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VA - Heroes And Villains, The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-1968 [2022] (3 x CD's)


VA - Heroes And Villains, The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-1968 [2022] (3 x CD's)

Cherry Red Records have done a terrific job with this compilation. I have always been a big fan of this particular period in music and own many box sets relating to it. I have to say that this is one of the very best. The influence of the British Invasion of the US music scene is very evident here with many Beatles and Stones influences. However, one can sense that the West Coast musical hubs of LA and Frisco were already forging their own musical identities.

Sunshine pop, psychedelia and proto hard rock are all in evidence. There are many names you may recognize and a ton you won't. All are magical in their own way. 90 tracks across 3 CDs in a sturdy clam shell box. There is an 80-page accompanying booklet with the details of every track and some great photos. Some fine reading to be had. The sound quality of the discs is superb, no tinny mono waves here. This is incredible as some of the original recordings are close to sixty years old. 

 A four-hour, 90-track overview of the Los Angeles music scene between 1965 and 1968. Featuring a dazzling combination of major league LA players, enduring cult acts and ultra-rare garage punk 45s. Housed in a stylish clamshell box that includes a heavily illustrated and annotated 80-page bound booklet, Heroes and Villains is a fascinating four-hour trip into the heart of the late '60s LA music goldmine. In among the unreleased-at-the-time demos, alternative versions and first-time releases, there's a raft of hugely obscure Garage Punk 45's, many from bands now stepping forward to tell their story for the first time, including The Satans (the notorious 'Makin' Deals'), Somebody's Chyldren (Hollywood legend Mae West's backing band on her brace of 1966 albums), The Prophets of Old, The Heros and The Odds and Ends. (Amazon)

Take some time for yourself and step aboard this wonderful musical time machine.






Track lists


01 Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday (Single Version) 3:07

02 Paul Revere & The Raiders Kicks 2:29

03 Bobby Fuller Four Let Her Dance 2:32

04 Sonny & Cher But You're Mine 3:04

05 Merrell And The 'xiles Tomorrow's Girl 2:29

06 Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom Sand 3:35

07 Velvet Illusions Acid Head 3:09

08 Association Along Comes Mary 2:51

09 Ruthann Friedman Don't Say No 2:29

10 Mamas & The Papas Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon) 3:26

11 Misunderstood I Cried My Eyes Out 2:41

12 Whatt Four Our Love Should Last Forever 1:43

13 Rogues Wanted; Dead Or Alive 2:28

14 Seeds The Wind Blows Your Hair (Demo) 3:08

15 Syndicate My Baby's Barefoot 2:44

16 Music Machine Point Of No Return 2:40

17 Royal Teens Chicanery 2:33

18 Kaleidoscope Keep Your Mind Open 2:17

19 West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band A Child's Guide To Good & Evil 2:28

20 Second Helping Floating Downstream On An Inflatable Rubber Raft 2:29

21 Grass Roots Let's Live For Today 2:48

22 Roosters She Sends Me 2:29

23 Odds & Ends You Don't Love Me 2:22

24 Sanctions Help Yourself 3:02

25 Somebody's Children I'm Going Back To New York City 2:02

26 Kim Fowley The Trip 2:02

27 Glad Say What You Mean 2:17

28 Diane Hildebrand Come Looking For Me 2:10

29 New Wave Where Do We Go From Here 2:23

30 Stone Poneys New Hard Times 3:04


01 Mothers Of Invention Hungry Freaks, Daddy 3:29

02 Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band Zig Zag Wanderer 2:38

03 Urban Rewnewal Project Computer Girl 3:15

04 Peanut Butter Conspiracy The Mood Up Till Now 2:35

05 Millenium It Wont Always Be The Same 2:59

06 Fapardokly The Music Scene 2:37

07 Prophets Of Old Just Cant Wait 2:24

08 Missunderstood She Got Me 2:15

09 Satans Makin' Deals 1:59

10 Bobby Jameson Viet Nam 2:55

11 Leaves With None Shoes 2:20

12 Odds & Ends Be Happy Baby 2:42

13 Royal Teens Tears In My Eyes 2:02

14 Parade Sunshine Girl 2:44

15 Nilsson. Mr Richards Favourite Song 2:21

16 Beach Boys Do You Like Worms 3:36

17 Roger Nichols And His Small Circle Of Friends Always You 2:18

18 Tim Buckley Carnival Song 3:09

19 Michael Blodgett Fire Engine Sky 2:35

20 Sagittarius I'm Not Living Here 2:28

21 Churchill Downs Don't Turn The Light Off 2:27

22 Touch No Shame 2:25

23 Spirit Uncle Jack 2:45

24 Children Of The Mushroom August Mademoiselle 2:28

25 Rose Garden Long Time 2:01

26 Candy Company Run 2:19

27 Jim And The Lords Too Many People 2:44

28 No-Na-Mees Just Wanna Be Myself 2:25

29 Heros Say It With A Smile 3:16

30 Mark Eric Move With The Dawn 2:44


01 Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band Yellow Brick Road 2:24

02 Love She Comes In Colours 2:44

03 Merry Go Round Time Will Show The Wiser 2:28

04 Laughing Wind John Works Hard 2:07

05 Human Expression Calm Me Down 2:27

06 Byrds Why 2:42

07 Heros I Can Give You Everything 2:38

08 Grains Of Sand Golden Apples Of The Sun 2:22

09 Moorpark Intersection Yesterday Hold On 2:05

10 Ruthan Friedman Windy 2:22

11 Buffalo Springfield Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It 3:04

12 Merrell Frankhauser And Hms Bounty Driving Sideways On A One Way Street 2:10

13 Peppermint Trolley Company 9 O'clock Business Man 2:24

14 Electric Prunes The Great Banana Hoax 4:26

15 Chris & Craig Isha 2:16

16 Strawberry Alarm Clock Sit With The Guru 3:01

17 Forum Trip On Me 2:21

18 Hearts & Flowers Road To Nowhere 3:30

19 Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers Say You Say You Lost Your Baby 2:08

20 International Submarine Band Luxury Liner 2:53

21 Del Shannon Runnin' On Back 3:43

22 Parade She Sleeps Alone 2:06

23 Chad & Jeremy Pipe Dream 3:37

24 Boystown End Of The Line 2:32

25 Paper Fortress Summer Magic 1:47

26 Chyldren Cut Your Lawn 2:42

27 Steppenwolf A Girl I Knew 2:33

28 Iron Butterfly Flowers And Beads 3:08

29 Clear Light Black Roses 2:10

30 Hippy Town Georgy And The Velvet Illusions 2:11




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