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VA - Artefacts Of Australian Experimental Music Volume I 1930 - 1973 + Volume II 1974 - 1983 [2007-2010] (3 x CD's)



VA - Artefacts Of Australian Experimental Music Volume I 1930 - 1973 + Volume II 1974 - 1983 [2007-2010] (3 x CD's)

Enthusiastic label owners have unearthed and released pioneering experimental music from around the world, placing it in a historical context and exposing it to a new generation of listeners. Artefacts… continues this quest, posing the question, “What came before?” and answering it from an antipodean perspective. 

Vol. I      A landmark in the history of Australian experimental music, this album documents for the first time the forgotten pioneers like Percy Grainger, Jack Ellitt, the McKimm Rooney Clayton Trio, Keith Humble and more.  One of those rare compilations whose desire to edify is equalled by its unabashed enthusiasm, and whose audio matches and sometimes exceeds expectations. Musically, it answers many questions about our history and poses still more (The Wire, August 2007).

...represents one of the first serious investigations into the sparse recorded history of experimental sound practice in Australia...this edition is a valuable resource for anyone with even a passing interest in the historical development of experimental sound work in Australia or anywhere else for that matter (Paris Transatlantic Magazine, Summer 2007)

Vol II      The story of Australian experimental music continues with Artefacts Volume II documenting the explosion of Australian experimental music practice from the mid 1970's; from the use of synthesisers and computers, through to the radical fringes of post-punk, and to the beginnings of industrial and dark wave. The double CD set complete with 16 page booklet features one of Warren Burt’s first compositions completed in Australia, the Loop Orchestra’s first performance, South Australian industrial noise/punk cabaret, Melbourne post-punk minimalism, mid-1970's Brisbane Dadaist noise/audio collage, early Sydney aleatoric electronica, and much more.



Track lists

Vol. I

01 Jack Ellitt Journey #1 4:52

02 Percy Grainger Free Music (Reed Box - Top and Bottom Ranks - Thick) 1:57

03 Melbourne Dada Group Wubbo Music (feat. Barry Humphries) 2:54

04 Robert Rooney Duo 3 3:55

05 Bruce 'Zoroaster' Clarke Of Spiralling Why 5:15

06 Val Stephen Fireworks 2:00

07 Barry McKimm Monotony for 8 Trumpets 6:11

08 Syd Clayton Yehudi 6:43

09 Arthur Cantrill Soundtrack for Eikon 3:29

10 Tully Phsssst 5:21

11 Felix Werder Oscussion 5:17

12 Keith Humble And Tomorrow 6:01

13 NIAGGRA Excerpt #2 5:01

14 Ron Nagorcka Apathetic Anomaly #2 4:28

Vol. II CD1

01 Warren Burt Nighthawk, Part 3 Bittern (Excerpt) 5:20

02 Ron Nagorcka Atom Bomb (Excerpt) 4:30

03 Loop Orchestra First Recording, Live To Air, The Percussion Section Of The Orchestra (Excerpt) 6:06

04 Forced Audience Forced Audience Excerpts 5:46

05 Ros Bandt Cariations II (II - Flute And Synthesiser) (Excerpt) 5:45

06 Carl Vine Block (Excerpt) 3:46

07 Paul Turner Panels V 4:15

08 Tristram Cary Soft Walls (Excerpt) 4:14

09 Asher Bilu and Duncan MsGuire AMAZE (Excerpt) 5:10

10 Browning Mummery Do The Eyes Of The Dead Retain Pictures 6:02

11 Severed Heads Dance 4:22

12 Ian Hartley Train Je Taime 3:53

13 Kurt Volentine Vortex Street 6:04

Vol. II CD2

01 Essendon Airport Do The Flower Pot 6:16

02 Tsk Tsk Tsk Nice Noise Theme 3:26

03 The Primitive Calculators I Can't Stop It 2:23

04 Purple Vulture Shit Do A Shit 2:04

05 Voigt; 465 F1 7:03

06 Signals Illuminator And Icebreaker (Excerpt) 5:26

07 Ad Hoc Blue From Beyond The Sea (Excerpt) 6:26

08 Rik Rue; Jon Rose; Peter Kelly Eating Cabbage 2:00

09 Jon Rose; Tony Hobbs In Memorian Tony Hobbs 5:36

10 A+D (T)D+T 2:42

11 Justinstinkt Drainpipe 3:17

12 Arthur Cantrill The Second Journey (To Uluru) (Excerpt) 8:17

13 Les Gilbert The Genoa River, Wangerabell (Excerpt) 5:40

14 IDA MeMoMu 2:57

15 Sarah Hopkins Double Whirly Duo 3:42




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