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VA - Dutch Rare Folk, 43 Lost Classics From The Golden Age Of Nederfolk [2007] (2 x CD's)



VA - Dutch Rare Folk, 43 Lost Classics From The Golden Age Of Nederfolk [2007] (2 x CD's)

The interest in acid-folk and folk music in general has unearthed some real diamonds on CD in recent years, and here is another batch. Pulling together a wide-ranging collection of folk recorded by Dutch artists between 1967-1987, this 2 x CD set really captivates. English language riders such as Sundown’s Bridges (1976), Whitsuntide Easter’s Transitory (1977) and Amphora’s Waitin’ (For The Sunlight) (1971) are amazing gems that everyone should hear.

Although many of these fine songs are sung in Dutch, this does not detract from the pleasure to be gained from the likes of Gerard Van Maasakkers, Cheops, King Gaillard, Herman Erbe, Perelaar and Sistrum. After all, anyone who has heard Meic Stevens’ Welsh recordings will know that it’s all about feeling as well as understanding. The compilers’ decision to pick cherries from 20 years is a wise one, and all styles of folk music are covered from sea shanties to songs with a driving backbeat. Finally, in Dutch folk circles Jan Duindam is as revered as Richard Thompson and his Happiness & Tears will make you want to check out his 1977 solo album Thoughts. Excellent sleeve-notes make this a must-have for all folk. (

This is an awesome 2-CD collection of folk, freak-folk and folk-rock rarities from Holland, mostly recorded in the mid-to-late 1970's, when folk-rock and psychedelic folk from abroad had really suffused the Dutch music scene. 



Track lists


01 Jan Duindam Happiness And Tears 3:40

02 Fungus Een Boer Ging Naar De Wei 3:38

03 Irolt It Gefang 3:27

04 Mayfly Symptoms Of Summer 3:53

05 Sido Martens De Hege Berg 2:04

06 Anneke Konings Sprookje 3:00

07 Sundown Bridges 3:45

08 Dommelvolk Van De Kop Van Jut 3:37

09 Chimera De Waardin 8:13

10 Interlude She Flies Away 2:28

11 Wargaren Er Zou Er Een Meisje Gaan Halen Wijn 3:12

12 Deining Soldaat 2:39

13 Gerard Van Maasakkers Cis Verdronk 3:27

14 1e Hollandse Dansband Blauw Garen En Koperdraad 2:58

15 Dageraad Kom Hier Gij Pronkert Kijken 4:47

16 Torf Scheepsjoagers 1:31

17 Whitsuntide Easter Transitory 6:28

18 Koeraash Unne Gowwe Road 2:37

19 Doede Veeman De Twa Roeken 2:05

20 Deirdre 't Visserke 5:27

21 Interweave Dwelling 2:44


01 Palace Flophouse Bontebrug 2:57

02 Cheops Naamloze Goede 3:13

03 Booze Hoister Band I'd Rather Be A Dove 5:52

04 Tail Toddle Genoveva Van Brabant 3:28

05 Sistrum Luxe Kempen 3:58

06 Ouwejan & Makkers Come Live With Me 2:02

07 Kings Galliard De Boerenplof 4:05

08 Herman Erbe De Potsenmaker 3:17

09 Cobi Schrijver Vanwaar Komt Ons De Koele Wijn 1:57

10 Jarje Fugels 2:56

11 Folkcorn Jan Als Ruiter 2:31

12 Amphora Waiting 4:24

13 Wolverlei Een Ruiter Langs De Straat 6:13

14 Fam. Van Der Meer De Biezem En De Bjinder 2:01

15 Happiest Band That Ever Played Bartholomeus 2:58

16 Perelaar Onze Fiere Pinksterbloem 3:03

17 Roel Slofstra Famke Ut Tuzen 2:18

18 Cinderella From Town To Town 3:05

19 Bert Diederen Di Roezikul By Ahxt 4:32

20 Volluk Vroeger Dagen Nu Of Nooit 4:47

21 Sycamore To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time 1:17

22 Crackerhash Walkman 4:37




  1. Hi Butter
    This album is one of the favorites in my collection, I was very surprised when I discovered it. It's really nice.
    The cover art will go down in history for being one of the ugliest.
    Greetings from Spain

  2. Hi Jose,
    Your view on the cover is different to mine, but that is OK.
    What we do agree on is the quality of the music and the collection as a whole. Very excellent. This is a lovely compilation.
    I hope you are well and enjoying life .


  3. Dag Boterjongen,

    Bedankt voor deze terugblik op het Hollandse verleden. Volgt weldra de boxset van de Vlaamse groep Rum? ;-)

    Many thanks.

    1. You are welcome.
      You never Know Peerke...🤔


  4. Hi BB,
    Continuing yesterday's post, today is Holland's turn. Hope there are more countries to visit...

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      Everyone has something to contribute. Its good to look at other countries music.