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VA - Train Tracks, Blues (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


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VA - Train Tracks, Blues (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

There are literally thousands of songs about trains both physical and metaphorical. As a metaphor for life, trains can move forward at full speed, veer off the tracks or become full-on wrecks, so it’s no wonder there are so many songs that invoke life on the rails.

A train song is a song referencing passenger or freight railroads. Trains have been a theme in both traditional and popular music since the first half of the 19th century and over the years have appeared in all major musical genres, including folk, blues, country, rock, jazz, world, classical and avant-garde. While the prominence of railroads has faded in recent decades, the train endures as a common image in popular song.

The earliest known train songs date to two years before the first public railway began operating in the United States. "The Carrollton March", copyrighted July 1, 1828, was composed by Arthur Clifton to commemorate the groundbreaking of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Another song written for the occasion, "Rail Road March" by Charles Meineke, was copyrighted two days after Clifton's, one day before the July 4 ceremonies. The number of songs that have appeared since then is impossible to determine, not only because of the difficulties in documenting the songs but also in defining the genre. (Wikipedia)

The following selections are part of a muti-volume series that will include Train tracks in the Rock, Blues, Folk, Pop, Soul, Psychedelic Rock, Indie, Progressive rock and Country genres.

This Volume is dedicated to Blues songs that reference trains physically and metaphorically. I hope you will enjoy these 60 tracks. 






Track lists


01 Delta Moon Hellbound Train 4:11

02 Gravelroad Trainwreck 2:09

03 Livin' Blues Go-Go-Train 4:57

04 Steve Earle Desperadoes Waiting for a Train 4:17

05 Peter Green First Train Home 4:05

06 Mallard Desperados Waiting for a Train 3:35

07 Junior Wells The Train I Ride 5:04

08 Rory Gallagher Empire State Express 5:02

09 Ruth Brown That Train Don't Stop Here 6:52

10 Brian Fraser Another Train Song 6:01

11 ‎Lil' Ed and the Imperials Hold That Train 4:00

12 Eddie Boyd and His Blues Band The Train is Coming 4:26

13 Reneé Austin Strangers on a Train 4:35

4 Harry Manx Reuben's Train 4:02

15 Byrds Yesterday's Train 4:11

16 John Campbell Sunnyland Train 4:51

17 Michelle Shocked If Love Was a Train 4:03

18 Steddy Eddy Blue Train 5:22

19 Tony Joe White Watching the Trains Go By 3:04

20 Thaddeus Declouet Catch the Morning Train 2:34


21 Muddy Waters All Aboard 2:53

22 Beefeaters Night Train 4:21

23 Jesse Wadley, John Wadley, Will Jones & Felix Davenport Longest Train I Ever Saw 4:07

24 Peter Green With Katmandu Cranes Train Boogie 3:18

25 Keri Leigh & the Blue Devils Train Don't Roll 4:30

26 Livin'Blues Big Black Train 3:57

27 Carolyn Gaines Catch That Train (Feat. Grady Gaines, Jr.) 3:30

28 Junior Wells The Train 5:05

29 Lowell Fulson The Train is Leaving 3:11

30 Luther Dickinson How I Wish My Train Would Come 2 4:32

31 Dana Gillespie & Joachim Palden Blues Train 3:56

32 Jorma Kaukonen Waiting for a Train 3:25

33 John Hammond So Many Roads, So Many Trains 2:43

34 Little Junior's Blue Flames Mystery Train '53 2:21

35 Dana Gillespie Blue Ridge Mountain Train 4:05

36 Catfish Hodge Train to Detroit 3:05

37 Papa Lightfoot Mean Ol Train 2:32

38 Lonnie Brooks The Train and the Horse 5:08

39 Paul Butterfield Blues Ban Two Trains Running 3:55

40 Tom Waits Down There By the Train 5:39


41 Elizabeth Cotten Freight Train 2:46

42 Brunning Sunflower Blues Band Tube Train Blues 3:19

43 Keri Leigh & the Blue Devils All Aboard 0:52

44 Blind Boys of Alabama Train Fare 3:50

45 Cecil Gant Train Time Blues 3:05

46 Karen Dalton Prettiest Train 4:10

47 Innes Sibun Midnight Train 3:23

48 Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis Two Trains Running 2:27

49 Red Foley Freight Train Boogie 2:51

50 Professor Long Hair How Long Has That Train Been Gone 5:48

51 Russell Wise Train Blues 1:38

52 Sonny Boy Williamson I Train Fare Blues 2:48

53 Snooky Pryor Stop the Train, Conductor 2:36

54 Peter Warfield Morning Train Blues 2:55

55 Monroe Brothers (Charlie & Bill) New River Train 3:42

56 Mississippi Fred McDowell When the Train Comes Along 2:51

57 Lonnie Glosson Fast Train Blues 3:42

58 J.P. Nestor Train on the Island 3:00

12 Noah Wotherspoon Band Oahu Train Rag 0:44

60 Convicts of Bellwood Prison Camp, Atlanta, Ga The Longest Train I Ever Saw 3:34




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