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VA - This Is... Cult Fiction Royale [1997] (2 x CD's)


VA - This Is... Cult Fiction Royale [1997] (2 x CD's)

This Is...Cult Fiction Royale collects 47 original television and film themes from the '60s and '70s like "Theme from Space 1999," "Theme from the Man from U.N.C.L.E.," "Theme from Dirty Harry" and "Theme from Get Carter." Much of it is from the source material (directly from the films and shows themselves), while others are from the original masters. Many of these tracks are available elsewhere, but there are enough obscurities to entice collectors of the genre. Cult Fiction Royale is brought to you using tip top modern technology, however some tracks included on this compilation are original mono masters rather than stereo copies, so please do not adjust your stereophonic gramophone recording equipment, rest assured it is all an integral part of the listening experience of Cult Fiction Royale. 

An absolutely awesome double CD set.. It's out of this world catchiness will remind you instantly of long-forgotten and eagerly awaited adventure themes. Fireball XL-5 is a great example here-even having the turbo-rocket ascending noise as the prologue to the main theme. Very nostalgic early sixties. If TV themes from yesteryear are your thing, then this is definitely for you! (Amazon)


VA - This Is... Cult Fiction Royale [1997] CD1+CD2


VA - This Is... Cult Fiction Royale [1997] ALL


Track lists


01    Lalo Schifrin    Bullitt: Main Title    2:06
02    John Barry    The Persuaders: Theme    2:12
03    Jean‐jacques Perrey    E.V.A.    3:09
04    Ron Grainer    The Prisoner: Theme    2:19
05    Barry Gray    Space 1999: Theme    2:03
06    Lalo Schifrin    Dirty Harry: Theme    2:41
07    Harry South    The Sweeney: Theme    2:37
08    Ron Grainer    Man in a Suitcase: Theme    2:13
09    Monty Norman    James Bond: Theme    1:48
10    Roy Budd    Get Carter: Theme    3:22
11    Simon Haseley    Whodunnit: Precinct    3:33
12    Tony Hatch    The Champions: Theme    2:08
13    Barry Gray    Joe 90: Main Theme    2:16
14    Peter Callander & Mitch Murray    The Protectors: Avenues & Alleyways    3:18
15    Edwin T. Astley    Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased): Theme    1:40
16    Jack Trombey    Van Der Valk: Eye Level    2:22
17    Laurie Johnson    The Avengers: Theme    2:18
18    Edwin T. Astley    The Saint: Theme    2:01
19    Alan Parker    Dempsey & Makepeace: Theme    2:33
20    Laurie Johnson    Jason King: Theme    2:03
21    Cyril Ornadel    Sapphire and Steel: Theme    1:48
22    Barry Gray    U.F.O.: Theme    2:10
23    Edwin T. Astley    The Baron: Theme    1:48
24    Laurie Johnson    The Professionals: Theme (Blueboy 12" Remix)    5:04


01    Lalo Schifrin    Theme From Mission: Impossible    2:32
02    Edwin T. Astley    Department S: Theme    2:10
03    Jerry Goldsmith    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: Theme    2:01
04    Irving Martin & Brian Dee    Return of the Saint: Theme    2:50
05    Laurie Johnson    The Professionals: Theme    1:55
06    Barry Gray    Stingray: Theme    1:17
07    Edwin T. Astley    Danger Man: High Wire    1:50
08    John Barry    007    2:47
09    Lalo Schifrin    Bullitt: on the Way to San Mateo    2:30
10    Barry Gray    Fireball Xl5: Theme    2:36
11    Barry Gray    Thunderbirds: Theme    2:34
12    Roger Webb    Strange Report: Theme    2:04
13    Laurie Johnson    The New Avengers: Theme    2:14
14    Barry Gray    Captain Scarlet: Theme    1:53
15    Barry Gray    Supercar: Theme    0:52
16    Tom Bright    Tiswas: Theme    1:14
17    Alain Legrand    The Magic Roundabout: Theme    0:33
18    Ron Grainer    Tales of the Unexpected: Theme    2:06
19    Barry Gray    Stingray: Aqua Marina    1:32
20    Simon Haseley & Peter Reno    Crown Court: Distant Hills    3:03
21    Mike Post    Hill Street Blues: Theme    3:13
22    Angelo Badalamenti    Twin Peaks: Theme    6:47
23    Vangelis    Blade Runner: Blade Runner Blues / Atv Presents Jingle    14:01



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  2. Sensational. Was watching UFO the other day - and not through rose-coloured glasses. Barry Gray's theme is in some ways the least clunky thing aboout the show. Thanks so much Butterboy.

  3. These are classic! Much to be enjoyed here and not your everyday compilation either. I've been a fan of those Gerry Anderson marionation show since I was a kid, the ones that made it to the states, especially the Supercar, Fireball-XL5 and The Thunderbirds. You probably got them in some form too BB. I've never seen this set.. THANKS.