Thursday, August 29, 2019

Elvis Presley - The RCA Albums Collection [2016] CD07+CD58+CD59+CD60


Elvis Presley - The RCA Albums Collection [2016] CD07+CD58+CD59+CD60

This 60th Anniversary 60-CD Deluxe Edition celebrates RCA Victor's signing of Elvis Presley-The King of rock 'n' roll. Features all of the albums Elvis recorded and RCA released in his lifetime: studio, soundtrack, and live. It also includes compilations released that featured unreleased songs or songs new to the LP format. The Album Collection represents album sales in the U.S. of 135 million! Collectively, Elvis has RIAA certified sales of singles, EPs and albums equaling 25 x multi-platinum, 52 x platinum and 92 x gold awards given for U.S. sales alone! Estimated worldwide sales are in excess of one billion! Original album packaging has been painstakingly restored including gatefold/die cut sleeves, original RCA Victor inserts, stickers and more. CD labels replicate original side 1 labels. The Album Collection also includes a 300-page deluxe fully illustrated hard cover book with complete insightful commentary, discography and recording session data. Elvis Presley-The Album Collection represents a level of artistic achievement unparalleled to this day. This unique and comprehensive collection provides testament to Elvis' innate talent.

The new 2016 "Elvis Presley The Album Collection" 60 CD Box Set is awesome, and features the same definitive Remastering by Vic Anesini that was used on 2011's "The Complete Elvis Presley Masters" box set which was over $700 and available only by mail.
That box set was flawless, and the huge book was amazing, but this set is less than half the price, and organized by album as the music was originally released, along with compilations and bonus tracks to make it complete. (Amazon)

Presented here are the rarities. The last three discs of this box set, CD58,CD59 and CD60  plus CD07 - For LP Fans Only. Enjoy