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VA - Ace 30th Birthday Celebration, Garage Rock & Punk [2005]


VA - Ace 30th Birthday Celebration, Garage Rock & Punk [2005]

If you are looking for a sampler album that covers the history and evolution of garage rock and punk rock, you might want to give VA - Ace 30th Birthday Celebration; Garage Rock & Punk [2005] a try. This album is a collection of 20 songs from various artists who represent the genres of garage rock and punk rock, released by Ace Records, a British reissue label that specializes in restoring and re-releasing rare and classic rock & roll records. The album is part of a series of four compilations that celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ace Records, which was founded in 1975 by record dealer Ted Carroll, former Horslips manager Roger Armstrong, and industry veteran Trevor Churchill.

The album features tracks from both American and British bands, spanning from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s. You will find some familiar names like The Sonics, The Zombies, and The Damned, as well as some lesser-known gems like The Radiators from Space, Naz Nomad & The Nightmares, and The Wailers. The songs are diverse in style and mood, ranging from raw and powerful to catchy and melodic. You will hear influences from R&B, beat, psychedelic, gothic, and new wave music, as well as original and innovative sounds that shaped the genres of garage rock and punk rock.

The album is a great introduction to the history and evolution of garage rock and punk rock, as well as a showcase of the impressive catalog of Ace Records. The sound quality is excellent, the liner notes are informative, and the cover art is eye-catching. Whether you are a fan of these genres or curious about them, you will find something to enjoy in this album. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves rock & roll music. (B)





Track list

01 Sonics - Have Love Will Travel 2:38

02 Wailers - Out Of Tree 3:29

03 Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman 2:31

04 Last Word - Sleepy Hollow 2:49

05 She - Outta Reach 2:24

06 Mouse - Lie, Beg, Borrow And Steal 2:31

07 Revels - Intoxica 1:57

08 Spiders - Hey Boy 1:46

09 Zombies - Just Out Of Reach 2:07

10 Wheels - Bad Little Woman 2:48

11 Radiators from Space - Electric Shares 3:09

12 Riff Raff - Cosmonaut 1:26

13 Damned - Melody Lee 2:06

14 Milkshakes - Out Of Control 2:35

15 Vibes - Miniskirt Blues 3:01

16 Vibes - Brand New Gun 2:12

17 Naz Nomad & The Nightmares - I Can Onlty Give You Everything 2:40

18 Delmonas - C C Rider 2:45

19 Prisoners - Reaching My Head 2:51

20 Bugs - It's About Time 3:07