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VA - Voyages Into... The Bottomless Pit Volumes 1+2+3 [2005-2007] (3 X CD's)



VA - Voyages Into... The Bottomless Pit Volumes 1+2+3 [2005-2007] (3 X CD's)

This follows on from previously posted VA - Voyages Into... series set

A CD series devoted to unearthing rare and intriguing 45's from the mid 1960's through the early 1970's. Culled directly from the Voyages vinyl archives, this collection provides focused offerings in five classic musical sub-genres:Voyages Records is a subsidiary label to the U-Spaces collective Group, They compiled 13 Cd compilations of previously non comped material  and were issued in the Voysges series between 2005 and 2010.

Lovingly compiled by musicologist and all-around 60's music guru Ben Chaput, these ten compilations feature some of the best obscure sides late 60's music has to offer. For the past ten years or so, rare psychedelic rock, garage and freakbeat have occupied the hearts and minds of music collectors everywhere as well as helping to empty their wallets. Scores of labels have popped up in the last decade dedicated to nothing but digging up and re-issuing rare private press releases as well as long-forgotten records put out on major labels. Think about how popular and noteworthy the Nuggets boxsets are and the Pebbles compilations and some of the other boxsets seeking to give listeners the best music of the 60's. Then, think about this great series of sets featuring some of the best music of the 60's all geared towards the collector and music freak, with rare songs never used on any other compilation. Truly, with this set of well-put-together comps, fans of this kind of music have hit the motherlode.

Fans of 60's music are just going to go crazy over this set. Not only are most of the songs included on these volumes incredibly obscure yet still fantastic, but most of these songs have never been comped before, so they are totally fresh and not the same songs appearing on the Pebbles and Nuggets 60's sets. 

This set includes the following 3 titles...

VA - Voyages Into... The Bottomless Pit Vol. 1 [2007]

VA - Voyages Into... The Bottomless Pit Vol. 2 [2007]

VA - Voyages Into... The Bottomless Pit Vol. 3 [2008]

The final 3 x CDs fill out the 13 CD 's set.



Track lists

Vol. 01

01 Charlie Brown's Generation Fast Retreat in Female 2:23

02 Merrie Motor Company Walkin' on This Road to My Town 2:14

03 Last Word Runnin' and Hidin' 2:01

04 Sounds of Modification Darkness Fills My Lonely Heart 2:41

05 Moonshine Out A' Hand 2:47

06 Stamp Street Collection And the Children Play 2:07

07 Bulb On the Tip of My Tongue 2:07

08 Chaps You'll Be Back 2:13

09 Lost Tribe Fools Live Alone 2:48

10 Tr-5 Shirley, Shirley 2:23

11 Smubbs Mr. Open Minded 3:06

12 Group Image Hi Ya 3:15

13 D.C. Hawk No No No 2:13

14 Trippers Keep a Knockin' 2:05

15 Peter Antell The Times Are A'changing 2:39

16 Rainbow That May Be True 2:28

17 Morning Glories You're So Young 2:11

18 Mad Andy's Twist Combo Painted Smile 2:22

19 New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Kiss Her Once 2:23

20 Gentlehood Gazebo 2:50

21 Back Alley Soda Pop Man 2:34

22 Cycle God 3:27

23 Pepper Tree Workin' 2:55

24 Lost Tribe Walk One Way 2:45

25 Free Thinkers Why, Why, Why 2:06

Vol. 02

01 Raven Calamity Jane 2:06

02 Enemys Mo-Jo Woman 2:23

03 Factory When I Was a Apple 1:45

04 Fever Tree Steve Lenore 2:15

05 Chapter Vi Oracle 2:14

06 Sunday Funnies Headlines 2:00

07 Crowd + 1 Try 2:46

08 Rebounds Steppin' Stone 2:49

09 Neal Ford & the Fanatics Movin' Along 2:00

10 East Side Kids Taking the Time 2:46

11 Warmest Spring Hard, Hard Girl 2:16

12 New Wing The Thinking Animal 2:45

13 Benjamin Carry Ltd. Old Man 2:05

14 Space Radio Song 3:11

15 Rose Garden Here's Today 2:30

16 His Majesty's Coachmen Where Are You Bound? 2:26

17 Tombstones Times Will Be Hard 2:38

18 Enemys My Dues Have Been Paid 2:21

19 Ronny & the Daytonas Brave New World 2:04

20 Chapter VI The Tide of Love 2:01

21 Barry Mann The Young Electric Psychedelic Hippie Band 3:25

22 Neal Ford & the Fanatics Pain 2:40

23 Jason I've Been Down 2:35

24 Illusion (UK) Wait a Minute 3:19

25 Changing Colours Da Da Da Da 2:39

26 Terry & the Chain Reaction Keep Your Cool 2:48

27 Tony & the Bandits I'm Goin' Away 2:18

Vol. 03

01 Collection Paper Crown of Gold 3:02

02 Hardwater Not So Hard 3:18

03 Californians Nausea Beast 2:32

04 Calliope We've Made It 2:20

05 Cinnamon Have You Gone Out of Your Mind? 2:23

06 Chosen Few Last Man Alive 2:27

07 Fellowship Just Like a Woman 2:50

08 Plunkers Hippy Lippy Goosey 2:39

09 Giant Sunflower Mark Twain 2:34

10 Charade And You Do 2:29

11 Collection Aquarius 2:42

12 Footprints Mama Rand's 2:08

13 Sky Let it Lie Low 3:11

14 Lyn La Salle Randee Ram Jet 2:24

15 Joy Yes My Friend 3:23

16 Human Touch Blues for the Millions 2:57

17 Apple Pie Motherhood Band Long Live Apple Pie 2:57

18 Sixpentz Please Come Home 2:18

19 Clock-Work Orange Sweet Little Innocent Lorraine 2:55

20 Footprints Never Say Die 2:36

21 Crowfoot California Rock 'n' Roll 1:58

22 Tommy T's Federal Reserve Someday (They'll Reach Out) 2:34

23 Family So Much to Remember 2:58

24 New Society Dawn of Sorrow 2:43

25 Roman Rebellion What Summer Brings 2:37

26 Hobbits Pretty Young Thing 2:47

27 Plunkers Night Time Love 2:18




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