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VA - MOM & DAD Vol. 01 Fathers (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - MOM & DAD Vol. 01 Fathers (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

There are few relationships that can be more heartwarming, heartbreaking, complicated and fraught with emotion than our relationships with our dads.  Artists have been writing songs about their relationship with their fathers or father figures throughout history. Many have great relationships with their fathers but sometimes not all relationships with fathers are rainbow and sunshine. No matter what we forget or want to forget about our dad's there is always at least one specific thing we remember. Musicians have a knack being able to separate the wheat from chaff and often present beautiful memories for us to relate to and reflect on. Songs that look from a child's eyes, songs are about life and some about loss and some of us become our father even if we don't like it. A fathers ways impact on how we all grow up and how we see the world. Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to you. 

Here is Volume one of a two-part series of songs about Mothers and Fathers. Volume one is dedicated to FATHER's and Volume two will be dedicated to MOTHER's.

These songs touch on special bonds held between a father and daughter or a father and son, and what it means to be on each end of that relationship.  Enjoy!


Pt.1  Pt.2 


Track lists


01 Colin Hay Dear Father 3:19

02 Cat Stevens Father And Son 3:42

03 Audreyauld Mezera My Father 3:48

04 Melanie For My Father 2:28

05 Nina Simone My Father 4:56

06 Pearls Before Swine My Father 2:22

07 Anthony Callea Dance With My Father 4:20

08 Graham Gouldman My Father 2:46

09 Monkees Daddy's Song 2:32

10 George Michael Father Figure 5:36

11 Seal A Father’s Way 4:39

12 Jimmy Curtiss He Was My Father 4:49

13 Hoyt Axton I Never Knew My Father 4:04

14 David Knopfler A Father And A Son 2:36

15 Over The Rhine My Father's Body 3:38

16 Elton John My Father's Gun 6:18

17 Ruth Brown Daddy Daddy 2:54

18 Michael Carpenter Father 3:01

19 Loudon Wainwright Iii A Father And A Son 3:08

20 Hank Williams My Son Calls Another Man Daddy 2:34

21 Negative Space Father & Son 4:03

22 Tia Blake My Father Is A Lonely Man 2:20

23 Merkin A Father's Song (Unreleased) 2:48

24 Hickory Wind Father Come With Me 4:09

25 Paul Peterson My Dad 2:26


26 Civil Wars My Father's Father 3:20

27 Pat Lundy He's The Father Of My Children 2:57

01 Waylon Jennings Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line 2:23

29 Cat Stevens Father 4:08

30 Robin Lent My Father Was A Sailor 3:55

31 Astors Daddy Didn't Tell Me 2:36

32 Michael Jackson To Make My Father Proud 4:04

33 John Prine Unwed Fathers 3:32

34 East Village Her Father's Son 3:24

35 Ginger Father 3:27

36 Paul Simon Father And Daughter 4:07

37 Garth Brooks Papa Loved Mama 2:52

38 Fire Father's Name Was Dad 2:29

39 Thoughts And Words Father And Son 2:45

03 Richie Havens My Fathers Shoes 2:45

41 Emmylou Harris To Daddy 2:50

42 Judy Collins My Father 5:02

43 Cowsills Father 3:55

44 Dougie Maclean Talking With My Father 5:26

45 Avett Brothers A Fathers First Spring 4:06

46 Adorables Daddy Please 2:41

47 Rick Springfield My Father's Chair 3:28

48 Jasper Wrath Father 5:09

49 Phil Keaggy In My Father's Time 3:28

50 Every Father's Teenage Son A Letter To Dad 2:57


51 Francis Dunnery In My Father's Eyes 8:17

52 Beautiful South Your Father And I 5:04

53 Grave Father Dead 5:58

54 Fire (Strawbs) Fathers Name Is Dad 3:26

55 Elvis Presley Don't Cry Daddy 2:48

56 Wayne Newton Daddy Dont You Walk So Fast 3:26

57 Magnetic Fields Fathers In The Clouds 2:52

58 Carly Simon Fairweather Father 3:35

59 Gladys Knight & The Pips Daddy Could Swear I Declare 3:46

60 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Father Dear 2:34

61 Ike & Tina Turner Father Alone 4:20

62 Oli Brown Like A Father 3:55

63 Dear Hunter Father 4:48

64 Lenny Kravitz Like Father Like Son 4:08

65 Nagel You're Not My Father 2:58

66 Radiants Father Knows Best 2:47

67 Pat Lundy He's The Father Of My Children 2:57

68 Eddie Fisher Oh My Papa 3:04

69 Greg Lake Daddy 4:53

70 John Denver Please, Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas) 2:36

71 Tamam Shud My Father Told Me 3:48

72 Mary Martin My Heart Belongs To Daddy 2:35

73 Was (Not Was) Somewhere In America (There's A Street Named After My Dad) 3:44

74 Pete Ham Dear Father 2:04

75 Eric Clapton My Father's Eyes [Take 1] 6:22




  1. very cool collection nothing is better than our dear old mom and dad thanks bb johnny crawfords my dad is first 45 i had with mom or dad in the title

    1. Hi doors97426.
      Moms and Dads need to be remembered for how they help in our lives. I don't have the track you mention.
      Lots of thought provoking songs here. Some tearjerkers too.

  2. thats because i screwed up, i was thinking of the paul peterson song, but had the show wrong johnny did cindy's birthday & rumours my mistake after playing your post.. I had the paul peterson song you posted donna reed show is not the same as the rifleman i quess

  3. Nice theme Butterboy, thanks for sharing it!

  4. Thanks Little Bill.
    I hope you will enjoy the choices.

  5. Wonderful idea and comp. Thanks, BB.

    1. Thanks pmac.
      There are many more but for first volume Its still sounds good.

  6. What a wonderful collection. Thank You B.B.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Kindly can you re-upload all those dead Zippyshare files? Thanks in advance. All the best, Maren

    1. Hi Maren Nkrumah.
      You will need to be more specific.

    2. Let`s start with those 3 then ...
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    4. Thanks, Maren.
      All of the above links have been reestablished, tested and working.
      If there are others just yell out.

    5. Thanks, but the "Smooth as butter" and "Rockabilly" do not work for me. They are still dead ...

    6. Hi Maren,
      They appear to work for me. Possible there are several posts of the same item.
      Here are links
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