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“Am I ever gonna see your face again,”

The crowds would respond with the phrase, “No way, get fucked, fuck off” Which weren't ever lyrics in the song!

Bernard “Doc” Neeson (The Angels) Songwriters: Brewster / Nesson


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Dave Van Ronk - Sings Ballads, Blues, And A Spiritual 1959-1961



Dave Van Ronk - Sings Ballads, Blues, And A Spiritual 1959-1961

Van Ronk, a native of Brooklyn, and later to become Bob Dylan’s first guru in Greenwich Village, released this debut album having become heavily influenced by blues and folk music. Noted for his ability to impersonate the voices and styles of others, he was able to take on the covers of traditional blues tracks, written in the main by legendary performer, Bessie Smith, and imbibe them with the same degree of emotional intent. The standout tracks here include his version of ‘Duncan and Brady’ and ‘Winin’ Boy Blues’. However, the best moments are his powerful cover of folk standard, ‘John Henry’ and his version of Lead Belly’s ‘In the Pines’.

Not infrequently I am taken to task for the manner in which I approach my material, Folk singer and guitar player Dave Van Ronk (1936 - 2002) wrote in the liner notes to Ballads, Blues, and a Spiritual. A white New Yorker singing traditional Southern Black songs, he distinguished himself from others who adopted this repertoire by imitating the way he heard Black musicians perform. "Although I can appreciate the 'White approach' to Negro folksongs and enjoy the work of many of it's adherents, I still reserve the right to sing these songs in the style to which I am accustomed, partly because of habit, and partly, I confess, because I feel that my way is the 'right way'."This 1959 release was Van Ronk's first record. It contains the tracks "If You Leave Me Pretty Momma," "Backwater Blues," "K.C. Moan," "How Long," and "John Henry," which were not featured on the Van Ronk collection The Folkways Years, 1959-1961. Liner notes include photos, lyrics, song histories, and an introduction by Van Ronk.

Dave Van Ronk Sings Ballads, Blues and a Spiritual is an album by American folksinger Dave Van Ronk, released in May 1959 on Folkways Records. It was also released on LP as Gambler's Blues and as Black Mountain Blues. Some of the songs can be found on the 1991 Smithsonian Folkways CD release The Folkways Years, 1959–1961. (Amazon)




Track lists

1 Dave Van Ronk Duncan & Brady (Remastered) 3:04

2 Dave Van Ronk Hesitation Blues (Remastered) 2:35

3 Dave Van Ronk In the Pines (Remastered) 3:08

4 Dave Van Ronk Willie the Weeper (Remastered) 2:50

5 Dave Van Ronk Twelve Gates to the City (Rema 3:16

6 Dave Van Ronk River Come Down (Remastered) 3:46

7 Dave Van Ronk Careless Love (Remastered) 2:59

8 Dave Van Ronk Betty & Dupree (Remastered) 3:37

9 Dave Van Ronk Bed Bug Blues (Remastered) 2:47

10 Dave Van Ronk Leave Her Johnny (Remastered) 1:29

11 Dave Van Ronk Yas, Yas, Yas (Remastered) 2:08

12 Dave Van Ronk Please See That My Grave is Ke 2:58

13 Dave Van Ronk Winin' Boy 2:39

14 Dave Van Ronk Just a Closer Walk With Thee 3:03

15 Dave Van Ronk Gambler's Blues  2:45

16 Dave Van Ronk Spike Driver's Moan 3:15

17 Dave Van Ronk Georgie on the Irt 3:31

18 Dave Van Ronk Come Back Baby 3:54

19 Dave Van Ronk Black Mountain Blues 4:02

20 Dave Van Ronk My Baby's So Sweet 2:32



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Welcome to new contributors Paszek, Uncle John and Jan  who have shared excellent compilations.






Title: VA - Radio On My Wave. Part I  (320 Kbps)

Created By: paszek




Title: VA - All By Myself (320 Kbps)

Created By: Granger88




Title: VA - Boogie ... Till You Drop!! (Var)

Created By: Manolis F.




Title: VA - Chicago Blues on Wolf Record Label #2 (320 kbps)

Created By: Patrick P.




Title: VA - SHUT UP & PLAY ME THE HITS!!! - More Pure Powerpoppin´ Punk Rock (320 Kbps)

Created By: Detlef J.

Contact: Not provided



Title: VA - Cold Stream OST (WAV)

Created By: DOC M.F.

Contact: Not provided.



Title: VA - Humour, cuz' we're ALL in need of a laugh (part 1) (Var)

Created By: Uncle Fred





Title: VA - The Pretty Side of Progressive Rock (Var)

Created By: George Glass





Title: VA - You Prolly Don't Have These (320kbps) 

Created By: Pol Inate

Contact: not provided




Title: VA - Southern Christmas 2000 (320kbps)

Created By: Jan Kotschack





Title: VA - The Guiltiest of Pleasures-Sleepy, Weepy, Creepy & Just Not Cool (320kbps)

Created By: Ice X







VA - Radio On My Wave. Part I  (320 Kbps)

01. The Residents & Renaldo and the Loaf - The Sailor Song 

02. Nigel Burch & The Flea-Pit Orchestra - I Used to Be Mad 

03. Igorrr - Tout petit moineau 

04. Sophie Solomon feat. Richard Hawley - Burn't by the Sun 

05. 4 Позиции Бруно - Колыбельная   (4 Positions of Bruno - Lullaby)

06. ნიაზ დიასამიძე (Niaz Diasamidze) & 33ა - უბრალო სიმღერა (Axali Celi)  (Niaz Diasamidze & 33a - Simple Song (Axali Celi))

07. Tara Fuki - Anna 

08. НОМ - Любовь инженера (NOM - Engineer's Love)

09. The New Wave - Shadows of Good Bye 

10. Perfume Genius - My Body 

11. Yazz Ahmed - La Saboteuse 

12. Songhoy Blues - Soubour 

13. Scott Walker - Farmer in the City 

14. Multiplex - 上路   (Multiplex - On The Road )

15. Yael Kraus - All Around 

16. Deine Lakaien - Bei Nacht 

17. Six Drummers - Electric Love - Resort 

18. King Black Acid - Always Crashing in the Same Car 

19. Barry Adamson - The Beaten Side of Town 

20. Portishead - Sour Times 

21. Vue - Girl 

22. Silya & The Sailors - Sucka 

23. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie 

24. Closterkeller - Wladza 

25. Dzeltenie Pastnieki - Dzeltenais Viltus Pastnieks




VA - All By Myself (320 Kbps)

01 Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed - Glen Frey

02 My Size - John Entwistle

03 Rising Sun - Steve Howe

04 Am I Grooving You - Ron Wood

05 April Fool - Ronnie Lane

06 Monkberry Moon Delight - Percy Thrillington

07 Oh My My - Ringo Starr

08 Hooked on a Problem - Roger Hodgson

09 Drugs Taught Me A Lesson - Dave Stewart

10 Modern Love - Peter Gabriel

11 Free me - Roger Daltrey

12 Ozone - Ace Frehley

13 Writes of Winter - Jimmy Page

14 Time And Time Again - Mike Rutherford

15 Summer elegy - Rick Wright

16 Society - Eddie Vedder

17 Heavy Seas Of Love - Damon Albarn

18 The Messenger - Johnny Marr

19 A Song For The Lovers - Richard Ashcroft




VA - Boogie ... Till You Drop!! (Var)

01. Tony Joe White - Chaos Boogie 

02. Savoy Brown feat. Kim Simmonds - Mr Brown's Boogie

03. Canned Heat - Bagful of Boogie

04. Led Zeppelin - Boogie With Stu 

05. ZZ Top - Fearless Boogie 

06. Little Feat - Old Folks Boogie

07. Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88s - Chicken Shack Boogie

08. Ten Years After - I Wanted To Boogie

09. Cactus - Bad Mother Boogie

10. C.C.S. - The Band Played The Boogie 

11. Billy Boy Arnold - Shake The Boogie

12. Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - Jitterbug Boogie

13. Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - Mojo Boogie 

14. Clay Walker - Boogie Till The Cows Come Home

15. Brownsville Station - Combination Boogie

16. Paul Rodgers - Boogie Mama

17. The Charlie Daniels Band - Boogie Woogie Baltimore 

18. Amos Milburn - Chicken Shack Boogie

19. Roy Buchanan - Country Boogie 

20. Omar & The Howlers - Boogie Man

21. Jerry Jeff Walker - Boogie Mama

22. Johnny Winter - Mojo Boogie 

23. Phillip Walker & Lonnie Brooks - Boogie Rambler

24. Marc Bolan - I Love To Boogie




VA - Chicago Blues on Wolf Record Label #2 (320 Kbps)

01. Magic Slim - Sweet Home Chicago (1998)

02. Michael Coleman - Go To Move (1990)

03. Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang - I Wonder Why (1994)

04. Willie Kent & His Gents - Me And My Baby (1996)

05. Hubert Sumlin - I Did What I Could (1993)

06. Billy Branch - Baby What You Want Me To Do (1993)

07. Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Evil (1991)

08. Lurrie Bell - Little Red Rooster (1993)

09. Phil Guy - Wine Headed Woman (1993)

10. Eddie 'Vaan' Shaw - It Hurts Me Too (1998)

11. Johnny B. Moore - Black Coffee Drinkin Woman (1997)

12. Deitra Farr - I'm Feeling Good (1998)

13. Zora Young - Bad Track Record (1998)

14. Mary Lane - Ride My Automobile (1998)

15. Melvina Allen - Steppin' In (1998)

16. Karen Carroll - Whose Lovin' You Tonight (1998)

17. Bonnie Lee - What's The Matter (1998)

18. John Primer - Yes, I'm Crazy About My Baby (1998)

19. Willie Kent And His Gents - Sadie (1997)

20. Vance Kelly - Wall To Wall (2000)

21. Eddie Shaw - Got To Go Now (1994)




VA - SHUT UP & PLAY ME THE HITS!!! - More Pure Powerpoppin´ Punk Rock (320 Kbps)

THE PHOBICS – Punk Rock Show (2011)

GEOFF PALMER – All The Hits (2019)

LOS PEPES – Tonight (2014)

RICKY C QUARTETT – Sweet Revenge (2013)

THE SPEEDWAYS – Don´t Tell Me (2018)

LUCY & THE RATS – Pinch Myself  (2020)

SUSPECT PARTS – Seventeen Television (2008)

THE DAHLMANNS – I Want You Around (2010)

THE POWERCHORDS – Think I´m Gonna (2008)

NASTY RUMOURS – I Need You (2015)

THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND – Better Off (2010)

COLD WARPS – Hang Up On You (2012)

GREEN / BLUE – Police Street (2020)

THE CUTE LEPPERS – Tribute To Charlie (2011)

RAF (MOD BAND) – Want You To Know (2019)

THE BEATTLEBEATS – Stabbed Me In The Back (2020)

THE CAVEMEN – Dog On A Chain (2017)

BRIAN JAMES – Baby She Crazy (2015) 

BELLA WRECK – 1000 Years (2013)

DITCHES – My Head (2018)

NOSEBLEED – Psycho (2018)

LOVESORES – You Secret Face (2013)



CIVIC – Radiant Eye (2020)




Title: VA - Cold Stream OST (WAV)

01.Opening - January

02.Cold Stream - February

03.Park Avenue - March

04.Hustle Your Bustle - April

05.Soul Funk Taxi - May

06.Product 2 - June

07.Ballet - July

08.Sloppy Jo - August

09.Ice Blue - September

10.Harlem At Night - October

11.Escape (Scorpio) - November

12. Advert - December

13. New York Special (Snippet) - NYE




VA - Humour, cuz' we're ALL in need of a laugh (part 1) (Var)

01 Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Monty Python

02 Love Song - Albert Brooks

03 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes

04 Daffy's Rhapsody - Mel Blanc

05 Abdul Abulbul Amir - Frank Crumit 1927

06 Noah (complete) - Bill Cosby

07 Serenade To A Maid (1941) - Teddy Powell

08 Mad Passionate Love - Bernard Bresslaw

09 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park - Tom Lehrer

10 When I'm Cleaning Windows - George Formby

11 Springtime for Hitler - Mel Brooks 1968

12 Lily The Pink - The Scaffold

13 Walkin' 'Round In Womens Underwear - Bob Rivers

14 The Trouble With Harry (1956) - Alfi & Harry

15 Salt - Fletcher Peck Trio

16 Big Bruce - Steve Greenberg 1969

17 Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel - Spike Jones

18 Stars and Stripes Forever - Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band

19 I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted - Washboard Sam

20 Cocktails For Two - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

21 The Biggest Aspidistra In The World - Gracie Fields

22 Biddy McGraw - The Carlton Showband

23 The Ballad Of Ben Gay - Ben Gay & The Silly Savages 1973

24 Turkish Delight - Ray Noble & his Mayfair Orch 1933

25 I'm A Wanker - George Formby




VA - The Pretty Side of Progressive Rock (Var)

1) Toward the Sun - Druid

2) Spectrum of Colours - Trion

3) Fears of the Night - Rare Bird

4) Das kleine Uhrwerk - Agitation Free

5) Supper's Ready: ii. The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man - Genesis

6) Love Remembered - Focus

7) Sekoilu seestyy (edit) - Pekka Pohjola

8) Everything Was Not Enough - RPWL

9) Sunscape - Ozric Tentacles

10) Lay a Little Light on Me - Strawbs

11) Stranded - Khan

12) The Gates of Delirium: III. Soon - Ye_

13) Flying High - Paladin

14) The Violent Sequence - Richard Wright

15) Watermelon in Easter Hay - Fr__k Z_pp_

16) Landscapes - Camel




VA - You Prolly Don't Have These (320kbps) 

01 Full Moon Tan - No Money, No Chick, No Car

02 Uncle Rainbow - Anyway The Wind Blows

03 Bobb Haskit - Take Me There

04 The Endmen - Letter From Constance

05 Negativland - Yellow Black And Rectangular

06 MCM And The Monster - Godzilla

07 Inflatable Boy Clams - I'm Sorry

08 Limbomaniacs - Caffe Latte

09 Julia's Child - The World Owes Me A Lunch

10 The Residents - Kaw-Liga

11 Voice Farm - Free Love

12 Babylon Representatives - Ratz On Acid

13 Until December - Heaven

14 Mysterians - Mr Famous

15 Inka Inka - Brainwash

16 Jennifer Rambles On - Hate #1

17 Grotus - Good Evening

18 Pop-O-Pies - Truckin'

19 Cerebral Corps - Pam's Purple Spyrograph

20 World Entertainment War - Marlboro Man Jr

21 Shnazz - (I Want To) Jump On Your Bones




VA - Southern Christmas 2000 (320kbps)

01 Adam Duritz - Carmelita

02 Eliades Ochoa - El Guateque de Don Thomas

03 Washington Phillips - What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?

04 Bill Hearne - New Mexico Rain

05 Doc & Merle Watson -  Train That Carried My Girl From Town

06 The Derailers - Can't Stop a Train

07  Webb Pierce - Back Street Affair

08 Kevin Kinney - Dirty Angels

09 Allison Krauss - Down in the River to Pray

10 Randall Bramblett - Get In Get Out

11 Governor Jimmie Davis - Grievin' My Heart Out for You

12 Kim Richey - I Know

13 Waco Brothers - Do You Think About Me

14 Ronny Elliott - The Twist 

15 Asie Payton - I Love You

16Ronnie Millsap - Not for the Love of You Woman

17Dean Martin - He's Got You

18 Keith Frank & the Zoileau Zydeco Band - Sometimes We Make You Move Your Feet

19 Jesse James - Southern Casey Jones

20 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Billy the Kid

21 Kelly Willis - Whatever Way the Wind Blows

22 Wilco with Billy Bragg - When the Roses Bloom Again




VA - The Guiltiest of Pleasures-Sleepy, Weepy, Creepy & Just Not Cool (320kbps)

01 Love Is Strange-Wings

02 Elusive Butterfly-Bob Lind

03 Angel of the Morning-Merrilee Rush

04 Wives and Lovers-Jack Jones

05 This Guy's in Love with You-Herb Alpert

06 Love Can Make You Happy-Mercy

07 I'll Be There-Jackson 5

08 Longer-Dan Fogelberg

09 Morning Girl-Neon Philharmonic

10 Sister Golden Hair-America

11 Abergavenny-Shannon

12 Little Woman-Bobby Sherman

13 Love American Style-The Cowsills

14 Cinnamon-Derek

15 Indian Giver-1910 Fruitgum Co

16 Mr Businessman-Ray Stevens

17 Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)-Reunion

18 Stand Tall-Burton Cummings

19 True-Spandau Ballet

20 Sugar Shack-Jimmy Gilmore & the Fireballs

21 The Letter-The Arbours

22 Good Girl's Don't-The Knack

23 Suspicion-Terry Stafford

24 We'll Sing in the Sunshine-Gale Garnett

25 Funkytown-Lipps, Inc




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VA - Hillbilly Boogie [2002] (4 x CD's)



VA - Hillbilly Boogie [2002] (4 x CD's)

This has to be the most comprehensive, glorious, and flat-out ass-kicking country (hillbilly) boogie collection ever assembled. While it's true that the U.K.'s Proper label is controversial with some other reissue labels for their elaborate, budget-priced collections (in their boxes you get four well-mastered CDs and a full booklet complete with exhaustive liner notes and deluxe photos for less than $35 American), what cannot be debated is their quality both in terms of packaging and compilation research. On these four discs are 100 tracks of nothing but hillbilly boogie jams that cut across time periods, subgenres, labels, and styles to present the only truly accurate representation of this period in the development of country music and rock & roll available. The four discs are arranged thematically, which was the only way to present this much material in any organized fashion, with the boogie woogie represented regionally, instrumentally, and in terms of name recognition (tunes named after people) and tracks that charted. Along with name artists such as Chet Atkins, whose "Boogie Man Boogie" was one of his first vocal performances, Bill Haley, Merle Travis, Arthur Smith, Tennessee Ernie Ford, the Maddox Brothers & Rose, the Delmore Brothers, and Tillman Franks & His Rainbow Boys (featuring Faron Young on vocals), there are untold surprises not only in the most obscure titles, but in the uncovered treasures by talent no one would ever associate with the medium.

Two of these are rare boogie tracks by Hawkshaw Hawkins ("Doghouse Boogie") and Cowboy Copas ("Hangman Boogie"). The pair died together in a plane crash and was never associated with the boogie. Another surprise is the inclusion of Hank Snow's "Rhumba Boogie"; in both style and arrangment it is one of the most radical songs he ever recorded. Most revelatory, however, is the track "Zeb's Mountain Boogie" by Brad Brady, who is actually legendary country producer Owen Bradley & His Tennesseans. This song by Bradley, who was synonymous with the slick, silky sound that made Patsy Cline a household name, is a raw, woolly, and greasy boogie jam that is one of the sweatiest in the set. Billy Haley's tracks are with the Saddlemen, his pre-Comets band, but they rock harder than "Rock Around the Clock." Also, in Tillman Franks listeners hear the alter ego of none other than Webb Pierce. With the Ernie Ford, Haley, and Arthur Smith cuts, listeners have the true underpinnings of the savage kind of rockabilly made infamous by Gene Vincent, Sonny Burgess, and Johnny Burnette. It's out of control, nearly off the rails eight-bar boogie that features the pedal steel and electric guitar more prominently than the piano -- which is also a key fissure in the music that early rock & roll split off from. There are also forms here such as the Cajun boogie of Harry Choates and the jazzed-out Western swing pursuits by Jim Boyd, with the prominent piano in a dual role with the pedal steel, and Spade Cooley, Jerry Irby, and Curley Rash. This collection is the crossroads where the old barrel-house music of the early 20th century met the Southern blues met the swing bands and flipped itself over into hot rod rock & roll. Hillbilly Boogie is indispensable for anyone interested in American roots music in general or in the development of country and rock & roll in particular. Let it rock, boogie man boogie, or just go home. (Allmusic review by Thom Jurek)



Track lists


01 Zeb Turner Travelling Boogie 2:41

02 Johnny Tyler & The Riders Of The Rio Grande Freight Train Boogie 2:32

03 Jimmie O'Neal And The Colorado Hillbillies Streamliner Boogie 2:48

04 Lonnie Glosson Pan American Boogie 2:43

05 Harry Choates Louisiana Boogie 2:25

06 Jeff Durham & His Rhythm Playboys Tennessee Boogie 2:37

07 Zeb Turner Tennessee Boogie 2:52

08 Curley Williams & His Georgia Peach Pickers Georgia Boogie 2:56

09 Gene O'Quinn Texas Boogie 2:22

10 Red Pleasant & The Southern Serenaders Mississippi Boogie 2:09

11 Jack Guthrie & His Oklahomans Oakie Boogie 2:29

12 Hardrock Gunter Dixieland Boogie 2:15

13 Pete Burke Trio Kentucky Waltz Boogie 2:31

14 Delmore Brothers Mobile Boogie 2:44

15 Rocky Rauch & His Western Serenaders Colorado Boogie 2:07

16 Jean Davidson Fort Worth Boogie 2:27

17 Jim Boyd Waxachachie Boogie Woogie Dishwasher Boy 2:29

18 Wayne Raney & Delmore Brothers Del Rio Boogie 2:46

19 Milo Twins Downtown Boogie 2:24

20 Billy Hughes' Buccaroos Out Of Town Boogie 2:40

21 Billy Briggs North Pole Boogie 2:40

22 Spade Cooley Three Way Boogie 2:41

23 Tennessee Ernie Ford Smokey Mountain Boogie 2:42

24 Curley Rash & His South Texas Playboys Humble Road Boogie 2:20

25 Delmore Brothers Peach Tree Street Boogie 2:41


01 Charline Arthur I've Got The Boogie Blues 2:41

02 Billy Briggs Pretty Baby Boogie 2:31

03 Maston Music Makers Slick Chick Boogie 2:50

04 Earl Songer & His Rocky Road Ramblers Mother-in-Law Boogie 2:39

05 Johnny Bond & His Red River Valley Boys Mean Mama Boogie 2:55

06 Jesse James Jesse James Boogie 2:34

07 Johnny Tyler & The Riders Of The Rio Grande Old MacDonald Boogie 2:14

08 Milo Twins Baby Buggie Boogie 2:11

09 Maddox Bros & Rose George's Playhouse Boogie 2:43

10 Tommy Kizziah & His West Coast Ramblers Long Tom Boogie 2:18

11 Wayne Raney Jack & Jill Boogie 2:49

12 Zeb Turner Boogie Woogie Lou 2:41

13 Brad Brady (Owen Bradley & His Tennesseans) Zeb's Mountain Boogie 2:34

14 Art Gunn & His Arizona Playboys Boogie Woogie Blues 2:23

15 Rip Ramsey & His Texas Wanderers Rip Ramsey Boogie 2:45

16 Walt McCoy & His Western Wonders Richey Boogie 2:35

17 Rhythm Boys Porky's Boogie Woogie On Strings 3:12

18 T. Texas Tyler T. Texas Boogie 2:31

19 Texas Bill Strength Paper Boy Boogie 2:19

20 Walt McCoy & His Western Wonders Cowboy Boogie 2:38

21 Wayne Raney Lost John Boogie 2:41

22 Merle Travis Merle's Boogie Woogie 3:02

23 Bennie Hess & His Nation Playboys Bennie Hess Boogie 2:53

24 Don Whitney G.I. Boogie 2:26

25 Dick Dyson & His Blue Bonnet Boys Hal Billy Boogie 2:51


01 Chet Atkins Boogie Man Boogie 2:50

02 Johnny Barfield Boogie Woogie 2:39

03 Turner Bros (Red & Lige) Boog-Boog Boogie 2:45

04 Jerry Irby With His Texas Ranchers Super Boogie Woogie 2:51

05 Village Boys Boogie Woogie In The Village 2:48

06 Johnny Barfield Doin' The Boogie Woogie 2:43

07 Delmore Brothers Hillbilly Boogie 2:45

08 Jimmy Bryant Boogie Barn Dance 2:33

09 Hank Harral & His Palomino Cowhands Dream Band Boogie 2:53

10 Tillman Franks Hayride Boogie 2:43

11 Hardrock Gunter Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night 2:48

12 Arthur Smith's Sensational Trio Country Boogie 3:00

13 Jerry Irby & His Texas Ranchers Hillbilly Boogie 2:33

14 Bill Haley & The Saddlemen Green Tree Boogie 2:50

15 Charlie Harris with R.D. Hendon's Western Jamboree Cowboys No Shoes Boogie 3:01

16 Wes Holly Shufflin' Shoes Boogie 2:51

17 Big Jeff & The Radio Playboys Juke Box Boogie 2:26

18 Freddie Burns & His Ranch Boys Juke Box Boogie 2:29

19 Delmore Brothers Boogie Woogie Baby 2:47

20 Jack Padgett The Texas Wrangler Boogie Woogie Gal 2:22

21 Art Gunn & His Arizona Playboys Cornbread Boogie 2:49

22 Wayne Raney Catfish Boogie 2:39

23 Cousin Deems Sanders & His Goatherders with Walt McCoy Goatburger Boogie 2:54

24 Bill Haley & The Saddlemen Sundown Boogie 2:29

25 Billy Briggs Alarm Clock Boogie 2:25


01 Vance Morris & His Alabama Playboys Crazy About The Boogie 2:48

02 Merle Travis Crazy Boogie 2:48

03 Bill Mack Crazy Baby Boogie 2:33

04 Arthur Smith's Hot Quintet Guitar Boogie 3:25

05 Armstrong Twins Mandolin Boogie 2:58

06 Hubert Friar & Hillbilly Hicks Joe's Mandolin Boogie 3:00

07 Jesse James & Band Piano Pete's Boogie 2:21

08 Arthur Smith's Hot Quintet Banjo Boogie 2:44

09 Mustard & Gravy Be Bop Boogie 2:23

10 Wayne Raney Real Hot Boogie 2:39

11 Don Whitney Red Hot Boogie 2:35

12 Tommy Durden & The Westernaires Hula Boogie 2:55

13 Tennessee Ernie Ford The Shotgun Boogie 2:36

14 Tillman Franks & His Rainbow Boys (Faron Young Vcl) Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie #2 2:49

15 Hawkshaw Hawkins Doghouse Boogie 2:42

16 Roy Hall & His Cohutta Mountain Boys (Frankie Brumbalough Vcl) Dirty Boogie 2:52

17 Roy Hogsed Snake Dance Boogie 2:06

18 Hank Snow Rhumba Boogie 2:48

19 Bill Nettles & His Dixie Blue Boys Hadacol Boogie 2:47

20 Buster Doss & His Arkansas Playboys Playboy Boogie 2:19

21 Hardrock Gunter Hesitation Boogie 2:31

22 Al Dexter & His Troopers New Broom Boogie 2:38

23 Cowboy Copas Hangman Boogie 2:35

24 Roy Hall & His Cohutta Mountain Boys Mule Boogie 2:40

25 Butterball Paige I'm Too Old To Boogie Anymore 2:40



Friday, October 29, 2021

VA - Shake The Foundations, Militant Funk & The Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984 (3 x CD's)



VA - Shake The Foundations, Militant Funk & The Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984 (3 x CD's)

Shake the Foundations is a compact outgrowth of earlier Cherry Red boxed sets such as To the Outside of Everything and Optimism/Reject (Previously Posted). Across three discs, it emphasizes the post-punk bands who, in the spirit of having a go, investigated funk, disco, reggae, and other forms that could be reshaped for the sake of moving bodies. 

In the wake of punk's seismic and well recounted impact on the UK music scene, countless hitherto unavailable influences suddenly became available and de rigueur for the nation's would-be pop stars. Enabled by a new kind of record shop that began to appear across the country in Rough Trade's image, and encouraged by an absolute disregard for 'the rules', interested young people were quickly exposed to a broad spectrum of music from beyond the realm of three chord rock 'n roll. Nowhere was the outcome more notable than on the dancefloors of the day. 'Shake The Foundations' captures that after dark revolution, showcasing an era when disco, dub, electronica, funk and - whisper it - pop sensibilities - began to flood into the alternative, post-punk landscape. Running parallel with Ze Records and the no-wave movement in the US, clubs such as Marc Almond's Digital Disco and legendary nights at The Garage in Nottingham, The State in Liverpool, the Blue Note in Derby and across London at nights like the Batcave became fast moving, democratic melting pots. Across 3CDs, Bill Brewster selects highlights from his own extensive DJing career, each disc individually curated. As he himself puts it, "The important thing was not to impress James Brown, emulate the Fatback Band or wear Kraftwerk's game-face. The point was to have a go. 'Shake The Foundations' is not a comprehensive look at post-punk, so much as a shakily hand-drawn map of a particular area. It's what happened when the post-punk fallout collided with the dancefloor, and forty years later we're still feeling it's effects". (Amazon)



Track lists


01 A Certain Ratio Guess Who? 5:02

02 23 Skidoo Coup 4:16

03 Haircut 100 Evil Smokestacking Baby 4:33

04 Simple Minds This Fear of Gods 7:00

05 Stranglers Love 30 4:02

06 Passage Born Every Minute 5:38

07 Blue Rondo А La Turk Sarava 3:35

08 Medium Medium Serbian Village 4:46

09 Higsons Push Out the Boat 3:20

10 John Cooper Clarke Post-War Glamour Girl 3:35

11 Passions Skin Deep 4:18

12 Jah Wobble Invaders of the Heart (Mix One) 4:34

13 Modern Romance Can You Move 3:55

14 Wide Boy Awake Slang Teacher 5:25

15 C Cat Trance Hypnotised 5:21

16 Maximum Joy Stretch 3:51


01 Tones on Tail Lions 4:01

02 Ian Dury Trust is a Must 6:50

03 Perfect Zebras What Dance is This? 4:14

04 Fun Boy Three Faith, Hope and Charity 2:50

05 Shock Dream Games 4:05

06 Jesse Rae Rusha 5:54

07 Thomas Leer Don't 5:32

08 Kissing the Pink Big Man Restless 3:49

09 Paul Haig Blue for You 5:01

10 Visage Frequency 7 (Dance Mix) 5:06

11 Six Sed Red Bang 'em Right 6:21

12 Quando Quango Tingle 5:20

13 Vicious Pink Cccan't You See 3:30

14 Fashion Move On 3:55

15 Wide Boy Awake Set Fighter 4:03


01 Surface Mutants When Are We? (Now We Are) 4:22

02 Furniture Why Are We in Love 5:11

03 Pop Group Rob a Bank 2:19

04 Animal Magic Get it Right 4:36

05 Nightmares in Wax Black Leather 4:11

06 Normil Hawaiians Obedience 3:00

07 012 Asbestos Lead Asbestos 5:28

08 Vee VV Keep Beat 4:07

09 Mataya Clifford Living Wild 4:14

10 Electric Chairs So Many Ways 3:56

11 London Underground Dreams Are Better 4:16

12 Group Therapy Arty-Fact 4:18

13 Diagram Brothers We Are All Animals 2:43

14 Chicken Granny Quit the Body 3:07

15 Machine Gun Hogg & Co Bed Bound Saga 3:36

16 Playgroup Hoggs Might Fly 3:26

17 Glaxo Babies Shake (The Foundations) 3:57

18 Family Fodder Disco Purge 2:28







SPECIAL BAG OF HORROR  -   From Classical To Punk

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"Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk." ..Robert Bloch


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VA - Diggin' Great Cult Album Tracks (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)



VA - Diggin' Great Cult Album Tracks (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)

What is the best cult albums of all time. I don't know for sure! I would say a cult album has a high level of individuality attached to it. Depending on your age you will find your own favorite cult album (and probably did not make it into of the charts). What seems to me, a common thread with cult albums, is they exist because they are individually quirky, experimental and has a generally focused audience.  These albums may have influenced countless other artists, but weren't necessarily given the attention they deserved when they came out. They did however get listened to and any small group of followers that purchased them continued to talk about them albeit in their own circle of friends. Eventually years later someone says "Did you remember that sound, man, why were they not bigger"  and the Chinese whispers start... eventually new people are onboard the cult train and a new cult album is born.

So here are 80 tracks from what I would agree are from Cult albums, the ones that you, at first, probably hated but grew to love. That album that you and your small circle of friends loved and kept to themselves. If your were in that gang of popularity, you probably still have those friends today, held together by that thread of enjoying the same music. Enjoy!



Track list


01 Go-Betweens Streets of Your Town 3:39

02 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Fault Line 2:57

03 Field Mice So Said Kay 5:05

04 Prisoners A Dream is Gone 4:04

05 Felt (Uk) Rain of Crystal Spires 3:55

06 Jens Lekman And I Remember Every Kiss 2:59

07 Zombies Beechwood Park 2:41

08 Queen Doing All Right 4:09

09 Floraline Fade 3:37

10 Fleetwood Mac Gypsy 4:29

11 Sandy Denny and the Strawbs Who Knows Where the Time Goes 4:03

12 Love Orange Skies 2:52

10 John Phillips Holland Tunnel 3:46

14 Fanny I Need You Need Me 4:55

15 Red Devils I Wish You Would 3:27

16 Jay Farrar, Benjamin Gibbard One Fast Move Or I'm Gone 4:15

17 Wild Billy Childish & the Buff Medways Sally Sensation 3:16

18 Superstar Palm Tree 3:55

19 Television Prove It 5:05

20 Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow is Born 3:08


21 Cardigans A Good Horse 3:17

22 Pop Levi Blue Honey 4:03

23 Television Personalities David Hockney's Diary 2:49

24 Jad Fair Do Ya 2:30

25 Why Fatalist Palmistry 3:53

26 Jeffrey Lee Pierce From Temptation to You 4:57

27 Cardinal If You Believe in Christmas Trees 3:59

28 Jenny Wilson Love and Youth 4:34

29 Studio Origin 5:33

30 Smashing Pumpkins Rhinoceros 6:30

31 Magazine Shot By Both Sides 3:59

32 Wipers Taking Too Long 3:07

33 (We Are) Performance Lost Youth 5:04

34 Electric Prunes The Great Banana Hoax 4:09

35 Howlin' Wolf Tail Dragger 2:54

36 Euphoria Did You Get the Letter 5:34

37 Field Mice Clearer 3:55

38 Associates Party Fears Two 4:07

39 Walkmen On the Water 3:09

40 Kossoy Sisters Bowling Green 2:10


41 Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas 4:57

42 Orphan Boy Beats Like Distant Tides 4:03

43 Xtc This is Pop (Single Version) 2:42

44 Arthur Russell The Platform on the Ocean 8:06

45 Michael Hurley, the Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & the Clamtones Sweet Lucy 4:06

46 Velvet Underground Sister Ray 17:31

47 Eater Public Toys 2:00

48 Shonen Knife Burning Farm 4:28

49 Leadbelly Ain't it a Shame to Go Fishin' on a Sunday 1:21

50 Red Krayola Free Form Freak-Out Vi 4:11

51 Shaggs Philosophy of the World 3:00

52 Edgar ‘jones’ Jones Soothing Music for Stray Cats 2:38

53 John Cale Fear is a Man's Best Friend 3:53

54 Prids Sydney 4:23

55 Boards of Canada Sixtyniner 5:17

56 Television Personalities Three Wishes 5:25

57 Position Normal Sunny Days 2:58

58 Thomas Dolby The Flat Earth 6:38

59 Cluster Hollywood 4:46

60 Morrissey Piccadilly Palare 3:48


61 Nick Drake Place to Be 2:41

62 Atlas Strategic Smooth Nights 4:38

63 Lizzy Mercier Descloux Sun is Shining 2:22

64 Dancing Did Within the Green Green Avon 3:10

65 Sonics Have Love, Will Travel 2:40

66 Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers I Love Hot Nights 2:57

67 Jellyfish New Mistake 4:02

68 Neutral Milk Hotel Two-Headed Boy 4:23

69 Satisfact Disconnect 4:13

70 Young Marble Giants Final Day 1:43

71 Clor Gifted 3:07

72 60ft Dolls Hair 3:14

73 Weezer No Other One 3:01

74 Simple Minds Premonition 5:29

75 Serge Gainsbourg You're Under Arrest 4:13

76 Abc That Was Then But This is Now 3:34

77 McCarthy The International Narcotics Traffic 2:25

78 Bodines Therese 3:10

79 Organisation (Kraftwerk) Noitasinagro 7:40

80 Curtis Mayfield People Get Ready 3:47



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Lucky Dip's will be a mystery gift to those who choose to pick them up. 

Today's links: VERTIGO Albums    Part 04  (031 - 040)

Vertigo Records is a record company that originated in the United Kingdom. It was a subsidiary of the Philips/Phonogram record label, launched in 1969 to specialise in progressive rock and other non-mainstream musical styles. Today it is operated by Universal Music Germany, and the UK catalogue was folded into Mercury Records, which was absorbed in 2013 by Virgin EMI Records, which was renamed back to EMI Records in June 2020.

“… it was clear that nobody was expecting anything like this. Many wouldn’t have heard any prog rock before, or had only heard the kind of prog that gave the genre a bad name. This was a performance to convert the sceptics.” Bob Leiser




VA - Roots of Trash & Garage [2011] (2 x CD's)



VA - Roots of Trash & Garage [2011] (2 x CD's)

Defining musical styles and sketching out their origins is a daunting task in the rocket-fueled, digitally injected, and ever rapidly and constantly changing world of 21st century pop. It can seem easy enough at first -- the punk and new wave explosion of the late '70s obviously drew a lot of inspiration from the garage band and trash-rocking era of the mid-'60s. But where did those garage and trash artists draw inspiration? That’s where things start to thin out. Since the rise of radio into virtually every home and car, musicians were exposed to countless recordings in countless different styles and approaches, and since pop culture always demands something new, combining one style with another became almost an act of survival for musicians with aspirations. This delightful two-disc, 50-track set attempts to outline the origins of the 1960s garage and trash acts, and it’s a superb playlist that crackles with a kind of loose and raw kinetic energy, with classic sides and songs by Ma Rainey (“See See Rider”), Howlin’ Wolf (“Smokestack Lightning”), Dale Hawkins (“Susie-Q”), Link Wray (“Rumble”), the Champs (“Tequila”), the Shirelles (“Boys”), and John D. Loudermilk (“Tobacco Road”). It’s a great playlist. It’s a great playlist for a very cool party in the garage. But are these tracks the roots of garage and trash? You could listen to the early singles of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and probably get just as close to an epicenter. Some things are just in the air -- like electricity, and electricity and amped guitars are the real reason any of it happened. This is a wonderful set, whether it's the roots of anything else or not. (AllMusic Review by Steve Leggett)

There's not one track on this two disc set that isn't brilliant. That much is unarguable, whether it's the ancient blues stuff that kicks it off through to early sixties soul-pop like the Shirelles. An amazing double CD collection packed with the songs that inspired, and were covered by the Garage Punk bands from the 1960's onward. 



Track lists


01 Ma Rainey See See Rider 3:19

02 Blind Blake Diddie Wah Didde 2:58

03 Big Joe Williams Baby Please Don't Go 2:47

04 Sonny Boy Williamson Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 3:00

05 Nat King Cole Trio (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 2:59

06 Dirty Red Mother Fuyer 2:27

07 T-Bone Walker (They Call It) Stormy Monday 3:01

08 Tiny Bradshaw The Train Kept a Rollin 2:45

09 Johnny "Guitar" Watson Space Guitar 2:39

10 Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man 2:46

11 Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning 3:05

12 Dale Hawkins Suzie Q 2:18

13 Eddie Riff Ain't That Loving You Baby 2:17

14 Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put a Spell on You 2:27

15 Hollywood Flames Buzz Buzz Buzz 2:17

16 Bobbettes Mr Lee 2:13

17 Richard Berry & the Pharaohs Louie Louie 2:13

18 Dave Bartholomew The Monkey Speaks His Mind 2:29

19 Aquatones She's the One for Me 2:23

20 Esquerita Esquerita and the Voola 2:13

21 The Coasters I'm a Hog for You Baby 1:58

22 Little Richard Heebee Jeebies 2:12

23 Gene Vincent Say Mama 2:11

24 Johnny O'keefe & the Dee Jays Wild One 2:17

25 Chuck Willis What Am I Living For 2:26


01 Huey "Piano" Smith High Blood Pressure 2:46

02 Dale Hawkins La Do Dada 2:35

03 Link Wray Rumble 2:26

04 Champs Tequila 2:15

05 Vince Taylor and His Playboys Brand New Cadillac 2:37

06 Don & Dewey Farmer John 2:29

07 Johnny Kidd & the Pirates Please Don't Touch 1:51

08 Chan Romero Hippy Hippy Shake 1:41

09 Olympics Hully Gully 3:39

10 Bo Diddley Oh Yea 3:07

11 Larry Williams She Said Yeah 1:51

12 Clovers Love Potion No 9 1:54

13 Wailers Tall Cool One 2:32

14 Isley Brothers Shout (Parts 1 & 2) 4:24

15 Crickets I Fought the Law 2:11

16 Dave "Baby" Cortez Happy Organ 2:05

17 Bosstones Mope-Itty Mope 2:03

18 Shirelles Boys 2:06

19 Barrett Strong Money (That's What I Want) 2:37

20 Richard Berry Have Love Will Travel 2:56

21 John D. Loudermilk Tobacco Road 2:44

22 Eddie Cochran Weekend 1:49

23 Bobby Darin With Shorty Rogers Orchestra Beachcomber 2:16

24 Jessie Hill Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Parts 1 & 2) 4:24

25 Gamblers Moon Dawg 2:16