Friday, August 14, 2020

VA - A Bunch of Pauls CD1+CD2+CD3 (A Butterboy Compilation)


VA - A Bunch of Pauls CD1+CD2+CD3 (A Butterboy Compilation)

The name PAUL has existed since Roman times. It derives from the Roman family name Paulus or Paullus, from the Latin adjective meaning "small" or "humble". During the Classical Age it was used to distinguish the minor of two people of the same family bearing the same name. The Roman patrician family of the Gens Aemilia included such prominent persons as Lucius Aemilius Paullus, Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus, Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paullus, Tertia Aemilia Paulla (the wife of Scipio Africanus), and Sergius Paulus.  (Wikipedia)

Sadly, none of the above made music you will find on the list below. So here is something a little different. Here is a list of artists that go by the first name Paul.  Its eclectic but rewarding. Enjoy!

Pt.1     Pt.2 

Track lists


01    Paul Brady    Let's Get Together    3:43
02    Paul Brett        Tuesday Evening    2:23
03    Paul Burch    Montreal    3:15
04    Paul & Barry Ryan    I Can't Make a Friend    2:24
05    Paul Anka    Diana    2:18
06    Paul Butterfield (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)    Driftin' Blues    8:09
07    Paul Carrack    Tempted (Squeeze)    3:58
08    Paul Collins    Feel the Noise    2:07
09    Paul Connors    Inspiration Information    7:31
10    Paul Cotton (Poco)    A Right Along    4:37
11    Paul Craig        Midnight Girl    2:14
12    Paul Davis        I Go Crazy    3:53
13    Paul Dean        Bad Times    6:51
14    Paul Dempsey    Out the Airlock    3:37
15    Paul Gaffey    Dreamer of Dreams    5:56
16    Paul Gilbert    Wash Me Clean    3:20
17    Paul Hewson (Bono, U2)    Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of    4:34
18    Paul Heaton    Welcome to the South    3:08
19    Paul Hardcastle    19    3:32
20    Paul Humphrey &His Cool Aid Chemists        Cool Aid    2:42


21    Paul Jones        Wait 'til Morning Comes    3:12
22    Paul Kantner    Martha    3:24
23    Paul McCartney    Another Day    3:42
24    Paul King        Confusion    2:46
25    Paul Kelly        If I Could Start Today Again    2:50
26    Paul Kossoff    Tuesday Morning    4:29
27    Paul Martin    Echo    2:18
28    Paul McCartney    Every Night    2:35
29    Paul Nicholas    Heaven on the 7th Floor    2:48
30    Paul Norton    How Great it Is    5:21
31    Paul Ott        The Soldier's Prayer    3:11
32    Paul Parrish    English Sparrows    2:44
33    Paul Perry        (I've Got a Girl Named) Dee    2:43
34    Paul Quinn    Ain't That Always the Way    3:09
35    Paul Raven    Musical Man    2:50
36    Paul Revere (& the Raiders)    Ride to the Wall    4:45
37    Paul Roberts    Southern Mountains    3:45
38    Paul Rodgers (Bad Company)    Bad Company    4:42
39    Paul Roland    I'm in Love With Myself    3:35
40    Paul Ryan        Natural Gas    2:52


41    Paul Rodgers (Bad Company)    Shooting Star    6:12
42    Paul Siebel    Jack-Knife Gypsy    3:28
43    Paul Simon    Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes    5:48
44    Paul Simonon (The Clash)    Guns on the Roof    3:15
45    Paul Slade    Remember Daphne    3:02
46    Paul St John    The Flying Saucers Have Landed    3:25
47    Paul Stanley (Kiss)    100,000 Years    3:24
48    Paul Stookey    Wedding Song (There is Love)    3:46
49    Paul Thorn    Doctor My Eyes    3:27
50    Paul Tucker (Lighthouse Family)    Run    4:01
41    Paul Ryder & the Timelords    If You Ever Get to Heaven    3:09
51    Paul Weller    The Changing Man    3:34
53    Paul Williams    A Little Bit of Love    4:21
54    Paul Young    Everytime You Go Away    4:28
55    Paul Anka        Puppy Love    2:45
56    Paul Carrack    Don't Shed a Tear    4:55
57    Paul Westerberg    Runaway Wind    4:26
58    Paul Kantner    The Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra    3:57
59    Paul Rodgers (Free)    Travelling in Style    3:56
60    Paul McCartney & Wings    Let Me Roll It    4:50



  1. Not to shabby, may I add...
    Paul Haig
    Paul Evans

    what a concept
    btw, are you a Paul?

    1. Thanks D, I am not a P but I am a B
      Aghh Paul Evans (Curls)Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat.
      I don't recall Pail Haig, I'll need to look that one up.


    2. member of post-punk band Josef K, went solo, has quite a lot of material

  2. Nice idea but there are far too many Paul's I don't like to make me want to download.

  3. Will Election Day less than three months away, it's nice to see you doing so well in the Pauls. But where oh where is "Hey Paula" by Paul & Paula?

  4. Go figure, I was just finishing up a "Paul" compilation for Twangsville Revisited, I may have to search out some new to me Pauls now lol. Still got a "Peter" one in the works though.
    Thanks, appreciated as always.

    1. Hi Bernie,

      They say great minds think alike... Sorry that this one got in your way. I actually had this sitting available for about 3 months, so why it came out at this particular time is unknown but also coincidental. Good luck with the Peter's.


  5. That's a paulpable collection BB.. but I am appauled you omitted Mr Mauriat. No reason to be apaulogetic tho.. I'm only Josh-ing (no wait, that's a whole different collection). I mean really, what's one Les Paul.. oh yeah.. he doesn't count, but I'll wager one of his eclectic guitars made it in here somewhere. Nice work.. I apaulaud you! And I'm done.

  6. Had fun replaying this today. Great stuff BB. When I got to Paul Quinn, I must say, what a great great voice. And yet, he is so obscure. Looking for anything and everything on him. If you come across any please holler me up. Thanks

    1. Oh! Thats great to hear D.
      The song is from "Paul Quinn - Ain't That Always the Way" Single [1985]
      Here are links to two albums.
      Paul Quinn and The Independant Group - The Phantoms & The Archetypes [1992].zip
      Paul Quinn and The Independent Group - Will I Ever Be Inside Of You [1994].zip


  7. Oh man, you are so impressive. Obscure rarities do not stop you. What a force you are in music knowledge and collections. I bow in thanks BB. Have a great week.

    1. Appreciated D,
      You also enjoy the week ahead.

  8. Hi BB - file not found. when you get to it, thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ronzoni.
      New link established, tested and working.