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VA - Completely Jazz...Noir! [2018] (3 x CD's)




VA - Completely Jazz...Noir! [2018] (3 x CD's)

Few genres of cinema are as striking and iconic as Film Noir. A dangerous cocktail of crime, gangsters and femme fatales, the music that accompanied the pictures was just as devastatingly beautiful. Composers such as Henry Mancini, Alex North & Duke Ellington guide you through darkly lit bars and hazy streets on this 3 disc set.   This 3-CD set is a well-curated set of some of the best, mood-setting crime jazz out there. It's an outstanding set, regardless of the rock-bottom price. For the money, it's a definite "must own". There are no liner notes (which is part of the reason I still try to buy actual CD's versus digital downloads), but the digipack is well put-together. Many of the best performers of the era are represented here on studio recordings, some of them create a special mood of classical jazz noir sound. (Amazon)

A great collection, which will please all fans of this genre, covers the jazz scene of several decades at once. For those who want to enjoy jazz noir from its very origins to more modern recordings, this disc is a must to listen to.



Track lists


01 Henry Mancini Peter Gunn 2:05

02 Warren Barker Caper At The Coffee House 2:07

03 Elmer Bernstein The Street 2:39

04 Alex North French Quarter 2:21

05 Buddy Morrow Night Train 3:06

06 Duke Ellington Upper And Outest 2:17

07 Miles Davis Generique 2:46

08 Elmer Bernstein Clark Street 4:52

09 Henry Mancini The Boss 1:03

10 John Barry The Offbeat 1:31

11 Leith Stevens' All Stars Bewildered 2:32

12 Elmer Bernstein Audition 2:39

13 Philip Green Orchestra Overture 1:46

14 John Lewis Odds Against Tomorrow (Main Theme) 3:22

15 Skip Martin Hammer Blow 2:47

16 Martial Solal A Bout De Souffle 4:06

17 Lalo Schifrin Cubano Be 3:11

18 Johnny Mandel I Want To Live (Main Theme) 1:18

19 Kenyon Hopkins Stop And Go (Main Theme) 1:52

20 Leith Stevens Toss Me A Scalpel 2:54


01 Duke Ellington Harlem Nocturne 2:50

02 Buddy Morrow Staccato's Theme 2:56

03 Alex North Four Deuces 3:03

04 Leith Stevens' All Stars Daddy Long Legs 3:43

05 Henry Mancini Touch Of Evil (Main Title) 3:27

06 Stan Kenton Taunting Scene 3:50

07 Elmer Bernstein The Fix 3:31

08 Kenyon Hopkins The Strange One (Main Title) 1:18

09 Chico Hamilton Quartet Night Beat 2:15

10 Leith Stevens' All Stars Havana Interlude 4:05

11 John Barry The City 2000 Ad 2:22

12 Elmer Bernstein Frankie Machine 4:56

13 John Lewis Looking At The Caper 1:58

14 Martial Solal La Mort, Pt.1 2:05

15 Lalo Schifrin Kush 6:11

16 Miles Davis Sur I'autoroute 2:41

17 Krzysztof Komeda Ballad For Bernt 2:05

18 Warren Barker Late At Bailey's Pad 2:52

19 Philip Green Orchestra Wingate's Spot 4:08

20 Adolph Deutsch Lonely Room 3:07


01 Alex North A Streetcar Named Desire (Main Theme) 1:22

02 Henry Mancini Background For Murder 7:15

03 Dizzy Gillespie All The Things You Are 2:46

04 Chico Hamilton Quartet Sidney's Theme 1:50

05 Duke Ellington Anatomy Of A Murder (Main Theme) 3:54

06 Ralph Marterie The Thin Man 1:38

07 John Barry Car Chase Night Chase 2:30

08 Krzysztof Komeda Roman Ii 5:55

09 Lalo Schifrin Mount Olive 4:35

10 Leith Stevens' All Stars Rebel At Work 1:35

11 John Lewis The Impractical Man 2:59

12 Martial Solal Campagne-Premiere 1:52

13 Elmer Bernstein Breakup (Flight Louie's Burlesque) 3:39

14 Philip Green Orchestra Skin Fever 1:58

15 Kai Winding Experiment In Terror 2:19

16 Warren Barker 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha 2:03

17 Miklós Rózsa The Asphalt Jungle (Main Theme) 3:15

18 Ray Anthony Pete Kelly's Blues (Main Theme) 3:11

19 Art Blakey No Hay Problema 4:32

20 Leith Stevens' All Stars Private Hell 36 3:17




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