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10cc - Bonus Tracks & Rarities [2014] CD1+CD2+CD3


10cc - Bonus Tracks & Rarities [2014] CD+CD2+CD3

10cc are an English rock band founded in Stockport, England, who achieved their greatest commercial success in the 1970s. The band initially consisted of four musicians – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, and Lol Creme – who had written and recorded together for some three years, before assuming the name "10cc" in 1972. 10cc featured two songwriting teams, one "commercial" and one "artistic". Stewart and Gouldman were predominantly pop songwriters, who created most of the band's accessible songs. By way of contrast, Godley and Creme were the predominantly experimental half of 10cc, featuring an "art school" sensibility and cinematically-inspired writing.  Every member of 10cc was a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and producer, and the writing teams frequently switched partners, so that Godley/Gouldman or Creme/Stewart compositions were not uncommon (although compositions credited to Creme/Gouldman and Godley/Stewart are rare, only found on 1974's Sheet Music). After Godley and Creme left the band in 1976, Gouldman and Stewart were the main creative forces behind 10cc. Stewart left the band after 1995, and Gouldman continues to lead a touring version of 10cc.  Most of the band's albums were recorded at their own Strawberry Studios (North) in Stockport and Strawberry Studios (South) in Dorking, with most of those engineered by Stewart. 10cc was co-managed by Ric Dixon and Harvey Lisberg at Kennedy Street, who had represented the individual members of the band since the mid-1960's. (Wikipedia)



Track list


Johnny Don’t Do It (Single Version)
4% Of Something (B-Side to Johnny Don’t Do It)
Donna (Single Version)
Hot Sun Rock (B-Side to Donna)
Rubber Bullets (Single Version)
Waterfall (B-Side to Rubber Bullets)
The Dean And I (Single Version)
Bee In My Bonnet (B-Side to The Dean And I)
The Wall Street Shuffle (Single Mix)
Gismo My Way (B-Side to The Wall Street Shuffle)
The Worst Band In The World (Radio Version)
18 Carat Man Of Means (B-Side to The Worst Band In The World)
Life Is A Ministrone (Single Edit)
Channel Swimmer (B-Side to Life Is A Ministrone)
I’m Not in Love (Single Edit)
Good News (B-Side to I’m Not In Love)
Art For Art’s Sake (Single Edit)
Get It While You Can (B-Side to Art For Art’s Sake)
I’m Mandy Fly Me (Single Edit)
Hot To Trot (B-Side to The Things We Do For Love)
Don’t Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste (B-Side to Good Morning Judge)
I’m So Laid Back, I’m Laid Out (B-Side to People In Love)


Nothing Can Move Me (B-Side to Dreadlock Holiday)
For You And I (DJ Edit)
Only Child
The Power Of Love
Memories (US Mix)
We’ve Heard It All Before
Tomorrow’s World Today
Les Nouveaux Riches (Single Mix)
You’re Coming Home Again
24 Hours (Radio Edit)
Dreadlock Holiday (Live) (B-Side to 10? of 24 Hours)
I’m Not In Love (Live) (B-Side to 10? of 24 Hours)
Feel The Love (Oomachasaooma) (Radio Edit)
She Gives Me Pain (B-Side to Feel The Love)
Food For Thought (Radio Edit)
The Secret Life Of Henry (B-Side to Food For Thought)


Man With A Mission (B-Side to Woman In Love)
Don’t (B-Side to Welcome To Paradise)
Lost In Love (B-Side to Woman In Love)
Welcome To Paradise (7? Edit)
Woman In Love (Radio Edit)
Woman In Love (DJ Edit)
I’m Not In Love (Rework Of Art Mix)
Yvonne’s The One
Margo Wants The Mustard
Blue Bird
Now You’re Gone
I’m Not In Love (Acoustic Session ’95)
The Dean And I (When The Chips Are Down Mix)
The Wall Street Shuffle
Headline Hustler
The Worst Band In The World (Lyric Two)
The Recording Of ‘The Dean And I’
People In Love (The Voodoo Boogie)



  1. Butterboy You Must have been sneaking a peak on my Harddrive this week ,been working on this group finding all their Music ,Many Thanks sir

    1. Welcome to the Twilight Zone....dodododo...dododo.....


    2. Have you got the 10cc box set Tenology . Can post it if you want...

  2. Havent got that far yet but would be very happy if you did post it :)

  3. I start with the studio albums first then go on to the Compilation albums still missing 2 studio albums (Meanwhile 1992) and (Mirror Mirror 1995) hope to find them if iam lucky .Thanks Again Sir !

    1. Hi Bones,
      I have both and will post them here tomorrow for you.

    2. Hi Bones

      Here are the 10cc albums mentioned...

      10CC - Meanwhile [1992

      10CC - Mirror Mirror [1995]


  4. Thank You So much Sir, I looked for a couple of days for them and just had to put them on the list (my searching list ) Thanks again !

    1. You are welcome Bones.
      If you need others yell out.

  5. Finally got around to listening to this one - over a year after downloading it. Great stuff BB! 10cc were the last band I saw before the Covid shutdown, excellent as always.

    1. Hi 96dbFreak,

      Great story. A whole year to get around to listening to this, wow. I hope it was worth it. 10cc are a wonderful group. You should try to see if 10cc are available for your first concert after the Covid crisis ends. Bookend the memories.


  6. Me again, Butterboy ;-)

    Long time since the links have been published, however, links look like not working. Can you be so kind to check?



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