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VA - You Wear It Well A Decade of All Dressed-up Pop, R'n'R & Country Songs 1953-1962

COUNTRY POP 1953 - 1962

VA - You Wear It Well A Decade of All Dressed-up Pop, R'n'R & Country Songs 1953-1962

With rock 'n' roll music came a whole new sense of fashion for America's teenagers. It was hip to be wearing the latest trend and singers and songwriters were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Blue Jeans, leather jackets, tight sweaters, were soon the subject of songs and hits. This 30 track CD includes songs from the pre-rock 'n' roll era like Patti Page's "My First Formal Gown" and Norman Brooks' "A Sky-Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie" of the early fifties right through to the early sixties when teenagers eager to stand-out and maybe set a trend wore "White Buckskin Sneakers And Checkerboard Socks" and "Red Coat, Green Pants And Red Suede Shoes"... The brighter and more outlandish the better... Along the way there's Levi Jackets, Pink Petticoats and Short Skirts as well as the more novel "Short Shorts" as sung by The Royal Teens and a truly over-the-top novel version of "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini". Included are tracks by best-selling artists like Guy Mitchell, Johnnie Ray, Eddie Cochran, The Big Bopper, The Coasters and Nancy Sinatra. The package includes comprehensive liner notes on each track plus scans, press ads and other images. (



Track list.

01 Guy Mitchell Got A Hole In My Sweater 2:35

02 Norman Brooks A Sky-Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie 2:27

03 Bonnie Lou Dancing In My Socks 2:06

04 Johnny Desmond A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) 2:21

05 Patti Page My First Formal Gown 2:00

06 Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones Black Slacks 2:06

07 Johnnie Ray Pink Sweater Angel 3:37

08 Eddie Cochran Stockings And Shoes 2:18

09 Tennessee Ernie Ford One Suit 2:06

10 Jerry Wallace Blue-Jean Baby 2:24

11 Glen Glenn Blue Jeans And A Boys' Shirt 2:07

12 Carl Perkins Levi Jacket (And A Long Tail Shirt) 2:14

13 Leroy Van Dyke Leather Jacket 2:12

14 Gene Summers And His Rebels Straight Skirt 1:59

15 Bobby Pedrick White Bucks And Saddle Shoes 2:08

16 Royal Teens Short Shorts 2:36

17 Bell Notes White Buckskin Sneakers And Checkerboard Socks 2:03

18 Big Bopper Pink Petticoats 2:10

19 Butala Long Black Stockings 2:01

20 Mitchell Torok Pink Chiffon 2:36

21 Buddy Hackett Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini 2:37

22 Coasters Shopping For Clothes 3:00

23 Sh-booms Short Skirts 2:43

24 Sammy Turner Raincoat In The River 2:05

25 Paul Evans This Pullover 2:49

26 Marathons Tight Sweater 2:18

27 Carl Dobkins Jr. Pretty Little Girl In The Yellow Dress 2:19

28 Lloyd Arnold And His Rockin' Drifters Red Coat, Green Pants And Red Suede Shoes 1:49

29 Nancy Sinatra Cuff Links And A Tie Clip 1:53

30 Pat Tolland And The Kingsmen Low Cut Sneakers And Bermuda Shorts 2:17




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  2. A rather fine collection from way back when. I remember those 'long black stockings' - in fact me eyes have come over all misty. Ah. those days of yore. Thank you Butterboy.

    1. Hi Man from Mordor,
      Nice to hear from you. It an interesting collection with many beautiful songs and great performances.