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VA - They Will Have Their Way, The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn [2011] (2 x CDs)


VA - They Will Have Their Way, The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn [2011] (2 x CDs)

VA - They Will Have Their Way, The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn is a compilation album featuring covers by New Zealand & Australian artists of songs originally written and performed by brothers Tim & Neil Finn. They Will Have Their Way includes tracks by both male and female artists. 

They Will Have Their Way - The Songs of Tim and Neil Finn released via EMI Australia (complete with pop-up gatefold packaging!). This is the first time the double album has been pressed on vinyl. These are EXTREMELY limited!!!'s exactly fifteen years since Craig Hawker and I hatched this idea and sculpted it into shape... to us it was obvious, here were two of the world's best songwriters with twenty-five years of incredible songs to choose from... with some careful and considered curation from us, we believed we had a strong idea... i think dedicating it, initially, to female voices and naming the first album she will have her way was smart... it defined the album strongly and proudly... we got Tim and Neil's blessing and then approached a range of female artists... the reaction was overwhelming... there was so much deep love and respect for these songs and for the Finns generally... that love poured out of Australian and New Zealand studios and made a direct connection to our hearts.... some people in the company didn't believe in this idea, thinking it a typical tribute album... we knew we had fashioned something different, something very deep and moving, something visceral, powerful, haunting...something life-affirming... we've now sold well over 500,000 copies of she will, he will (the male counterpart - which delivered equal love and mercy) and they will have their way which goes to prove we were right... and of course, we were only right because of Tim and Neil's incredible songs and the heart and soul that these artists brought to the altar... all of this is without us ever releasing these amazing reinterpretations on vinyl... it's fantastic to be able to remedy that now... "I am very grateful to have had songs become part of the fabric of everyday life for a lot of people. By the same token, it is very flattering to have other artists record my songs - reinterpreting, finding new colours and dimensions, all part of a process by which the good songs live on, being sung by people. That's all I could hope for." Neil Finn "When songwriters are asked to name a favourite song of theirs, they often fall back on the metaphor of songs as children, and declare themselves unable to single one out. Leaving aside the growing awareness over time that you definitely love some more than others, I'd like to extend the metaphor by suggesting that when a song is covered by another artist, it has finally grown up and left home. I'm told that you still worry about your child, and don't agree with how they present themselves to the world. But equally, you are delighted to step aside and watch them do it for themselves. John O'Donnell loved these songs enough to want to carry them to new people. Thankfully a number of idiosyncratic artists came on board. I'm flattered and grateful. Some are radical reworkings, but I do those myself as I continue, with different line-ups, to explore the songs in live performance. These albums are full of great surprises."Tim Finn (Amazon)

The Finn brothers have written some fabulous song over the last 30 years, every track is a gem on both sides.



Track list

CD1 She Will

01 Seeker Love Keeper - Sinner 4:33

02 Clare Bowditch - Fall At Your Feet 3:50

03 Missy Higgins - Stuff And Nonsense 3:31

04 Goldenhorse - I'll Never Know 3:04

05 Renee Geyer - Into Temptation 4:56

06 Little Birdy - Six Months In A Leaky Boat 3:54

07 Hollie Smith - Weather With You 3:58

08 Kasey Chambers - Better Be Home Soon 3:19

09 Brooke Fraser - Distant Sun 3:56

10 Holly Throsby - Not The Girl You Think You Are 3:37

11 Lisa Miller - I Hope I Never 4:09

12 Sarah Blasko - Don't Dream It's Over 4:42

13 Amiel - One Step Ahead 3:01

14 New Buffalo - Four Seasons 4:00

15 Sara Storer - Won't Give In 4:18

16 Natalie Imbruglia - Pineapple Head 3:23

17 Stellar - Persuasion 3:41

18 Sophie Koh - Charlie 3:47

CD2 He Will

01 Oh Mercy - I Feel Possessed 3:15

02 Chris Cheney - Distant Sun 3:29

03 Boy & Bear - Fall At Your Feet 4:31

04 Paul Kelly & Angus Stone - Four Seasons In One Day 4:18

05 Glenn Richards - She Got Body, She Got Soul 3:02

06 Paul Dempsey - Addicted 4:06

07 Lior & Emma-louise - It's Only Natural 4:14

08 Jimmy Barnes - Message To My Girl 4:34

09 Art Vs Science - I See Red 4:01

10 Philadelphia Grand Jury - I Got You 3:12

11 Old Man River & Washington - Dirty Creature 6:47

12 Sleepy Jacksons - Better Be Home Soon 4:35

13 Artisan Guns - Private Universe 4:15

14 Darren Hayes - Not Even Close 4:06

15 Break With Dan Sultan - Shark Attack 4:32

16 Perry Keyes - Poor Boy 3:49

17 Busby Marou - Better Be Home Soon 3:49

18 Kody Neilson - Kiss The Road To Rarotonga 3:11




  1. I Cannot believe Tim Finn's 'Fraction Too Much Friction' [written by Tim Finn] is not included. Did I miss it somehow?

    1. Hi BrownBlackBlues.
      No, not there.
      I guess they might plan another volume at some stage and will include 'Fraction Too Much Friction'.

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