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VA - Psychedelic Country (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2 REPOST



VA - Psychedelic Country (A Butterboy Compilation) 
CD1+CD2         REPOST

Psychedelic Rock found its way into the country genre or was that the other way around. Some artists were more country than Psychedelic and some artists were more psychedelic than country. Some got it just right and that sound continues through to current bands. The sound is unmistakable when it is done with just enough who use swirling alt-country psychedelia.

Some of my favorite tracks of this genre are from the late sixties and early seventies and includes tracks by Quicksilver Messenger Service, Neil Young, Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Grateful Dead and Country Joe & The Fish. These artists produced some of the finest country-tinged psychedelic-pop/rock records available. Country songs with fuzzed out guitar and spacey pedal-steal noodling. There are a number of new/modern bands that carry on the tradition of Psychedelic Country sounds with the use of 60s flavoured with west coast rock, pastoral sounds, jangly, alt-country with a psychedelic flavor. Sadie's and the Futurebirds are the two best modern bands in this genre at present

Here are 60 tracks that highlight that country-tinged Psychedelia. 




Track list 1

01    Byrds    Wasn't Born to Follow    2:02
02    Relatively Clean Rivers    Easy Ride    3:50
03    Flying Burrito Brothers    Wild Horses    6:22
04    Israel Nash Gripka    Woman at the Well    4:35
05    Meat Puppets    Swimming Ground    3:06
06    Man    Life on the Road    7:14
07    David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights    Comin' On    4:45
08    Sadies    Translucent Sparrow    2:59
09    Neil Young    I've Been Waiting for You    2:34
10    David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights    A Break in the Weather    3:09
11    Buffalo Springfield    Go and Say Goodbye    2:24
12    Quicksilver Messenger Service    The Fool    11:58
13    Moby Grape    I Am Not Willing    2:59
14    Lee Hazlewood    Pray Them Bars Away    2:37
15    Jerry Garcia    The Wheel    4:06
16    Grateful Dead    Casey Jones    4:28
17    New Madrid    Country Moon Pt. I    4:22
18    Futurebirds    American Cowboy    4:34
19    Help Yourself    Old Man    6:35
20    Gene Clark    No Other    5:03
21    Beachwood Sparks    Canyon Ride    5:18
22    Country Joe & the Fish    Sad and Lonely Times    2:26
23    New Riders of the Purple Sage    Dirty Business    8:20
24    Feelies    Barstool Blues    2:37
25    Euphoria    Euphoria - Through a Window    2:45
26    Jefferson Airplane    Good Shepherd    4:26
27    Canned Heat    Going Up the Country    2:48
28    Mighty Baby    Understanding Love    3:45
29    Alex Bleeker and the Freaks    Spring Jam    5:43
30    Meat Puppets    Lake of Fire    1:57

Track list 2

31    Israel Nash Gripka    Rain Plans    7:15
32    Megafaun    Kaufman's Ballad    3:56
33    Byrds    This Wheel's on Fire    4:45
34    Shape of the Rain    Big Black Bird    3:41
35    Mu    The Clouds Went That Way    3:05
36    Jim Sullivan    Amos    4:31
37    Manassas    Down the Road    3:17
38    Sir Douglas Quintet    I Don't Want    3:52
39    David Crosby    Walking in the Mountains 2    5:25
40    Grateful Dead    High Time    5:14
41    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young    Country Girl    5:00
42    Long Ryders    Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home    3:35
43    Died Pretty    Through Another Door    3:17
44    Kingsbury Manx    Weird Beard & Black Wolf    4:11
45    Woods    Shepherd    3:16
46    Peter Grudzien    The Unicorn    3:43
47    Wilco    Impossible Germany    5:54
48    Mu    Ballad of Brother Lew    4:31
49    My Morning Jacket    Rollin Back    7:50
50    Mountain Bus    I Know You Rider    10:23
51    My Morning Jacket    The Way That He Sings    5:35
52    Kingsbury Manx    Piss Diary    5:54
53    Uncle Tupelo    New Madrid    3:32
54    Green on Red    Old Chief    3:30
55    Brinsley Schwarz    Lady Constant    7:26
56    Court & Spark    Suffolk Down Upon the Night    5:23
57    Band    This Wheel's on Fire    3:14
58    Radar Bros.    Supermarket Pharmacy    5:04
59    Skygreen Leopards    She Wears a Rainbow Sunday Mornings    1:50
60    Charlatans    Alabama Bound    7:02



  1. how can you go ron not anting to listen to these tunes you got country and you got pysch country pysch got to put the ZMF headphones on and enjoy . thanks bb

    1. Hi doors97426.
      I hope you like this old post that been renewed.

  2. My first thought was Neil Young, "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere", second was The New Riders "Panama Red" - There's plenty around for a volume 2!

    1. Sure is, Tombie.
      I hope this suffices until Volume 2 arrives.

    2. A fine compilation, thanks, but the one name that was glaringly missing for me was Mike Nesmith.

    3. Thanks, Rayge.
      Who knows what the next volume will hold.

  3. Another high quality compilation.......very much appreciated Butterboy.....Love & Peace Stu

  4. Nice one! Great variety here with a lot of favorite bands from all over the proverbial map. Thanks!