 3:08

17 Lovettes Lonely Girl 2:54

18 Kenneth Ruffin Cry Cry Cry 2:15

19 Leon & The Metronomes Buy This Record For Me 2:52

20 Trenteens Your Yah-Yah Is Gone 2:02

21 Dolores Johnson Try Me One Time 2:29

22 Rene Bailey It's Too Late For Tears 2:52

23 Manhattans I Don't Wanna Go 2:42

24 Wilbur Bascomb & Blue Zodiacs Groove In G 2:43

25 New Jersey Connection Love Don't Come Easy 3:21



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MUSIC MOVIE DOCUMENTARY #3 Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World [2017]


Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World [2017] Music Doco

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World is a Canadian documentary film directed by Catherine Bainbridge and co-directed by Alfonso Maiorana, released in 2017. The film profiles the impact of Indigenous musicians in Canada and the United States on the development of rock music. Artists profiled include Charley Patton, Mildred Bailey, Link Wray, Jesse Ed Davis, Stevie Salas, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Robbie Robertson, Randy Castillo, Jimi Hendrix, Taboo and others. The title of the film is a reference to the pioneering instrumental "Rumble", released in 1958 by the American group Link Wray & His Ray Men. The instrumental piece was very influential on many artists.

The idea for the film came from Stevie Salas (Apache) and Tim Johnson (Mohawk), two of the film's executive producers. They created an exhibit for the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian about the indigenous influence on American music, titled “Up Where We Belong: Native Musicians in Popular Culture”.

The film features many influential musicians who discuss the musical contributions of indigenous artists, including commentaries from Quincy Jones, George Clinton, Taj Mahal, Martin Scorsese, John Trudell, Steven Tyler, Marky Ramone, Slash, Iggy Pop, Buddy Guy and others. The film premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.





VA - Dylan in Jazz (A Jazz Tribute to Bob Dylan) [2018]



VA - Dylan in Jazz (A Jazz Tribute to Bob Dylan) [2018]

Although there’s been several tributes to Bob Dylan over the years, there’s never been a jazz tribute to one of the greatest singer-songwriters in the history modern music. That was until Wagram Music released Dylan In Jazz-A Jazz Tribute To Bob Dylan in 2018. Wagram, France is one of the best tribute albums you will find. There’s an eclectic selection of jazz artists on Dylan In Jazz-A Jazz Tribute To Bob Dylan, ranging from Ben Sidran and Abbey Lincoln to The Neville Brothers, The Keith Jarrett Trio, Eric Bibb, Stanley Turrentine, Howard Tate, Bill Frisell, and Louisa Bey. In total, there’s fifteen artist on Dylan In Jazz-A Jazz Tribute To Bob Dylan who take familiar songs in a new direction. Each of these have their own way of paying tribute to Bob Dylan. Not all of the songs on Dylan In Jazz-A Jazz Tribute To Bob Dylan can be described as jazz. Especially Howard Tate’s soulful hidden gem Girl From The North Country, and Jef Lee Johnson’s moody, rocky version of Ballad Of A Thin Man. (Exerpts from

This set should be welcomed by both long-term Dylan fans and anyone who loves the esoteric genre that is jazz.



Track lists

01 Ben Sidran Knockin' on Heaven's Door 3:46

02 Abbey Lincoln Mr Tambourine Man 6:54

03 Joshua Redman The Times They Are A-Changin’ 5:07

04 Neville Brothers The Ballad of Hollis Brown 5:43

05 Keith Jarrett My Back Pages 5:14

06 Eric Bibb Masters of War 3:18

07 Stanley Turrentine Blowin' in the Wind 5:53

08 Howard Tate Girl From the North Country 3:44

09 Hudson, Jack Dejohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski, John Scofield Lay Lady Lay (Feat. Jack Dejohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski & John Scofield) 8:12

10 Ben Sidran Gotta Serve Somebody 4:49

11 Bill Frisell Just Like a Woman 4:47

12 CaeCilie Norby Like a Rolling Stone 3:46

13 Jef Lee Johnson (feat. Yohannes Tona & Charlie Patierno) Ballad of a Thin Man (Feat. Yohannes Tona & Charlie Patierno) 4:43

14 Olivier Hutman, Alice Ricciardi Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 4:55

15 Louisa Bey Everything is Broken 4:45



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VA - You Made Me Cry, Sad Soul Songs (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+C2+CD3


VA - You Made Me Cry, Sad Soul Songs (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+C2+CD3

What do you listen to when you're feeling down, disappointed, lonely, suffering, grief ridden or other sad emotions. Whether its a relationship bust up, lost love, sadness of a death of a friend, being lost or simply reminiscing you need to connect with someone who sympathises and really understands. some people will say it will be alright, but it won't always. I bet at times you will need to listen to sad soul music to help you realise you are not alone. 

If you feel like you need to just sit in your room and cry, go right ahead, it's for your own good. Its a proven fact that crying along to sad songs is guaranteed to make you feel better, so put on your favorite music and sob.  your favorite sad music may be different to mine but I assure you Soul music by its nature can not only move you it can help you through your pain. That feeling that the African American voice can convey in a sad song is often heartbreaking and reflective of a specific moment of sadness or pain in your heart. 

I have presented sad song compilations previously but not one dedicated to black American soul artists. Here are 75 tracks of emotionally draining heartfelt tearjerkers, so unwind and feel better faster. The music contains only great singing by artists that have felt your pain. Enjoy!






Track lists


01 Ann Peebles Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness 2:38

02 Charles Bradley Changes 5:46

03 Marvin Gaye Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) 5:26

04 Bill Withers In My Heart 4:20

05 Otis Redding Just One More Day 2:59

06 Sam Cooke A Change is Gonna Come 3:13

07 Aretha Franklin My Song 3:31

08 Lee Fields & the Expressions Wish You Were Here 4:11

06 The Commodores Still 5:51

10 Roberta Flack Killing Me Softly With His Song 4:47

11 George Jackson & Dan Greer I Can See Sadness Ahead for Me 3:50

12 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings These Tears (No Longer for You) 3:35

13 Tony Owens The Letter That Broke My Heart 4:11

14 Lattimore Brown It's Such a Sad, Sad World 2:25

15 Stevie Wonder They Won't Go When I Go 5:59

16 Bobby Womack If You Think Your Lonely Now 5:28

17 Jimmy Ruffin What Becomes of the Broken Hearted 2:52

18 Ray Charles Georgia on My Mind 3:40

19 Al Green How Can You Mend a Broken Heart 6:21

20 Manhattans Kiss and Say Goodbye 3:32

21 Dorothy Moore Misty Blue 3:34

22 Ural Thomas & the Pain Smoldering Fire 3:41

23 Mable John You Made a Fool Out of Me 2:23

24 Dicky Williams In the Same Motel 4:02

25 Syl Johnson It Ain't Easy 5:06


26 Betty Harris What a Sad Feeling 2:24

27 Sade King of Sorrow 4:53

28 Donny Hathaway Someday We'll All Be Free 4:10

29 Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart 4:32

30 Brenda and the Tabulations Who's Lovin' You 3:13

31 John Williams & the Tick Tocks Blues, Tears and Sorrows 3:05

32 Bettye Lavette Let Me Down Easy 2:50

33 Nolan Porter If I Could Only Be Sure 3:21

34 George Perkins & the Silver St Crying in the Streets 3:23

35 O.V. Wright Everybody Knows (The River Song) 3:03

36 Black Velvet Is it Me You Really Love 3:23

37 Beryl Marsden; Lynn Jackson Sad Songs 3:19

38 Luther Vandross A House Is Not a Home 7:08

39 Billy Preston Sad Sad Song 2:30

40 Prince Sometimes it Snows in April 6:49

41 Jeb Stuart A Whole Lot of Tears 2:41

42 Jimmy Tate Please Come Back 2:34

43 Supreme Jubilees It’ll All Be Over 3:04

44 Ted Ford I Can't Give You Up 3:33

45 Bobby "Blue" Bland Sad Feeling 3:09

46 Tommy Hunt Parade of Broken Hearts 2:10

47 Nelson Sanders I'm Lonely 2:48

48 Geater Davis Why Does it Hurt So Bad 2:31

49 Otis Clay Children Gone Astray 5:15

50 Bill Withers Ain't No Sunshine 2:05


51 Etta James I'd Rather Go Blind 2:34

52 Carl Hall You Don't Know Nothing About Love 4:02

53 Four Tops Darling, I Hum Our Song 2:43

54 Aaliyah The One I Gave My Heart To 4:32

55 Carol Anderson Sad Girl 3:48

56 Eddie Lang The Sad One 2:46

57 Robbin Ray (Sad Feeling) It's a Lonesome Old World 2:29

58 Gas Head Why Do You Treat Me Like a Tramp 2:54

59 Larry Coney More Time (To Explain) 3:16

60 Nina Simone Wild is the Wind 7:00

61 Little Richard I Don't Know What You've Got But It's Got Me Parts 1 & 2 4:08

62 James Brown Try Me 2:30

63 Isaac Hayes By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Single Edit) 6:46

64 Irma Thomas Anyone Who Knows What Love is (Will Understand) 2:56

65 Lenny Williams Cause I Love You 7:07

66 Doris Duke I Don't Care Anymore 3:12

67 Teddy Pendergrass Love Tko 4:59

68 Lavinia Lewis So Many Times 2:23

69 Dee Dee Warwick Down So Low 4:30

70 Lorraine Ellison No Relief 3:11

71 Percy Sledge When a Man Loves a Woman 2:56

72 Barbara & the Browns Pity a Fool 2:51

73 Little Willie John You Hurt Me 3:00

74 Diamond Joe Moanin' and Screamin', Parts 1 & 2 6:22

75 Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World 3:36



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VA - The Treasure Isle Story - The Soul Of Jamaica [2017] (4 x CD's)


VA - The Treasure Isle Story - The Soul Of Jamaica [2017] (4 x CD's)

One of the greatest producers of the early Blue Beat, Ska, and Rocksteady era, Duke Reid established Trojan sound systems to play records which eventually led him to establish a studio and discover some of the greatest acts in Jamaica in the late 50's and 60's. Four CDs with a whole disc of rare and hard to find music. If you love early reggae and Jamaican music, this is the only way to access and learn about the great Duke Reid's epic production work with some of the best artists of Jamaica.  This is a fantastic collection of Treasure Isle classics and a few less well-known beauties. Each CD showcasing the breadth of sub-genres that encompass this label. If you don't have any of the Treasure Isle CD's this is a must. If you have other compilations, I doubt you'll have all that is on offer here. 

As a long-time adherent of Jamaican ska and its various tributaries, one thing had somehow never struck me until I perused the track-listing here. Turns out many of my favourite songs were actually Treasure Isle productions. There's not much point extolling the many virtues of the tracks laid down here for our delight and delectation as if you're browsing this, you're likely to already know and love the stuff. Suffice it to say there's barely a duff one amongst 'em. If you are looking to explore the genre for the first time, then this could be a very good place to start. (Amazon)






Track lists

CD1 Feel So Fine, The Mento, Shuffle & Ska Years

01 Lord Power & Calypso Quintet Penny Reel '58 3:01

02 Jiving Juniors With Duke Reid & His Group Lollipop Girl '58 2:20

03 Laurel Aitken With Ken Richards & His Harmonisers Judgement Day '60 2:53

04 Monty & Roy With Drumbago's Orchestra In and Out the Window '61 2:08

05 Derrick & Patsy With Drumbago's Band Feel So Fine '61 2:42

06 Baba Brooks & His Band River Bank '63 2:07

07 Stranger Cole With Duke Reid's Band Rough and Tough '63 3:00

08 Baba Brooks Orchestra Watermelon Man '63 2:50

09 Stranger & Patsy With Baba Brooks & His Group You Call My Name '63 3:16

10 Baba Brooks Orchestra Musical Communication '63 3:01

11 Eric Morris & the Baba Brooks Band Solomon a Gundy '64 2:38

12 Margarita With the Baba Brooks Band Woman a Come '64 3:11

13 Stranger & Patsy With the Baba Brooks Band Yeah Yeah Baby '64 2:57

14 Don Drummond & the Skatalites Eastern Standard Time '64 3:14

15 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Carry Go Bring Come '64 2:45

16 Don Drummond & the Skatalites Garden of Love '64 3:02

17 Owen & Leon Silveras With Tommy McCook & the Skatalites The Fits is on Me '64 2:13

18 Joe White With Tommy McCook & the Skatelites Down Town Gal '64 2:10

19 Don Drummond & the Skatalites Street Corner '64 3:02

20 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Rub Up, Push Up '65 2:49

21 Skatalites Ft Don Drummond Occupation '65 3:01

22 Melodies & the Skatalites Vacation '65 2:16

23 Skatalites Latin Goes Ska '65 3:01

24 Techniques Little Did You Know '65 2:35

25 Derrick Morgan Don't Call Me Daddy '65 2:33

26 Alton Ellis & the Flames Dance Crasher '65 2:40

27 Don Drummond & the Tommy McCook Band Lucky Seven '65 2:52

28 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Try Me '66 2:40

CD2 The Tide Is High, The Rock Steady Years

01 Alton Ellis & the Flames Girl I've Got a Date '66 2:31

02 Paragons Happy Go Lucky Girl '66 3:11

03 Alton Ellis & the Flames Cry Tough '66 2:16

04 Paragons On the Beach '67 2:37

05 Phyllis Dillon Don't Stay Away '66 2:33

06 Paragons The Tide is High '67 2:44

07 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Save a Bread '67 2:48

08 Three Tops Do it Right '67 2:30

09 Alton Ellis & the Flames Rock Steady '67 2:40

10 Jamaicans Things You Say You Love '67 2:49

11 Paragons Only a Smile '67 2:57

12 Alton Ellis & the Flames Why Birds Follow Spring '67 2:33

13 Melodians I Will Get Along Without You '67 3:03

14 Techniques You Don't Care '67 2:40

15 Phyllis Dillon Perfidia '67 2:47

16 Melodians You Don't Need Me '67 3:09

17 Alton Ellis & the Flames Ain't That Loving You '67 2:48

18 Techniques Queen Majesty '67 3:33

19 Melodians You Have Caught Me '67 3:15

20 Jamaicans Baba Boom '67 3:21

21 Melodians Last Train to Expo '67 3:11

22 Dobby Dobson I'm a Loving Pauper '67 3:16

23 Techniques Travelling Man '68 2:33

24 Alton Ellis My Willow Tree '68 2:43

25 Techniques I Wish it Would Rain '68 2:22

26 Joya Landis Angel of the Morning '68 3:04

27 Sensations Those Guys '68 2:24

28 Ken Parker True, True, True '68 2:11

CD3 Wake The Town, Reggae Years

01 John Holt & Joya Landis I'll Be Lonely '68 2:10

02 Joya Landis Moonlight Lover '68 2:21

03 Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis Get on the Right Track '68 2:27

04 John Holt Tonight '68 2:35

05 Alton Ellis Breaking Up (Is Hard to Do) '68 2:59

06 John Holt Ali Baba '69 2:39

07 Melodians Everybody Bawling '69 2:23

08 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Drink Milk '69 3:00

09 Dave Barker Lock Jaw '69 3:04

10 John Holt Stealing Stealing '69 2:02

11 Ken Parker I Can't Hide '70 2:24

12 Dave Barker Funky Reggae '69 2:46

13 Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon Remember That Sunday '70 2:36

14 U Roy Wake Up the Town '70 2:43

15 Alton Ellis What Does it Take '70 3:17

16 Hopeton Lewis Boom-Sha-Ka-Lacka '70 2:46

17 U Roy Rule the Nation '70 2:36

18 Alton Ellis You Made Me So Very Happy '70 2:55

19 U Roy & John Holt Wear You to the Ball '70 2:31

20 Phyllis Dillon One Live to Live, One Love to Give '71 2:33

21 Hopeton Lewis & U Roy Drive Her Home '71 1:58

22 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Botheration '71 2:12

23 John Holt Sister Big Stuff '71 2:28

24 The Ethiopians Pirate '71 2:30

25 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Mighty Redeemer Part I '71 2:31

26 Ken Parker Help Me Make it Through the Night '71 2:31

27 Dennis Alcapone Wake Up Jamaica '73 2:34

28 Rosalyn Sweat & the Paragons Blackbird (Singing) '73 2:33

29 Pat Kelly Sunshine (On My Shoulders) '74 2:41

30 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Sinners Where You Gonna Hide '75 3:03

CD4 From The Vaults

01 Stranger & Ken Feeling of Love 2:25

02 Baba Brooks Band Guns Fever (Original Mix - Take 2) 2:57

03 Owen & Leon Want Me Cock (Take 1) 2:19

04 Spanishtonians You Wish Me Bad (Take 6) 2:45

05 Roland Alphonso Nuclear Weapon (Original Mix) 3:00

06 The Zodiacs Wake Me, Shake Me (Take 2) 2:44

07 Alton Ellis & the Flames Honey I Love (All My Tears) 3:01

08 Lynn Taitt & the Boys Storm Warning (Take 1) 2:37

09 Silvertones My True Confession (Take 1) 2:43

10 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Michelle 2:44

11 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Once a Man (Alternate Version) 2:50

12 Teacher Man The Lesson 3:16

13 Joey & Group Soul Love 2:34

14 Termites Breaking Up 3:08

15 Hopeton Lewis There She Goes 1:46

16 Hopeton Lewis & Sir Lord Comic What a Situation (Aka Black Man's Time) 2:26

17 Phyllis & Hopeton Boys and Girls Reggae (Take 3) 2:13

18 Tyrone Evans Cry Little Girl, Cry 2:03

19 Silvertones Don't Run for a Hiding Place 2:35

20 Versatiles What I Have Done 2:05

21 Justin Hinds & the Dominoes Sufferation 1969 2:46

22 John Holt & the Ebonies Wooden Hearth (Alternate Version - Take 3) 2:38

23 Sensations Every Day Is A Holiday (Alternate Version) 2:32

24 Tommy McCook & the Supersonics Reggae Saints (Take 2) 3:26

25 Nora Dean Barbwire (Alternate Version) 1:44

26 Duke Reid's All Stars Chant 3:00

27 Tony & His Group Fire Fire (Take 3) 3:14

28 Phyllis Dillon Woman Of The Ghetto (Original Mix) 3:21

29 Pat Kelly I Wish it Would Rain (Rehearsal) 2:00



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VA - Dust My Rhythm & Blues, Flair R&B Story [2013] (2 x CD's) + VA - The RPM Records Story Vol. 01 1950-53 [2014] No More Doggin' (2 x CD's) + VA - The RPM Records Story Vol. 02 1954-1957 [2014] Speak Easy (2 x CD's)



VA - Dust My Rhythm & Blues, Flair R&B Story  [2013] (2 x CD's) + VA - The RPM Records Story Vol. 01 1950-53 [2014] No More Doggin' (2 x CD's) + VA - The RPM Records Story Vol. 02 1954-1957 [2014]  Speak Easy (2 x CD's)

VA - Dust My Rhythm & Blues, Flair R&B Story  [2013]

Music historians/collectors, particularly those devoted to R&B and who are always on the lookout for quality CD compilations of that genre, had to be ecstatic to learn that Ace of London - one of the best contemporary distributors of Golden Oldies had acquired the rights to the material distributed by Modern Records and its subsidiaries RPM, Meteor and the one covered here, Flair, all owned at one time by the Bihari Brothers of Los Angeles (Lester, Joe, Saul and Jules). Modern was launched in 1945. What isn't clear is if Ace also got the rights to the production of the later subsidiaries Crown, United/Superior and Yuletide. The Flair imprint, which is what they cover here, actually got started in 1953 with the intention of releasing only what was then known as Hillbilly Music (now Country) but after 10 singles they switched to pure R&B which remained its focus into 1955 when they ceased operations after 70 more singles.  What you get here, in 2 CDs, are 50 R&B sides which include a mix of released material and alternate takes, much of it reformatted from the original tapes with others enhanced from the best 78-rpm discs available in cases where the original tapes were lost. Ace's usual comprehensive liner notes/discography (here written by Tony Rounce) will fill you in on the necessary details. (Amazon)

VA - The RPM Records Story Vol. 01 1950-53 [2014] No More Doggin' 

In the wake of a favourable critical response to Ace's 2xCD overview of the R&B and blues recordings issued on Modern Records Flair subsidiary, they now turn our attention to another of the company's major labels. RPM Records was Modern's third label, founded after the parent imprint and the short-lived Colonial Records. It was set up to get more airplay of the company s masters from radio programmers who were reluctant to play too many records from the same label, and to achieve more orders from distributors. The artists who were assigned to RPM were as potent as any of those who were appearing on Modern. From the label's very early days these included such R&B titans as B.B. King, Lightnin Hopkins, Howling Wolf and Rosco Gordon, whose huge hit No More Doggin, provides the title for this CD. The 52 tracks that make up this overview of RPM's early years cover 1950-53. A second collection will follow later in the year to tell the rest of the story. More than half are new to CD in these versions. Almost all have been remastered from the original acetates, even if they have been out on Ace CD before. These tracks will never have sounded as good as they do here. Every major name on RPM is featured at least once, plus a bunch of lesser-knowns whose careers did not progress beyond their RPM tenures. A companion volume for all those who bought The Flair R&B Story .

VA - The RPM Records Story Vol. 02 1954-1957 [2014]  Speak Easy

This 2014 collection, the second and final volume in Ace Record's overview of the Modern subsidiary label RPM picks up where the first one, NO MORE DOGGIN', left off in December 1953. It continues through to the label's closure in early 1957 in order to make way for the new Kent subsidiary. As with the first volume, the focus here is on quality blues, R&B and doo wop, with occasional forays into rockabilly and rock 'n' roll representing the repertoire from the end of the label's life. The vast majority of the tracks have been mastered from fresh transfers of the original master tapes. In keeping with both the previous volume and their earlier overview of Modern subsidiary, Flair, Ace have tried to use alternate takes wherever possible, of tracks already available on an Ace CD. Sixteen of the tracks and takes have not been issued before, while almost three dozen of the 54 tracks have never appeared on an Ace CD. All of the label's major artists of this period are represented. (Amazon)




Track lists

CD1 Dust My Rhythm & Blues, Flair R&B Story

01 Little Johnny Jones & His Chicago Hound Dogs Sweet Little Woman 2:56

02 Elmore James With the Broomdusters Early in the Morning 3:11

03 Flairs She Wants to Rock (Take 2) 2:57

04 Royal Hawk (Roy Hawkins) & His Orchestra I Wonder Why (Why Do Things Happen to Me) (Take 1) 2:49

05 Elmore James With the Broomdusters Can't Stop Lovin 2:55

06 Johnny Ace Midnight Hours Journey 2:39

07 Hunters Down at Hayden's 2:28

08 Big Duke (Henderson) & His Orchestra Hello Baby 2:08

09 Shirley Gunter With Monroe Tucker & His Orchestra Send Him Back (Take 6) 4:22

10 Clarence Bon Ton Garlow Route 90 2:39

11 Elmore James With the Broomdusters Strange Kinda Feeling 2:30

12 Whips Pleadin Heart 2:30

13 Shirley Gunter With Maxwell Davis & His Orchestra Found Some Good Lovin (Take 1, Breakdown & Take 2, Master) 2:47

14 Flairs Gettin High (Take 1) 2:49

15 Big Duke (Henderson) & His Orchestra Baby, Beat it (Take 4) 3:10

16 Rickey & Jennell This Time It's Real 3:10

17 James Reed My Mama Told Me 2:19

18 Big Duke (Henderson) & His Orchestra Beggin and Pleadin (Take 1) 2:10

19 Saunders King & His Orchestra My Close Friend (Take 1) 2:50

20 Baby Pee Wee Parham I've Got the Feeling 2:04

21 Matt Cockrell Baby, Please (Take 4) 2:12

22 Billy Gale & His Orchestra Night Howler 2:45

23 Elmore James With the Broomdusters Sure Nuff I Do 2:32

24 James Reed & His Orchestra You Better Hold Me (Take 1) 2:20

25 Ike Turner & His Orchestra Loosely 2:55

CD2 Dust My Rhythm & Blues, Flair R&B Story

01 Blinky Allen & His Orchestra Chop House (Take1) 2:35

02 Flairs Let's Make With Some Love (Take 2) 2:08

03 Saunders King & His Orchestra Quit Hangin Around Me (Take 1) 2:12

04 Anna Marie & the Stardusters With Blinky Allen & His Orchestra An Angel Cried 3:15

05 Bobby Rey & His Orchestra Blue Mambo 3:09

06 Shirley Gunter & the Queens Oop Shoop (Take 2) 3:00

07 Chimes Love Me, Love Me, Love Me (Take 2) 2:44

08 Walter Robertson Sputterin Blues 2:34

09 Johnny Fuller Hard Times 3:09

10 Richard Berry The Big Break 3:03

11 Elmore James With His Broomdusters Standing at the Crossroads 3:00

12 Richard Berry & the Dreamers Daddy, Daddy (Take 1) 3:00

13 Ike Turner & His Orchestra Cuban Getaway 2:33

14 Carroll County Boys (Pee Wee Crayton) Dizzy (Texas Hop) (Take 1) 3:04

15 Bobby Relf & the Laurels Farewell 2:53

16 Richard Berry Oh! Oh! Get Out of the Car 1:35

17 The Flairs She Loves to Dance 1:50

18 Mercy Dee Stubborn Woman 3:08

19 Richard Berry Next Time (Take 4) 2:55

20 Mercy Dee Oh, Oh, Please 2:42

21 Elmore James With His Broomdusters Dust My Blues 2:55

22 Richard Berry & the Dreamers Together (Take 2) 2:46

23 Shirley Gunter & the Flairs Ipsy Opsie Ooh (Take 1) 2:15

24 Mercy Dee Have You Ever (Been Out in the Country) 2:50

25 Elmore James With His Broomdusters Goodbye 2:23


CD1 The RPM Records Story Vol. 01 1950-53

01 Clyde Hurley & His Orchestra, Vocal By Adele Francis Alabamy Bound 2:17

02 Austin McCoy Happy Payday Part 1 3:14

03 Luke Jones & His Orchestra Mama Oh Mama 3:05

04 B.B. King B.B. Boogie 3:20

05 Memphis Eddie Good Time Woman 3:11

06 B.B. King The Other Night Blues 3:44

07 Gene Phillips & His Rhythm Aces Big Fat Mama 2:57

08 Nic Nacs Found Me a Sugar Daddy 2:50

09 Junior Blues Whiskey Head Woman 2:41

10 Mickey Champion Good for Nothin' Man 2:17

11 Rosco Gordon Rosco's Boogie 2:41

12 B.B. King She's Dynamite 2:30

13 Rosco Gordon Saddled the Cow (And Milked the Horse) 2:55

14 Jimmy Nelson & the Peter Rabbit Trio T-99 Blues (Little Bittie Gal's Blues) 2:43

15 Alexander Moore If I Lose You Woman 2:31

16 Willie Nix Try Me One More Time 2:26

17 Jimmy Nelson & the Peter Rabbit Trio Fine Little Honey Dripper 2:43

18 Howling Wolf Riding in the Moonlight 3:03

19 Lightnin' Hopkins Bad Luck and Trouble 2:23

20 Mumbles Black Gal 2:59

21 B.B. King 3 O'clock Blues 3:01

22 Nic Nacs Gonna Have a Merry Xmas 2:57

23 Rosco Gordon Booted 3:11

24 Lightnin' Hopkins Jake Head Boogie 2:39

25 Howling Wolf I Want Your Picture 2:49

26 B.B. King Fine Lookin' Woman 2:16

CD2 The RPM Records Story Vol. 01 1950-53

01 Rosco Gordon No More Doggin' 3:09

02 Lightnin' Hopkins Last Affair 3:00

03 Sunny Blair Glad to Be Back Home 3:05

04 B.B. King Shake it Up and Go 2:35

05 Ike Turner Singing With Ben Burton & His Orchestra Trouble and Heartaches 2:31

06 Jay Franks & His Rockets of Rhythm Stripped Gears 2:57

07 Rosco Gordon New Orleans Wimmen 2:33

08 Bonnie & Ike Turner With Orchestra Accompaniment My Heart Belongs to You 2:52

09 Houston Boines Superintendent Blues 2:47

10 Jimmy Huff She's My Baby 2:33

11 Little Eddie Kirkland It's Time for Lovin' to Be Done 2:57

12 Jimmy Nelson Sweetest Little Girl 2:38

13 Gene Forrest & His Orchestra Aching and Crying 2:41

14 Lightnin' Hopkins Another Fool in Town 2:54

15 Rosco Gordon Just in From Texas 3:08

16 B.B. King Woke Up This Morning 3:01

17 King Perry & His Orchestra Vaccinate Me Baby 2:35

18 Melvin Daniels With the King Curtis Orchestra I'll Be There 3:26

19 Rosco Gordon We're All Loaded (Whiskey Made Me Drunk) 3:11

20 Jimmy Nelson Meet Me With Your Black Dress On 2:52

21 B.B. King Please Love Me 2:52

22 Jimmy Huff Don't You Know 3:04

23 King Perry & His Orchestra, Vocal By Dell St John Welcome Home Baby 2:09

24 Little Caesar Chains of Love Have Disappeared 2:36

25 Frankie Irvin & His Orchestra False Love 3:07

26 Jimmy Nelson Cry Hard Luck 2:29

CD1 The RPM Records Story Vol. 02 1954-1957

01 Meadow Larks Real Pretty Mama 2:31

02 Quinn Kimble Feel My Broom 2:47

03 Connie Mack Booker Love Me Pretty Baby 2:28

04 Earl Curry & His Orchestra One Whole Year Baby 2:59

05 Meadow Larks Pass the Gin 2:35

06 Lover Boy The Way You Used to Treat Me 2:41

07 Lonnie "The Cat" I Ain't Drunk 2:30

08 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra Don't You Want a Man 2:45

09 Preacher Stephens Whoopin' and Hollerin' 2:28

10 Chanters She Wants to Mambo 2:50

11 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra You Upset Me Baby 3:02

12 Buddy Milton & the Twilighters O O Wa 2:13

13 Fox The Dream Pts 1 & 2 5:08

14 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra Every Day I Have the Blues 2:48

15 Johnny "Guitar" Watson & His Orchestra Hot Little Mama 2:44

16 Arthur Lee Maye & the Crowns Truly 2:30

17 Joe Houston (Vocal the Platters) Shtiggy Boom 3:04

18 Jacks Why Don't You Write Me 2:49

19 "Little George" Smith Blues in the Dark 2:58

20 Johnny "Guitar" Watson & His Orchestra Too Tired 2:43

21 Donna Hightower With Maxwell Davis & Orchestra Dog Gone It 3:00

22 Johnny Wright With Ike Turner & Orchestra Suffocate 2:44

23 Donna Hightower With Maxwell Davis & Orchestra Hands Off 2:55

24 Johnny Guitar Watson Those Lonely, Lonely Nights 3:00

25 "Little George" Smith Oopin' Doopin' Doopin' 3:04

26 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra Crying Won't Help You 2:45

CD2 The RPM Records Story Vol. 02 1954-1957

01 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra 16 Tons 4:23

02 Teen Queens Eddie My Love 3:13

03 Johnny "Guitar" Watson & His Orchestra Ruben 2:42

04 George Smith Cross-Eyed Suzzie Lee 2:22

05 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra Did You Ever Love a Woman 2:34

06 Jacks Sugar Baby 2:39

07 Pat Cupp & the Flying Saucers Do Me No Wrong 2:25

08 Little Clydie & the Teens A Casual Look 2:14

09 Teen Queens Billy Boy 2:37

10 Richard Berry Yama Yama Pretty Mama 2:12

11 Eddy Lang I'm All Alone 2:37

12 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra Sweet Little Angel 3:14

13 Johnny "Guitar" Watson She Moves Me 2:53

14 Paul Anka Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fontaine 2:04

15 Pat Cupp & the Flying Saucers Long Gone Daddy 2:32

16 Jewels She's a Flirt 2:07

17 Eddy Lang You Got to Crawl Before You Walk 2:21

18 George Smith Down in New Orleans 2:31

19 The Teen Queens Rock Everybody 2:40

20 Donna Hightower He's My Baby 2:09

21 Maxwell Davis & His Orchestra Cool Diggin' 2:18

22 Jack Lewis Bippin' and Boppin' (Over You) 2:40

23 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra Bim Bam 2:28

24 Prentice Moreland Memories of You 3:00

25 Vido Musso Speak Easy 2:54

26 Darrell Glenn & the Commodores Hello Baby (Glad to Have You Home) 2:01

27 Don Cole Snake Eyed Mama 2:18

28 B.B. "Blues Boy" King & His Orchestra I Wonder 2:47