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Prefab Sprout - 38 Carat Collection CD1 + CD2 [1999]


Prefab Sprout - 38 Carat Collection CD1 + CD2 [1999]

38 Carat Collection (released as The Collection in the U.S.) is a compilation album by the English pop band Prefab Sprout, released in October 1999 by Columbia Records. It was issued in a double CD version. Each disc is arranged in chronological order, with most of the group's singles appearing on disc 1 ("The Devil Has All the Best Tunes" is omitted, and "All The World Loves Lovers" and "I Remember That" appear on the second CD) and tracks from their six previous studio albums on disc 2.  "Where the Heart Is", the theme from the TV series of same name, was issued as a single in May 2000. (Wikipedia)

Paddy McAloon is the most unappreciated, neglected, or just unknown songwriter of his generation. In Britain, he's taken for granted. In the USA, he's all but unknown, which should be corrected by this release. This guy--and his band--deliver song after song brimming with melodicism, inventive time changes and unique chordal touches, beautiful orchestral and vocal arrangements, equal parts melancholy and joy, and just plain good music. Sure, some of the lyrics can be cliched, trite and somewhat precious. But, even when they are, he has an undeniable knack for redeeming the song through melodic hooks. Face it, even in his prime, McCartney's lyrics could be lightweight, but his genius for melody rode to the rescue time and time again. So it is with the other Mac---Paddy McAloon. In fact, if you want to pass the torch...I'd say that McCartney can be mentioned in the same breath as MacManus (Elvis C.) and so with McAloon. In each case, the Irish spirit of heartfelt expression is infused with the British genius for pop imagination resulting in flawlessly written and performed songs. As for the songs, there are 38 gems from the band's entire oeuvre. About 25 are classics, 10 are awesome and 3 are just good--which is still 10 times better than most of the nonsense that passing for songwriting these days. As he sings, "Life's A Miracle." So is this CD. (Amazon)

From this distance, I hear most of what is on this 38-Carat Collection, and I hear the same exuberant/ genius thing that the Beatles had. These songs get way inside of you.


Prefab Sprout - 38 Carat Collection [1999] CD1

Prefab Sprout - 38 Carat Collection [1999] CD2


Track list

 1. Lions In My Own Garden
  2. Don't Sing
  3. Couldn't Bear To Be Special
  4. When Love Breaks Down
  5. Faron Young
  6. Appetite
  7. Johnny Johnny
  8. Cars & Girls
  9. The King Of Rock'N'Roll
  10. Hey Manhattan!
  11. The Golden Calf
  12. Looking For Atlantis
  13. We Let The Stars Go
  14. Carnival 2000
  15. The Sound Of Crying
  16. If You Don't Love Me
  17. Life Of Surprises
  18. A Prisoner Of The Past
  19. Electric Guitars
  20. Cue Fanfare
  21. Cruel
  22. Bonny
  23. Moving The River
  24. Desire As
  25. Horsin' Around
  26. Pearly Gates
  27. 'Til The Cows Cows Come Home
  28. Enchanted
  29. I Remember That
  30. Nightingales
  31. Jordan:the Comeback
  32. All The World Loves Lovers
  33. Jesse James Bolero
  34. Doo Wop In Harlem
  35. Life's A Miracle
  36. Swans
  37. Andromeda Heights
  38. Where The Heart Is


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