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VA - Aloha,The Beauty of Slack Key Guitar (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2 REPOST



VA - Aloha,The Beauty of Slack Key Guitar (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2

Slack-key guitar (from Hawaiian ki ho?alu, which means "loosen the [tuning] key") is a fingerstyle genre of guitar music that originated in Hawaii and uses open tunings. Most slack-key tunings can be achieved by starting with a guitar in standard tuning and detuning or "slacking" one or more of the strings until the six strings form a single chord, frequently G major.

In the oral-history account, the style originated from Mexican cowboys in the late 19th century. These paniolo (a Hawaiianization of españoles—"Spaniards") provided guitars, taught the Hawaiians the rudiments of playing, and then left, allowing the Hawaiians to develop the style on their own. Musicologists and historians suggest that the story is more complicated, but this is the version that is most often offered by Hawaiian musicians. Slack-key guitar adapted to accompany the rhythms of Hawaiian dancing and the harmonic structures of Hawaiian music. The style of Hawaiian music that was promoted as a matter of national pride under the reign of King David Kalakaua in the late 19th century combined rhythms from traditional dance meters with imported European forms (for example, military marches), and drew its melodies from chant (mele and oli), hula, Christian hymns, and the popular music brought in by the various peoples who came to the Islands: English-speaking North Americans, Mexicans, Portuguese, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, Tahitians, and Samoans.

The music did not develop a mainland audience during the Hawaiian music craze of the early 20th century, during which Hawaiian music came to be identified outside Islands with the steel guitar and the ukulele. Slack key remained private and family entertainment, and it was not even recorded until 1946–47, when Gabby Pahinui cut a series of records that brought the tradition into public view. During the 1960s and particularly during the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance of the 1970s, slack key experienced a surge in popularity and came to be seen as one of the most genuine expressions of Hawaiian spirit, principally thanks to Gabby Pahinui, Atta Isaacs, Leonard Kwan, Sonny Chillingworth, Raymond Kane, and the more modern styles of younger players such as Keola Beamer, his brother Kapono Beamer, Peter Moon, and Haunani Apoliona. During this period, luthiers such as the Guitar and Lute Workshop in Honolulu specialized in the development and manufacture of guitars custom made to order for slack-key performance. (Wikipedia)

This compilation highlights some of the masters of slack key guitar. It is full of beautiful and relaxing sounds that are unique. If you listen closely, you will hear the historical influences and the joy of playing these songs by the individual artist. Aloha! means Love as well as Hello. That feeling is translated into the songs that appear on this compilation. Enjoy!



Track lists

01    George Winston - The Beauty of Mauna Kea    :05:11
02    Gabby Pahinui - Ki Ho'alu    :02:57
03    Sonny Lim - Donna's Smile    :04:06
04    George Kahumok Jr (Feat Daniel Ho) - Kealia    :04:22
05    Atta Isaacs - Ke Ka'upu    :03:03
06    Sonny Chillingworth - Moe 'uhane (Dream Slack Key)    :03:00
07    Patrick Landeza - No Ke Ano Ahiahi    :04:26
08    Led Kaapana Ledward - Kaapana Ikona    :03:15
09    Fely Gabriel - Hoomalimali    :03:03
10    James Bla Pahinui - Maori Brown Eyes [Instrumental]    :03:48
11    George Kahumoku Jr (Feat Moses Kahumoku) - Kaula Lli    :04:17
12    Keali'i Reiche - E Ho'i I Ka Pili    :04:15
13    Keola Beamer - Imi Au Ia    :03:11
14    Cindy Combs - Mauna Loa    :03:55
15    Cyril Pahinui - Ku U-Pua I Paoakalani    :07:25
16    Ozzie Kotani - Kani Kipaipai    :02:08
17    Bob Brozman - Hilo E-E Lili'u E    :03:59
18    Jeff Peterson - Hawaiian Skies    :02:21
19    Leonard Kwan - Slack Key Serenade    :02:30
20    Brothers Cazimero - Pua Hone    :03:46

21    Led Kaapana Ledward - Slack Key Lullabye    :05:39
22    George Kahumoku Jr. - Ua Mau    :03:05
23    George Kuo - Wakiki Hula Medley    :04:33
24    Raymond Kane - Popoki Slack Key    :02:44
25    Ray Kane - Punahele    :03:37
26    Moses Kahumoku    Pohakuloa    :04:44
27    Jim Kimo - West Ka Manu Iwa    :03:55
28    Atta Isaacs - Sweet Lei Lehua    :02:53
29    Dennis Kamakahi - Anahula    :06:51
30    Iwalani Kahalewai - Wehi Wehi Oe    :04:31
31    Daniel Ho - Pineapple Mango    :02:47
32    Cyril Pahinui - Panini Pua Kea    :04:03
33    Ozzie Kotani & Daniel Ho - Paka Ua    :03:51
34    John Keawe - Molokai Morning    :03:26
35    Barney Isaacs & George Kuo - Maui Medley    :06:37
36    Sonny Chillingworth    Liloa's Mele [Instrumental]    :02:49
37    Ozzie Kotani - Ku'u Lei Poina'ole (My Unforgettable Lei)    :02:56
38    Leonard Kwan - Ke'ala's Mele    :06:13
39    Keola Beamer - E Ku'u Morning Dew    :04:51
40    Makana - Going to California    :04:56


  1. In my opinion, this is a GREAT compilation! I picked it up last time around, but cannot recommend it enough!
    Thanks again.

    Cheers (Aloha),
    Mike M

    1. Thank you, Mike.
      It is not a compilation you will see in many places. Pity because its beautiful.

  2. Many thanks for this excellent music. Simple, beautiful, evocative and very well played. Most enjoyable.

    1. Hi fluffyalbert.
      You're welcome. This music is indeed beautiful and evocative.

  3. Thanks for allowing me to embrace the aloha spirit BB.

    1. Hi Phillip.
      I am glad this set is still active. Enjoy. There are so many great songs in the set.