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VA - Midnight Rider (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1 + CD2


VA - Midnight Rider (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1 + CD2

"Midnight Rider" is a song by the American rock band the Allman Brothers Band. It was the second single from their second studio album, Idlewild South (1970), released on Capricorn Records. The song was primarily written by vocalist Gregg Allman, who first began composing it at a rented cabin outside Macon, Georgia. He enlisted the help of roadie Robert Kim Payne to complete the song's lyrics. He and Payne broke into Capricorn Sound Studios to complete a demo of the song.

While the original Allman Brothers release of the song did not chart, "Midnight Rider" was much more successful in cover versions. Gregg Allman's solo version of the song, released in 1973, was its biggest chart success; it was a top 20 hit in the U.S. and Canada. A cover by Jamaican singer, Paul Davidson, represented its biggest peak in the United Kingdom, where it hit number ten. Country artist Willie Nelson also recorded a version of the song that peaked at number six on U.S. country charts.

"Midnight Rider" uses traditional folk and blues themes of desperation, determination, and a man on the run.






Track lists


01 Allman Brothers Band Midnight Rider 2:59

02 Patti Smith Midnight Rider 4:02

03 Sharon Jones And The Dap-kings Midnight Rider 3:17

04 Buddy Miles Midnight Rider 3:38

05 Atlanta Rhythm Section Midnight Rider 4:37

06 Stephen Stills Midnight Rider 3:42

07 Drifters Midnight Rider 3:42

08 Ross Wilson Midnight Rider 4:03

09 Pat Travers Midnight Rider 3:19

10 Bob Seger Midnight Rider 2:41

11 Morning Wood Midnight Rider 4:57

12 Fury In The Slaughterhouse Midnight Rider 3:49

13 Paul Davidson Midnight Rider 3:16

14 Beverley Skeete Midnight Rider 3:29

15 Phill Durham Midnight Rider 4:19

16 Joe Cocker Midnight Rider 4:04

17 Zach Williams Midnight Rider 4:00

18 Michael Coleman Midnight Rider 3:39

19 Tapestry Midnight Rider 2:39

20 Jay Gaunt Midnight Rider 3:46


21 Gregg Allman Midnight Rider 4:27

22 Willie Nelson Midnight Rider 3:03

23 Wayne  Stewart Midnight Rider 3:02

24 Waylon Jennings Midnight Rider 3:24

25 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Midnight Rider (Live) 3:55

26 Charlie Whitehead midnight rider 2:31

27 Garth Brooks Midnight Rider 3:16

28 Bad Manners Midnight Rider 3:30

29 Juicy Lucy Midnight Rider 3:15

30 Brothers Midnight Rider 4:17

31 Doc Holliday Midnight Rider 4:35

32 Mark Newton Midnight Rider 4:20

33 A Memory Down Midnight Rider 4:14

34 Ub40 Midnight Rider 4:09

35 Theory Of A Deadman Midnight Rider 3:18

36 Hank Williams Jr. Midnight Rider 2:49

37 Richard Clapton Midnight Rider 2:58

38 Vibrations Midnight Rider 2:34

39 Vince Gill, Zac Brown And Gregg Allman Midnight Rider 5:01

40 Gov't Mule Midnight Rider (Live) 4:25




  1. Replies
    1. Hi Fredrick Beondo
      Track 37 should have been replaced. I will send a now link for track 37.

    2. New Track 37
      37 Midnight Rider

  2. Thanks Butterboy for a new comp!!!
    This song must be one of your favorites, I imagine. Which version would you choose if you had to?

    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
      I love the feel of this song and always happy to hear it. Not the most favorite though. I would always seek the original but of this bunch I also like the willie nelson versions and Sharon Jones and the Dap-kings version. Gregg Allman's version is also beautiful.

  3. Hi BB - this may be a dumb question but what was wrong with the original track 37, aside from listing no performer when the track played and not being Richard Clapton? Because I like it, and I'm trying to place the voice. Sounds like Michael McDonald but couldn't be, could it? Shazam came up with nothing.

    1. Hi Ronzoni,
      Nothing wrong with the original track 37 its just I couldn't find the artist information. I meant to replace it before I posted it.

    2. I'm pleased and only slightly amazed that I guessed correctly. Pre-Doobies or Dan Michael McDonald. He had the goods then and now. Maybe now it ought to be track 41.

    3. His version was released on this LP.

    4. Good pick up, ronzoni.
      I have that album. Could have been the track. I should have realised.

  4. Hi Butterboy,
    Your blog is fantastic, really intelligent and good choices...
    It's incredible....and really good ideas, as "Midnight Rider".
    This one is impossible to download, is it possible to obtain a repost ...?
    Thank you and "bravo"

    1. Thanks, aps.
      Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog.
      new links established, tested and working.

    2. Very quick, it's perfect. "Un grand merci", i'm going to listen all these versions...

    3. Have fun listening to these, aps.