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VA - Potato Chip-Crunchy Dunwich Garage [2022] (2 x CDs)


VA - Potato Chip-Crunchy Dunwich Garage [2022] (2 x CDs)

Thundering thumpers from the Dunwich Records catalog, featuring the Shadows Of Knight, The Luv’d Ones, Things To Come, The Banshees, and absolutely no crumbs!

Chicago was home to one of the most vibrant American rock ‘n’ roll scenes of the mid-sixties and the most prolific outlet for Chicago’s rockin’ teen sound between 1966-67 was Dunwich Records. From its very first commercial release, “Gloria” by the Shadows of Knight, to classics by the Del-Vetts, the Banshees, Saturday’s Children and Knaves (to name just a few), the label was, in retrospect, arguably the most consistent garage rock production house of its era.  The label, with its cryptically named subsidiaries like Yuggoth Music, outrageously hip art department, and amazing roster of garage bands, was formed by three jazz buffs: Eddie Higgins, George Badonsky and Bill Traut. (Amazon)






Track lists


01 Warner Brothers - Lonely I 2:11

02 George Edwards & Friends - Quit Your Lowdown Ways 2:25

03 Del-vetts - Last Time Around 2:35

04 Rovin' Kind - My Generation 2:38

05 Luv'd Ones - Dance Kid Dance 2:00

06 Knaves - Inside Outside 2:01

07 Rovin' Kind - She 2:40

08 Things To Come - I'm Not Talkin' 2:13

09 Warner Brothers - Oleo Margarine 2:36

10 Shadows Of Knight - I Got My Mojo Working 3:14

11 Del-vetts - Everytime 1:53

12 Banshees - Project Blue 2:29

13 Shadows Of Knight - Bad Little Woman 2:36

14 Luv'd Ones - Walkin' The Dog 2:19

15 Saturday's Children - Man With Money 2:03

16 Knaves - Leave Me Alone 2:32

17 Pride And Joy - If You're Ready 2:19

18 Shadows Of Knight - Radio Spot, Potato Chip - Kitty Clover Potato Chips 1:01


01 Sounds Unlimited - A Girl As Sweet As You 2:21

02 Saturday's Children - Born On Saturday 2:21

03 Pride And Joy - Girl 1:59

04 Mauds - You Don't Know Like I Know 2:47

05 Luv'd Ones - Stand Tall 2:06

06 Shadows Of Knight - Uncle Wiggly's Airship 2:49

07 Saturday's Children - You Don't Know Better 2:29

08 Warner Brothers - Dirty Ernie 2:09

09 Saturday's Children - Radio Spot: Wisconsin Electric Co. 1:00

10 Light Nites - Same Old Thing 2:20

11 Saturday's Children - Tomorrow Is Her Name 2:04

12 Del-vetts - I Call My Baby Stp 2:11

13 Knaves - Your Stuff 2:10

14 Shadows Of Knight - Someone Like Me (Alternate) 2:36

15 Things To Come - 'til The End 2:28

16 Luv'd Ones - I'm Leaving You 2:01

17 Shadows Of Knight - Interview 1:04

18 Shadows Of Knight - Potato Chip 2:25




  1. Hello Butterboy, many thanks for your good daily musically offer on your side.I have a question: Is it please possible to post in the nearly future: CD Eddie Piller presents Vol 2 ??Thanks Greetings Thomas

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      Thank you.
      I have the next month's sets already posted and scheduled. If I can fit, it in I will.

  2. Hi Butterboy, thanks for your fast answer!! It would be great if it is possible to share the Eddie Piller Garage sampler next month or in April!! Greetings

  3. Having been raised about 100 miles from Chicago during the mid and late 1960s, this brings back the nostalgia for this Illinois resident. The radio stations, WCFL and WLS would boom these bands and many of these particular songs on a regular rotation! A Million Times, Thank You!

    1. Hi Eric,
      I love these stories. Music is so powerful for the memories it creates. Enjoy.

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