Friday, June 11, 2021

VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 05 (A Butterboy Compilation) Once More CD1+CD2+CD3



VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 05 (A Butterboy Compilation) Once More CD1+CD2+CD3

Deciding what is a "deep cut" can be a difficult task and the choices often live in a  grey area. For this compilation a deep cut usually refers to Non singles (B-sides are accepted), provided exposure of that song tends to be underplayed and are generally older songs. These deep cuts can also be album cuts that hide amoungst the great hits and B-sides. Those non-singles on the album that are sometimes more loved than the hits. Usually fans who are really into the artist will know some of the tracks but this is probably not true to the casual listener. Deep cuts are truly often overlooked. These are the tracks you are unlikely to hear on the radio, certainly, not often. Every great artist has some great deep cuts in their catalog, some many more than others. Finding that rare gem in an artist's catalog always excites.

Obviously there are hundreds of great tracks that could be included in a Deep Cuts compilation. 

Here is Volume 05 of  6 volumes (each 3 x CD sets), mostly obscure rock tracks or tracks that you simply don't hear all that often.  Enjoy!



Track lists


01 Badfinger Perfection 5:05

02 Donny Hathaway Giving Up 6:20

03 Byrds Here Without You 2:36

04 Hot Tuna Hit Single #1 5:13

05 John Lennon Crippled Inside 3:49

06 Traffic Dream Gerrad 11:04

07 Genesis Dusk 6:13

08 Black Sorrows Rise and Fall 3:52

09 Paladin Watching the World Pass By 9:41

10 Rolling Stones Worried about you 5:17

11 Mighty Baby House Without Windows 6:09

12 Fairport Convention It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft 3:15

13 Steve Miller Band My Dark Hour 3:06

14 Moody Blues Legend of a Mind 6:53

15 Cowboy Everybody Knows Your Name 4:45

16 Big Brother & the Holding Company Featuring Janis Joplin All is Loneliness 2:19

17 Fleetwood Mac Hypnotized 4:49

18 Phoebe Snow Keep a Watch on the Shoreline 4:43

19 Paul McCartney & Wings Dear Friend 5:59

20 Alan Parsons Project To One in Paradise 4:46


21 Carmen McRae The Sound of Silence 2:37

22 Creedence Clearwater Revival Ramble Tamble 7:13

23 Bob Seger I've Got Time 5:35

24 Simon & Garfunkel Richard Cory 3:01

25 U2 Trip Through Your Wires 3:31

26 Jeff Christie Turning to Stone 3:59

27 Stretch The Way Life Is 4:04

28 Paul Revere & the Raiders The Great Airplane Strike 2:59

29 Rare Earth Feelin' Alright 5:05

30 Argent I Am the Dance of the Ages 3:37

31 Grand Funk Railroad Creepin' 7:03

32 13th Floor Elevators Dear Dr. Doom 3:14

33 Bee Gees Morning of My Life 3:53

34 Blossom Toes Mister Watchmaker 2:22

35 Kinks Big Black Smoke 2:34

36 David Essex Watch Out (Carolina) 3:50

37 Monkees Heart and Soul 3:56

38 Moby Grape Rose Colored Eyes 4:00

39 Chicago Watching All the Colors 4:12

40 Elvis Costello & the Attractions Night Rally 2:46


41 Tarney Spencer Band Time to Lose 4:38

42 Pink Floyd Pow R. Toc H. 4:19

43 Wire Reuters 3:02

44 Velvet Underground What Goes On 4:41

45 Afghan Whigs The Vampire Lanois 3:21

46 Atomic Rooster Sleeping for Years 5:23

47 Mark Lanegan Boogie Boogie 2:04

48 Tom Petty Alright for Now 2:00

49 T2 No More White Horses 8:32

50 Wings Letting Go (Single Version) 3:28

51 Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows 2:59

52 Blue Oyster Cult Morning Final 4:30

53 Jimi Hendrix May This Be Love 3:03

54 Clash Lost in the Supermarket 3:50

16 Mungo Jerry Baby Jump 4:06

56 Zz Top Down Brownie 2:26

57 Uriah Heep A Year Or a Day 4:25

58 Yardbirds Think About It 5:24

59 Fats Domino Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey 2:33

60 Big Star Watch the Sunrise 3:44




  1. What a great idea for a comp. Love these. Thanks for all the effort you put into this stuff. The "debuts" comp was killer, too!

    1. Thanks Sampson.
      There are six volumes in this set so seek them all out here...


  2. Looking forward to listen to this. Your comps are always full of gems.

  3. In any case, Butterboy has once again succeeded in putting together a coherent collection with many new discoveries, for which he deserves many thanks!

    1. Thank yo WOODY.
      Very generous of you. And appreciated.


  4. Another great set of comps Butterboy! These are so much fun to listen to. Thanks!

    1. Thanks hotrodmike.
      I think they make for a good listening experience when you don't know what to play. There are always some tracks that escape the memories and therefore always delight when heard again.


  5. Hi Butterboy,
    Thanks a lot for volume 5. Your knowledge about music and everything around music is really impressive! I learn a lot of things reading you!

    1. Thanks Il Commendatore,
      I try to make them interesting and truly appreciate the feedback.


  6. A selection like this has, by its very nature, to be very subjective. Your background in a wide range of musical eras and genres means that when you gesture us over and say, "Hey - give a listen to _this_!", it's worth our time and open minds to grab the headphones and hearken. Cheers!

    1. Hi MT2mb,
      I hope it worth the listeners time. And, yes, they are subjective but many tracks just have to be heard a few times. These one usually grab me in. I go back to these from time to time and enjoy them again and again.


  7. Hi Butterboy, great stuff in the other volumes but these are all dead links. Please update them so I can enjoy the rest. Thanks! Paddy

    1. Hi Paddy,
      New link has been established , tested and working.


    2. Thank you very much. You do amazing comps. Really appreciate it!! Paddy