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VA - Gold Medal Sampler (Warner Bros.) [1979] (2 x CDs)


VA - Gold Medal Sampler (Warner Bros.) [1979] (2 x CDs)

The “VA - Gold Medal Sampler (Warner Bros.) [1979]” is a remarkable compilation album that encapsulates the vibrant music scene of the late 1970s. Released by Warner Bros. Records in 1980, it is part of the label’s innovative “Loss Leaders” series, which showcased a diverse array of artists and genres.

This album is a musical time capsule, offering listeners a glimpse into the eclectic sounds that defined the era. It features tracks from various artists, including The Dukes, Christopher Cross, Pearl Harbor And The Explosions, The Undertones, Pretenders, Utopia, Roger Voudouris, and Jess Roden. Each artist brings their unique style and energy, contributing to the album’s dynamic and engaging listening experience. From the soulful melodies of Christopher Cross’s “Ride Like The Wind” to the energetic beats of The Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks”, the “Gold Medal Sampler” offers a rich tapestry of sounds. It serves not only as a promotional tool for the artists but also as a testament to the creative spirit of the time. It is a celebration of musical diversity and creativity, a snapshot of a pivotal moment in music history, and a testament to Warner Bros. Records’ commitment to promoting a wide range of artists and genres. It remains a valuable resource for music enthusiasts looking to explore the sounds of the late 1970s. (B)






Track lists


01 Dukes - Leaving It All Behind 3:09

02 Dukes - Hearts In Trouble 3:44

03 Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind 4:35

04 Christopher Cross - The Light Is On 4:11

05 Pearl Harbor & The Explosions - Shut Up And Dance 4:05

06 Pearl Harbor & The Explosions - Up And Over 5:54

07 Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy 2:26

08 Undertones - Teenage Kicks 2:40


01 Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing 2:36

02 Pretenders - Kid 3:07

03 Utopia - Rock Love 5:33

04 Utopia - The Very Last Time 3:52

05 Roger Voudouris - Guys Like Me 3:18

06 Roger Voudouris - New Wave Shoes 3:33

07 Jess Roden - Prime Time Love 3:38

08 Jess Roden - Deeper In Love 2:59