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VA - The Mushroom Story - The Hits Of The Seventies [1998] (2 x CD's)



VA - The Mushroom Story - The Hits Of The Seventies [1998] (2 x CD's)

Mushroom Records was an Australian flagship record label, founded in 1972 in Melbourne. It published and distributed many successful Australian artists and expanded internationally, until it was merged with Festival Records in 1998. Festival Mushroom Records was later acquired by Warner Bros. Records, which operated the label from 2005 to 2010 until it folded to Warner Bros. Records. Founder Michael Gudinski went on to become the leader of the Mushroom Group, the largest independent music and entertainment company in Australia, with divisions such as Frontier Touring.

Mushroom Records was an Australian record label formed by Michael Gudinski and Ray Evans in Melbourne in 1972. After its sale in 1998 along with Mushroom Distribution Services, they merged into Festival Mushroom Records. From 2005 to 2009, it was operated by Warner Bros. Records. Gudinski subsequently expanded a pre-existing label, Liberation Music, to release material by former Mushroom artists.

Its inaugural release was an ambitious triple live album of the 1973 Sunbury Pop Festival, and over the next few years they signed a number of important Australian acts including Madder Lake, Ayers Rock, and MacKenzie Theory. In December 1974, Gudinski flew to the US to promote his recording artists, with Ayers Rock securing a recording contract, and an advance from A&M Records. Ayers Rock were the first Mushroom artist to sign an international recording contract. Mushroom struggled to survive for its first two years and reportedly came close to folding on several occasions. However, the label was dramatically pushed to the forefront of the Australian music scene in early 1975 following the massive success of Skyhooks, whose debut album, Living in the 70's, became the biggest-selling Australian LP ever released up to that time.  Around the same time, Gudinski was convinced to sign expatriate New Zealand band Split Enz, who had recently relocated to Australia. Although they had only moderate success for the first few years, Split Enz scored huge success in 1980 with the release of their album True Colours and the hit single "I Got You", which marked the emergence of Neil Finn. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Madder Lake Goodbye Lollipop 3:38

02 Ray Brown Steel Guitar 3:43

03 Madder Lake 12 LB Toothbrush 6:03

04 Matt Taylor I Remember When I Was Young 4:00

05 Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy) 4:10

06 Dingoes Way Out West 3:53

07 Mackenzie Theory Out Of The Blue 2:58

08 Chain I'm Gonna Miss You Babe 3:30

09 Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Over The Rainbow 4:36

10 Sid Rumpo The Riddle 5:13

11 Buster Brown Buster Brown 4:23

12 Dingoes Boy On The Run 3:43

13 Skyhooks Living In The 70's 3:43

14 Ayers Rock Lady Montego 2:50

15 Skyhooks Horror Movie 3:47

16 Captain Rock Give Me A Home Among The Gum Trees 3:07

17 Phil Manning I Wish There Was A Way 3:35

18 Skyhooks Ego Is Not A Dirty Word 2:59

19 Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band Australia 3:10

20 OL' 55 On The Prowl 3:00


01 Skyhooks All My Friends Are Getting Married 4:49

02 OL' 55 Looking For An Echo 3:24

03 TMG My Little Girl 3:37

04 Shirley Every Little Bit Hurts 3:38

05 Stars Mighty Rock 3:08

06 Geoff Duff Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me 2:57

07 Ferrets Don't Fall In Love 3:15

08 Mother Goose Baked Beans 3:44

09 Split Enz My Mistake 3:01

10 Dave Warner's From The Suburbs Suburban Boy 2:46

11 Skyhooks Women In Uniform 4:23

12 Sports Who Listens To The Radio 3:15

13 Split Enz I See Red 3:14

14 Sports Don't Throw Stones 3:37

15 Scandal How Long (Has This Been Going On) 4:01

16 Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons Hit And Run 4:40

17 Christie Allen He's My Number One 3:01

18 Aliens Confrontation 3:23

19 Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons Shape I'm In 3:34

20 Russell Morris & The Rubes Hush 3:00




  1. Thanks for this Butterboy, plenty of memories here. The 70s were a fun time to be a young man in Australia. I saw many of the bands here live, and knew some of the guys in the bands. Aztecs & Chain were great bands to see live, they always put on fine shows.

    1. Hi Bob Mac,
      Agreed and likewise.
      I have many memories of most of these band in small pubs, school auditoriums and blues clubs. I had a teacher who was the drummer with the Aztecs and Jo Jo Zep (Camilleri) lived around the corner from me for a while. Some great songs here although the sequencing is a little weird for me.


  2. No memories in my case but good anyway!!! Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore
      Bob and I are from the same area so we lived with these sounds.
      I wish you could have experienced that as well.


  3. Not knowing as much about that side of the world and seeing the title I mistakenly thought this was about the Canadian Mushroom Records which was the home for a while of Heart, Chilliwack, and Susan Jacks. So this is all new to me and that's OK!

    1. Hi mrRadio,
      There are many great tracks on this set, I hope you will enjoy it. The Dingoes are great and so is Madder Lake.

      PS I accidentally killed of one of your comments the other day so that is why you haven't hear from. further. Please send it again if you can, It was attached to the Emmylou Harris - Songbird-Rare Tracks & Forgotten Gems [2017] post

  4. Hi Butterboy, please can you re-up. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Roger,
      New links established, tested and working.