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VA - Songs For An Aging Child (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)


Previously posted January 24, 2021

VA - Songs For An Aging Child (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)

“You are young, and life is long and there is time to kill today / And then one day you find ten, twenty, thirty years have got behind you. (Pink Floyd, "Time") 

Getting older is a fact, a dream, a curse and a part of nature. Where did the time go....

We experience many phases through our life’s journey. As a newborn we absorb the sounds around us preparing us for what lies ahead, As a child finding a way to express ourselves and learn enough to enjoy the life ahead, as a teenager questioning and realizing the here and now, experiencing youthful exuberance of life and its wonders, getting through middle age where we often wonder how we got there in one piece and what legacy we will leave our family. As we age further, we reflect on and sometimes become anxious about whether we are burdensome to those around us, and some become anxious just about getting older. When we start to realize that our life will one day expire it is then that we reflect on a beautiful life we experienced. 

Our memories are incredibly important to us as we age. Listening to music helps to reflect on the memories of our lives whatever the genre or artist. Aging itself is less important when love is in one’s life and when we keep an open mind to carry us through.  Songwriters have long been able to reflect on these matters of the aging process. There are many fantastic songs that explore these feelings and that are expressed better than most of us can articulate. Rather than be saddened by our age (something we have no control over) lets renew our understanding of life and rejoice and honour the process of getting older (It's not so bad). 

Here are 100 songs about aging. As usual many genres and years. Listening to these songs is very rewarding as we hear about the social change of aging over the years by youngsters, middle agers and elderly artists.






Track lists


01 Glen Campbell Yesterday, When I Was Young 3:43

02 Alasca When You Are Older 2:40

03 Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell Back When We Were Beautiful 3:43

04 Colin Hay Go Ask an Old Man 2:56

05 Verve Appalachian Springs 7:33

06 Sly Stone; Sly & Billy Preston As I Get Older 2:59

07 Leonard Cohen Going Home 3:51

08 Billy Preston You Done Got Older 3:03

09 Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud 4:41

10 Fleetwood Mac Landslide 3:19

11 Neil Young Sugar Mountain 5:41

12 Byrds Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season) 3:36

13 John Mayer Stop This Train 4:45

14 Joni Mitchell Both Sides, Now 4:29

15 Bill Withers Grandmas Hands 2:02

16 America Old Man Took 3:15

17 Richie Havens Younger Men Grow Older 4:01

18 Bonnie Raitt Nick of Time 4:04

19 Alan Parsons Project Old and Wise 4:54

20 Bobby Goldsboro Autumn of My Life 3:27

21 Mary Chapin Carpenter Grow Old With Me - Mary Chapin Carpenter 3:22

22 Big Bill Broonzy Getting Older Every Day 3:17

23 George Harrison All Things Must Pass 3:46

24 John Lennon Borrowed Time 4:28

25 Rod Stewart Forever Young (Piano Version) 4:29


26 Tom Jones Tower of Song 3:57

27 Bruce Springsteen Glory Days 4:17

28 Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band Against the Wind 5:34

29 Graham Gouldman Growing Older 2:45

30 Five for Fighting 100 Years 3:58

31 Toby Keith As Good as I Once Was 4:32

32 Ron Sexsmith Hands of Time 3:16

33 Harry Chapin Cat's in the Cradle 3:48

34 Neil Young Old Man 3:19

35 George Michael Older 5:32

36 Leonard Cohen Leaving the Table 3:47

37 Pearl Jam Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town 3:15

38 Lukas Graham 7 Years 3:54

39 John Mellencamp Cherry Bomb 4:49

40 Steve Miller Band Fly Like an Eagle 3:04

41 David Bowie Changes 3:28

42 Steely Dan Hey Nineteen 4:58

43 Hothouse Flowers The Older We Get 4:45

44 Mojo Men As I Get Older 3:13

45 Simon & Garfunkel A Hazy Shade of Winter 2:17

46 Luke Bryan Fast 3:30

47 Icehouse My Obsession 4:09

48 Pulp Help the Aged 4:30

49 Bob Dylan My Back Pages 4:22

50 Joni Mitchell Songs to Aging Children Come 3:02


51 Elvis Costello Veronica 3:09

52 John Lennon Watching the Wheels (Acoustic Demo) 3:03

53 Adele When We Were Young 4:50

54 Damien Rice Older Chests 4:46

55 Death Cab for Cutie I Will Follow You Into the Dark 3:12

56 Smashing Pumpkins 1979 4:23

57 Leonard Cohen Darkness 4:29

58 Rob Thomas One Less Day (Dying Young) 3:07

59 Strawbs On Growing Older 1:56

60 Simon & Garfunkel Old Friends 2:35

61 Bruce Cockburn Pacing the Cage 4:34

62 Jamie Lawson Wasn't Expecting That 3:28

63 Tim Rushlow She Misses Him 3:46

64 Grant-Lee Phillips Older Now 3:17

65 Al Stewart Manuscript 4:45

66 Don Henley The Boys of Summer 4:49

67 Grateful Dead Touch of Grey 5:50

68 Soundtrack of Our Lives Still Aging 3:54

69 Rufus Thomas I Ain't Gettin' Older, I'm Gettin' Better 6:08

70 Garth Brooks Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) 2:59

71 Cory Morrow Old With You 3:33

72 Tom Odell Grow Old With Me 3:02

73 Marillion Older Than Me 3:07

74 Pink Floyd Time 6:48

75 Alphaville Forever Young 3:47


76 Frank Sinatra It Was a Very Good Year 4:25

77 Lou Rawls Memory Lane 2:19

78 Willie Nelson September Song 4:35

79 Nancy Wilson An Older Man is Like an Elegant Wine 4:37

80 Johnny Cash We'll Meet Again 2:58

81 George Jones I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair 3:29

82 Brothers Four The Green Leaves of Summer 2:57

83 Ed Ames When the Snow is on the Roses 2:37

84 Tom Lehrer When You Are Old and Gray 1:46

85 Oscar Brown Jr. Tower of Time 3:27

86 Wilburn Brothers That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine 3:14

87 Saffires I'm Growing Older 2:56

88 Jimmy Buffett Growing Older But Not Up 4:00

89 Loudon Wainwright III Older Than My Old Man Now 4:11

90 John Lennon Grow Old With Me 3:19

91 Paul Gilbert Older Guy 2:52

92 Mary Hopkin Those Were the Days 5:11

93 Dar Williams You're Aging Well 4:22

94 Gail Davies Grandma's Song 3:33

95 Nina Simone The Last Rose of Summer 3:04

96 Hunt and Turner Older Now and Younger Then 6:09

97 Beatles When I'm Sixty-Four 2:37

98 Sons of the Pioneers When You and I Were Young Maggie 2:44

99 Roy Clark Yesterday When I Was Young 3:17

100 Charles Aznavour Hier Encore 2:23




  1. Such a novel idea for a comp. Butter! And something we all can relate to at any point in our lives.
    “If you’re not getting older, you’re dead.”—Tom Petty

  2. Wonderful collection BB, just what we need to feel young!

    1. BB I woke up one morning and someone had stolen my body and left an old man!

    2. WTF, How?
      My brain is younger than my body allows but even though dancing is a struggle, the beat still delivers excitement.
      I hope that doesn't happen to me. Please don't let then steal my body or mind.

  3. Your only as old as you feel.(well that's what I tell myself!) - Great selections Butterboy

    1. Thanks, Dr Robert.
      My brain is younger than my body allows.

  4. Since we can't stop it let's make it easier with your nice music BB thanks again!

    1. I truly hope that nice music is a panacea for a good life, Little Bill.

  5. Great idea for a compilations series. As I am in my early 60s but still feeling in my 20s lol a great listen. Thanks man!

    1. Thanks, Pez49.
      I hope you will enjoy these for a long time.