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VA - Hard Up Heroes [1974]



VA - Hard Up Heroes [1974]

A surprisingly strong collection of mid-'60s sides from British Decca, which was never perceived as that strong a label. Prepared by two experts from New Musical Express, this features the expected sides from Small Faces, Bowie, and the Zombies, but also all the blues (Alexis Korner, Cyril Davies), punk (Rocking Vickers), and psychedelic acts (Honeybus) that never made it here. (Review by Bruce Eder)

The back cover says it this way...   

This album is affectionately dedicated to those bands who made it, the ones who didn't and those poor unfortunate souls who wasted the most precious years of their youth sleeping rough on clapped out equipment in the back of broken down Bedfors vans, ruined their digestion with motorway grease and were always six months behind with their H.P. payments.



Track lists

01 Big Three Some Other Guy 1:46

02 Steve Marrriot Give Her My Regards 1:54

03 Alexis Corner & Cyril Davis I Got My Mojo Working 3:09

04 Dave Berry My Baby Left Me 2:00

05 Mojos Everythings Al'right 2:19

06 Graham Bond Organisation Long Tall Shorty 2:18

07 Warriors You Came Along 2:03

08 Nashville Teens Tobacco Road 2:26

09 Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra Da Do Ron Ron 2:20

10 Zoot Money The Uncle Willie 2:52

11 Mighty Avengers So Much In Love 2:18

12 Joe Cocker I'll Cry Instead 1:41

13 Rocking Vicars I Go Ape 2:01

14 Poets Now We're Thru' 2:18

15 Rod Stewart Good Morning litte School Girl 2:05

16 Zombies Tell Her No 2:05

17 Birds Leaving Here 2:40

18 Small Faces Watcha' Gonna' Do About It 1:58

19 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton Have You Heard 5:52

20 Honey Bus Do I Still Figure in Your Life 2:32

21 David Bowie The London Boys 3:19

22 Them The Story Of Them Parts 1 & 2 7:31

23 Cat Stevens The First Cut Is The Deepest 2:58

24 Timebox Beggin' 2:49




  1. Thanks
    The middle picture of Joe Cocker is great, "air guitar".

    1. It a great cover overall, lemonflag.
      I smile every time I look at it.


  2. Thanks Butterboy for all these "heroes"

    1. Hi manolis.
      You're welcome. Many great tracks.


  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome Bob Mac.
      Its hard to pick favorites on this one. So I just play it from end to end.


    2. EC's violent solo on 'Have You Heard' is pretty hard to beat. I also enjoyed Cyril Davis' harp on Mojo. But as you say, all good tracks.

  4. This is a great choice! Thank you!