Friday, June 18, 2021

VA - Contemplation, Moody Jazz Masterpieces (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Contemplation, Moody Jazz Masterpieces (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3        


Whilst in the life of the intellect 'contemplation' refers to thinking profoundly about something, in the religious life contemplation is a kind of inner vision or seeing, transcendent of the intellect, facilitated by means of practices such as prayer or meditation. In music, it's about that quality that makes you listen with intent and evokes a kind of thoughtfulness around its musical phrasings. Jazz music is very good at making you think about what might be next.

Presented here are 60 tracks that reflects jazz music that is typically slow, moody, brooding and thoughtful. I find this type of jazz, meditative, contemplative and thought provoking. The music itself has a storytelling component that is made illustrative through the masterful use of sounds that draws you to think about the music being weaved into your mind. Many of these tune's transport one to some gloomy, desolate, and dimly lit lounge, well after midnight. We contemplate what is being said by the language and phrasing that these improvisational, free-form jazz master's use. Then you get it! It is hard to describe, but you will know it when you hear it... And you will think of the future.

Listen thoughtfully, think deeply about what you will hear. Let the nature of this music open your mind and heart.




Track lists


01 Miles Davis It Never Entered My Mind 5:24

02 Chet Baker September Song 3:04

03 Paul Desmond Glad to Be Unhappy 5:44

04 Wayne Shorter Virgo 7:06

05 Chick Corea Crystal Silence 6:59

06 Matthew Halsall The Sun in September 7:50

07 Terje Rypdal Speil 8:23

08 Lee Morgan I Remeber Clifford 7:08

09 Steve Turre Quietude 5:42

10 Freddie Hubbard Mirrors 6:08

11 Avishai Cohen Life and Death 9:18

12 Kenny Dorham Alone Together 3:12

13 Blue Mitchell Alone, Alone and Alone 7:45

14 Steffano and Battista Little Red Ribbon 3:19

15 Dexter Gordon & Slide Hampton The Shadow of Your Smile 5:00

16 Stanley Turrentine In Memory Of 7:00

17 Terje Rypdal Speil 8:23

17    Miles Davis    Summer Night    6:04

18 Henri Texier Don't Buy Ivory, Anymore 5:17

19 Hank Mobley Carolyn 5:30

20 Michael Brecker Midnight Mood 6:23


21 Miles Davis Generique 2:50

22 Keith Jarrett One Day I'll Fly Away 4:18

23 Donald Byrd Night Flower 6:48

24 Big O Brick Ballades Houston Street 2:25

25 Roy Hargrove Ruby My Dear 6:13

26 Ben Webster Xxxx in the Wee Small Hours of the Morning 3:10

27 John Wright Trio 47th and Calumet 3:51

28 Chip Wickham Pushed Too Far 6:19

29 Pharoah Sanders My One and Only Love 8:09

30 Branford Marsalis Hope 11:02

31 McCoy Tyner Revelations 5:30

32 Bobby Hutcherson Montara 4:58

33 Duke Ellington & John Coltrane In a Sentimental Mood 4:18

34 Pete La Roca Lazy Afternoon 5:32

35 Vince Guaraldi Trio Since I Fell for You 4:22

36 Ron Carter All Blues 8:43

37 Freddie Hubbard First Light 11:05

38 Art Pepper Lost Life 8:39

39 Erik Satie Gnossienne No. 3 2:12

40 Angelo Badalamenti Fire Walk With Me 6:46


41 Bennie Maupin The Jewel in the Lotus 9:58

42 Ibrahim Maalouf Beirut 10:42

43 Bill Evans Spartacus Love Theme 5:11

44 Dave Holland Quartet Conference of the Birds 4:33

45 Weather Report A Remark You Made 6:55

46 Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers Invitation 7:28

47 Dizzy Reece A Ghost of a Chance 5:05

48 Jim Hall & Charlie Haden Night Fall 7:34

49 Pat Metheny The Sound of Silence 6:33

50 Nils Petter Molvaer Khmer 4:59

51 J.Coltrane-The Complete Villag Naima 7:08

52 52 Emil Brandqvist Trio Emil Brandqvist Trio - While We Are Here 5:06

53 Bud Powell Autumn in New York 2:51

54 Horace Silver Quintet Lonely Woman 7:02

55 Geraldine Laurent Feat. Yoni Zelnik, Donald Kontomanou, Paul Lay Chora Coracao 5:32

56 Rich Perry But Beautiful 7:56

57 Duke Ellington Haupe (Polly's Theme) 2:39

58 Gary Burton Question and Answer 6:26

59 Marcin Wasilewski Trio Diamonds and Pearls 5:48

60 Dizzy Gillespie Matrix 10:06




  1. This is so much better than contemplating ones navel! Thank you.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Contemplating one's navel is cool too.🤔


  2. Fantastic compilations. Thank You.

    1. Hi Josevaty,
      Thank you. Hope you enjoy the contemplation time.


  3. Gracias por todo, si puedes subir "Create Diggers Volumes Complilation" Te lo agradezco, en todo caso deseo mucha suerte en tus proyectos de divulgación.. Saludos!!

    1. Sorry no Crate Diggers' Collection Of Rare Soul, Jangel


  4. Indeed: if this music can do anything, then it is true that on the one hand my attention is immediately aroused and at the same time all superfluous activities are dimmed down to a very relaxed level.
    So I can only repeat: great and put together with a lot of sensitivity, thank you again for that!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      It is a great way to spend an evening of listening and thinking.


  5. Thank you B.B., You nailed it. Your liner notes say it all and express it perfectly.
    I am familiar with a lot of these and can't wait to experience the others...for me that means late in the evening comfortably ensconced in my favorite seat, with a quality bourbon and QUIET.
    So let me suggest: Turn off your cell phone, Block out all superfluous external stimulation, Relax...and ENJOY the journey.

    1. Thank you , Freeddy.
      You made me rethink the tracks I had around the idea of contemplation. I notice that I have a track in there twice. I should have noticed that before i posted it. (do you want to suggest a n alternative track and I'll update it.
      I have listened to this several times now, in the quiet and with a good wine. Relaxed and almost meditative.


    2. Pick just about anything from the Miles Davis Quiet Nights album. It's one of my favorite's for this type of music.

    3. Thanks Freddy,
      I chose Summer Nights by Miles.
      I have added it as an replacement track for the incorrectly doubled tack 17.


  6. He vivido a mis años con todos los géneros, sin duda el jazz será el más longevo.

    1. Hi Dj Diego MC,
      I agree. Where other music may fall of the radar, Jazz will still be there . Its an acquired taste that improves with age.


  7. A sublime, cool, smooth compilation of gems that sparks the imagination......oh wait.....yes, yes....I just solved all the worlds problems!! ...well at least for tonight.
    Thanks BB!!!

    1. You are welcome Alex.
      One day or night at a time... That's all we can do.


  8. Beautiful work BB - many thanks.

    1. Thanks Phillip,
      It was a Joy piecing it together. Of course I also listed to many more albums on the journey, could be a second volume in the series.


    2. If you decide to do another addition to that very fine effort I would like to make a song suggestion for you to review.
      I'm not a big Betty Carter fan but the title cut from her album "I'm Yours, You're Mine" is like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winters night and fits perfectly in this type of compilation.

    3. Hi Freddy,
      That is a beautiful song. I will keep it on the list of additions for a new contemplative compilation with vocals. Thanks.


  9. Replies
    1. Hi Francis,
      New link established tested and working.