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VA - Swamp Pop By The Bayou [2014 - 2017] (3 x CD's)



VA - Swamp Pop By The Bayou [2014 - 2017] (3 x CD's)

I absolutely love the entire series! Across 22 volumes, encompassing swamp pop, cajun, zydeco, blues, rhythm'n'blues' and soul, seasoned with everything from country and hillbilly to bluegrass, Mississippi hill blues, gospel and boogie-woogie, this series has everything.

Here are another 3 volumes from the series.    PART 4 (Final)

VA - Swamp Pop By The Bayou [2014] (Volume 07) 

VA - Swamp Pop by the Bayou [2016] Troubles, Tears & Trains (Volume 13) 

VA - Swamp Pop By The Bayou [2017] Let's Get Together Tonight (Volume 17) 

Each CD contains 28 tracks which includes a handful of better known performers to provide prospective buyers with a clear indication of the overall style of the album, a slew of rarities ranging from recordings you could never find to complete obscurities you never heard of, several alternative versions, a track or two by unnamed artist, and  an accompanying booklet, containing priceless background information by Ian Saddler who has curated this series so masterfully.  This set is a perfect example of how to put together a themed series of recordings for serious collectors, as well providing a fantastic music album for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a good old fashioned rootsy listening experience.

Some of this material may be obscure but the playing and singing is first rate.



Track lists

VA - Swamp Pop By The Bayou [2014] (Volume 07) 

01 Vince Anthony With the Blue Notes Sneakin' Home 2:19

02 Jay Richards & the Blues Kings Hear Love Knockin' 2:21

03 Bobby Webb & the Jets Tell Me 2:35

04 Warren Storm Oh Oh Baby 2:22

05 Rocket Morgan Too High a Price (To Pay for Love) 2:12

06 Jivin' Gene & the Jokers Breaking Up is Hard to Do 2:28

07 Frankie Lowery I Ain't Had No Sleep 2:08

08 Johnny Bersin & the Dial-Tones I Ran Around 2:33

09 John Fred Good Lovin' 2:03

10 Ronnie Bennett In This Letter 2:35

11 Tommy Strange Lonely Lonely Heart 2:25

12 Frankie Lowery She's Walking Towards Me 2:30

13 Rocket Morgan Did You Leave Something Else (For Me) 2:10

14 Charles Page No Season on Squeezing 2:01

15 Johnnie Allan & the Krazy Kats The Convict and the Rose 2:15

16 Doug Charles & the Boogie Kings You're on My Mind 3:11

17 Warren Storm This Life I Live 3:19

18 Guitar Jeff You Jezebel 2:25

19 George I'm Ready 1:57

20 Tommy Strange What Am I to Do 2:57

21 Peto Marlow & the Rhythm Kings Operator (This is Elbert) 2:28

22 Donnie Williams & the Blue Notes Cry Your Heart Out 2:17

23 Gene Terry With the Down Beats What Can I Do (I Still Love You) 1:52

24 Warren Storm I'm Leaving You 2:34

25 Bee Arnold Deedle Dee Deedle Dee 2:26

26 Buck Rogers & His Jets Rose Marie 2:49

27 Rocket Morgan Walkin' Home 4:39

28 John Fred & the Playboys Down in New Orleans 1:48

VA - Swamp Pop by the Bayou [2016] Troubles, Tears & Trains (Volume 13) 

01 Roy Perkins With Jerry Starr & the Clippers Train to Nowhere 2:11

02 Dale Houston Won't You Believe Me 2:59

03 Phil Cay Blue Eyes 2:06

04 John Fred You Know You Made Me Cry 2:19

05 King Savoy & the Rhythm Rockers I Beg of You 2:12

06 Gene Dunlap & the Jokers Problems on My Mind 2:31

07 Floyd Brown What I Want 2:25

08 Frankie Lowery Baby What Can I Do 2:10

09 Unknown Rock'n'roll Band The Secret of Love is in My Heart 2:48

10 Boogie Kings Please Forgive Me 2:36

11 Larry Hart Slim Needle 2:42

12 Buck Rogers Crazy Baby 2:16

13 Boogie Kings Troubles, Troubles (Troubles on My Mind) 2:15

14 Dale Houston (Big Bad) City Police 2:19

15 Everett Daigle High School Sweethearts 2:47

16 Al "Puddler" Harris Wait a Minute 2:44

17 Wiley Jeffers Lonely, Lonely Heart 2:01

18 Johnny Preston Satan in Satin 2:13

19 Jimmy Trotter Hungry and Thirsty 2:00

20 Forest Rye My Sweet Baby's Gone 2:49

21 Buck Rogers I Can't Live Alone 2:31

22 Roy Perkins Sweet Lilly 2:28

23 Buddy Lorton Time 2:24

24 Warren Storm I'm a Fool to Care 2:36

25 Johnny Jano Shed So Many Tears 2:20

26 Billy Lewis The Memories 2:22

27 Jay Richards Sneaking Home 2:10

28 John Fred & the Playboys Shirley 1:44

VA - Swamp Pop By The Bayou [2017] Let's Get Together Tonight (Volume 17) 

01 Rocket Morgan What Ya' Gonna Do 2:10

02 Hal Young & Jay Randall & the Electras I'll Be Coming Home to You 2:39

03 Gene Terry & His Down Beats Never Let Her Go 2:26

04 Warren Storm Jailhouse Blues 2:33

05 Robert Owens & the Owens Singers I'm Too Tired to Rock 2:21

06 Rod Bernard Play a Song for My Baby 2:04

07 Chuck Hillier Do You Take Me for a Fool 2:47

08 Warren Storm I've Got My Heart in My Hand 2:20

09 Texas Guitar Slim & Johnny Winter Crazie Babie 2:06

10 Rocket Morgan I Know It's a Sin 2:02

11 Charlotte Hunter Now is the Time 2:19

12 Jay Randall & the Electras Walking Alone 2:25

13 Hal Young & Jay Randall & the Electras I'm Falling for You Darling 2:43

14 Rocket Morgan This Life I Live 2:38

15 Warren Storm If You Don't Want Me 2:51

16 Dreamers & Sidney Ester Let Me Walk With You 1:59

17 Rod Bernard Let's Get Together Tonight 1:56

18 Ken Lindsey I Got Loaded 2:19

19 Charles Page & Rockin' Jake Searching for Love 2:47

20 Gabe Dean Where Should I Go 2:23

21 Merton Thibadeaux The Snake 2:45

22 Jivin' Gene Go On, Go On 2:15

23 Amery Lynn Want to Go Home 2:29

24 Doug Ardoin & the Boogie Kings Love Lost 2:41

25 Everett Daigle & the Tune Tones Lonely Street 2:32

26 Vince Anthony & the Blue Notes Lucy Lou 2:34

27 Rocket Morgan It's Too Late 2:11

28 Warren Storm Thank You So Much 2:10




  1. Hi BB, I hope you do the whole 22 - I thought I had 'em all but I only have 21 -
    4 x Bluesin'
    7 x Boppin'
    7 x Rhythm n Bluesin'
    3 x Swamp Pop

    What am I missing?

  2. Well, now I know - vol 22 of the series, no 8 of Boppin'. Loaded up by your good self back in Mqay. Many thankls.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Glad you are enjoying the series.


  3. nice ButterBoy thank you Aussie

    1. Hi Aussie,
      The whole series is an enjoyable listen and this set is really great.


  4. The less known of this great serie of 22 volumes. But essential too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Racati,
      Thanks for your visit and commenting. Appreciated.


  5. Thanks so much for this, but... where are the last 3 ones? (Part 4).

    1. Hi Pete,
      This is the last 3.
      To dl click on the small icon (square box/picture) between the two dotted lines, before the track list.

      The link here for you convenience -


    2. Thanks, BB, I know all about the icon, I am an old fan of yours :)
      And thanks millions for the reply and your kind help.

    3. Hi, Butterboy,
      Stumbled across your Blog last night and wouldn't you know it? I found a broken link!
      Everything else I've clicked on is ready for me to download in minutes, but not this collection.
      There's so much I want to listen to on here that you can trust that I'm not just waiting here to click on a new link for these tracks, but in the fullness of time...
      Thank you!

    4. Hi Sunnymanchester.
      I hope you are enjoying yourself as you look around here.
      New link established, tested and working.


    5. Thank you!
      So many compilations, so little time... but it's a challenge!
      Cheers, indeed.