Wednesday, May 1, 2024



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VA - Australian Blues (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Ks BUBBLEGUM SPECIAL - VA - The Greatest Bubblegum Music: 225 Pop Bursts (Super Deluxe Edition) [2023] (8 x CDs)

VA - Girls With Guitars Volumes 1+2+3

Woody Guthrie - My Dusty Road [2009]

Steve Winwood - The Finer Things [1995]

VA - The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll Vol. 01 - Vol. 12 [1991 - 2011]

VA - Sea Conditions, Swell Songs and Shanties for Breezy People [2022]

Jimmy Scott - Someone To Watch Over Me [2004] CD1+CD2

VA - Rock ‘N’ Roll At The Movies [2019] (3 x CD's)

VA - Mod, The Early Years Vol. 01 - Vol. 03 [2014 - 2017] (12 x CDs)

VA - American Epic, The Collection [2017] (5 x CD's) + Music From The American Epic Sessions (Deluxe Edition) [2017] (2 x CD's) + book.



  1. Hey thanks so much for all the great music! I just came across a youtube channel that I think you'd like, "Redwood Bar". Very eclectic punk bands but actually great quality music. A couple I like are The Binges and Brain Eating Amoeba. There are hundreds but I've just started finding out about it. Hard to imagine but maybe music even you have not heard yet, haha.

    1. Thanks Unknown.
      I am not familiar with "Redwood Bar" but will look at based on your recommendation. Sounds like fun.
      I continue to be amazed that I still find new music most weeks. I'm always up for that.