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VA - Psychedelic Obscurities (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Previously posted April 24, 2020

VA - Psychedelic Obscurities (A Butterboy Compilation)

Psychedelic music became popular throughout the world in the late '60's and '70's (and beyond).  Most of the greatest music I listen to came from the UK, and USA. It was a very fertile period of music fueled by psychedelic drugs and new attitudes to life in general. It was a backlash that became a great time of discovery and experimentation as people began to challenge antiquated beliefs and structures, and was reflected in the music of the times. The rules had changed. There are many great bands that were regarded as Psychedelic and they still sound great today.

With this compilation the focus is on the unsung heroes of underground psychedelic rock.  The bands who have fallen under the radar of obscurity. As a follower of Psychedelic bands you had to hear them on albums as radio rarely played them.  Some artists listed here may be familiar to you by name but their psychedelic output is almost unknown and therefore considered obscure. There are also several tracks included here that are from recent times but have a 60’s-70’s feel showing how impactful psychedelic music has been.

There are many wonderful compilations available which collect psychedelic obscurities but I hope this set offers something a little different. Here are 75 psychedelic recordings that have unjustifiably surrendered to obscurity.





Track lists


01    Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies    The Elephant at the Door    5:13
02    Ultimate Spinach        Mind Flowers    8:30
03    Alice Cooper        Living    3:12
04    Aorta            What's in My Mind's Eye    2:52
05    Trevor McNamara        Silver    3:29
06    Friendsound        Joyride    4:25
07    Music Emporium        Cage    5:08
08    Jardine            Masochists of Strangulation    3:06
09    C.A. Quintet        Trip Thru Hell, Pt. 1    9:10
10    Rainbow Ffolly        Sun King    4:00
11    Druids of Stonehenge    Forgot to Begot    2:36
12    Morgen            Of Dreams    5:39
13    Bo Grumpus        Yesterday's Street    4:15
14    Erica Pomerance        We Came Via    7:03
15    Sonny Bono        Pammie's on a Bummer    7:45
16    Food            Forever is a Dream    6:51
17    Savage Resurrection        Thing in 'E'    3:06
18    Peter Ivers            In Pursuit of Treasure    3:14
19    Clouds            Visions    2:45
20    Birmingham Sunday        Egocentrick Solitude    3:19
21    Harumi            Fire By the River    3:34
22    Pacific Sound        Thick Fog    2:32
23    Glass Family        House of Glass    3:13
24    Eire Apparent        1026    4:13
25    Beat of the Earth        This is an Artistic Statement Part I    20:59
25    Beat of the Earth        This Is An Artistic Statement Part II    20:54

26    Plastic Cloud        Bridge Under the Sky    4:36
27    Crystal Chandlier        Suicidal Flowers    2:21
28    Freeborne            Land of Diana    3:18
29    Kak            Trieulogy    8:12
30    Lazy Smoke        There Was a Time    2:04
31    Fifty Foot Hose        Fantasy    10:13
32    Red Krayola        Hurricane Fighter Plane    3:31
33    Bob Desper        Darkness is Like a Shadow    4:34
34    Godz            Down By the River    3:44
35    Caedmon            Aslan    4:31
36    Fapardokly        Gone to Pot, No Retreat    4:03
37    Sweetwater        My Crystal Spider    3:59
38    Dug Dug's            Lost in My World    4:08
39    Pisces            In the Dreams of Paula    3:15
40    Toshi Ichiyanagi        Ken Takakura Sings on Tadanori    3:23
41    Markley            The Magic Cat    2:58
42    Five Day Week Straw People    Five Day Week Straw People    3:23
43    Terry Brooks & Strange    The Kiss of a Butterfly    6:03
44    Perry Leopold        Serpentine Lane    4:31
45    Pärson Sound        India (Slight Return)    13:06
46    Chrysalis            Piece of Sun    1:50
47    Four Seasons        Genuine Imitation Life    6:16
48    Mecki Mark Men        Future on the Road    4:46
49    Electronic Hole        Love Will Find a Way Part I    2:57
49    Electronic Hole        Love Will Find a Way Part II    7:05
50    Avengers            Everyone's Gonna Wonder    2:40

51    Mandrake Memorial        Bucket of Air    9:15
52    Bobb Trimble        Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Long    4:22
53    Dave Bixby        I Have Seen Him    3:20
54    Beacon Street Union    My Love Is    4:11
55    Spoils of War        E-Thing    7:57
56    Brigade            Self Made God    4:06
57    Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck    One Ring Jane    4:20
58    Baby Grandmothers        Somebody Keeps Calling My Name    9:14
59    Twink            Tiptoe on the Highest Hill    5:18
60    Ladies W.C.        And Everywhere I See the Shadow of That Life    3:24
61    Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band    I Think I'll Just Lie Here and Die    2:22
62    Q65            Ridin' on a Slow Train    4:12
63    Fort Mudge Memorial Dump    What Good is Spring    4:02
64    Zodiac            Aries - the Fire-Fighter    3:16
65    Les Yper-Sound        Psyché Rock    2:38
66    Stone Garden        World is Coming to an End    2:34
67    Comus            Song to Comus    7:29
68    Dragonfly            She Don't Care    2:50
69    Morning Dew        Sycamore Dreamer    3:45
70    Condello            Dr. Tarr Professor Fether    2:51
71    Dark            Live for Today    8:04
72    Noel Gilpin Emporium    Will You Miss Me When I'm Dead    3:16
73    Mandrake Paddle Steamer    Strange Walking Man    3:11
74    Ipsissimus            Hold On    3:37
75    Paisley Sky        Lucy Lysergic    4:50


  1. It's strange, Joe Byrd evokes sounds that we would later find in Stereolab. Really exciting. And Morgen is a f***g band. I'll listen to the rest. TBBAU (Thanks BB as usual).

    1. Thanks Herve,
      I listen to this set often and enjoy these especially when on walks.
      Enjoy them often.

  2. The obscurer the better - thanks BB

    1. Hi Dr Robert.
      I agree, old music that sounds new for me.