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VA - Krautrock Volume 2 (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)



VA - Krautrock Volume 2 (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)

This set follows on from the First volume posted on 24th June 2020. Here is Volume 2.

Krautrock (also called "Kosmische musik") is a German avant-garde / experimental rock movement that emerged at the end of the 1960's. It was intended to go beyond the eccentricities developed by the wild psychedelic rock universe of the US, by giving a special emphasis to electronic treatments, sound manipulation and minimal hypnotic motifs (continuing the style of "musique concrete" and minimalist repetitive music but within a more accessible environment).  Krautrock put the emphasis on extended and ecstatic instrumental epics, neglecting the format of conventional psych-pop songs. The term Krautrock was first used by the British music press in a very derogatory way. The term rapidly found a better reputation in underground music circles and finally gained a certain popularity.  The Krautrock movement is widely associated with notorious bands such as Popol Vuh, Amon Duul, Faust, Neu!, Ash Ra Tempel, Agitation Free, Guru Guru, etc. With their own particular artistic expression, these musical collectives provided rocking psychedelic incantations, mantra like drones, melancholic lugubrious atmospheres, long and convoluted collective improvisations, binary repetitive drum pulses, fuzz guitars, feedback, primitive electronic noises, hallucinatory ballads, and garage blues rock trips. Krautrock can be described as an anarchic, intense, acid, tellurian, nocturnal, spacey, dark and oniric "adventure" through rock music.

The most consistent years of the Krautrock scene cover a relatively short period from 1970 to 1975. After their first spontaneous, hyperactive and psychedelic efforts, the bands generally split up or declined into other musical sensibilities, more in line with mainstream rock or with ambient soundscapes.  Each region develops its particular musical scene, interpreting differently the Krautrock musical structure. For instance the Berlin school focused on "astral" synthscapes, weird electronic experimentation and acid jams (Ash Ra Tempel, Agitation Free, Mythos, The Cosmic Jokers, Kluster...), The Munich scene offered fuzzed out (Eastern) psych rock mantras with some folk accents (Popol Vuh, Amon Duul, Gila, Guru Guru, Witthuser & Westrupp...). Cologne and Dusseldorf underground scenes focused on happenings, political rock, electronics, pulsating rhythms and clean sounding Krautrock (Floh de Cologne, La Dusseldorf, Neu! Can...).   This musical cartography is correct in the absolute but naturally reveals some variations and exceptions. This intriguing and freak 'n' roll 1970's German scene enjoyed a rebirth in recent years thanks to a large number of reissues (of long lost classics) published by several independent labels (Spalax, Garden of Delights, Long Hair Music...) as a direct result of Krautrock's musical inspiration of modern post rock bands. There are actually some neo psychedelic rock bands who try to hold up Krautrock, and who notably find a major place to express themselves during the historical Burg Herzberg Festival in Germany. (Philippe Blache  ProgArchives)


Pt.1    Pt. 2     Pt.3  


Track lists

CD1 Part 1

01 Thirsty Moon Yellow Sunshine 21:29

02 Between Happy Stage 11:31

03 Space Debris Capitalists Nightmare 12:05

04 Agitation Free You Play for Us Today 6:15

05 Cluster Dem Wanderer 3:52

06 Gila Little Smoke 5:05

07 Bröselmaschine Come Together 9:11

08 Temple Black Light 5:43

09 Blackbirds Come Back 10:58

10 Colour Haze Islands 11:05

11 Analogy Analogy 9:49

12 Sunbirds African Sun 10:58

CD1 Part 2

13 Golem Stellar Launch 7:43

14 Harmonia Harmonia - Dino 3:28

15 Annexus Quam Osmose III 10:33

16 Ten to Zen Innerst 10:18

17 Spirulina The Message 10:26

18 Cozmic Corridors Niemand Versteht 7:46

19 Drosselbart Engel Des Todes 4:53

20 Klaus Schulze Mental Door 22:58

21 Michael Bundt Neon 12:32

22 Aussenminister Jazziz 7:47

23 Grobschnitt Rockpommel's Land 19:52

CD2 Part 1

24 Vintage Cucumber Im Ewigen Meer 10:12

25 Et Cetera Mellodrama Nr. 2 A 5:13

26 Electric Sandwich Electric Sandwich - China 8:06

27 My Solid Ground My Solid Ground - The executioner 3:32

28 Drum Circus Groove Rock 8:43

29 Violence Fog Town Child Baby 6:35

30 Düde Dürst The Sound of Sunshine 16:55

31 Yatha Sidhra Part 4 7:17

32 Hans-Joachim Roedelius Am Rockzipfel 4:42

33 Golem Godhead Dance 6:35

34 Can Outside My Door 4:15

35 German Oak Nibelungenlied I Siegfried & Kriemhild 7:30

CD2 Part 2

36 Galactic Explorers Lunarscape 18:00

37 Dschinn Freedom 4:47

38 Out of Focus Whispering 13:13

39 Tangerine Dream Rubycon Part 1 17:20

40 Tangerine Dream Rubycon Part 2 17:34

41 Michael Rother Karussell 5:22

42 Harmonia Watussi 5:59

43 Bokaj Retsiem Bokaj Retsiem 5:43

44 Pinguin Der Frosch in Der Kehle 7:18

45 Hairy Chapter Cry for Relief 4:04

46 Gunther Kaufmann Gunther Kaufmann - Our Love 4:12

CD3 Part 1

47 Tyburn Tall Lost Angeles 6:24

48 McChurch Soundroom Delusion 5:48

49 Walter Wegmuller Der Herrscherin 4:15

50 Ash Ra Tempel Time 21:36

51 Krokodil Session Part 1 11:26

52 Sperrmüll Sperrmüll - No freak out 6:40

53 Utopia Utopia - Deutsch Nepal 3:08

54 Breakfast Thousand Miles 4:01

55 Twilight Day and Night 8:30

56 Ardo Dombec Heavenly Rose 3:55

57 Oratorium It's Love (Es Ist Die Liebe) 9:03

CD3 Part 2

58 Virus Woods Fun 10:08

59 Sand A Cosy Trance of Hibernation 7:25

60 Cluster Hollywood 4:24

61 Thirsty Moon Big City 8:31

62 Tomorrow's Gift Riddle in a Swamp 8:04

63 Trikolon Trumpet for Example 7:09

64 Dennis Others Do 5:45

65 Frankie Dymon Jnr In the Same Bag 3:19

66 Between Dharana 22:02

67 Cravinkel Two Circles 2:35

68 Necronomicon Requiem Der Natur 10:49




  1. BB thanks for this great post i love seeing what others like from the Krautrock era. Your volume one was great. i was wondering is the Vertigo series all over.

    1. Hi Doors97426.
      Thanks for that.
      No, the Vertigo series is still active. The next post will be on this Thursday coming.
      I will post another 250+ albums by the time it finished.


  2. wow what a series you do just about have everything thanks

  3. Thank you! I grabbed Volume 1 back when you originally posted it, and I'm very much looking forward to checking out this second volume.

    1. Hi Crab Devil,
      I hope it does not disappoint.


  4. Got a storm coming here. This looks like the way to get through it! Thank you!

  5. Excellent compilations. Thank you

    1. Thank you Josevaty.
      I hope you will enjoy them for a long time.


  6. Fantastic compilation! Your website is a joy each day.

    1. Hi DK.
      You are very kind. Enjoy these great tracks.


  7. Brilliant! Thank you much, Butterboy!!!

  8. Another fine and exhaustive collection, Mr. B! Thanks a lot as always. Best, TC

    1. Hi TC,
      There may be more in the future, but 6 new discs should keep most busy for a little while.


  9. 6 Cd's of Krautrock...Vol.2!!!!
    Absolutely Great Collection, Thanks a lot BB.

    1. Thank you Patrick,
      I hope it is enjoyed by all for a long time.


  10. Hi Butterboy,
    I love Krautrock music!!!
    Thanks for another volume and all this groups to be discovered! :-)

    1. Thanks Il Commendatore.
      I know you enjoy this music and i hope you will not be disappointed.


  11. Thanks BB excellent Cant wait for vol.3. Cozmic Corridors and Galactic Explorers real 70's or 90's i still do not know cool anyway. Thanks for Everything Stay Safe

    1. Hi Frazz.
      Cozmic Corridors 1996
      Galactic Explorers 1996
      Volume 3 may be a while yet... who knows.


  12. Thanks for this and all your other great shares this past month.

  13. About 1/3 through this, and wow, what a perfect vibe. Never heard of most of these groups but every tune is just right in this sequence. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Robsalk,
      Thanks for that. I try to do the best sequencing I can, sometimes I seem to get it right.
      Enjoy the rest.


  14. Hi Butterboy.......Wow ! ...thank you very much for sharing Volume 2 of this great collection of Krautrock , as always it is very much appreciated all the work that goes into maintaing your wonderful blog.....stay safe and healthy my friend....Stu

    1. Thank you Stu.
      I hope you enjoy what you find here and what is on the horizon.
      Enjoy all you do.


  15. Hi Butterboy, Great compilations as usual. But. I'm doing a bit of retagging, adding the cover art and name+artist file names, that sort of stuff. Some files are consistently going bad - in part 1, tracks 16, 17, 18, 22, 23; and part 2 tracks 24, 28, 29, 32, 33, 36, 41 & 43. Could you please check and, if it isn't just me, correct?

    1. Hi Adhock,
      I have just played back all the tracks you mentioned and do not find issue with any of them.
      I am not sure what going bad means but these tracks are all good for me. Sometimes when downloading issues can occur. I suggest you may want to re-download this set.


    2. Hi BB, Yup, already tried re-downloading, and the result is the same - the tagging as edited in Tagger for MacOS corrupts the mp3 file, so the apparent length and playability change. It's me and the changes introduced by, for example, changing the filenames to "[track] [title] ([artist])" format. No probs.