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VA - Time Machine A Vertigo Retrospective [2005] CD1 + CD2 + CD3

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VA - Time Machine A Vertigo Retrospective [2005] CD1 + CD2 + CD3

Whoever signed bands for Vertigo back in the late 60s and early 70s had incredible discretion and good taste. Colloseum, Atlantis, Cresseda, and Yes, even the mighty Sabbath made some fantastically advanced music, sampled on Time Machine.

This boxset really is a Time Machine: No Demographics, no labels, no test-marketing, no boundaries. Rock, Jazz, Classical and Blues are all molded by each band on this set, but in ways very unique to each band. The idea in music then was to outdo the other bands, but by doing something very different, and doing it very well. You will never mistake one band or another here. You will also find very little self-indulgence or meandering in any of this music. This music is "prog" defined by jazz and blues, not quasi-classical jazz.

Time Machine is a fascinating look at an equally fascinating time in music, containing 41 tracks from the first golden age of the Vertigo label including rare and classic tracks from the likes of Aphrodite's Child, Black Sabbath, Colosseum, Gentle Giant, Jade Warrior and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.  Whether you are a fan of Psychedelia or Prog Rock, there's something here to excite your senses.  A vital collection that rightfully takes its place next to other classic compilations like "Nuggets", "Atlantic Gold" or "Freakbeat Scene". (Amazon)





01    Colosseum - The Kettle    :04:28
02    Juicy Lucy - Who Do You Love?    :03:03
03    Clear Blue Sky - My Heaven    :05:01
04    Manfred Mann's - Chapter Three    Travelling Lady    :05:51
05    Black Sabbath - Behind the Wall of Sleep    :03:41
06    Cressida - To Play Your Little Games    :03:22
07    Gracious - Introduction    :05:56
08    Affinity - Three Sisters    :04:59
09    Bob Downes - Walking On    :05:02
10    May Blitz - I Don't Know    :04:50
11    Nucleus - Torrid Zone    :08:44
12    Rod Stewart - Handbags and Gladrags    :03:57
13    Gentle Giant - Nothing at All    :09:11
14    Ben - The Influence    :10:06


01    Dr. Z - Evil Woman's Manly Child    :04:48
02    Jade Warrior - Borne on the Solar Wind    :03:03
03    Patto - The Man    :06:16
04    Juicy Lucy - Thinking of My Life    :04:27
05    Jimmy Campbell - Half Baked    :04:43
06    May Blitz - For Madmen Only    :04:15
07    Tudor Lodge - The Lady's Changing Home    :04:37
08    Beggars Opera - Time Machine    :08:08
09    Colosseum - Bring Out Your Dead    :04:19
10    Warhorse - Mouthpiece    :08:45
11    Uriah Heep - Lady in Black    :04:44
12    Freedom & Whiskey - Through the Years    :04:25
13    Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Midnight Moses    :04:27
14    Magna Carta - Lord of the Ages    :10:03


01    Atlantis - Living at the End of Times    :09:08
02    Ramases - Life Child    :06:38
03    Beggars Opera - MacArthur Park    :08:23
04    Nucleus - Song for the Bearded Lady    :07:23
05    Gentle Giant - Pantagruel's Nativity    :06:52
06    Gravy Train - (A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man    :07:13
07    Ronno - Powers of Darkness    :03:34
08    Status Quo - Paper Plane    :02:54
09    Ian Matthews - Little Known    :02:56
10    Vangelis Papathanassiou - Let It Happen    :04:15
11    Jade Warrior - Mwenga Sketch    :08:37
12    Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen    :05:56
13    Black Sabbath - Spiral Architect    :05:31



  1. At first sight, three little known and very interesting bands: Affinity, Ramases and Gracious!. Thank you BB, more material to explore!

    1. This is a great box set, Herve.
      Almost 20 years old now. I have post all of the bands you mention previously. All wonderful.
      For Ramases try this link, still active.

    2. Thanks a lot BB, I have this box. It was delivered thanks to the help of actor Peter Stormare who is a number one fan of the band. Astonished songs.

  2. Thanks BB A great cross-section of music. Should be fun.

    1. Thanks, lemonflag.
      It's a really fine listen. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks BB A great collection.I also love the vertigo logo!

    1. Hi Dr Robert.
      It's such an iconic logo. Vertigo have released many wonderful albums. I hope you have been picking up The Vertigo Lucky Dips.

  4. Love the titles of the old UK labels. Thank you for the emphasis there.
    Greatly appreciated!

    1. Thank you, Winter Hills.
      I have enjoyed this box set from the day it arrived in my hand. Such a great document.

  5. Thank you blind willie,
    You too.

  6. Strange, I have a 4 disc version of this. In chronological order (I think). Label compilations like this are a great sampler of their catalog.

    1. Hi Bud_e_luv_bomb.
      I don't have a 4 Cd set. I would love to see the Artwork if possible.