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VA - In Their Own Words, Volume 1+2 [1994-1996] (2 x CDs)


VA - In Their Own Words, Volume 1+2 [1994-1996] (2 x CDs)

“In Their Own Words, Volume 1 and 2” released in the mid-90s, these albums offer a unique perspective into the creative process of music-making. The concept, developed by Allan Pepper and Vin Scelsa, strikes a balance between concert and interview, providing a platform for artists to delve into their musical resources and share insights into their craft. The first volume, released in 1994, set the stage for this innovative approach. The second volume, following in 1996, continued the tradition, further exploring the intimate relationship between an artist and their work. Both volumes span multiple genres, including Rock, Blues, Folk, World, & Country, showcasing the diversity and richness of the music landscape during this period. These albums are more than just music; they are a testament to the power of storytelling through song, a celebration of the art of songwriting. (B)






Vol. 01

01 Dion - Intro 1:57

02 Dion - King Of The New York Streets 4:19

03 Barrett Strong - Intro 1:49

04 Barrett Strong - I Heard It Through The Grapevine 3:41

05 Joey Ramone - Intro 1:40

06 Joey Ramone - I Wanna Be Sedated 2:29

07 Richard Thompson - Intro 1:25

08 Richard Thompson - I Feel So Good 2:44

09 Ric Ocasek - Intro 0:32

10 Ric Ocasek - Just What I Neeeded 3:23

11 Janis Ian - Intro 0:26

12 Janis Ian - At Seventeen 4:29

13 Jimmy Webb - Intro 0:42

14 Jimmy Webb - Wichita Lineman 3:01

15 Dave Alvin - Intro 1:38

16 Dave Alvin - Andersonville 5:15

17 Arthur Alexander - Intro 0:31

18 Arthur Alexander - Anna 3:19

19 Fred Koller - Intro 0:14

20 Fred Koller - Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian 3:17

21 Luka Bloom - Intro 1:21

22 Luka Bloom - I Need Love 5:51

23 Lucinda Williams - Intro 0:05

24 Lucinda Williams - Positively 4th Street 5:00

25 Graham Parker - Intro 0:14

26 Graham Parker - No Woman, No Cry 2:48

27 Shawn Colvin - Intro 0:10

28 Shawn Colvin - That's The Way Love Goes 2:57

29 Bobby Whitlock - Intro 0:16

30 Bobby Whitlock - Will The Circle Be Unbroken 3:00

Vol. 02

01 Gordon Gano - Intro 1:24

02 Gordon Gano - Songwriter's Song 1:19

03 Gordon Gano - Outro 0:27

04 Sir Mack Rice & Felix Cavaliere - Intro 3:05

05 Sir Mack Rice & Felix Cavaliere - Mustang Sally 4:33

06 Billy Bragg - Intro 1:23

07 Billy Bragg - To Have And Have Not 3:39

08 Suzanne Vega - Intro 2:32

09 Suzanne Vega - Luka 3:08

10 William Bell - Intro 1:38

11 William Bell - Born Under A Bad Sign 2:50

12 Patty Smyth - Intro 1:23

13 Patty Smyth - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough 5:04

14 John Cale - Intro 1:08

15 John Cale - Paris 1919 3:40

16 David Johansen - Intro 0:40

17 David Johansen - Lookin' For A Kiss 3:48

18 Bruce Cockburn - Intro 0:35

19 Bruce Cockburn - Silver Wheels 4:54

20 General Johnson - Intro 0:59

21 General Johnson - Patches 5:48

22 Pete Seeger - Intro 0:43

23 Pete Seeger - Get Up And Go 2:41

24 Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook - Intro 0:08

25 Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook - Electric Trains 3:52

26 Marcia Ball - Intro 0:41

27 Marcia Ball - Louisiana 1927 3:43

28 Don Dixon - Intro 0:07

29 Don Dixon - Fever 3:06

30 Jill Sobule - Intro 0:09

31 Jill Sobule - I Will Survive 2:03

32 Various Artists - Intro 1:31

33 Gary Nicholson - Pay Bo Diddley 4:35




  1. A truly awesome post. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi heartsofstone,
      I agree.
      I don't know if more were made but these are the two I have.

    2. Hi heartsofstone,
      I agree.
      I don't know if more were made but these are the two I have.

  2. Replies
    1. My pleasure, lemonflag.
      I hope you are listening to this set which is extremely appealing.

  3. Such a cool idea for an album! Let me tell you a story. I was in Austin, just finishing a concert seeing Marshal Crenshaw and across the street was a bar. Had no idea who was about to play, but it looked like it was gathering people, so wandered in with a buddy. Kind of a hole in the wall. But I notice John Doe and Dave Alvin sitting at the bar. Figured it had to be a pretty cool band coming up. Drinking beers and Doe and Alvin get up to this dinky stage and introduce this band (The Starkweathers) and talk about how great they are. Next thing I know I'm hearing a version of Woody Guthrie's This Land Is Your Land (I'm still looking for a clean copy of that - It was amazing). They stop the show and start talking about moonshine and pull out a jug corn whiskey. Alvin comes up and grabs it and takes a swig, hands it over to Doe who ends up passing it to me and my buddy and eventually the rest of the crowd. We all figure it has to sanitary since it is pure alcohol and each take a swig. Burned everything going in. No germs left after that. They go into a song called Burn The Flag (raucus country punk) and everyone goes nuts. Still have no idea of the name of the bar, but it wasn't on 6th. It was some side street. Later I end up at a show with Mojo Nixon guesting - again, no diea who the headliner was. Some strong moonshine.

    1. I realize that I type like shit... I do know how to spell, but my fingers go slower than my brain.

    2. Wow, Pol,
      What an incredible experience! It sounds like you had a truly memorable night filled with music and unexpected surprises. You certainly had a memorable night in Austin, seeing Marshal Crenshaw, then stumbling upon a performance by John Doe, Dave Alvin, and The Starkweathers. Their rendition of “This Land Is Your Land” left a strong impression on you. And, the moonshine part of your story is quite amusing! It’s not every day that you get to share a drink with famous musicians. The night was filled with music, moonshine, and ended with a show featuring Mojo Nixon. I hope the song “Elvis Is Everywhere” came up. Nonetheless sounds like the perfect cap to an already eventful evening. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience.
      re: The typing, I do that all the time... 😁