Sunday, August 9, 2020


I am going o change the way the Crates are presented. You can now click on the crate to receive a file with links. Download the file and extract as normal, then open the extracted file by double clicking and select the file you want.

Failing this working I will stop the crates until I can establish a better method.

As you may have noticed all Crate links are slowly being targeted and removed, irrespective of age, label or year. So far I have had over 2500 links removed. This started a few months ago as the blog continues to gain popularity. Even my own self made compilations are now being removed but only when they appear in the crates. I have my suspicions but that doesn't matter. Fact is they will eventually all be removed. I will rebuild them using other means.  In the meantime I will continue what I am doing and encourage you to keep digging. 

 The blog will still be active for now together with daily treats and my Friday BB compilations.

Thanks to everyone who supports this blog by sharing comment and picking through the crates. I'll keep it going as long as links stay alive.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to protect files from deletion, I am all ears...




  1. Thanks for hanging in there. And thanks for all you do for all of us.

  2. Love your work

    Have helped me broaden my musical tastes

  3. Thanks for all you share BB don't be discouraged by this setback your work matters.

  4. You are my favorite blogger of 2020!! Thanks for all of the hard work!! Quarantine has been a little more bearable because of all of your shared sonic goodness.

  5. The work around works great. Thanks for keepin' on!

  6. Butterboy, Sorry you are having to go through this. Thanks for all your efforts.

  7. Hey BB, I'm no expert but what about trying a different provider other than Zippy?
    TurboBit come to mind as I use other blogs that use them. Seems seamless to me.
    Or make up your own free cloud server just for your comps's and crate files.
    such as....
    Best Free Cloud Storage for 2020

    pCloud – 10GB free. – 5GB free.
    Google Drive 15GB free.
    MEGA – 15GB free.
    Dropbox – 2GB (up to 18GB with referrals)
    Amazon Drive – 5GB free
    Apple iCloud – 5GB free.
    Microsoft OneDrive 5GB free
    Or use those free transfer sites that usually stay active for a week
    PC Cloud 5GB
    We Transfer 2GB

    Just a few ideas to throw out there

    1. Turbo and similar are restrictive for free dloads, with timeers, disconnections on big files happen often forcing you to have to wait hours before you can try again, and if you pay the premium costs, they do not give an honest service since they double meter your dloads so your 1 month allocation runs out in a week!

      Wetransfer and similar rely upon submitting a file with an email address that requires an email address for the recipient (who then has a week to use the emailed link and then it's dead), which BB has to process all - very time consuming etc. How exactly would that work I wonder? He shows a list and each person emails him what they'd like and he uploads each persons pack etc?

      As BB says above, he's had 2,500 rar links removed, not counting those still alive. So free cloud storage wouldn't even cover 20% of the volume of files he shares (I'm guessing), meaning he has to create multiple alias's for multiple accounts on multiple cloud storage space, which again would be incredibly time consuming for him, and complicate stuff.

      Your best idea is if he creates his own (cloud) storage server service, which 'members' then pay to 'use' the service to store files and only members have access through their payment for the service to menber's files, given only by members to members, making sure that any contract clearly states that the payment is for storage on a server ONLY and nothing whatsoever to do with downloading music or any other kind of copyright material for free. But in so doing would go against the fundamental idea of his blog.

  8. If this is one of those situations where some 'low-life' who has a chip on their shoulder or thinks reporting your links will make their blog busy since all your links are dead (or similar situation), and this is going to keep recurring & causing you a lot of hassle, you make the blog private and by invite only. That may sound extreme and goes against the blog's bloodline of sharing to everyone, but having seen this happen numerous times there's little choice - a) put up with constantly reupping the files (no matter where you upload to) or b) go private and links list emailed to those on your list. I appreciate that this isn't what this blog is about, all the years of effort etc you've put in, the 1,000's who check in on a daily basis, the community you've created and built over all these years, but one 'A'-hole can destroy everything just to show you they can, just as those who send out a pc virus 'just for the fun of it'. I feel for ya BB.

    1. Hi puw,
      This weekend alone I have had 300 links wiped out.
      So disappointing that it is happening but as they say nothing lasts forever.
      You would think, during these times, you would be left alone to put some happiness out there. Don't worry I'll keep going and keep enjoying what I do as long as I can.


  9. Your comps are second to none. Hang tough.

    1. What a wonderful thing to say. Thank you Ice Nine.