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Bobby Vee - The Singles Collection (mono 45's) [2006] (3 x CD's)


Bobby Vee - The Singles Collection (mono 45's) [2006] (3 x CD's)

It's about time that Bobby Vee, one of the most talented and successful of the early '60s teen idols, received something approaching the box set treatment.

Hugely Successful, Buddy Holly Influenced, Teen Idol. Bobby Vee was Rarely Out of the UK Or Us Charts in the Pre 'beat Group' Years of the Early 60s. This Complete Collection on 3cds, 1959-1977, featuring all the Hits, the Us A-sides and B-sides, UK Only Singles, Rare Material, Tracks Never Released on CD and Rare Italian Language Version of Singles.

Scream! I loved Bobby Vee, and still do. This has to be one of the best back-catalogue realeases in years. It is especially good to hear Stranger In Your Arms and All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me after all these years - other than on my much loved, scratchy old 45's. A big Thank You to EMI, Bob Celli, and of course to Mr V, himself. I would bet a lot of Bobby Vee's fans never thought that his material was so diverse - even after hearing the great body of work represented by his many LPs. I have been playing this 3-disc set repeatedly and will probably never stop hearing new things each time. His own exceptional writing talent gets a good showcase on this set, and - by the way - one hears a lot more of that in the recordings that have been coming out of his own Rockhouse Productions over the past couple decades.  I am particularly taken by the Bread-like "Something To Say" from 1971 - another Vee original. Who is that playing the solo guitar licks in the background? It almost sounds like James Griffin's handiwork, although it's probably Dean Parks. This CD set presents a compelling look at a great talent and would be essential for fans of Bobby Vee and the U.S. songwriting and recording scene throughout the 60s and 70s.  (Amazon)


Bobby Vee - The Singles Collection (mono 45's) [2006] ALL

Bobby Vee - 5 Missing Tracks


 Track lists


1-1     Suzie Baby
1-2     Flyin' High    
1-3     What Do You Want    
1-4     My Love Loves Me    
1-5     One Last Kiss    
1-6     Laurie    
1-7     Devil Or Angel    
1-8     Since I Met You Baby    
1-9     Rubber Ball    
1-10     Everyday    
1-11     Stayin' In    
1-12     More Than I Can Say    
1-13     How Many Tears    
1-14     Baby Face    
1-15     Take Good Care Of My Baby    
1-16     Bashful Bob    
1-17     Run To Him    
1-18     Walkin' With My Angel    
1-19     Please Don't Ask About Barbara    
1-20     I Can't Say Goodbye    
1-21     Sharing You    
1-22     In My Baby's Eyes    
1-23     At A Time Like This    
1-24     All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me    
1-25     A Forever Kind Of Love    
1-26     Punish Her    
1-27     Someday
1-28     Christmas Vacation    
1-29     A Not So Merry Christmas    
1-30     The Night Has A Thousand Eyes    
1-31     Anonymous Phone Call    
1-32     Charms    
1-33     Bobby Tomorrow    


2-1     A Letter From Betty    
2-2     Be True To Yourself    
2-3     Never Love A Robin    
2-4     Armen's Theme (Yesterday And You)    
2-5     Stranger In Your Arms    
2-6     1963    
2-7     I'll Make You Mine    
2-8     She's Sorry    
2-9     Hickory, Dick And Doc    
2-10     I Wish You Were Mine Again    
2-11     How To Make A Farewell    
2-12     Where Is She    
2-13     Every Little Bit Hurts    
2-14     Pretend You Don't See Her    
2-15     Cross My Heart    
2-16     This Is The End    
2-17     Keep On Trying    
2-18     You Won't Forget Me    
2-19     True Love Never Runs Smooth    
2-20     Run Like The Devil    
2-21     Take A Look Around Me    
2-22     High Coin    
2-23     The Story Of My Life    
2-24     A Girl I Used To Know    
2-25     Gone    
2-26     Butterfly    
2-27     Save A Love    
2-28     Look At Me Girl    
2-29     Here Today    
2-30     Before You Go    
2-31     Come Back When You Grow Up    
2-32     That's All In The Past    


3-1     Swahili Serenade    
3-2     Beautiful People    
3-3     I May Be Gone    
3-4     Maybe Just Today    
3-5     You're A Big Girl Now    
3-6     My Girl / Hey Girl    
3-7     Just Keep It Up (And See What Happens)    
3-8     Do What You Gotta Do    
3-9     Thank You    
3-10     (I'm Into Lookin' For) Someone To Love Me    
3-11     Jenny Came To Me    
3-12     Santa Cruz    
3-13     Let's Call It A Day Girl    
3-14     I'm Gonna Make It Up To You    
3-15     Electric Trains And You    
3-16     In And Out Of Love    
3-17     Woman In My Life    
3-18     No Obligations    
3-19     Sweet Sweetheart    
3-20     Rock And Roll Music And You    
3-21     Signs    
3-22     Something To Say    
3-23     Take Good Care Of My Baby (Acoustic)    
3-24     Every Opportunity    
3-25     Well Alright    
3-26     Something Has Come Between Us    
3-27     Ama Chi Vuoi (Run To Him)    
3-28     La 'Detto A Me (She's Sorry)    
3-29     Charms (Sung In Italian)    
3-30     Torna Cuando Sarai Diventa Ta Grande (Come Back When You Grow Up)



  1. I got this when it was on The TZ, and it's still missing the last 5 tracks on cd 2.

    1. Here are the 5 Missing Tracks.

      Bobby Vee - 5 Missing Tracks