Friday, May 20, 2022

VA - Feels Like Rain Vol. 01 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3+CD4



VA - Feels Like Rain Vol. 01 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3+CD4

Rains songs are plentiful in rock , They are often songs about emotions but can also be just about rain. 

This set is part of a 10 Volume series that explores the RAIN in song. Each volume has around 100 tracks. You may be surprised to hear that I have culled this down from over 20 volumes worth of material. 

This first volume is given to some of the rain songs that I enjoy in the ROCK genre. 

Other volumes to follow , will include rain song in Folk Rock, Folk, Power pop, Psychedelic Rock, Sunshine pop, Blues, Soul and other themed categories.  Enjoy! 


Pt.1   Pt.2  


Track lists


01 John Hiatt Feels Like Rain 4:50

02 Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Mono) 2:40

03 Israel Nash Rain Plans 7:15

04 Link Wray Fallin' Rain 3:44

05 Johnny Rivers Summer Rain 3:37

06 Meg Baird Even Rain 3:04

07 Gordon Lightfoot Early Morning Rain 3:07

08 Garland Jeffreys Any Rain 4:02

09 New Dawn It's Raining 3:12

10 Rolling Stone Little Rain 3:32

11 Paul Kelly Midnight Rain 4:50

12 Mirage I See the Rain 2:06

13 War on Drugs Occasional Rain 4:54

14 Sleepy Jackson Rain Falls for Wind 4:03

15 Martin Sexton 1 Fall Like Rain 3:50

16 Parrish & Gurvitz Band Rainy Day Man 5:20

17 Jeb Loy Nicholos As the Rain 4:23

18 Cracker Another Song About the Rain 5:50

19 Twilight Fields 1 Black Rain Fall 4:55

20 Jose Feliciano Rain 2:44

21 Poco 1 a Little Rain 4:43

22 Chris Rea I Love the Rain 4:25

23 Year 2000 Walking in Dry Rain 3:11

24 Majority One Looks Like Rain 2:51

25 Neil Diamond 1 Think It's Gonna Rain Today 2:34


26 John Prine 1 Great Rain 4:08

27 Songs: Ohia Didn't it Rain 7:52

28 Grateful Dead Box of Rain 5:20

29 Ryan Adams Fuck the Rain 3:34

30 Chris Isaak Funeral in the Rain 3:22

31 Jd Souther Go Ahead and Rain 3:31

32 Shemekia Copeland Great Rain 4:45

33 Lloyd Cole Rain on the Parade 4:34

34 Kenny Wayne Shepperd Band Louisiana Rain 3:51

35 Hothouse Flowers Hard Rain 4:00

36 Joe Cocker I Can Stand a Little Rain 3:32

37 Shawn Colvin 1  Not a Drop of Rain 4:22

38 Silencers Scottish Rain 7:11

39 Morphine You Look Like Rain 3:39

40 Derangers Agave Rain 2:45

41 Jonathan Wilson Canyon in the Rain 6:27

42 Millie Jackson I Feel Like Walking in the Rain 3:57

43 Liquid Visions Morning Rain 10:07

44 Ian McNabb Abigail Rain 3:13

45 Vagrants A Sunny Summer Rain 2:51

46 Paul Weller Early Morning Rain 3:47

47 Chuck Prophet After the Rain 3:35

48 Warren Zevon Fistful of Rain 5:18

49 Sam Phillips Same Rain 4:19

50 Robbie Robertson,Felicity Williams,Afie Jurvanen,Martin Pradler,Pino Palladino,Chris Dave Praying for Rain 4:11


51 Ryan Adams City Rain, City Streets 3:49

52 Crosby Stills & Nash Cold Rain 2:35

53 Richie Sambora Harlem Rain 5:46

54 Fairport Convention Cider Rain 3:43

55 John Mellencamp Rain on the Scarecrow 3:45

56 Holmes Brothers Drivin' in the Drivin' Rain 3:25

57 McCully Workshop Inc. Why Can't it Rain 4:15

58 Mark Lanegan Following the Rain 3:18

59 Ken Saul Warm Summer Rain 2:41

60 Jim Croce Alabama Rain 2:14

61 Ryan Adams & the Cardinals Go Ahead and Rain 3:00

62 Moreton Bay Hey Rain 4:02

63 David Gray Gutters Full of Rain 4:22

64 Wild Turkey Gentle Rain 3:09

65 John Hanlon On a Hillside in the Rain 5:20

66 Lostboy! Aka Jim Kerr Karma to This Rain 4:19

67 Ralph McTell A Kiss in the Rain 5:33

68 Randy Burns Lady Rain Again 3:21

69 Koala Yesterday's Rain 2:33

70 Paul McCartney Too Much Rain 3:24

71 James Gang Ashes the Rain and I 6:44

72 Luke Gibson All Day Rain 2:39

73 Karen Beth April Rain 2:24

74 Phat Phunktion Dance in the Rain 3:15

75 Hassles Coloured Rain 3:23


76 Pretty Things Rain 2:07

77 P.J. Proby Rain on Snow 3:10

78 Majority One I Don't Mind the Rain 3:30

79 Robyn Hitchcock Raining Twilight Coast 4:38

80 John Mellencamp Driving in the Rain 3:25

81 Soultans Rain Down Soul 3:54

82 Howlin Rain Hung Out in the Rain 5:44

83 Noir Rain 9:27

84 Shawn Mullins And on a Rainy Night 3:22

85 Graham Parker If it Ever Stops Rainin' 4:31

86 Francis Dunnery Autumn the Rain Man 5:08

87 Martin Sexton Caught in the Rain 4:40

89 Sonny & Cher Gonna Rain 2:23

89 Marc Jonson Rainy Dues 3:51

90 Ryan Adams Dirty Rain 4:22

91 Walker Brothers The Girl I Lost in the Rain 2:48

92 Eric Burdon & the Animals Coloured Rain 9:41

93 Lenny Kravitz I Love the Rain 4:46

94 Dawson, Julian If I Needed Rain 3:20

95 Robert Forster If it Rains 3:48

96 Parliament Come in Out of the Rain 2:57

97 True West And Then the Rain 3:45

98 Mary Gauthier It Ain't the Wind, It's the Rain 4:03

99 Walter Becker & Donald Fagen If it Rains 7:04

100 Eurythmics Here Comes the Rain Again 4:54




  1. Or, as we might retitle this, "Feels Like Oregon". The more rain songs the better....we gotta have
    a soundtrack, after all. Thanks!

    1. Hi efredd,
      Or, I should have titled it "Feels Like Rain In My Home Town".
      We are having winter weather here at the moment which means more rain ahead.
      I hope the sun shines for you soon.

  2. This comp really does confirm you're an eastern seaboard Aussie, doesn't it? Brisbane or Sydney? (from the west coast)

    1. Hi adhock,
      Can't confirm I am a Eastern Seaboard Aussie.
      Neither. West Coast Yes.

    2. Ye gods and little fishes! You may be from the next suburb over. Oh to bask in such fame - I'm humbled.

    3. We may even be neighbors....

  3. The sun is already here so I would appreciate a little rain collection, thanks Butterboy!

    1. Enjoy the summer as it arrives, Little Bill.
      It still Autumn here heading into Winter. Lots of showers expected here.
      That's it for today's weather report. 😀
      Enjoy the music. I like this set a lot.

  4. No rain coming near my house for a bit, but I am a sucker for comps like this! Thanks

    1. Thanks Pol.
      I wish it was still Summer here. but alas I will need to wait until end October for sunshine more often than rain. I hope you find this comp is enjoyable.

  5. Awesome comp! Another stellar and generous piece of work. Here are a few humble suggestions for you to save for a rainy day:
    Rainy Days & Mondays - Carpenters
    The Rain Came Down - Steve Earle
    Save It for a Rainy Day - Stephen Bishop
    Looks Like Rain - Bob Weir / Grateful Dead
    Rain - The Beatles
    Hard Rain - Bob Dylan (or Bryan Ferry)
    Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles
    Ballet For a Rainy Day - XTC
    Delta Rain - The Blessing
    I Wish It Would Rain - Rodney Crowell
    I Wish It Would Rain - Temptations
    Raining in my Heart - Slim Harpo
    Let It Rain - Eric Clapton
    The Rain Song & Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin

    So many rain & train songs, so little time... Thanks for all you do BB!

    1. Thanks Mark B.
      These will show up in other volumes to be posted over the next few months.
      The next in the "Feels Like Rain" series will be a Pop songs compilation. (WE 12 June 2022)

  6. Thanks BB
    I live in Chicago and it is pouring as I type.

    1. Hi lemonflag,
      I escaped the rain today but tomorrow will be wet again.
      Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit, Even when it is wet.

    2. It's a day later and it's still raining, but I am inside and dry and loving the music here. Thanks

    3. Thanks lemonflag.
      There are so many great track on this set. I have played it many times now and continue to enjoy the sounds that are on it. Glad you are enjoying the music.