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Eric Clapton - Lost Polydor Tapes [2001] (6 x CD's)


Eric Clapton - Lost Polydor Tapes [2001] (6 x CD's)

Eric Clapton, born on March 30, 1945, in Ripley, Surrey, England, is a renowned British rock musician, singer, and songwriter. His music, a fusion of rock and blues, has left an indelible mark on the world of music. Clapton’s distinctive style, synthesizing influences from Chicago blues and leading blues guitarists such as Buddy Guy, Freddie King, and B.B. King, has made him one of the most influential guitarists in rock music.

Clapton’s career began in the early 1960s, playing in local bands before joining the Yardbirds in 1963. His blues-influenced playing and commanding technique began to attract attention. However, Clapton left the Yardbirds in 1965 when they pursued commercial success with a pop-oriented style. That same year, he joined John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, where his guitar playing became the group’s principal drawing card. In 1966, Clapton formed the power trio Cream with drummer Ginger Baker and bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce. Cream achieved international popularity with its sophisticated high-volume fusion of rock and blues that featured improvisatory solos. Clapton’s mastery of blues form and phrasing, his rapid runs, and his plaintive vibrato were widely imitated by other rock guitarists.

Eric Clapton, as a British rock and blues musician, has had a profound impact on the music world. His unique blend of rock and blues has made him one of the most influential guitarists in rock music.

The “Eric Clapton ‎- The Lost Polydor Tapes” box set is a significant collection in Clapton’s discography. It is unique and authoritative due to the rarity of Clapton’s studio outtakes. This collection is the only comprehensive documentation of any period in Clapton’s career, making it a valuable resource for fans and music historians alike.  The sound quality of the six CDs included in this box set is uniformly excellent, providing listeners with a high-quality audio experience. The collection offers six hours of prime Clapton outtakes, a testament to his musical prowess and creativity.

Since its release, several tracks from this collection have been officially released on the deluxe editions of Eric Clapton and 461 Ocean Boulevard. However, there are still tracks in this collection that remain exclusive, having not been officially released elsewhere.

Given the scarcity of Clapton’s studio sessions, this box set is an essential addition to any music collection. It provides a unique insight into Clapton’s creative process and showcases his versatility as a musician. From “Slunky” to “Bad Boy” to “Lonesome And A Long Way From Home”, each track reflects a different facet of Clapton’s musical genius.

The “Eric Clapton ‎- The Lost Polydor Tapes” box set is a journey through Clapton’s musical career. His distinctive style, blending rock and blues, has influenced generations of musicians. It serves as a testament to his enduring legacy and continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. This box set is a must-have for any fan of Eric Clapton or rock and blues music, solidifying his place as one of the greatest musicians of our time. Enjoy the music!  (B)






Track lists


01 Slunky (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 03:35

02 Bad Boy (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 04:21

03 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 03:59

04 After Midnight (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 03:21

05 Blues Power (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 03:51

06 Bottle Of Red Wine (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 02:59

07 Lovin' You Lovin' Me (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 03:45

08 Told You For The Last Time (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 02:33

09 Don't Know Why (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 03:37

10 Let It Rain (Delaney Bramlette Mix) 05:17

11 Bad Boy (Original Long Version) 03:54

12 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Original Long Version) 03:47

13 After Midnight (Original Long Version) 03:15

14 Blues Power (Original Long Version) 03:38

15 Don't Know Why (Original Long Version) 03:22

16 After Midnight (Alternate Mix #1) 03:18

17 Blues Power (Alternate Mix #1) 03:19

18 Bad Boy (Alternate Mix #1 With Different Vocal Take 1) 03:41

19 Lovin' You Lovin' Me (Alternate Mix #1) 03:50

20 Told You For The Last Time (Alternate Mix) 02:32

21 Bad Boy (Alternate Mix #2 With Different Vocal Take 2) 03:50


01 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Alternate Mix #1) 03:55

02 Easy Now (Alternate Mix #1) 02:59

03 Bad Boy (Alternate Mix #3 With Different Vocal Take 2) 04:01

04 Bad Boy (Alternate Mix #4 With Different Vocal Take 2) 03:51

05 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Alternate Mix #2) 03:41

06 After Midnight (Alternate Mix #2) 03:20

07 Lovin' You Lovin' Me (Alternate Mix #2) 03:51

08 Don't Know Why (Alternate Mix) 04:02

09 Bottle Of Red Wine (Alternate Mix With Additional Guitar Play) 02:57

10 Slunky (Mono Version) 03:40

11 Bad Boy (Mono Version) 03:59

12 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Mono Version) 03:49

13 After Midnight (Mono Version) 03:14

14 Easy Now (Mono Version) 03:01

15 Blues Power (Mono Version) 03:13

16 Bottle Of Red Wine (Mono Version) 03:11

17 Lovin' You Lovin' Me (Mono Version) 03:39

18 Told You For The Last Time 02:35

19 Don't Know Why 03:22

20 Let It Rain 05:07


01 Motherless Children (Jam) 04:20

02 Motherless Children (Key of 'E') 04:52

03 Meet Me #1 (Instrumental Jam 1) 07:01

04 Meet Me #2 (Instrumental Jam 2) 03:57

05 Meet Me #3 (With Vocals) 06:59

06 I Shot The Sheriff (Instrumental No Cut Long Version) 06:46

07 Mainline Florida (Vocal George Terry Early Version) 07:32

08 Let It Grow (Instrumental) 04:59

09 I Can't Hold Out (Backing Track) 04:19

10 Instrumental #1 (Key of 'A') 03:56

11 Instrumental #2 (Key of 'G') 03:43

12 Please Be With Me (Offical Rough Mix) 03:28

13 Gypsy (Early Please Be With Me, EC Solo Acoustic Version) 03:26

14 Ain't That Lovin' You (Originally Unreleased Song) 05:26


01 Something You Got (Previously Unreleased Song) 03:53

02 It's Too Late (To Be Sorry) (Fast Version) 02:13

03 It's Too Late (To Be Sorry) (Medium Tempo Version) 07:24

04 Instrumental #3 02:49

05 Instrumental #4 (Key of 'F') 19:32

06 Jam In F (Key Of 'C#') 07:14

07 Jam In E #1 (Instrumental Jam) 08:04

08 Jam In E #2 (Instrumental Jam) 07:39

09 Dobro #1 (Give Me Strength Dobro Instrumental Version EC Only) 03:34

10 Dobro #2 02:25

11 Eric After Hours Blues (Instrumental Blues Jam) 04:23

12 Walkin Down The Road (Originally Unreleased Song) 05:16


01 Pretty Blue Eyes (Different Instrumental Take) 05:07

02 Fool Like Me (Originally Unreleased Song) 05:09

03 Singin' The Blues (Backing Track Long Version) 09:41

04 I Found A Love #1(Previously Unreleased Instrumental Hard Edge Guitar Version) 04:08

05 I Found A Love #2(EC's Vocal & Guitar Overdub) 04:09

06 I Found A Love #3(Different Take With EC's Vocal & Guitar) 04:35

07 I Found A Love #4 (Originally Unreleased Song) 03:40

08 Matchbox (Drunken Jam) 02:38

09 It Hurts Me Too (Different Take) 05:49

10 It Hurts Me Too (Originally Unreleased Song) 05:35

11 Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Previously Unreleased Different Take) 05:45

12 The Sky Is Crying (Altermate Mix Version Without Piano Overdub) 04:01

13 Better Make It Through Today (Long Alternate Mix Version) 04:29

14 Don't Blame Me (Extended Version) 04:34


01 Watcha Gonna Do #1 (Originally Unreleased Song With Peter Tosh) 02:52

02 Watcha Gonna Do #2 (Originally Unreleased Song With Peter Tosh) 03:03

03 High (Alternate Mix Version Without Guitar Solo & Second Chorus Overdub) 04:10

04 Opposite (Alternate Mix Without Auld Lang Syne) 04:47

05 Burial (Previously Unreleased Song With Peter Tosh) 04:03

06 Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Previously Unreleased Different Take) 04:26

07 Where There's A Will There's A Way 03:02

08 Don't Know Why (1st Solo Album 1st Session) 05:27

09 Blues in A (Instrumental Blues Jam) 10:26




  1. Love this man's music and talent. Not so sure of his opinions. Thanks for the music BB,

    1. I know, lemonflag,
      What is going on with him lately.

  2. Awesome. Any and (mostly) all Clapton I can get is most welcome.

    1. Glad you like this set, Bud_e_luv_bomb.

  3. Always preferred his earlier work (Yardbirds, Mayall,Cream, Dominoes) but this is still very welcome - thanks BB
    Also agree with lemonflag that he seems to have gone a bit bonkers lately!

    1. Hi Dr Robert.
      This box is worth the listen.
      I hope he is alright; he certainly needs to think twice before mouthing an opinion.

  4. More Clapton is always welcome, many thanks Butterboy!

    1. It's a nice set. Glad you picked it up, Little Bill.

  5. Many years ago I met an old rock n' roller at the farmer's market in San Francisco. He looked a little like Keith Richards -- thin and wiry, white t-shirt, black jeans, tattoos, porkpie hat, Doc Martens -- and it turned out he was an Englishman living in the US now. We got to talking and he told me that he had written reviews for Melody Maker magazine back in the day and had become friends with Pete Townshend (who had gotten him the reviews gig) after accompanying The Who on their Tommy tour.

    This Rock N' Roll guy also told me that his older brother used to shine the shoes of American servicemen during WWII who were living in a tent camp in a London park, and the soldiers would sometimes pay his brother with blues records. Sometimes the soldiers couldn't take the records back with them to the states so they'd gift them to his brother. By the end of the war the older brother ended up with a massive collection of blues recordings. RNR guy said that nobody was allowed to touch the actual LPs, but his older brother made reel-to-reel tapes of the records and groups of teenagers would come over to the flat and listen to the tapes. One of those teenagers was Eric Clapton.

    1. Hi BG,
      What a fascinating story! It’s incredible how music can create such unique connections and experiences. The journey of those blues records, from American servicemen to a shoe-shiner in London, and then influencing a generation of musicians including Eric Clapton, is truly remarkable. It’s a testament to the power and reach of music. Thanks for sharing this with us.