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VA - Go Go Get Down, Pure Ghetto Funk From Washington DC [2012]



VA - Go Go Get Down, Pure Ghetto Funk From Washington DC [2012]

A 2012 collection of pure Ghetto Funk from Washington DC.. compiled by British DJ/producer Joey Negro. a mammoth and rare retrospective of Washington DC's spectrum of Ghetto Funk, this collection showcases the visionary side of the GoGo scene while bringing its key artists the modern exposure they deserve. Joey Negro gives US an insight into the vintage rhythms and chiming cowbells as well as the dedicated soul screams that pierce through the retro soul rhythm that gives GoGo its distinctive sound. A brilliant mid-`80s time capsule. And if all this not enough, you get the awesome ghetto funk of "War On The Bullshit" by Osiris (featuring the funkiest, Sly Stone-like vocals you will ever hear) and the awesome EU track "EU Groove"! (Amazon)

In hindsight the 1980s were at least as radical and influential as the 1960's and 70's as far as Black American music is concerned. The thing is, it didn't necessarily seem like it at the time...



Track lists

01 Little Benny & The Masters Who Comes To Boogie 7:34

02 Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers Back It On Up 6:35

03 Donald Banks Status Quo 9:50

04 Rare Essence Body Moves 7:20

05 Experience Unlimited Rock Yer Butt 4:05

06 Expression Release Disco 5:38

07 Osiris War (On The Bull Sh*t!) 9:51

08 Familiar Faces The New Dance 4:08

09 Backlash Hang With The Gang 5:14

10 Static Disruptors Dc Groove 3:41

11 Jackie Boy & Nature's Creation This Groove Is Made For Funkin' 8:31

12 Experience Unlimited Somebody's Ringing That Doorbell (Express Yourself) Ft. Sugar Bear 9:16

13 Davis Pinckney Project You Can Dance (If You Want To) 7:42

14 Code Red Virginia Gone Go-Go 5:55

15 Mighty Peacemakers Feel It 6:55

16 Class Band Welcome To The Go-Go 6:01

17 Soul Searchers Boogie Up The Nation 5:32

18 C.J's Uptown Crew Satisfaction Guaranteed 6:01

19 Ovation Boogie Groove (You Got To Do It) 7:13

20 Jim Bennett Bump & Roll (Give Up The Funk) 5:23

21 Experience Unlimited E.U. Groove 3:50

22 Dr Skunk Funk Skunk Funk Go-Go 6:11

23 Pied Piper Of Funkingham Clap Song 7:07

24 Nature's Creation Freak Unique 4:27




  1. Thanks for this - had a weakness for Go Go since the Willard days and Go Go Crankin'

  2. This is such a cool collection! Thanks for sharing this, BB.

    1. Thanks Captain
      It is a cool collection, as you say. Enjoy.

  3. This collection feels like an alt-universe Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels LOL *and* a yet-to-be curated episode of the podcast Dogpatch \mm/

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      Glad that you picked this up then.
      It's been a popular post.


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