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VA - Progressions 100 Years Of Jazz Guitar [2005] (4 x CD's)


VA - Progressions 100 Years Of Jazz Guitar [2005] (4 x CD's)

This expansive four-disc anthology essentially covers the recorded history of the guitar in the 20th century, beginning with the ragtime banjo that set the table for the role of the guitar in a jazz setting in the early 1900s, and then touching all the bases clear through to the post-postmodern possibilities of the instrument in the 21st century. Don't let the subtitle throw you, though, because Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar interprets jazz guitar in the broadest of strokes, as it includes not only pantheon jazz players like Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, Les Paul, Wes Montgomery, and John McLaughlin but also provides an uncommon sweep by featuring Hawaiian stylists Roy Smeck and Sol Hoopii; Western swing aces Leon McAuliffe and Eldon Shamblin; country jazzman Hank Garland; rock virtuosos Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Jeff Beck; fusion funksters Larry Carlton, Al DiMeola, and Mike Stein; and hard to classify avant-garde players like Derek Bailey, Sonny Sharrock, James Blood Ulmer, and Marc Ribot. In all, 78 guitarists from some 33 labels are represented. Arranged roughly by date of recording from first to last (there are some deviations to trace the development of a particular style), it is easy to follow the track listing for Progressions in the well-organized 148-page book that accompanies the discs, and what emerges is a portrayal of the massive influence the guitar has had on every form of popular music in the past century. One could quibble about players who were left out, and things are slightly tilted toward electric players as the set progresses, although that is probably understandable, since getting the guitar plugged in is what made it work in large ensembles in the first place. It's hard to argue with a piano, but a case could be made (and this set assembles ample evidence) that the electric guitar was the defining popular musical instrument of the 20th century, and certainly the dominant ensemble instrument for the last half of it. Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar suggests that the possibilities for the guitar are far from exhausted as the musical time line begins to edge deeper into the 21st century. A beautiful set.

I imagine it's pretty hard to please hard-core fans of jazz guitar, but for the rest of us, I cannot imagine a better packaged, more thoughtful and musically sound collection. It really does trace the evolution of "jazz guitar" and tells quite a story through the actual music and fine, fine booklet. The booklet not only gives credit to all the musicians on each and every cut, it gives us brief bios on each of the artists featured and commentary by contemporary musicians (mostly guitarists). When undertaking such a project as this, there is always plenty of room for criticism. But, in fact, there is no other collection that I am aware of that even attempts to tell the history of jazz guitar in this way. And this way, four CDs chock full of great music that spans (almost) 100 years with a very thoughtful, attractive and insightful book, is really hard to criticize. If you are interested in how jazz guitar evolved over the last century, or if you just like exploring good music, this box is essential where you will be well-educated and well-entertained simultaneously. (Amazon)


VA - Progressions, 100 Years Of Jazz Guitar [2005] CD1+CD2
VA - Progressions, 100 Years Of Jazz Guitar [2005] CD3+CD4


Track lists


01    Vess L. Ossman    St. Louis Tickle    3:08
02    Sam Moore    Chain Gang Blues    2:51
03    Johnny St. Cyr & Lonnie Johnson    Savoy Blues    3:28
04    Sol Hopii's Novelty Trio    The Only, Only One (For Me)    3:12
05    Eddie Lang    Add A Little Wiggle    2:57
06    Eddie Bush & Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Trio    Clowin' The Frets    2:39
07    King Benny Nawahi & The Georgia Jumpers    California Blues    3:03
08    Roy Smeck & Martha Raye    How'm I Doin'-Dinah    3:02
09    Eddie Condon & Billy Banks    Who's Sorry Now    3:08
10    Carl Kress & Dick Mcdonough    Danzon    3:09
11    Otto ''coco'' Heimel & Candy And Coco    China Boy    2:48
12    Sam Koki & His Islanders & Andy Iona    Minnehaha    2:44
13    Ink Spots    Swingin' On The Strings    1:45
14    Django Reinhardt With Quintette Of The Hot Club Of France    Honeysuckle Rose    2:51
15    Casey Bill Weldon    Guitar Swing    2:59
16    Eddie Durham, Freddie Green & Kansas City Five    Love Me Or Leave Me    2:50
17    Oscar Aleman    Whispering    2:48
18    Allan Reuss & Jack Teagarden And His Orchestra    Pickin' For Patsy    2:44
19    George Barnes    Little Rock Getaway    2:33
20    Charlie Christian & Benny Goodman And His Orchestra    Solo Flight    2:49
21    Al Casey & Fats Waller And His Rhythm    Buck Jumpin'    2:37
22    Leon Mcauliffe, Eldon Shamblin & Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys    Twin Guitar Special    2:42
23    Teddy Bunn & The Spirits Of Rhythm    I'm Walkin' This Town    2:53
24    Slim Gaillard And His Flat-Foot-Floogee-Boys    Palm Springs Jump    2:41
25    Oscar Moore & The King Cole Trio    Gee, Baby, I Ain't Good To You    2:56
26    Tiny Grimes Quintet    Red Cross    3:09


01    Bill Dearango & Dizzy Gillespie    Ol' Man Rebop    2:44
02    Barney Kessel & The Poll Winners    On Green Dolphin Street    4:03
03    George Van Eps    What Is This Thing Called Love    2:19
04    Jimmy Raney    Body And Soul    3:39
05    Chuck Wayne & Tony Bennett    My Baby Just Cares For Me    2:21
06    Les Paul    Runnin' Wild    1:54
07    Chet Atkins    Mountain Melody    2:10
08    Tal Farlow    Yardbird Suite    5:16
09    Johnny Smith    The Boy Next Door    2:37
10    Laurindo Almeida    Tocata    4:47
11    Jim Hall & Bill Evans    I've Got You Under My Skin    3:23
12    Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto    Aguas De Marco (Waters Of March)    4:41
13    Toots Thielemans    Bluesette    2:50
14    Kenny Burrell    Midnight Blue    4:03
15    The Wynton Kelly Trio & Wes Montgomery    Unit 7    6:46
16    Herb Ellis & Oscar Peterson    Naptown Blues    5:19
17    Hank Garland    Move    4:27
18    Howard Roberts    Easy Living    4:08
19    Grant Green    Jean De Fleur    6:50
20    Joe Pass    Night And Day    3:44


01    George Benson    Clockwise    4:26
02    Pat Martino    Pat Martino    5:51
03    Lenny Breau    A Taste Of Honey    4:24
04    Charlie Byrd    How Insensitive    2:44
05    Gabor Szabo    Gypsy Queen    5:11
06    Gary Burton & Larry Coryell    June 15, 1967    4:54
07    Sonny Sharrock    As We Used To Sing    6:25
08    Derek Bailey    Should Be Reversed    3:51
09    Jimi Hendrix    Manic Depression    3:43
10    John Mclaughlin And The Mahavishnu Orchestra    Birds Of Fire    5:44
11    Mick Goodrick & Gary Burton    Coral    4:09
12    John Abercrombie    Ralph's Piano Waltz    4:55
13    Ralph Towner    The Prowler    4:59
14    Pat Metheny    Bright Size Life    4:44
15    Toninho Horta    Aqui, Oh! (Check This Out)    4:57
16    Earl Klugh    Midnight In San Juan    5:52


01    Carlos Santana    Europa    5:05
02    Phil Upchurch    Inner City Blues    6:43
03    Eric Gale    Thumper    4:12
04    Larry Carlton    Spiral    6:13
05    Lee Ritenour    Captain Fingers    7:08
06    Allan Holdsworth    Mr. Spock    6:14
07    Al Di Meola    Race With The Devil On Spanish Highway    6:16
08    Jeff Beck    Cause We've Ended As Lovers    5:43
09    James Blood Ulmer    Church    4:55
10    Bill Frisell    Ron Carter    6:48
11    John Scofield    Hottentot    6:45
12    Marc Ribot    Postizo    4:58
13    Mike Stern    Fat Time    7:26



  1. Well, it's the inevitable "Yeah, but what about this 9 year old kid that's a tenured professor at Berklee...? I think you've covered nearly every base in the ballpark, but Lonnie Johnson deserves his place in the Pantheon, without question.

    By all means, Man, carry on the good work!

  2. And there he is, No. 3 on the Hit Parade! Duh. My scan ain't what it used to be.

    Mea culpa...

    1. Hi slr in tx,

      There are so many great tracks on the box, Sometimes its a bit overwhelming.
      So much to hear and feel.


  3. Hi BB, looks good and thanks for sharing = Cheers!

    1. Hi Coffee Messiah,
      It is a good one. Hope you will enjoy it.


  4. Thanks, I bought this box set at a yard sale and hadn't got around to ripping it to my computer yet. You saved me the trouble.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Glad to help.
      I woonder if you can help out here. One of the readers (Frank M. Young) says that tracks 10,11,12 and 13 on CD1 come up short in length. I am traveling at the moment and only have link files with me so cant check it. It would be a great help if you could upload the 4 short tracks, truly appreciated if you can. Otherwise I can look at it over the next week or so.


  5. Replies
    1. You are welcom copacetic47.

      Enjoy the music always.


  6. Hi Butterboy!
    Thanks a lot! it seems quite interesting!
    thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      Hope these will excite as there are many wonderful tracks here.


  7. A number of the tracks on Disc 1 (from "Danzon" on, in fact) end too soon. I think the original upload may have become corrupted. I've tried downloading it twice and it's the same story. I have no interest in discs 3 and 4, but it's possible those may be corrupted as well. Thanks!

  8. On Disc 1, it's tracks 10-13 that come up short.

    1. Disc 2 all tracks okay, so it may just be those four tracks on Disc 1 that got messed up.

  9. And it's a terrific first two discs. Great selections with some new-to-my-ears pieces!

    1. Hi Frank M. Young,
      I am glad this set is entertaining. Re the short tracks,firstly, sorry to hear that. I will try to sort it out soon. I am on the road this week, Access is an issue. Most files are sitting in a scheduled folder.


  10. No worries and no rush! Disc 2 is my current can't-stop-listening music. That on its own is a wonderful gift. Safe travels to you!

  11. Any possibility of getting the first two discs re-upped? Thanks!

    1. Hi Frank,
      Firstly let me apologize for my tardiness and praise you patience.
      I had forgotten about your request. After closing the blog for a while I forgot completely any outstanding issues.

      I will look at the file again and see if the discs are corrupt or the file transfer if dodgy.
      Please allow a few days as I an unable to get to it this week . I have made note in my diary and will definitely get back to you.

      Is it still only tracks 10-13 that don't play properly or have you found others?


    2. Hi Frank,
      I have updated the links on the main page, tested and working.
      I have also fixed the tracks on CD1 10-13 which are all full versions now.


  12. Replies
    1. Hi 1Surfrider.
      Hope you enjoy this box.


  13. Hi.. Can't access 'cd1+cd2'. Directs to a expired Zippyshare page. Pls can you correct it.
    Thanks for sharing these great music.

    1. Sorry about that ABBis,
      The links are now reestablished, tested and working.
      Let me know if you are still having an issue.